June 13, 2011

Papillon -Hana to Chou- [Chapter 30]

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Chapter 30 Title: Cursed On the way home, Hana tells Ageha that Rena is really strange [to blame Hayato] when he didn’t do anything wrong. She asks Ageha doesn’t it make her feel that Rena is too cruel to say such things to Hayato. Rena had passed over the blame to Hayato while Rena totally forgot about it and acting as if she’s the victim. Hana believes that they should just tell Rena about it. Ageha exclaims what if Rena’s heart collapse if they told her. Hana says that it has been four years already and it shouldn’t bad to let Rena know about it now. Hana smiles at Ageha and whispers to her about tell Rena. Ageha shouts that they can’t because they promised Ran and also, Hayato has decided to help Rena with her condition so they shouldn’t meddle. Hana asks when Rena will recover and if this continues, Hayato will always be entangled with Rena so it’s best to just let Rena know. Ageha holds Hana’s shoulders and shouts that they must not and they shouldn’t just do things on their own. Hana asks why Ageha is that agitated. Hana tells Ageha to think about it, Hayato has already wasted 4 years in trying help Rena recover but from looking at her, Rena’s wound is still very deep. “It is for the best that we, as outsiders, cannot just easily meddle in this. Let’s leave Miss Rena’s affairs to sensei.” At Hayato’s apartment, Rena is sleeping on his sofa while he closes the curtain. Ding- rings the oven toaster with some slices of bread inside. This woke Rena up. Hayato greets her a good morning. Rena sits up and exclaims her disbelief that she has fallen asleep. Hayato laughs and says that she slept really soundly. [snoring, perhaps?] This made Rena really embarrassed that she quickly goes towards the door and exclaims that she’s leaving. Hayato invites her to eat first even if he only has some toasted bread. Rena blushes and accepts his invitation. She asks him why he isn’t asking her anything. She says that before, he’s way too annoying that he kept on recounting what happened on the day when her sister passed away to the point of thoroughly investigating her family. Hayato spits out what he’s drinking. While wiping the mess, Hayato says that it is true that it is annoying. He apologizes and says that he is just doing some reflection/soul-searching before, so he didn’t realize how annoying it is to listen to others talking. While washing the rag, Hayato tells her that being annoying to her while thinking of a way to make her understand seems to be such a very strong/forceful method. “So, right now, I think that if you are happy and everything, then I can be at ease. Speaking of that, if the person doesn’t want to go after happiness by oneself then no matter what one [another person] does is meaningless. At that time, I don’t know this.” Hayato smiles and apologizes for making her tense. Rena blushes a bit while looking at Hayato.

When Hayato returns to the table, Rena comments that he has changed. “You’ve really changed a great deal.” Hayato is surprised about this. Rena says that he has become talkative/good conversationalist. She asks if she can go there to whine if she can’t sleep at night. Hayato is surprised by this. While he is saying, ‘but of course’, ding dong, his doorbell rang. Hayato goes into shock when he sees that Ageha is outside the door. Rena asks if he had a visitor. Hayato peeks out then quickly goes out and closes the door. Ageha happily greets him a good morning. Flustered, Hayato asks if something’s up. She happily tells him that she baked some bread and can they eat it together before going to work. Hayato exclaims, bread and why so sudden. Ageha tells him that it will be ghost/obon festival (July 15 in Japan) soon and they haven’t planned about their trip yet. Ageha suggests that they look at some vacation brochures/booklets that she brought while they eat together. Hayato looks surprised and it seems he has totally forgotten about the trip. Ageha grabs the door knob and says, “I’m coming in.” To her surprise, Hayato grabs her hand to stop her. To her shock, Hayato apologizes and admits that Rena is inside. The door then opens and Rena goes out. She tells Hayato to let Ageha in for she is going home anyway. Goodbye and Rena left. Hayato is freaking out and nervously looks at Ageha’s shock expression. With hands together, Hayato exclaims, “I’m sorry!” Inside the house, Ageha is flustered as she exclaims that she really can’t believe it. Opening the bread from the bag, Hayato tells her not to worry for nothing happened and for a change of mood, how about they look at those vacation brochures. Hayato eats her bread and exclaims that it is really delicious. Ageha says that she’s very disappointed with him because he didn’t ask her first about letting Rena stay for the night. Ageha seems to be jealous since she thinks that Rena likes Hayato because Ran has told her earlier about Rena and Hayato. Hayato looks somewhat sad-flustered. He tells her that this is the first time and it happened unexpectedly for this is the first time Rena took the initiative to see him. He explains that Rena dreamt of Arisa and her face looked really tired. After ten minutes from entering the room, she has fallen asleep. Since she was able to peacefully sleep there, Hayato decided to not to wake her up. Hayato apologizes again that Ageha should be displeased no matter what about this but Rena came to see him and he can still help her, so it’s possible that there will be more time wherein he will be with Rena. This made Ageha flustered. Looking at the vacation brochures, Ageha asks about the trip, has he decided not to go. Hayato exclaims that of course, they are going, he is really anticipating it. Ageha looks at him doubtfully. Hayato just grins nervously. Doing a pinkie promise with her, Hayato declares that after she finished her work today, they are going to a travel agency together. Ageha isn’t too happy about this.

At work, Ageha happily greets the customers but within herself, she had a bad feeling because what Hayato implied was, for her to just endure the situation between him and Rena. She doesn’t want for their [Hayato and Rena] relationship to be closer because from what Ran told them, Hayato originally likes Rena very much. She fears that something might happen then, those two’s feelings for each other before would be rekindled. “I don’t want that!!” She mentally screams while she is with Hayato at a travel agency. Hayato comments that there are a lot of brochures on local travels. He happily asks her where she wants to go, sea or mountain. Ageha gloomily says sea. Hayato exclaims in glee and tells her to choose a bikini swimsuit. He then says, “Then, what’s really important is that, right?” Ageha has no clue what he is talking about. He whispers, “Will we be going back on the same day or staying overnight?” Ageha is surprised by this. She starts hitting him and calls him a lewd wolf. Hayato says that staying overnight is no good because her parents will get angry. He asks her if she can get the help of her friends, those three girls to cover for her. He says that it’s quite rare to be in a vacation so they should take their time to enjoy it. Hayato imagines that they watch the stars at night, play fireworks, take a bath together at the hot springs and ‘lap pillow’ [using her legs as pillow] while wearing yukata. Hayato happily says that they should just go to a hot spring resort and it would be like a dream. Ageha is somewhat surprised at Hayato who is really excited like a kid. Hayato then happily tells her to look at that brochure wherein the food looks really delicious. His excitement has infected Ageha that she can’t help but feel happy about this trip and she thinks that Hayato has always cherished her. While happily looking at the brochures with him, she thinks that it isn’t easy for them to go on a trip together and it would be waste if she goes with such a bitter melon expression. Later on, Ageha tells Hayato that it is fine with her if he’ll need more consultation time with Rena in his room since the only one who could lighten Rena’s pain is Hayato. “Even if the time we will meet, will lessen and I’ll feel lonely, I’ll endure it. Since sensei is acting as Miss Rena’s support then, I will become sensei’s support.” Hayato blushes in surprise as Ageha smiles at him. Hayato happily hugs her that Ageha is a bit embarrassed since a foreigner is looking at them. Hayato happily thanks her and he is really happy that she can empathize [/understand the situation]. Ageha also somewhat hugs him.

At home, Hana sees a booklet about a trip to Kinosaki [hot springs resort] on the dining table. Hana asks her mother if someone is going on a trip. Her mother says that Ageha will be going out with her friends. Hana feels that something is up since she doubts Ageha will go with her friends. Hana stands beside Ageha’s room and the door is open. She eavesdrops on Ageha’s phone conversation with Hayato. Ageha tells Hayato that there is no problem at her side and her friends also have agreed to help. Hayato says that he will then book an overnight stay reservation online. Ageha tells him that she’ll help him pay for the expenses using the money she earned from work. After hanging up, Ageha is really happy that Hayato seems to be very happy and she is able to be of help to him. She exclaims out loud how happy she is. Ageha hugs her pillow and happily hopes that she can help Hayato in many other things. She doesn’t want to be depressed again regarding that stuff with Rena. “I just need to be a bit self-confident to become a girlfriend who protects and stands his side. After the trip, I’ll definitely be able to attain it. More and deeper bonds, using my huge heart to hold on to sensei” Realizing whom Ageha is going with for the trip, Hana is filled with jealousy that she crumpled the booklet about Kinosaki and throws it in the garbage bin. The next day, Hana waits for Rena at the hospital lobby. She greets Rena upon seeing her. Hana asks if she can talk with her but Rena says that she is busy. Not to be deterred, Hana asks out loud if she still likes Hayato. This made Rena turn around in surprise. Putting on a fake smile, Hana says that the one whom Hayato should originally go steady with, should be Rena but it’s quite unfortunate that he was stolen by Arisa. Flustered Rena nervously asks how she knew. Hana says that if it was her, she would generally not forgive Arisa for it and it is most probable that she would even wish Arisa would just disappear. This made Rena nervous that she tries to leave but Hana grabs her hand when Rena is about to go downstairs. Hana asks Rena if she also thought that way. “So, when you let go of Miss Arisa’s hand, you felt guilty, right?” Rena just looks at Hana who remembers Ageha’s words about Hayato wasting four years to help Rena recover, Rena has deep wounds in her heart and not to do anything before Hayato does. To Rena’s surprise, Hana tells her that during the accident, the one who is holding Arisa’s hand is Rena. Rena asks what Hana is talking about. Hana tells her that even if she lost her memory, surely, she still remembers it – the feeling of holding Arisa’s hand that day. This has made Rena to somewhat remember what happened then. Rena quickly let go of Hana’s hand and shouts, “No!” Rena quickly tries to run down the stairs but to her and Hana’s surprise, Rena lost her footing and fell down. Rena lays unconscious mid-way the stairs. Meanwhile, Ageha is cleaning the toilet and is surprised that her butterfly necklace has fallen down. She quickly picks it up and is happy that it isn’t broken. She washes it on the sink and wonders why it fell down when she put it on properly. Happily holding the pendant, she is eager to go to the trip. Talking to the pendant, she says that she can’t wait for it to see the sea with her.

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