June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 48-49]

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Nanpa narrates that even if humans make mistakes, even if they aren’t honest, even if they tend to make things complicated, but when they realize it, later on, they will once again do their best. Nanpa is still looking towards the direction where Chidori and Rino went. Hanabi calls out to him to quickly come since they are going home. At a ramen store, Kareshi asks Masato why he is there because she is currently working. Kareshi’s boss tells her that it is okay since there are no customers right now. Masato looks flustered. Kareshi’s phone then rings. Yusuke tells her that they can’t find Rino. Their mother is currently looking for Rino around the area. Ryousuke has told them that he had seen Rino with a young lady. At the streets, Masato is calling someone and says that he can’t contact that person. Kareshi says that it seems that Masato has a clue who it is..could it be. Masato looks at her and says yes, it could be Chidori. Kareshi cries out how he could say that. She shouts that he’s awful for suddenly doubting the girl he likes. Kareshi is surprised-blushed when Masato shouts that the one he likes is Kareshi. He pulls her hand and shouts that they should quickly go. Kareshi is crying as she kept on calling him awful as Masato says that she’s right. They go to Chidori’s place. Masato hits the door and says that Chidori isn’t there since with the noise that they made, at least Rino ought to have made a sound. Kareshi mutters that maybe it is a situation, wherein Rino can’t make a sound. The two are flustered. Masato decides to call Chidori again. Being pessimistic, Kareshi says that Chidori definitely won’t answer it since he had called more than ten times already. To Kareshi’s surprise, Chidori did answer as Masato asks Chidori where she is right now.

At home, Hanabi learns what happened to Rino. It seems that Kareshi asks her to help them search a certain area for Rino and Chidori. Hanabi wonders what to do. She emails Chikai to ask him if he is currently taking a stroll with Cleo. Chikai replies back why she is asking that. She answers back Chikai that her friend’s younger sister is missing so if he is taking a stroll, he might have seen that little girl whose picture she had attached in the email. Hanabi’s phone rings. Chikai calls her stupid for she should have just called him [and not email him because the situation is urgent]. Soon, they meet at a corner and went to look for Rino together. Hanabi is flustered as she thinks that Chikai is here, beside her. At a park, they decide to look around at a playground. Hanabi decides to climb up the jungle gym to see if Rino is up there. She hurts her injured hand so Chikai tells her to move aside. He says that a dog should just be nice and look from below. Blushing, Hanabi shouts at Chikai, who is climbing up, that he’s a monkey. Unfortunately, Rino isn’t there. At a wooded area, Masato meets with Kareshi to tell her that Rino isn’t in the dam/dike and there is also no one around on the way there. Kareshi says that she didn’t find Rino at her side either and her mother said that she’ll join them there soon. Kareshi then asks why Masato looks so dirty and messy. Masato exclaims that it is a necessity that he finds Rino because she is the precious person of his precious person. Kareshi blushes. Masato admits that it is all his fault that this had happened. Kareshi says that he’s right but she and Chidori also did something wrong. “It’s everyone’s fault but..I also think that nobody is at fault.” Soon, Hanabi and Chikai join the other two. Kareshi thanks them for helping to find Rino. When they are about to ask each other if they find Rino, Kareshi and Masato look surprise at the side. This made Hanabi and Chikai look at where they are looking. To their surprise, it is crying Chidori. Seeing her cry has made Hanabi a bit tense.

Masato calls out to Chidori and asks her where Rino is. Still crying, Chidori points to a bench where Rino is lying down. Kareshi and Masato shout Rino’s name as they quickly go to Rino’s side. Rino is crying that she wants to sleep and she’s too tired from playing. Kareshi is relieved. She sees that Rino is covered with Chidori’s coat to keep Rino warm, surrounded by candies, food and is wearing a toy necklace. Hanabi is about to shout at Chidori for being so cruel but Kareshi stops her by thanking Hanabi and Chikai for helping them find Rino. “But, I’ll resolve the rest of the matter by myself. I’ll resolve it on my own.” Kareshi apologizes if she seems to be very unreasonable but she will not let any problem remain unresolved. Hanabi realizes that Kareshi will be happy if she is the one who’ll settle this so she tells Kareshi that she understands. Since Hanabi starts to walk away, Chikai follows her. Before they left, crying Chidori says that it’s because there is already an external gap between Masato and Kareshi but Masato’s heart is already totally filled up. “With just his girlfriend, his heart is totally filled up.” Chidori keeps on crying. After Hanabi and Chikai left, Kareshi says, “..Miss Chidori, it seems that towards Masato..I still REALLY LIKE HIM!” With that, she punches Masato really hard that he fell down. That made Chidori stop crying. Kareshi says that frankly, there is some silliness, that is truly stupidity and at times, it’s unusually relaxing. Putting Chidori’s coat on her, Kareshi says, “I totally understand your feelings of liking him. My mother is coming soon as well as some policemen. Since things have gotten to this point, what you have done, you had already done. Do not forget that.” Kareshi pushes her and tells her to quickly go. Crying and flustered, Chidori exclaims, “I’m sorry!” and left. Masato just looks at the direction where Chidori left.

Kareshi opens her bag and takes out an eyeglasses bag. She calls Masato’s name. Putting his eyeglasses on him, Kareshi says, “We have things that we should talk about.” The two blushes while Kareshi is crying. The two somewhat smiles as they kiss. To their surprise, Rino, wakes up and exclaims, ‘Ah!’ [I don’t know but] someone nervously says it feels like a good sign. The narration says about resolving things under one’s own domain should be done by oneself since it can only be done by oneself and others can’t be of much help in doing this. While walking together with Hanabi, Chikai notices that Hanabi’s bandage is loose. He mentions this to Hanabi who says that he is right. He asks her if her hand is alright. Hanabi laughs and says that it isn’t a grave injury. “Basically, it’s all because I’m too enthusiastic that this had happened.” Chikai looks at her and replies, “But regarding that, it’s for me.” This made Hanabi blush. She then exclaims that is right, there’s no mistake about it. As she starts to walk away, Chikai apologizes to her for calling her very annoying because that isn’t what he originally wanted to say. “I felt that is a bit cruel. But you are a bit troublesome.” Hanabi says that he, a guy with a venomous tongue, always say that. She thinks that she’s very irritated at this Chikai person who always says awful stuff. “I’m crying within the shadows. The light in front of me blinds my eyes and the only thing I can see is Uno Chikai there.” With tears in her eyes, Hanabi turns to face Chikai. Blushing, she shouts, “Darn it! I like you.” Chikai smiles and says that she already said that so many times. Hanabi shouts that it is he who made her say it out loud. Chikai says, “Ya. Ya.” To her surprise, Chikai holds/hugs her head and says, “Like this is okay [/will do], stupid Hanakou.” Narration: “No matter if I’m in the shadow or in the light, my feelings won’t dim. Then, I’ll be fine by just facing that thing which I can see.”

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