June 13, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapter 23]

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At the roof, Yuki and Shun lean on the fence. Yuki tells Shun that he thinks that it is better to thoroughly say things clearly. Yuki admits that he confessed to Chitose and Shun ought to have heard about it. Shun says ya, and because Saaya doesn’t want to break up, Chitose went back to him. Shun asks if Yuki and Saaya started their relationship anew [/all over again]. Shun is surprised when Yuki says they didn’t. Yuki says that Saaya is like his other self that she is an existence who is more important than his family. “I would help her no matter when, I can do anything no matter what it is, so always before Saaya accepted me [as lover before?], I would always stay by her side. But we, can no longer be lovers..” Shun is surprised that he asks what Yuki meant by that. “Are you abandoning Saaya?!” Yuki tells him that it isn’t abandoning, it is just that they cannot become lovers anymore. “Before Saaya also had someone whom she likes but she gave up on him and she had tearfully tell me about it. *Shun looks slightly flustered* She forcibly tried to erase those feelings because of Misaki.” Shun asks if that Misaki is the friend who died. Yuki says that it is and he, himself, is also bounded by Misaki. “Even if there is no longer feelings of desire [/dokidoki for the other person], I still like her and for me, she is very important, so I thought felt that this is quite good. We planned to continue on doing our best to be together. But, I met Chitose, ..and I have fallen for her. I finally realized we were wrong. We shouldn’t continue on being like this. Actually, Saaya also knew this clearly yet she has not yet firmly resovled..” Shun suddenly shouts that it is not so. “It is not like that, Saaya cannot [go/live] without you! She already liked some other guy and that time, she is really being emotionally impulsive momentarily otherwise, she ought to be also like you, who have resolved to break up. She ought to have no longer any misgivings about that dead friend and chose that other guy. But, she didn’t do that so obviously, she was only momentarily being emotionally impulsive. *Yuki looks surprised* Saaya only has you, but Kaneshiro still has me. You should give up on Kaneshiro and go love Saaya well, this is also Kaneshiro’s wish.”

Yuki looks down and says that he knows but he cannot do it, he cannot stop his feelings. Shun asks, “Aren’t we friends? Do you plan on stealing your friend’s girlfriend?” Looking serious, Yuki replies, “I’m sorry but I will still steal her. You are my good friend, I also like you, but even if you hate me, I still want her.” Looking a bit tense, Shun says, “..you would actually dare say it.” Shun is surprised when Yuki says, “Let me say, right now, I also don’t quite like you! Because my jealousy is quite strong, it is only lately that I’ve realized. It really puts me in a bad mood to see your and Chitose’s relationship being good and perhaps also when I see you touching her!” Flustered Shun shouts back, “Why you, that is my line. It’s the same with me, seeing you with Sa..” Yuki blankly asks, “Huh?” After a pause, Shun sweatdrops and exclaims that it is nothing. “By the way, you already said that you don’t want [her], and now you are saying that you want [her]. You are really doing as you please!” Yuki answers back, “You are right, but I had changed my mind, and that is also unavoidable!” Irritated and flustered Shun tells Yuki, “..you really infuriate me, I absolutely will not give Kaneshiro to you.” Yuki replies, “I’m very sorry but I definitely will get her.” Then, the two guys just look at each other. Elsewhere, Yuka is walking when a guy calls out to her and asks if she is Miss Furuya. Yuka turns around and says that she is. The guy exclaims that it is indeed Yuka. After trying to remember who he is, Yuka exclaims that it is Misaki’s older brother, Yutaka. [Okay, that is an invented name based on the kanji.] The two realize that they are going to the same university. Yuka says that it is quite nostalgic since it has been five years since they saw each other. Yutaka says that is true. Yuka says that his hometown is in Hyougo so is he living alone here right now. Yutaka says no for last year, the whole family moved to Tokyo. He tells her that his parents are originally from Tokyo and their gravesite [Misaki’s] is also here. Yuka remembers that is so. Yutaka explains that after Misaki has been born a few years after, they had to move to Hyougo because of his father’s work but now, they have moved back. Yuka says is that so. Yutaka asks how Yuki is. Yuka smiles and says that he is fine as well as Saaya. Yutaka is happy to her that. Yuka looks at him and it seems that she is blushing a bit.

Then, Chitose heads out of her house and says that she is going. She is surprised and becomes really flustered upon seeing Yuki waiting for her. Looking perplexed, she thinks, “Yuki-kun is my good friend’s boyfriend! A co-member in the Festival club! Avoiding him isn’t a way [to deal with this]. As a friend, I ought to properly get along with him!” Chitose smiles brightly then waves her hand as she calls out to him. [She looks too adorable here that..] Yuki slightly blushes and calls her name. Chitose happily greets him a good morning and says that it is quite cold today. Yuki says that he heard that there is a possibility of snow tomorrow. Chitose says is that so, she hopes that it would snow for playing in the snow before is quite fun.. Chitose suddenly froze since she remembered Yuki hugging her then. She blushes and becomes quiet. Chitose suddenly asks him if he and Saaya has made up. Yuki looks at her in surprise. Yuki says that he fears of making Chitose perplexed that he didn’t dare tell her about it before but he told Saaya that he likes her [Chitose] so he can no longer be her [Saaya’s] lover. Chitose looks really flustered by this. Yuki tells Chitose that Saaya says that is alright and still wants him to be by her side and ask him not to go to someone else’s side so he decided to stay by Saaya’s side until she [Saaya] has sorted out her way of thinking. “But the one, I like is--” He looks at the side and notices that Chitose has stopped walking beside him. Flustered Chitose tells him that it seems that she has forgotten something so she is going back. Chitose quickly runs back home, leaving slightly flustered Yuki. While running off, Chitose thinks what to do about Saaya [<-being considerate for her] and she really ought to like Shun more than Yuki immediately.

At home, during dinner, Tadashi exclaims in shock over the food which he just tasted. He asks Chitose what she put in it. Chitose asks if it is strange when it is the same as before. She tasted it and her brain went blank over the taste. Chitose apologizes as she wonders what she put in it. Tadashi asks him to please not thinking of something [daydreaming] and cooking at the same time. Tadashi says that it is too obvious that she is currently distressed about something. Chitose is surprised that he knew. Tadashi urges her to tell him about it so that he can help her plan a way to resolve it. Chitose finally tells her brother about it. [I don’t know if she told him everything or not but..] Tadashi says, if it is about making herself like Shun more than Yuki, how about H [/sex]. Chitose is totally shock by what her brother is suggesting. Tadashi tells her that other than H, he has no other idea to do it. Blushing really red, Chitose exclaims if it’s an ordinary situation, would a brother suggest such a thing to his younger sister. Tadashi tells her that if it’s an ordinary situation, even if she asks him like that, he thinks that he doesn’t have enough confidence to convince her. Tadashi tells her that considering Chitose’s partner, if it is someone he doesn’t know, of course, he won’t give this kind of suggestion but if it is Shun, he feels that it is okay. He also reasons out that he would think about it if she’s still in junior high but now, she is already in high school. Chitose protests that even if she does that thing, it won’t be definite that she’ll like Shun because Shun didn’t fall in love with his sex partner. Tadashi says that it would still at least change their relationship, it might throw away one’s likes and dislikes, it might make them move a step forward and deepen their relationship. Chitose looks surprise about this. Tadashi then remembers something and says that he has something nice for her. He gives her an envelope. Chitose asks what it is. Tadashi says, “I won it in a game from the publisher’s New Year get-together party. It’s a one night stay at the onsen [hot springs] for two lovers. The two of you should go ♡” Chitose looks in shock.

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