June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapters 118-119]

Originally posted on April 26, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Akiou and Isocchi were walking there way back to the cottages and take the time to ‘bond’ with each other while Fuuko is avoiding Daiya, thinking he might become a ‘wolf’. Daiya went near her and asked why she is avoiding him. She told him because he is a pervert wolf and explained because of what he said earlier. Daiya said that he said that it is because she is cute. Fuuko tries to tell him that there are other cute girls around him. Daiya pointed out that he wears glasses that only sees her – shining differently from others. Fuuko tries to hit him for teasing her when Isocchi came to interrupt them. Back at home, Icchi is disturbed that Daiya and Fuuko are spending the night together.

As they ate barbecue, Daiya said that it was a good thing that an old man picked them up to drive them to the cottage. Fuuko was observing Akiou and Isocchi and thought that they have a ‘lovers’ feeling’. While in the hot spring bath, she told Akiou that it seemed that her relationship with Daiya isn’t the same as Akiou – the feeling that it brings out. Akiou told her about being uneasy is being in love..something like that. Later on, the foursome are playing cards. Fuuko is getting all flustered when she touched Daiya’s hand while they grabbed the chips at the same time. Isocchi wasn’t able to sleep the other night that he was sleepy. Daiya asked if he should help tuck Isocchi in when Akiou asked to do it later for she wanted to see Isocchi’s sleeping face that made Daiya and Fuuko blush over the two. Then, Fuuko told Daiya that they should go out and look at the stars as she wanted to be with Daiya alone.

While walking outside, Daiya teasingly asked if Fuuko is cold. She replied that she is a bit as Daiya tries to remove his clothes. Fuuko embarrassed told him to forget it. Then, he put on his ski hat on her as she told him to return it to him for it was given to him by the person he likes [Fuuko ^_^] Then, they walked holding hands then he told her about knowing some magical words to make a shooting star appear. They both hold out their hand and said, Hey, star, come down. To Fuuko’s surprise, candies are falling down her hands and it was Daiya. Fuuko picks up the candies as Daiya told her that it is her ‘white day’ gift. Fuuko then thought about Daiya saying about glasses seeing only her, then she told him that he was the whom she wanted to be with, bit by bit. Daiya was surprised and calls her name when a man told them to go back to the cottage for there are boars, foxes, bears and other animals there. So, they decided to go back, Fuuko saw Akiou sleeping beside Isocchi in separate sleeping bags. They also decided to sleep at the other side of the cottage.

The next day, Isocchi freaks out for having fallen asleep and have not given Akiou her gift for white day. Daiya then asked Fuuko if she managed to sleep as Fuuko asked him back, too. Then, both thought how could they slept that night. Back at Daiya’s house, Icchi confirms that Daiya didn’t went home as he looks at the empty bed. Back at the cottage, Akiou showed to Fuuko what Isocchi gave her, a ring. Akiou teased Fuuko for not having womanly charms that Daiya only gave her candies. While at the bus, Isocchi was very happy and wished that they stayed for 10 days whereas Fuuko thought if it were for 10 days, her body would be aching all over. Daiya then looks at Fuuko to tell her that he had fun. Fuuko said that she wants to sleep so Daiya made her head rest on his shoulder. She tries to sleep though kept on blushing. Then, she noticed that Daiya is doing something on her hand so she opened her eyes to see what it was and on her right hand, is a bracelet. Fuuko was really curious to look at it careful yet trying to pretend to be asleep. She blushes even more as Daiya smiles at her reaction and gives her a kiss on the head.