June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 75]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on November 22, 2010

At school, in the shoe lockers, Kyouta whines as to what this is all about. He is complaining over his shoe locker that is jam packed with gifts or chocolates to be more precise. Some girls tearfully complains at Kyouta as to why he rested on Friday [<- not sure if it is a holiday or Kyouta is absent] and why Valentine’s Day landed on a Saturday. They tell him that they wanted to give him the chocolates a day ahead and they re-made it again today this morning. Kyouta puts on his school shoes and tells them that he told them already last year that he won’t accept any chocolates made by other girls aside from his girlfriend. The other girls look gloomy while holding their chocolates. While he is thinking about Tsubaki, Kyouta remembers about their conversation wherein Tsubaki wanted to give him something but since he told her to just give it to him in school, Tsubaki said that it is nothing important. Flustered, Kyouta thinks, “This is bad..” At section 2-3, Tsubaki smiles and says that yes, it’s a chocolate. “..bu..but this year, I totally didn’t have time to prepare and I didn’t prepare anything special so just relax~” Kyouta says is that so and did she bring it today. Still smiling, Tsubaki apologizes and says that thing cannot keep well overnight so she just ate it by herself. Kyouta apologizes again for not paying attention. Still smiling, Tsubaki tells him that it’s alright. “Oh yeah..at the mountains, did you see a lot of stars?” Kyouta perks up and says yes, for that Saturday is the first day of the month so there is no moon. “That way, we can see the stars clearly! Although there wasn’t any news about a meteor shower but we also saw a lot of shooting stars.” Still smiling but her eyes look sad, Tsubaki says, “Really..that many, huh..” Tsubaki thinks that at Hateruma, she saw a shooting star with Kyouta and for her it is like a miracle type of important memory..and together with Youko, he saw that kind of shooting star.. She grips her books tighter. Still smiling, Tsubaki tells him that her next class is the audio-visual room so she should get going. Kyouta then says that they weren’t able to watch the movie last Saturday. He tells her that lately, he is busy at work and he might make a mistake about the screening time. Still with a smile plastered on her face, Tsubaki says that if that is so then it cannot be helped. “It’s fine!” She then walks away. Kyouta sighs over this.

Then, Nishiki goes running from behind Kyouta then happily glomps him. Kyouta pushes him away and asks what’s up. Happy Nishiki shows Kyouta a picture of a messily decorated cake on his cellphone. Kyouta says that he’s irritating and what about it. Nishiki happily says that this year, he got Sakura’s handmade chocolate. “I’m so deeply loved~~! That it makes me feel a bit embarrassed~” Kyouta thinks that Sakura cannot have made that and Tsubaki definitely helped her.. Kyouta then realizes something. He then exclaims, “--..Could it be! Tsubaki-chan, she..” Nishiki asks him what it is and if he is jealous. Kyouta then holds Nishiki’s hand with the cellphone then puts another arm on Nishiki’s shoulder. With pleading eyes, Kyouta calls Nishiki’s name. Nishiki looks tense over this. The school bell rings. Kyouta goes to Tsubaki’s classroom and tells her that today, she doesn’t have time to go to cram school. Tsubaki says that if there is no time then she will just study at home. She is surprised when he pulls her and tells her to come with him. At the theater, Tsubaki looks excited that the zoo movie [iirc, it’s her favorite] is showing. She asks Kyouta that isn’t he suppose to work today. Kyouta casually says that he exchanged his shift with someone. At work, gloomy Nishiki is asked by another guy as to why it is Nishiki again. =P Kyouta asks her what she wants to eat. Tsubaki says that there is nothing special that she wants to eat. Kyouta tells her that it will be his treat this time so she can eat anything she wants. He bought French fries, popcorn, hotdog in a bun, soda and ice cream. Holding the tray, Tsubaki thinks that it is a lot that she cannot eat it all. As they go in the screening room, Kyouta tells her that she lied for she even made her sister’s chocolate when it is obviously quite troublesome. Flustered Tsubaki pauses and says, “But..” Kyouta apologizes. He holds her head to him and takes the tray of food from her. “You were apprehensive [/concern] about my feelings so you lied. *somewhat flustered* Thank you, you are really nice.” Tsubaki looks really flustered and tense. She thinks that she isn’t nice. “I still suspect that day wherein Kyouta thought that starry night with Miss Kikuzuki [formerly Kikuduki. Corrected by am-am] is more important than me.. I really hated myself for thinking that way.. [image of Tsubaki beating the cake to a pulp] but I couldn’t stop..then afterwards, it is as if my heart is covered in a haze. It’s so heavy that soon, I couldn’t breath..”

At theater 5, Kyouta is sitting in a peculiar seat for two. Still standing, Tsubaki says that it is quite weird. Kyouta asks her if she hasn’t seen a love seat before. He pulls her to her seat and hugs her. He tells her that while they are watching, then can also do this kind of stuff. Tsubaki exclaims about doing that in front of others and people are looking at them. Kyouta tells her what of it when the love seat is made for this reason. “..and right now, you are mine. And I want to tell the whole world [about it].” Blushing Tsubaki thinks that the haze has gradually disperse. “In spite of everything, [you still try to] make it up [for me]. Thank you very, very much...” Later on, at the souvenir shop, Tsubaki holds up a cute polar bear with a fish on its mouth ballpen/mechanical pencil. She says that it is so cute and it’s the only one left so should she buy it. Kyouta comments that she really likes polar bears. “Buy it! I’ll buy it for you!” Tsubaki tells him to forget it since he already treated her to the movie. He tells her that is okay for he is going to treat her to everything today. Ring..ring..his cellphone rings. Kyouta wonders who it is. Tsubaki is happily holding her new[? not sure if it is already bought] pen. Then, her eyes widen when she overhears Kyouta saying, “Hello? Ah, Youko.” Tsubaki is shock. She thinks, “‘Youko’? Youko is Miss Kikuzuki’s name, right? Why did it change into calling her by her name. Oh ya, Miss Kikuzuki shouldn’t know about Tsubaki-kun’s cellphone number. Could it be that after that night, their relationship had become quite good?” While watching Kyouta on the phone, Tsubaki looks tense since he looks quite happy while chatting with Youko on the phone. She thinks, “.Wh..at..the haze in my heart..was just swept clear a while ago..” Still talking on the phone, Kyouta says, “Okay..then that’s it for now.” He hangs up and turns to Tsubaki to apologize for making her wait. He is puzzled for Tsubaki is already gone. Walking alone, Tsubaki gets an email from Kyouta telling her that he couldn’t find her and where she is. Flustered Tsubaki closes her eyes and shuts off her cellphone.

Next day at school, in Tsubaki’s classroom, Kyouta exclaims in disbelief that Tsubaki has already gone home. Miho tells him that Tsubaki was in a hurry as if there is something urgent. “Don’t you know?” Kyouta angrily says that he doesn’t. “Yesterday, I was talking on the phone and she just left! Afterwards, I couldn’t contact her at all.. What’s up with Tsubaki-chan?” Miho tells him that Tsubaki is totally avoiding him. She asks him what cruel thing he did. Kyouta exclaims that he didn’t do anything. Miho tells him that Tsubaki isn’t the type of person who would not say anything and just run, without any reason. Somewhat tense Kyouta looks thoughtful. He says, “That’s right. So, I really couldn’t think of any reason [why she is doing this]. It’s really vexing!” Outside their school, at the gate, Tsubaki is breathing hard from running. She thinks that she had run away from Kyouta. “Because..I couldn’t explain it to him. Am I really.. that jealous of Miss Kikuzuki.. She studied in the school where I wanted to go.. [she] has the same unwavering goal like Tsubaki-kun.. Why is there such a person.. I’m really afraid just thinking of her existence. I feel as if I’ll be quickly killed by [my] inferiority.. *looking flustered and clutching her chest tight with her hands* During the time when that person isn’t around, Tsubaki-kun hadn’t kept his promise quite a few times. I should calm down a bit--” Someone then calls out her name. It is Youko who asks her, “What are you doing here?!” She waves her hand in front of stunned Tsubaki and asks if Tsubaki isn’t feeling well. After coming back to her senses, Tsubaki’s eyes widen in shock as she backs away. Youko exclaims if she is alright. Tsubaki exclaims that she is just startled and what is she doing at her [Tsubaki] school. Youko smiles and says that she has an appointment with Kyouta. Tsubaki just looks at her and thinks, “Ah..it’s back again. This haze that won’t go away.”

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