June 13, 2011

Papillon -Hana to Chou- [Chapters 37-40 (Last Chapter)]

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Chapter 37: Attraction After looking surprised at the special ticket and being told by Ageha to break up, Hayato suddenly bends down in pain. Worried and shocked by that, she tearfully calls out for someone to help him. Hayato sits up and tells her that he’s only kidding her. Ageha gets angry at him and shouts for him to quit joking around. Hayato tells her that is his line. Holding out the ticket, he asks what that is about. Ageha looks flustered and tells him that she isn’t joking about that. Hayato looks surprised. He asks her why. Ageha looks away and thinks that she actually doesn’t want to break up but.. Hayato is surprised again when Ageha tells him that it is because she cannot heal the wound that Arisa left in his heart. After some thinking, Hayato says he understands and thanks her for everything until now. Ageha looks at him but he just looks away towards the window. Ageha felt that she heard a sound as if something snapped. Ageha starts walking out the door. She looks back but he is still not looking at her. Teary-eyed Ageha goes out and runs out of the hospital. She thinks that it is the sound of their relationship being severed. “Goodbye--” At their house, Hana goes to her twin’s room to find Ageha moping on the bed. She asks her when Hayato can leave the hospital. To her surprise, Ageha tells her that she doesn’t know. Hana starts reprimanding her as to why she doesn’t know when she is supposed to be his girlfriend. Since Ageha isn’t replying, Hana keeps asking about it since she assumes that Ageha hasn’t heard her. To her shock, Ageha confesses that they have broken up. Holding Ageha’s shoulders, Hana asks when it happened and did he dump her. Ageha corrects her that it was she who dumped him. Hana freaks out over this and exclaims what she is going to do if she causes Hayato’s stomach illness to become worse. Ageha tells her that it will be much worse if they stay together. When Hana asks why, Ageha explains to her that she has also seen it how Hayato puked blood because he was looking for her, and if they stay together, Hayato will just keep on acting recklessly. It is because of her that he turned out that way. Hana exclaims that Hayato shouldn’t want to break up with her. Ageha says that she doesn’t know because he didn’t ask her to stay. Ageha tells Hana that Hayato couldn’t say it and even if he wants to break up with her, he also won’t say it. Hana asks why. Ageha tells her that it is because when she was young, she has been abandoned by her parents and this had an influence [/trauma] on her. This surprises Hana. Ageha continues to say that she is stupid because every time she is uneasy, she will always think of Hayato and wonders if he wants her or not. Whatever she is unsatisfied about in her youth, she would throw at Hayato. “Even if sensei had always treated me sincerely but I never thought of settling [this issue] myself and I only want to depend on sensei. I cannot heal sensei’s heartache. But, I hope to be able to stand on my own and reduce sensei’s burden. And, that is what the current me can at least do for sensei.”

At the hospital, Hayato sweatdrops when Hana shouts at him as to why he didn’t ask Ageha to stay. Hayato tells her that even if he did, it seems that Ageha has already decided on it. Hana asks what about afterwards, would they get together again after his ailment is well. After a pause, Hayato sadly says no because no one knows about the future. Hana exclaims why and they shouldn’t let this kind of thing destroy their feelings for each other. Hayato asks why she is so angry. Teary-eyed, Hana exclaims that it is because the two of them really think of each other that she thinks that they care about the other more than themselves. For others to see them like that, it gives the impression that they are really amazing so she doesn’t want them to break up just because of this. Hayato didn’t answer her as Hana continues to cry. Ageha narrates that she didn’t know about what Hana and Hayato talked about but since then, she never got in touch with him again. Even if she is lonely, she doesn’t feel pain since she only wishes for Hayato to be alright and the next time they see each other, he will be quite cheerful. Soon, it is back to school again. Ageha learns from Inoue that Hayato won’t be coming back as guidance counselor. This made Ageha rush to the office but no one is there. Marui appears and asks her what her problem is. Ageha asks him if it is true about Hayato. Marui says not really but it is more on, he cannot come. When Ageha asked why, he tells her that it is because Hayato has been going in and out of the hospital. Ageha is shock by this that she asks if his stomach isn’t well yet. Marui says that not really, but this time around, it seems to be his intestines or duodenum though they weren’t able to find the cause. Whenever Hayato checks into the hospital, it is okay until the time he is out of the hospital. It seems that there is a problem with the food he is eating but no matter how they investigated it, they couldn’t find the cause. Marui tells Ageha that Hayato is currently in the hospital though his condition wasn’t that grave like he had that stomach ailment that his spirits are quite high. Ageha cannot believe this news. Soon, she heads to the hospital to check on him. She peeks into the room to see Hayato boredly answering the doctor’s questions about eating some soups and he feels okay. The doctor plans to give him some congee for dinner. Ageha just leaves and worriedly wonders if Hayato is still blaming himself. She visits a shrine and prays for him. She wonders what else she can do. At the department store, Ageha thinks of buying a shirt for Hayato and indeed, ends up buying it. The saleslady tells her about a promo raffle they are having. Ageha decides to try her luck and to her surprise, she won a trip for two. Ageha cannot believe it. Then, Ran, together with her kids, passes by and calls out to her. Ran says that she is also going to join the raffle then learns that someone won and it is unexepectedly, Ageha. Ran looks at the prize then she suddenly frowns. Ageha notices the change in her expression. Ran asks her if she is planning to go there with Hayato. While saying no, Ageha realizes that Ran didn’t know that they have already broken up. Ran tells her that it would be better not to tell Hayato about this because that place is where Arisa died. Ageha is surprised to learn this.

At home, Ageha’s mother is delighted that Ageha is giving that trip to her and her father. Her mother thinks that if they add some money to it, then the whole family can go on that trip. Ageha tells them that she won’t be going because she isn’t interested in nature. While Ageha is wondering why she won that prize, Hana suddenly comes in and happily tells everyone that she won a trip for two at a raffle. Their mother and grandma cannot believe the luck of the sisters in getting the same prize. Their mother happily says then, they would only have to pay for one person’s expenses. While they are happily talking that it has been a long time since they have a family trip together, they were surprise when Ageha tells them that she isn’t going. Hana exclaims why. Their mother says that they won’t leave Ageha home by herself. Ageha tells them that she has work. Hana tells her take a leave from work. Ageha says she cannot because they lack personnel so, the four of them should go. Ageha has already left even if her mother tries to call her. This made Hana go after Ageha and asks what’s up with her and isn’t she feeling well. Ageha tells her that is the place where Arisa died. Hana is shock by this. Ageha tells her that even if she went, she won’t feel happy about it. Then, later on, Ageha is shock to learn that the restaurant where she works is temporarily closed. Inside, she sees Shinobu and Inoue calling people on the phone. Ageha asks them what happened. Shinobu tells her that the cook and owner had viral hepatitis so they are now confined in the hospital. Inoue says that since they cannot cook without them, then it cannot be helped but to temporarily close the place. At home, Ageha is gloomy as her mother happily cooks and tells her that she told her that they would be going as a whole family. Hana tells her that Ageha isn’t always this lucky. Hana comments that they both won the prize and the restaurant is closed, so it is too much of a coincidence. “Don’t you think that it is like unseen force is guiding you? Don’t you think that it is like as if that place is calling you?” Ageha wonders about what Hana said and thinks that is the place where Hayato’s pain started. At the hospital, Ageha finds Hayato sleeping. Ageha puts the shirt and a charm on the table. She leaves and starts to think that she doesn’t know what else she can do but for a pupa to change the world. “If there is a little bit of progress, and to be able to at least change some things, then I’ll check it out! To the place where Hayato’s pain originated.”

Chapter 38: Origin They arrive at the mountain resort area. Grandma stayed behind for the hot springs and she cannot climb up the mountain while the rest went to hike the mountain. Their father comments how fresh the air is. Ageha looks downcast. Hana asks her where Arisa went. From the bridge, Ageha says that it is probably in that river below which is shallow now since some people are walking around the rocks. After a pause and looking down below, Hana asks if Ageha told Hayato that she will be going there. Ageha says that she didn’t since he was sleeping but she just left his gift. Hana scolds her why when that is actually her chance. Since Ageha is puzzed, Hana tells her that it would have uplifted something in Hayato if she told him that she is going to pray for Arisa’s happiness. Ageha says that if it didn’t work out okay, it might affect Hayato’s feelings and that way, it seems like he is being forced to be uplifted by it which she doesn’t want to do. Hana gets agitated that Hana scolds her twin that she is too afraid of Hayato. “It would seem as if you are thinking of the other person but actually, you are just running away. If it is like that, then nothing will change. You’re being feeble-minded.” Ageha is just quiet as Hana walks on ahead to their parents. At the hospital, Hayato sadly looks at the gifts that Ageha left then looks up the sky. Back at the mountains, they were all surprised when it suddenly became foggy. They decide to go in a restaurant-inn to eat and rest for a while until the fog dissipates. They were all surprised how dark it has become that they couldn’t see what’s in front of them. Their mother is relieved that there is a restaurant there because they might die in the mountain track. They notice that a lot of hikers have also sought shelter so they would have to wait longer. While they decide to go look at the souvenir shop, Ageha goes out of the building to some benches near a tree. She hears the sound of the river below the cliff. She thinks that what Hana said is right, she had become afraid of hurting Hayato again that she couldn’t bring herself to tell him about the trip. She wonders if it was better for her to tell him or not. She wonders what if he also wanted to go there. She wonders if Arisa is still lingering around that place. She takes out some incense and sticks it near the ground/cliff where she hears the river. Thinking that this is what she can do, Ageha prays that Arisa is in a peaceful rest.

Suddenly, she sees a woman standing in front of her. Ageha is shock and thought that it is Rena. Ageha exclaims why she is there. The woman just points towards some direction ahead then looks at Ageha. Ageha asks if Rena is telling her where Arisa died. Ageha asks if Rena also went there to also pray for Arisa. The woman didn’t reply to any of her questions and just starts to walk away. Ageha looks at the building where her family is but she decides to chase after Rena. She shouts for Rena to slow down but Rena is walking too fast that she couldn’t catch up to her. After a lot of chasing, she begins to wonder why she cannot catch up to Rena. She starts to feel that it is really strange. Suddenly, she trips on a root of a tree. After standing up, she cannot find Rena. She begins to panic for she was left behind and she didn’t know which direction she came from. Suddenly, she sees Rena again. Ageha runs to her and calls out to Rena but she realizes that it isn’t Rena, but someone who looks like Rena. The woman looks at her then turns away. Ageha shouts for her to wait. She runs and ends up falling down a cliff. Later on, Hana exclaims that their mother bought a lot of souvenirs/local food. Their mother laments that it is because they all look delicious. Their father exclaims that the fog has already dissipated that they can see the scenery again. When they are going to leave, they realize that Ageha is missing and they couldn’t find her anywhere. Meanwhile, Ageha wakes up and begins to wonder what happened. She remembers chasing after Rena then she remembers falling down the cliff. She takes out her cellphone but there is no signal. She calls out to her parents but she fears that they cannot hear her and she doesn’t know where she is. She thinks that she should find for help immediately. Back to her parents, they look around and still cannot find Ageha ahead. They wonder if they should head down to look for her. While their father wonders where else they should look, Hana calls out to them and says that she found Ageha’s hat near the cliff. Back to Ageha, she tries to climb up but fails to do so. She drinks from her thermos and starts calling out again. She wonders if no one is nearby. She begins to wonder if she has been abandoned but continues to believe that her parents will find her.

At the hospital, Hayato gets a call from Hana who informs him that Ageha is missing. She tells him that they had a family trip to the mountains and there was a fog so they have to stop for a while. Then during that time, Ageha went missing. They only found her hat and some incense near the river bank. Hayato exclaims why Ageha is lighting incense. Hana tells him that it is the place where Arisa died. Hayato is shock to hear this. Hana tells him that Ageha didn’t tell him but she came to pray for Arisa’s happiness. Hana cries, “What should I do now, Kyuu-chan? Ageha is taken away by Arisa.” Meanwhile, Ageha continues to try to climb up but the branch breaks and she fell down with a huge gash on her shin. She freaks out over this that she quickly uses a towel to cover it and stop the bleeding. She exclaims that it hurts and she doesn’t want [to experience] this. She starts to cry and becomes frightened when there is a sudden wind. She begins to fear of the possibility of no one finding her. Suddenly, to her surprise, her cellphone starts ringing. It is Hayato who asks her if she is alright. Ageha cries to him. Hayato is relieved that she is alright. Ageha starts crying for him to save her. Hayato tells her to calm down and breathe deeply. After some deep breathing together, Hayato tells her that it is okay since she is alright. He asked her if she has calmed down. Thinking that hearing his voice has calmed her down, Ageha says she has. He asks her where she is. Ageha says that she doesn’t know because she has fallen down. He asks if she is in the river. She says that fell from the mountain. He asks if she is hurt. Ageha tells him about her wound which bled a lot but she is stopping it with a towel pressed on it. Just when Hayato is about to tell her what to do, the line is suddenly cut off. She tries to contact him but it is to no avail for there is no signal again. She starts to freak out again and shout, no, do not leave her alone.

Chapter 39: Butterfly Hayato has arrive and Hana meets up with him and leads him into the hotel. Hayato asks about Ageha but Hana tells him that they still couldn’t find her. He asks where the search team is looking for Ageha. Hana tells him that they stopped searching when it became dark. Hayato quickly sees a taxi and plans to go and look for Ageha immediately. Hana worriedly tells him not to do that for he is currently unwell and what would happen if he is also got lost. Hayato tells her that his illness is not a huge hindrance and Ageha is wounded so he is worried about her and he should find her immediately. The twins’ father tells him to stop and asks if he was the guidance counselor who informed them about Ageha’s safety. Hayato bows to him and introduces himself. The father thanks him for worrying about his daughter but if he recklessly try to search and he also got into trouble, then how would they feel about it. He tells Hayato that it is already late and they just have to search for Ageha tomorrow morning. Hayato tries to protest but the father, who is clenching his fist, says that like him, they also wanted to search for Ageha but in the meantime, they can only wait in pain just like him. At the lounge, the mother and grandmother are worrying about Ageha being all alone and afraid. Grandma wonder if she will be alright since it is cold in the mountains at night. Her mother is more worried about the wound that Ageha got. The father tells them not to be pessimistic. Just when the mother is about to protest, Hana calmly tells them that Ageha is alright and she will safely come back home. The others were surprised by what she said that they soon change their tone and say that Hana will be alright. Hayato just quietly holds the charm that Ageha gave him tightly in his hand. Back at the forest, Ageha thinks that it won’t do if she just kept on crying. She decides to do something that she can do right now. She thinks that she ought to have the same resolve and determination just like when she broke up with Hayato. She has to use her two own feet and stand. She thinks that even if the things she’ll do are just small things but she ought to think what she can do right now. “Doing so, then there will be a future and afterwards, there will be an effect [/result].” Ageha takes out her jacket and wears it. She then bandages her wound tight with a handkerchief. She then takes out a blanket and wraps herself in it. She hears the sound of the river and decides to head towards it when it is morning.

When it is almost morning [but it seems the sun isn’t out yet], Hayato goes out of his room. He is surprised to see Hana greeting him a good morning. She tells him that she knew that he won’t wait for the search team. She also tells him of a shortcut to get there. Hayato smiles at her. Hana leaves a note that they will be looking for Ageha and they won’t be reckless. Meanwhile, Ageha finally reaches the river. She is delight for there is hope that she can go home. Back to the two, Hana asks Hayato where they would look for Ageha. He asks him what she’ll do if she is Ageha. Hana says that if she can walk, she’ll go downhill and if the river is nearby, she’ll go there. Hayato decides that they do just that. Back to Ageha, she finds it hard to walk by the river bank since the rocks are uneven. Hana takes a break and drinks again. She feels lucky that she brought Pocari Sweat [Japanese softdrink and sports drink Source: wiki]. She thinks that she ought to conserve her drink. While wondering if the water from the river safe to drink, she decides to rest for a while and she falls asleep. Meanwhile, the other two are breathing hard already from climbing down the mountain. Hana becomes worried of Hayato when he somewhat bends down. Hayato assures her that he is okay. Hana tells him that the others would realize that they are missing around this time and would they be worried. He tells her that she can go back to the hotel and wait there. Hana says that she doesn’t want to but then, she doesn’t want to see her parents despondent like that either. She tells him that her heart aches to see how much her mother and grandma were crying. “I’ve told them that Ageha is alright, but actually..is she really alright..” Hayato looks at Hana and assures her that Ageha is alright. Hana complains that he is copying what she said before. Hayato just smiles and says is that so. He holds her head to assure/comfort her and tells her to relax and just believe that everything will turn out okay. Then, Ageha wakes up and realizes that she has fallen asleep. She is then surprised to see a lot of butterflies flying around her. She is wondering why there are a lot of them when she sees some of them are drinking her drink. Ageha giggles over this and asks them if they felt good after drinking it.

Then, a butterfly flies in front of her and towards a tree. Ageha sees a worn out knapsack hanging on the tree. She decides to check it out and saw a lot of rotten food inside. She looks at the wallet, wondering how much years it has been there. She then sees a driving license with a picture of a girl. She sees the name and it is Arisa’s. She then sees a small bookmark-type of paper in the wallet. She takes it out and inside, it is written, ‘If only, Hayato will smile from ear to ear forever.’ Ageha realizes that it isn’t a bookmark but rather it is a tanzaku [wishes written in paper strips] from the tanabata festival. Ageha remembers Hana telling her that it seems that place is calling her. She wonders if she is brought there to find that and it is her mission to give that to Hayato. Determined, Ageha decides to keep on walking but a gush of wind blows the tanzaku from her hand. Ageha manages to get it back and says that it is good that it didn’t fell into the river. Then, some rocks are falling down. To her shock, there is a landslide. She quickly tries to run away. Back to the two, they are calling out to Ageha. Hayato falls on his knees again that Hana worriedly asks if he is alright and should they rest for a while. He claims that he slipped and they should continue walking. Soon, they reach the riverside and take a break by drinking and eating some snack. Hana says that they were searching for such a long time yet they couldn’t find her. Hayato asks if Ageha isn’t there. Hana apologizes for recklessly saying too much before [<- assuming Ageha went to the riverside]. Hayato tells her that it isn’t her fault and maybe the search team has already found Ageha. Hana perks up over that possibility. She notices that she has a signal there so she decides to call her father. Upon answering the phone, her father shouts at her as to what she is doing. Hana apologizes and tells him that they are okay. She asks if they have already found Ageha. Hana sadly looks at Hayato and shakes her head. Hayato becomes downcast as Hana tells the others that they are looking for Ageha along the river. Suddenly, a butterfly flies in front of Hayato. This surprises Hayato. Then, the butterfly flies around him and rests by his shoulder. Hana starts complaining to Hayato what she should do since her father told her to go back. The butterfly suddenly flies off. Since he didn’t reply, she asks him what’s up. Hayato keeps on looking at the butterfly and tells her about that butterfly hanging around there. Hana says that it seems that it wants them to follow it. They decided to follow it as they wonder where it is going to fly to. Then, they are surprised to see a lot of butterflies going around a thermos. Hana looks at the thermos and she exclaims to Hayato that it is Ageha’s. Hayato calls out to Ageha then he sees a pile of rocks at the side. They were surprised when they found bruised and bleeding Ageha unconscious underneath the rubble.

Last Chapter: Tomorrow They quickly rush to her and calls her name. Hana is worried over the color of her twin’s face. Hayato is worried since Ageha isn’t breathing. Hana is shock by this. Hayato quickly checks Ageha’s pulse and he felt that it is weak. Hayato opens Ageha’s mouth and says that she has swallowed some gravel. Hayato quickly rips a strip of his shirt and uses it to cover his finger which he uses to remove the gravel from Ageha’s mouth. Hayato tells Hana that he’ll try to take out as much gravel out as possible and he would give Ageha some mouth to mouth resuscitation. Hana wants to help but Hayato tells her to go call for help instead and for an ambulance. Then, Hayato prays for Ageha not to die before giving her some mouth to mouth resuscitation. Hana then shouts that her cellphone’s signal is weak so she couldn’t call out. Hayato gives her his cellphone to try using it. Hana still cannot contact outside and Hayato continues to perform the mouth to mouth. Hana is becoming tense that she shouts that she still cannot contact the others. Hayato shouts for her not to give up and continue to try. He shouts how he could let Ageha die there. Hayato doesn’t want to experience that kind of pain again in this place, by the riverside. He shouts, “I don’t want to lose someone again. I will definitely save Pupa!!” He does the mouth to mouth again and shouts at Ageha not to die and wake up since there are still a lot of things that she hasn’t done yet and she absolutely shouldn’t die in this place. While still on the phone, Hana starts shouting at her twin to ‘gambatte’. While butterflies are flying overhead, the two of them kept on calling her to wake up. They were surprised when Ageha suddenly coughs. They call out to her as Ageha opens her eyes. Hayato shouts if she can hear him. Ageha cannot say something audible. She takes out the tanzaku and gives it to Hayato. Ageha mutters that she found it from Arisa’s bag. Hana sees the bag at the side and shows Hayato Arisa’s license. Hayato looks surprised. Hayato remembers Arisa giving her a tanzaku before for the tanabata tree. When he asked what she wrote, Arisa smiled and said that she won’t tell him. End flashback. Ageha weakly tells him that it was Arisa who called her to that place because no matter what, that is what Arisa wanted to tell him. Hayato looks at the wish on the tanzaku. Suddenly, there is a strong wind that blows off Hayato’s cap. The three were surprised by the huge amount of butterflies flying over them. Hayato seems to have seen smiling Arisa among the butterflies. Remembering her wish for him to be smiling forever, Hayato holds the tanzaku tight and cries.

Soon, the helicopter arrives and Ageha is taken to safety. The mother and grandma thank Hayato for his help. Then, Hana sees her angry father who promptly hits her on the head. Hana exclaims that hurts. Her father shouts that she is really reckless and did she know how worried she made them be. Irked, Hana tells him that he is only worried about Ageha and not her so it doesn’t matter anymore since she has already found Ageha. Hana tells him that Ageha is now being brought into the ambulance so shouldn’t he be going. Her father angrily shouts that of course, he is worried about Hana. He suddenly hugs her and tells her that both of them are his treasured daughters. “It’s really great that you are alright, Hana..” Hana is flustered then starts to say that she was scared for she thought that Ageha is going to die. She starts to hug him tight and cries that it is really fortunate that she is still alive. Hayato smiles at the two then quietly leaves. After three weeks, Hana arrives to visit on Ageha again. Hana comments that Ageha is studying. Ageha says that she is trying to catch up with schoolwork. Hana praises her for she already has notes for this week. Ageha thanks her and also thanks her for substituting for her at work. Hana says that it is okay and anyway, she has free time. She then gives Ageha something that Shinbou wants to give to Ageha. Ageha opens the package and it is a small flower figurine. The twins laugh/smile together. Narration: “From that day, I learned something very important. That is..I ought to be with my utmost best and live well for every moment. This scenery of being able to smile normally everyday, is really, really something that cannot be exchange for anything.” Soon, Ageha is well enough to be released from the hospital though she still has to be in clutches in order to walk. Her mother asks if she didn’t forget anything. Ageha says no. Ageha and the nurses exchange ‘take care’ to each other.

In the bullet train, Ageha says that she can finally go home. Her mother asks if she told Hayato that she has been discharged. Ageha says no and she wasn’t in touch with him. Her mother says is that so, but since she is out of the hospital, she should go and formally thank him. While riding on the train, Ageha wonders, “Sensei~ how are you right now? I heard from Hana that after you were discharged from the hospital, you weren’t confined in again afterwards. Since that time, how is your health? Regarding the matter about Arisa, was I, more or less, able to help you a bit? If it is yes, then I will be very happy..” Then, Ageha goes to Arisa’s grave. She prays and tells Arisa that she was able to give the tanzaku to Hayato and she also prays that Hayato will smile from ear to ear forever. She then sees a butterfly flying around in front of her. She begins to wonder why she always sees a butterfly there. Suddenly, the butterfly flies to her then to the side. Ageha looks at the side and sees Hayato walking towards her with two bouquets of flowers. She blushes as she sees him smiling again. Hayato tells her that he went to her house and they told her that she is there. Hayato gives her the flowers as congratulations for getting discharged. Holding the flowers, Ageha asks him if he is alright. While bending down and putting the other bouquet of flowers on Arisa’s grave, Hayato tells her that the situation of always going in and out of the hospital isn’t good and he always couldn’t get well. After he prays to Arisa, he tells Ageha that if she isn’t beside him, it won’t do at all. Ageha blushes over this. Holding the laminated tanzaku, Hayato tells her that other than Ageha, there won’t be a second time of finding someone who would do that much for him. He looks at Arisa’s grave and asks Arisa if that is true, and can he make Ageha happy. “Being with this girl, I can be uplifted. And for me, compared to anything else, she is the most effective miracle cure.” Ageha becomes teary-eyed and thinks that the fluttering of a pupa can change the world, and because one’s eyes cannot see the small things, yet it is actually a very important and huge thing. They were surprised when the see the butterfly flying over them again. Hayato smiles at it and tells Ageha, “Ageha, please stay by my side.” He looks at her and somewhat blushing Ageha smiles back at him. Then, she says, “Yes.” Narration: “One should properly cherish..this second time of coming across and getting in contact with each other.” The end.

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