June 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 4-6]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 28, 2010

Chapter 4: An officer is whining to Reishou about being forced to leave from the capital but Reishou scolds him to tears. Reishou passes by Yuulin at the garden. He carries her as she welcomes him back. At her room, Reishou finds out that Yuulin is about to pay off her debt. She is so happy that finally she can get her salary next month from that four eyes aide. It seems that Yuulin has an adverse reaction to debts = enemy. Reishou sadly says that they won’t see each other again. They were interrupted by Jun who says that whining officer wants to talk with him again. It seems that he isn’t satisfied with the position given to him. Before he leaves, Reishou tells her that he’ll go to her place tonight. After he left, Jun wants to talk with Yuulin. With some tea, Jun wants to confirm something before her work ends. “Did you and His Majesty progress a step further [= sex]?” Yuulin promptly spits out her tea and blushingly says that there is no step further. Jun is thoroughly relieved and laughs that it will be troublesome if one day, she’ll come back with a child. Yuulin doesn’t find it funny. He thanks her for her work and says that if Reishou’s position is stable, he would someday take in a real bride. He left Yuulin looking thoughtful-sad. Later on, Reishou meets up with Jun and asks him what he told Yuulin. He just said that it is about work and Yuulin is really excited over going home so Reishou shouldn’t make things hard for her else she’ll be pitiful. In her room, Yuulin becomes angry when she realizes that what Jun is saying that she is ‘only temporary so don’t be mistaken about your position’. She angrily thinks that she knows that even if he didn’t tell her. Reishou arrives and they had some light talk about the flowers around her room which according to her, can be eaten. Reishou asks again if she really wants to go home. Yuulin says yes because her family (most likely) is waiting for her and she is more suitable for a commoner’s life. She is surprised when he looks sad and says, “..really..” From puppy mode, he goes to wolf mode and tells her, “—but, ..I don’t want to let you go.” Just when he is about to touch her face, he is startled when Yuulin immediately stands up and screams in fright. She starts shouting that she has a headache and she’ll go drink some medicine. She tearfully looks at him and apologizes before running away. Flustered Reishou just looks tense as he is in midway of calling her back while Yuulin tells herself not to be fooled by Reishou’s acting.

The day after, Reishou is distressed as he tells Jun that Yuulin has been avoiding him since yesterday. Jun reprimands him that he told him not to make things hard for Yuulin. Reishou muses that since they haven’t found a new temporary bride, why not let Yuulin continue with this job and Jun should have no objections. Jun becomes gloomy as he tells Reishou that what he is unsatisfied with is Reishou being too satisfied. He knows that Reishou is pretending that the ‘wolf’ is just an act in order not to frighten Yuulin. If he likes her to the point of not being able to give up then the ‘temporary’ no longer has any meaning so while he hasn’t fallen deeply, he should send her home. Reishou smiles at Jun and tells him not to worry too much for it really just makes him happy when she treats him normally and she’s so cute that way. He also says that he’ll do what Jun wanted of sending her off if he no longer has that feeling, just like before. [<- the last part seems to meant he dumped someone else before] Jun tells him that he’ll do as what Reishou wanted but it is still better for Yuulin if Reishou let her go earlier. While Yuulin is wondering what she should do because she kept on avoiding Reishou when that whining officer tries to ask her favor on his behalf and he seems to be demoted because he tried to bribe/use his money to get ahead. This made Yuulin angry as she reprimands him of using his money instead of his own blood and sweat. This in turn made the officer angry that he threatens her with a knife to call out the king. Reishou manages to grab her to safety. He faces the officer while telling Yuulin to run away. Yuulin runs off. Reishou tells the officer that he wanted him to depend on his own strength [and not money] before he gets back in the capital that is why he has re-assigned him elsewhere first. The officer tries to attack Reishou but he was promptly smacked in the face by a vase, courtesy of Yuulin who came back with some vases. After the officer fell unconscious, Yuulin asks Reishou if he is alright. Reishou smiles at her and says that didn’t he tell her to run away. “So, why did you come back?” She blushes and thinks that she should be running away even if it is all an act and it feels as if she is going to be captured. “Perhaps it is already too late?” Reishou holds her face when Jun screams out loud in shock. They look at him as Jun asks who broke that pottery. Opps, that’s very expensive. And so, to Yuulin’s horror and Reishou’s delight, Yuulin has a huge debt to pay off again. =P With puppy eyes, Reishou happily turns to Yuulin and says, “Then, we can still be together, Yuulin!” Yuulin can only scream, “I..I..don’t want to!!” And so, her job as a bride continues on..it seems.

Chapter 5: In the court [or whatever that room is called where the king would order people around], Reishou is scolding people left and right. While fanning herself, Yuulin is sitting at the side. She looks aghast and felt scared even if she wasn’t the one being scolded. Reishou notices her reaction and asks if she isn’t feeling well. Startled, Yuulin denies it. Reishou just smiles and tells her to wait for a moment and he’ll finish his work soon. Yuulin just smiles over this. Yuulin couldn’t bear this kind of situation but she has to because it is her job as his ‘wife’. She suddenly felt that there is some ‘bad mood/evil stare’ that is directed at her. She looks around but cannot find who did that. At some other room, Yuulin suggests to Reishou that perhaps it is better for her not to stay in that room. Reishou asks why when there are only few people who enter there. He goes into puppy mode and happily says that what he does is so boring and she shouldn’t bother with that administrative work of his. “If Yuulin is there, I’ll be more enthusiastic in doing it.” Yuulin tries to tell him that it feels awkward for the ministers but Jun gloomily interrupts to tell her that it’s good if she just do that in order to keep Reishou enthusiastic about his work. Jun says that if Reishou didn’t do those things enthusiastically, things will be troublesome. Yuulin keeps on protesting until Jun tells her that he’ll give her an increase salary for it. =P Soon, Yuulin heads out and thinks that she never thought of going to the main palace instead Reishou is busy with paperwork that he doesn’t have time to go to her chamber. She muses that Reishou is so willful [<-doing what he wants]. After she left, Jun tells Reishou that he doesn’t have any objection to Yuulin if Reishou gets to work but he asks why he would want Yuulin to see him in wolf mode when he doesn’t want her to know that is part of his real nature. Reishou says that he is right but it cannot be helped. Soon, Yuulin always goes to the office affairs building. She keeps on feeling that ‘evil stare’ at her. Then, she sees Reishou talking with an officer. She asks Jun who that is. Jun tells her that it is Ryuu Houen, temporary assistant. Jun asks her why she asked. Yuulin says it is nothing but actually, it is that guy who kept on casting dark glances at her. One day, while she is in the library, Houen comes to look for Reishou but he is away. [The scans are blurry in this part but I think] Houen is telling Yuulin about his displeasure about her since she doesn’t know the word shame for her to always come to this place even if she is the wife. Everyone is talking behind Reishou’s back and it is all because Yuulin doesn’t know things [etiquette].

Yuulin confidently answers back that if Reishou doesn’t want her to follow His Majesty around then he would have said so but sorry to everyone else but she is just doing what His Majesty ordered her to. Yuulin tells him that if he has any objections then he should have brought it up with His Majesty. Houen can only mutter that even if she is a princess [<- title only like Princess Diana or Princess Masako], she fundamentally doesn’t understand His Majesty. Then, a guy enters and tells Houen that His Majesty is looking for him. Houen leaves. The guy tells Yuulin not to be tense and he heard their conversation. He introduces himself as Ko Yuu [<- invented name; it wasn’t in Jap wiki; I just chose the most Chinese sounding name from the possible romanji-s of the kanji ^^;] Yuu tells her that Houen’s father is a high ranking minister and even if Houen is outstanding, he is still a powerless young man so she shouldn’t mind him. She realizes that Houen had said too much to her since she is a princess but even if she doesn’t want to get irritated over it but she is really angry about his comment that she doesn’t understand Reishou. Later on, she enters the room and finds Reishou sitting up from the sofa and calling her name. She asks if he was resting. Reishou says yes and it isn’t easy to make the others leave because it seems that they thought that he was brought up to become an ‘always working never slacking’ Wolf King. He smiles and says that he heard that she and Houen are in bad terms with each other = angrily staring at each other whenever they meet. Flustered Yuulin tells him that it is because he kept on giving her dagger looks but that person really likes Reishou. Reishou laughs and says that is true for it is rare that a person like Houen would accept ‘Wolf King’ but that kind of person would immediately discard him if there is something he is unsatisfied with. With a sad look, Reishou says, “So he shouldn’t be taken lightly.” Yuulin sadly thinks that Reishou couldn’t let anyone see his weakness and is that the reason why he has hidden his true self. “I don’t want him to be this sad.” Reishou is surprised when Yuulin tells him that she will be by his side. He asks if that’s true. She says it is for isn’t she with him now. He laughs and tells her not to say such cute words. Yuulin is puzzled. He holds her face then pushes her down on the sofa. This surprises Yuulin as Reishou says that it will make him want to take advantage of her weak point. Yuulin blushes when Reishou bends closer to her. He asks, “You want to stay by my side, right?” Yuulin is freaking out as she wonders why things turned out this way. Then, Houen enters the room to talk something to Reishou but he stops upon seeing the two in that kind of position. He quickly apologizes for intruding and says that he’ll come back again. Houen turns to leave as Yuulin tries to call for help. Reishou covers her mouth then laughs and apologizes to her. He says that way, he can now have lots of time for rest and that brain-dead [Houen?] should understand things now. Yuulin is shock, aghast and speechless. She finds him disappointing for he used her as an excuse to rest. Flustered Yuulin calls him an idiot. Reishou tells her not so loud else it will be troublesome if Houen comes back. Yuulin exclaims that she doesn’t care about him anymore and he should just go rest on his own. With that, Yuulin angrily leaves the room. After she left, Reishou laughs over what she said about staying with him because she’ll immediately leave him if he goes in ‘wolf mode’.

Meanwhile, Yuulin angrily walks at the hallway. She is still furious that she is concerned about him yet he is just acting. She stops when she realizes that what Houen said is true, that she doesn’t understand Reishou, since hasn’t seen that sad expression before. She then spots a piece of paper stuck on a tree branch. She thinks that it might be an important document so she should get it. Just then, Reishou is looking for her to talk about what happened earlier. He sees Yuulin leaning on the railing while trying to reach for the paper. While reaching for the paper, Yuulin is wondering if it is only her who thinks that right now, they are a bit closer to each other. All of a sudden, the railing gives way. Luckily for Yuulin, Reishou is there to grab her before she plummet down along with the railing. He asks her what she is doing. Still shock over what happened, Yuulin exclaims it is that paper on the tree..which is now blown by the wind. He tells her that paper doesn’t matter and why didn’t she just ask someone else to get it. Yuulin apologizes and tells him that she thought she can do it by herself. She stops midsentence when she sees Reishou in wolf mode = really angry as he asks if that is what she is thinking. Yuulin looks frightened as she wonders if he is angry at her but then, she didn’t thought that the railing would give way. Reishou notices her expression that he somewhat covers his face. Yuulin starts to wonder if it is for real or just acting..and could he be fed up with her. She starts to wonder what Reishou thinks of her yet she is really afraid. Teary-eyed, she stammers as she apologizes again. Reishou has already softens his expression and he apologizes to her. He tells her not to cry. He pats her head and says that he specially brought her there to keep an eye on her yet she still gets caught up in danger. He sighs and says that things aren’t going smoothly. Yuulin is puzzled. Reishou explains that lately he is very busy that he has no time to go to her chamber yet there are possibilities of poisoning and assassinations so he thought that it is better if she is there but it seems.. Yuulin realizes that his willfulness for her to be with him is all because of her. She starts crying as she apologizes that it is her fault for not being careful that she put herself in danger. Reishou helps her stands up and tells her that it is alright already so there’s no need to cry. She thinks that Reishou’s acting is really good that he is good in hiding things/true intent. She wonders what she should do in order to understand him more. There’s a figure who heads out the building. Just then, Jun and someone else approach them and ask what that ruckus is about. Reishou tells Jun that the railing has broken. He wants it investigated and have other things checked in case there are similar cases like that. Jun says yes then says that it is quite strange for it should have been already checked since they are strict with those kinds of things. He says that he should carefully investigate things again. Then, Houen is shown walking outside the building.

Chapter 6:At the harem [<-where imperial concubines live], after a few days, Jun reports to the couple that the railing has marks of being tampered with. Yuulin is nervous since it wasn’t just an accident. Reishou looks really dark upon hearing this. Jun says that this happened since Yuulin came to the government building and it is normal for this to happen since Yuulin has a tendency to boldly do what she says [<-ah, answer back at people?]. Reishou darkly says that there is a high suspicion that someone from inside attacked her. He comments that the culprit is really courageous to dare pull that kind of trick. Yuulin looks nervous-scared over his expression. Reishou notices this that he has to tell her that he isn’t angry with her. Yuulin nervously says that he is right. She isn’t used to it because he doesn’t always go to wolf mode when there are no outsiders around. To her surprise, Jun suggests that she continue to stay come to the government building from tomorrow onwards. Yuulin nervously asks if it is okay. Sparkling Jun tells her that it is since he added more guards and the culprit won’t strike at the same place. Yuulin looks aghast for that isn’t what she meant but rather, this guy is definitely using her as bait. “This four eyes is really scary! From how he looks, what he is really is saying is ‘Why do you think that I’m giving you such a high salary, eh?’” [I finally realized that Jun reminds me of Ouran’s Kyouya. =P ] Jun asks Reishou if what he said is okay. Reishou sighs and says that since Yuulin is targeted, wherever she is, it is dangerous just the same. Yuulin can only curse that she cannot do anything since it is her job and she has a debt. Jun tells Yuulin to report to him anyone she finds suspicious. In her chamber, Yuulin laments over how dangerous her job is and that no matter how many lives she has, it won’t be enough. Then, to her surprise, Reishou comes to visit her. She asks if he is going to rest at the harem and if he doesn’t have any work. Reishou smiles and says ya [he’s resting there], he’s a bit tired. He waves his hand to dismiss the chambermaids. After they left, Reishou goes to puppy mode to apologize to Yuulin for putting her in danger again. Surprised by this, Yuulin says that no, it is all her fault. Yuulin thinks that as the princess, she can just smile and it is okay unlike him who has a lot of worries.

While serving him tea, Yuulin asks if it is tiring. Reishou says that the work is okay thanks to the help of the assistants. Yuulin asks if it is Ryuu Houen. Reishou smiles and says yes, including Ko Yu but then, she isn’t in good terms with Houen. He tells her that Houen does have that bad defect of contradicting (elders/superiors) but if one gets used to it, he’s also quite cute. Looking dubious, Yuulin asks, cute? Reishou says yes. She imagines if Houen, who is always scowling and complaining, is actually cute. She becomes gloomy and exclaims to Reishou if he is really dead tired [since Houen is not cute] and Reishou ought to properly rest up. Reishou just laughs it off. He smiles and tells her that there’s no need to worry since he is alright. Yuulin tries to protest but Reishou holds her hair and in wolf mode, he says that having her/a princess is really good because right now, he feels that he has the energy to do his best [at work] tomorrow. Yuulin backs away a bit and says that isn’t true for she wasn’t of any help. Much to Reishou’s dismay, Yuulin backs away further and further until she is hiding behind the wall divider. Yuulin nervously tells him if he wants some snacks, someone brought over some delicious sweet snacks a few days ago. With a frozen smile on his face, Reishou is sweatdropping. To her surprise, Reishou just says that he only came over to see her. He leaves after bidding her good night. After he left, Yuulin starts hitting the bed with her fist in frustration as she calls herself an idiot since Reishou definitely noticed that something is wrong with her but she cannot help it that her body instinctively becomes stiff whenever she sees him as Wolf King. “I feel as if my heart is being seized, my brain goes blank..” [<- fear or love sickness? =P] Meanwhile, Reishou listlessly heads back to his room. Jun is already there. He is asking Reishou to look over some documents when he notices that Reishou looks distressed. He asks what the matter is. Reishou laments that Yuulin fears the ‘Wolf King’ and it is really not good for him to get angry in front of Yuulin because ever since then [<- when Yuulin sit in court with him], Yuulin has become very nervous. “What should I do..”

He is speechless when Jun just apologizes and says that is of no concern but please look over these documents. Reishou just sighs as he sits down to read the document. He thinks that if Yuulin learns that the ‘Wolf King’ isn’t an act, she will definitely be more afraid of him. Then, Yuulin is sitting on her bed thinking that it is only an act, so there’s no need for her to be especially nervous and she should just persevered. She wonders what is that something that she can do right now...that is to find the culprit who messed up the railing. “It’s okay to be a bait, I’ll do anything. Work is work! I need to earn money!” She then sees Yu who asks her if she is doing well after he heard of the accident. Yuulin says that she is okay, no injuries at all. Just then, Houen sees them but after seeing Yuulin, he quickly turns away. Yuulin thinks that he obviously looks suspicious. The next day, at the library, Yuulin is helping arrange some of the documents when Houen goes to her and asks her if it isn’t better for her to just nicely stay put at the harem because she won’t know when something will happen. Yuulin just says how that could be. While thinking that it couldn’t be because he hates her that he would kill her for that, Yuulin tells Houen not to intimidate her for she knows that he hates her but.. Houen tells her that isn’t the problem but for her to go there from the harem, she ought to know her place and stay within the bounds of being a princess. “Do you really want to flaunt how much His Majesty dotes on you!” Yuulin looks surprises as she wonders if in everyone’s eyes, she is just a ‘bad girl who seduces to deceive the king’. Yuulin goes into angry mode over this as she shouts back, “If you are talking about infringing one’s territory, then aren’t you the same so just shut up. I’m serving His Majesty the King. Even if what you said is true, I also don’t have any reason to listen to your orders! If you have no other business then please leave, do not disturb me while I’m tidying up the book storage!” After Houen recovers from his shock of Yuulin’s outburst, Houen retreats while saying that she is really quite eloquent. [<- probably a sarcastic remark]. Yuulin angrily thinks what’s amazing about that arrogant bully and it is quite obvious that he is the one who would ‘think of wanting to get rid of the princess’. She reports this to Jun who tells her not to meddle into Houen’s business. Yuulin is puzzled. Jun explains that Houen’s father is a big personality within the administration so it would be problematic if they offend him and also, Houen and His Majesty are getting along with each other.

To Yuulin’s shock, Jun tells her not to pick a quarrel with Houen. “That’s enough, go, go, I’m also very busy.” With that, Jun gets her out of the room. Yuulin angrily walks away and wonders what’s up with that and isn’t that authoritarianism. From the side, Yu calls out to Yuulin and says that he has something to tell her. Somewhere else, Yu informs Yuulin that actually, someone saw Houen hanging around during the time of the accident. He apologizes for not reporting this for he doesn’t want to offend the Ryuu family so he won’t dare mention it but he fears that she might get into an incident like that again. Yuulin thinks that at least someone here is willing to do something against that authoritarianism. She thanks Yu for informing her and tells him to relax for she won’t tell anyone that he was the one who told her. Yu just tells her to be really careful. While walking, Yuulin thinks that now, it isn’t just suspicion but then would that boss [Jun] pay mind to this. She decides that she should find a definite evidence to verify this. While Reishou is in a meeting with Houen, Yuulin clings on to Reishou’s arm and calls him. Yuulin and Houen makes ‘I hate you’ glances at each other. Reishou asks Yuulin what the matter is. Blushing, Yuulin apologizes and says that it is because by herself, she feels really lonely. Reishou’s eyes widen in disbelief. Yuulin mentally apologizes to him for disturbing his work. While she and Houen exchange another ‘I hate you’ glance, Yuulin thinks that if Houen is the suspect then, he will take the initiative of doing something if she did something that he disapproves of. “Until then, I would have caught him by his foxy tail!”

To Yuulin’s surprise, Reishou hugs her and says, “I’m really sorry, my darling Princess. *touches her face* If you only wish it, then let’s keep each other company for a while. *smiles* This way, I can also be at ease.” Yuulin freaks out since Reishou has gotten himself into this, too. Looking really displeased, Houen asks if this means that the meeting for their discussion will be continued for the night. Reishou says yes. Then, there is a final ‘I hate you’ glance between the two [Yuulin and Houen] before Houen leaves. With a sparkle, Yuulin thinks that she reckons that he has given up and what’s left is for her to deal whatever he’ll do next. Reishou is just quiet all throughout then he asks what she is doing. Yuulin feels that she is going to be scolded if he knew so she puts on a nervous smile and tells him that she’s just testing her range of acting. A bit puzzled, Reishou then holds her wrist and leans her a bit backwards. He tells her, “If that’s it, then I’ll totally coordinate with you.” Yuulin freaks out over this. To his surprise, she quickly holds her hands up from him and shouts that there’s no need for that. She blushes then says, no, he should just be like before so much that it isn’t like before and that is enough. [<- I think she’s either muttering nonsense or just telling him act like before ^^;] She shouts that she’ll be heading back to the harem then she quickly runs off. She left Reishou speechless. Later on, Jun notices that Reishou is looking really gloomy that he asks what the matter is. Reishou asks if she [Yuulin] is fooling around with him because she would suddenly go near him then she’ll suddenly go far from him. Jun just says, ha? He tells him that their secret agent has brought news and that there is suspicious activity at the Grace hall [?]. Meanwhile, Yuulin rests at the wall as she laments that her heart cannot take it and it seems that her plan has failed. She then looks up and notices Houen hurriedly walking to some place. She finds it suspicious so she decides to follow him. At some hall, she overhears someone saying that princess won’t do. The other person says that there is no objection. Someone asks if it isn’t inevitable to get rid of something that is unsuitable. She thinks that if she gets more clues, she’ll definitely find proof. She looks in and wonders who the other person Houen is talking with.

She steps on a twig that the other person shouts who is there. The man asks Yuulin what she is doing there. Yuulin is surprised that it turns out to be Yu. He unsheathes his sword and says that this way, it saves the trouble of getting an assassin group in the palace. To her surprise, Houen blocks Yu’s sword when Yu tries to kill Yuulin. She is also surprised because she thought that those two are allies. Houen exclaims at her for fooling around and why is she randomly taking a stroll there. Yuulin exclaims that she is following him. Some assassins appear behind Yu who tells Houen that is boring since he thought if the son of the Ryuu family would collaborate with him, the outcome would be certain so he sincerely invited Houen. “I should have made you assume guilt from the very start.” In shock, Yuulin asks if it was Yu who is responsible for that broken railing. With a smile, Yu says that he thinks that if he tear down the princess’ stage[? or get rid of her] then the days after that would be easy [<-revolt]. “I’m not the same with that man. For someone like me, who is from a lowly noble family, I ought to have seen a lot of people’s faces before I can climb up. Miss Princess, you should know of this, right? You did cleverly flirt around with that scary dictator that you are now in your position today.” Houen angrily shouts at what Yu is insinuating. To his surprise, Yuulin looks really pissed off that she answers back to Yu, “Hypocrite..it seems that your level [of achievement] is high. But, if you think that His Majesty is that kind of person, then you really don’t have an eye for people [<- ability to make discerning judgments].” Yu shouts at his men to make her shut up as well as that other guy [Houen].

Then, to everyone’s surprise, someone asks Yu if he won’t let him in on the fun. It is Reishou who is holding a spear. Reishou says that burying his head in work has made his body stiff. “So how about making me exercise a bit?” As Reishou starts attacking Yu and others, he orders Houen not to let the princess get hurt. Houen answers back, “Understood.” Yuulin thinks that if only he [Yu] looks intently at the Wolf King, he wouldn’t have tried to provoke him. Then, Jun with some armed men arrives. Jun shouts at Reishou that he told him to wait for the army. Reishou just says that they’re too slow. At the harem, Yuulin goes into shock that Reishou and Jun have always been suspecting Yu. Jun says that it is because Houen reported that Yu is doing some suspicious activity so they decided to get Houen do some undercover work. Yuulin exclaims why they didn’t tell her. [Since it is blurry, I think] Jun tells her that it is because she is being watched closely. So, it turns out that Houen is totally innocent. Yuulin angrily asks if that person really just hates her that he would always make things difficult for her. Jun says that maybe Houen just thinks of her as a hindrance. Yuulin is furious that all her work is a waste of time. Smiling, Reishou tells Yuulin that it is because Houen really likes the ‘Wolf King’ so she and Houen are like, fire and water. He then asks why Yuulin looks surprised. Yuulin says that it is nothing. While thinking that Reishou is the type who won’t let anyone gets an opportunity by exploiting others whether they fear or admire him, she says that she just thinks that he looks too happy. Reishou happily tells her that it is because no matter what, a lot of people hates the ‘Wolf King’ so people like Houen are really rare. To his surprise, Yuulin says that she doesn’t hate. “I’m only just..a bit..no, [I’m] really..afraid.” Reishou just keeps on smiling quietly while sweatdropping. Yulin thinks that it is even if their relationship is based on acting, it has brought about trust, feeling and perhaps other things like that. Later on, Yuulin visits Reishou while doing some paperwork. [It’s blurry but it seems that] Reishou is happily saying that he is re-energized upon seeing her. Yuulin just says that’s good. She wonders if he really hates administrative works. 

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