June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 120]

Originally posted on June 1, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko is still pretending to sleep in the bus but she can’t actually hold her curiousity in for the bracelet that Daiya put on her wrist and blushing from Daiya’s kiss on her forehead. When she heard the bus calling out the next stop, she quickly opened her eyes as Daiya wakes her up. Blushing, she exclaims what it was on her wrist and that it surprised her. Daiya started laughing at what she said. Akiou then asked what it was. Daiya proudly pulls Fuuko’s hand to show the bracelet to them. He then told them about the dangling items on the bracelet, the comb is because Fuuko likes to fix her hair into different styles, the little girl is because Fuuko likes kids and the heart would be his heart as he points to his heart. [Geez, Daiya is so romantic ^_^] Isocchi teases that Daiya is really a ‘wolf’ as Fuuko kept on blushing. Then, they went off the bus and wave each other goodbyes.

Upon arriving home, Fuuko was met by a not so happy Ichi. Ichi was going to say something but ended up tossing a shopping bag into Fuuko’s face and left. Then, she opened the bag to find a small container of candies/marshmallows and thought it is for White Day. I think Valentine Day is girls giving guys chocolates while White day is guys giving girls candies. She wondered what Ichi wanted to say. On the way to school, Daiya is looking shocked and then tries to tell Fuuko that it is nothing. Fuuko then told him if he is asking about the bracelet, she put it on her left hand for Daiya put it on her right hand. Daiya was somewhat relived and apologized. He then said that he was happy that she is going to wear it to school. Fuuko thought that her mother kept on asking about the bracelet but she just said that it is something that she bought with Akiou. Then, she remembered Ichi and asked Daiya if Ichi said anything to him. Daiya said that when he went home, Ichi is already sleeping. She asked him what time he went home. He said at midnight and teases that Fuuko is like a wife. Fuuko blushes and hits him as Daiya tells her to wait for him and that Isocchi wanted to play that before he knew it, it is already late.

At school, Fuuko’s friends asked what happened. Fuuko happily told them that it is fun. One wanted a bracelet like hers while the light haired girl asked if ‘something important’ has happened. Fuuko blushes and protests then quickly shuts up when she saw Ichi came into the room. She remembers Daiya saying that if it is him, he can’t forgive that the girl he likes spend the night with another guy. After class, Fuuko was sweeping outside but the leaves all flew away as Ichi told her she is stupid for she should just sweep into the dustpan rather than a pile which can be blown up by the wind. Fuuko said that she knows and tries not to face Ichi for she might give away something. Ichi then asked if she ate it already. Fuuko told him that she roasted it and ate it. Ichi freaks out as Fuuko shouted that it is more delicious when marshmallows are roasted. Ichi calms down and asked if what Daiya gave her something better. Fuuko looks surprised and I guess she realized that Ichi knew. Then, she drops her broom as Ichi corners her to the wall, thinking that one would feel hurt when one knows that one’s loved one spend the night with another.