June 13, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 28]

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Punishment 28: Darkness x Desire x Masquerade Ball. [Note: I don’t know if it is a mistake or something but on the cover page, this is punishment 29 but then, in the next issue, it is also punishment 29 ^^; I’ll start calling Mitsuru as Tenjoh since I kept unconsciously switching his name with Mutsuki ^^;:] Narration: “Who would have thought, that unexpectedly was the last day.” Tenjoh informs Anis about a masquerade ball that will be held in school tonight and he asks if she can be his dance partner. While the other girls are envious and raving about it, Anis is shock and flustered by this. Anis asks what this masquerade ball is all about. Tenjoh explains to her that it is a party wherein everyone wears Western clothes and their school will invite students from other schools to interact with them. Anis thinks that if she putting Tenjoh’s invitation aside, she finds that party interesting. Tenjoh confesses that there is something that is quite problematic for him since two pairs of their representative got sick but the vice-president stubborn told him that he isn’t allowed to bring girls. [<- not too sure of this; maybe because Tenjoh will monopolize them? Edit: According to K-chan, the student council VP really loves Tenjoh-sempai and gets jealous when he's with other girls. He even tried to destroy a school festival to get Tenjoh to stay away from Anis.] Because of this, Tenjoh tells the other knights that they are to help him out since they are his ‘rose-type’ friends. Kaede complains why they have to join the party but to his surprise, Anis ignores him and tells Tenjoh that they will all be going since it will be more interesting that way. Seiran notices that Mikage comes out of nowhere and clings on to Kaede’s arm. Mikage asks if she can be a pair with Kaede. Sparkling Tenjoh says that is good for they now have exactly three pairs. Everyone else are shock for don’t they lack girls to make complete pairs. That night, everyone is all dressed up. Anis thinks that it is hard to walk but everyone looks different. Tenjoh compliments Anis that her outfit suits her. Blushing, Anis says that Mutsuki would say, ‘Monkey needs a gilt statue, men needs fine clothes’. [<- idiom = fine clothes make the man.] After a pause, Mutsuki corrects her that it is ‘Buddha’ [Fó in Chinese] and not ‘monkey’ [hóu in Chinese]. Anis is embarrassed over it since it sounded the same. Kaede comments that it is pretty much right. Mikage arrives and comments that Anis looks really cute. Since Anis seems surprised to see Mikage’s appearance, Mikage asks if there is something wrong. Anis just says it is nothing and she looks really cute too. Anis thinks that it is very strange for it seems that for a second, Mikage is a very different person.

Mikage happily tells Kaede that they should together. Just when Kaede is about to decline, Seiran, who is wearing a gown, suddenly holds on Kaede’s arm and exclaims that Kaede is a pair with him. Shivering and holding out her little finger, Mikage asks if Kaede actually likes that type. While Kaede tries to protest that it isn’t so, Seiran is already pulling him towards the door. Flustered Kaede asks Seiran as to what he is thinking. Seiran says that he doesn’t want Kaede to pair up with that girl. He thinks that he also doesn’t want to wear that outfit but then, doing this right now could be considered as something for Anis. Anis mentally apologizes but she really thinks that Seiran looks cute. Tenjoh then tells Anis that as his partner, they should go together inside. Anis looks at him then quickly grabs Mikage and says that they are going in now. Anis thinks that it is a special kind of mistake to think that just because she is a girl that she needs an escort. After a pause, Tenjoh gestures to Mitsuki if he wants to join with him. Mitsuki looks away and tells him that’s impossible. Soon, they are welcomed by some masked students to the party. Anis thinks that if one isn’t a lady, one would find those sparkling and glittering things boring. Guys wouldn’t understand the joy of eating sweets/desserts. Girls would appreciate the formal clothes and gossip about it on the side. Some other girls are talking about clothes then how good looking Tenjoh and others are. To Anis’ shock, they actually thought that Seiran is a super cute girl. Mikage smiles and says that Seiran is really cute and they shouldn’t lose to a guy. While eating something, Anis agrees with her. Then, Mikage tells Anis that she had fun today but she’ll excuse herself to go to Kaede. Anis is surprised by that as Mikage leaves with a smile, unseen by Anis. Narration: “I don’t want to regret because that is already the last night.” While Anis is about to call Mikage, Tenjoh holds Anis hand and asks if they can dance. Anis protests that she doesn’t know how to but Tenjoh tells her to leave everything to him. Tenjoh quickly whisks her to the dance floor and whirl her around. Anis can only shout for him to stop because it’s disgusting if he’s too near. Then, they slow down when it is a marching [waltz] music. Anis is a bit dizzy from all the twirling around. She then notices Mikage giving some food to Kaede who is with Seiran. Tenjoh whispers if she is really concerned about the Red Rose. Anis denies that she is concerned. She tells him to just look, Kaede is too frivolous in this place that it make her a bit worried. Anis then freaks out that Tenjoh is leaning too close to her.

Tenjoh continues to whisper, “It’s also good.. Paying attention to some other guy at the side, is so cruel, since it is as if for every step of the beat of the waltz, you are trampling on to my heart.” Anis felt ill over that comment. Looking serious, Tenjoh says, “This is what I think. You and the Red Rose cannot achieve the ‘First Awakening’ is because in between the two of you [/your hearts], [you?] want to destroy the dividing wall in between, right..--in a way. *whispers to her ear* And also why, such a ‘wall’ exists there..” While dancing with Tenjoh, Anis glances at Kaede, who seems to be looking at her direction, and wonders if there is a wall between her and Kaede. As he glances at Kaede, Tenjoh says, “If you break it, then you also won’t be able to stop anymore..so do not destroy it. Isn’t this true?” Anis looks flustered and quiet. She then pushes Tenjoh away and tells him that she said before, not to theorize about other people’s business as he pleases. While some other girl asks to dance with Tenjoh, irritated Anis quickly leaves. While walking fast, Anis thinks that right now, it is already a ‘Princess Rose’ and Knights kind of relationship and if it is possible, she would want to live with everyone happily. Mutsuki notices her passing by. Anis thinks that she is always moving ahead in accordance to how she feels right now. She wonders if this way of thinking is real or not. She is irritated when others dictate to her as to what she ought to do. “So that is why I said that dealing with guys is really troublesome!” She suddenly bumps into someone. She apologizes. The guy says, “Geez..you are still the same, making one worried [about you].. Should I snatch you away like this?” Anis looks up to see the masked guy and thinks that she recognizes that voice. Suddenly, there is a thunder. Anis screams in fright and then, there is no electricity that everyone complains about how dark it is. While everyone is in a state of panic, Anis finds herself being forcibly led away. Anis shouts where she is being taken and to let her go. Anis couldn’t resist the person who is quite strong. Soon, she finds herself out the patio. She is surprised that it was Mutsuki who leans her on the wall by the patio’s door. He asks if this place is better because there is light. Anis is relieved by that. Mutsuki tells her that it is chaotic in the hall inside so she should stay there until the lights are restored. Mutsuki asks her about that suspicious masked guy beside her before the lights went out, could it be..

The thunder roars again that Anis screams in fright again. Mutsuki asks her if she is afraid of the thunder. Anis admits that she is and is there a problem. She is afraid of earthquake, thunder, fire [burning places] and her father. She holds his arm tight and asks if he can let her hide there for a bit. Mutsuki seems to be smitten by how Anis looks that he asks if it is okay for her to show him that kind of expression. Anis blushes and exclaims for him not to laugh at her. The thunder roars again that Anis quickly goes to him. She is surprised when Mutsuki says that isn’t what he meant. Then, they were interrupted when they hear Kaede, who is still inside calling out for Anis. Anis is about to shout to him that she is there when Mutsuki tells her not to go. To her surprise, Mutsuki suddenly kisses her on the lips. Then, she slaps him. [Ouch ^^;] Gesturing to her lips with the back of her hand, Anis is blushing really red. She exclaims, “..what, what were you doing..idiot..!” Mutsuki tries to call her but Anis is already running away by jumping over the balustrade. She is in total disbelief that she kissed with Mutsuki. [I’m not sure if Anis looks behind to see Mutsuki just standing there, or Mutsuki is remembering her expression.] Suddenly from behind Mutsuki, someone asks, “Eh..you know now, right..” Mutsuki turns to see Yokuto appearing behind him. Yokuto says, “Mutsuki, the so-called true ‘desire’--” Mutsuki mutters, Grey Rose. Yokuto tells him that it is Yokuto and Mutsuki ought to properly call his older brother. Mutsuki didn’t reply back. Pointing to Mutsuki, Yokuto says, “Eh, in the end, you..want to take the Rose Princess for yourself, right?” Mutsuki didn’t reply but Yokuto smiles. Yokuto then says, “Mutsuki, let me give you something good. *He takes out a choker/collar with some chains on it.* It can break away her ‘thorny’ [/brambles] Dominion’s madōgu. [<- also known as 'psychic devices' or 'elemental weapons']” [I’m not sure if it is still Yokuto who is saying this or someone else but the last sentence is] “Your-- new necklace.” [<- It got me confused if Yokuto is telling him to wear it to be free of Anis or it is something for Anis ^^; I don’t recall Mutsuki having a necklace before unless Yokuto is telling him that it is his new ‘leash’. ^^;] Standing by the outdoor hallway, Anis is still busy complaining that her hair and dress are in a total mess. She is totally infuriated and still cannot believe what had happened. She calms down and continues to blush. “Because..that is my first.” She hears a sound at the side that she turns to see Idel carrying someone behind his back. She rushes to him and asks why he is standing out there in the rain. He then sees that Idel is carrying unconscious Yakoh. Seeing her, Idel bends to his knees and asks her to save Yakoh. Narration: “And I haven’t thought that it is unexpectedly, the last day.”

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