June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapters 65-70]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 25, 2010

Chapters 65-67: While walking in the streets, Kyouta is leaning his arm on Tsubaki’s head as he complains that he’s so sleepy. Since the people around them are looking at them, Tsubaki tells him not to stay too close to her in public. Kyouta answers back that it is all her fault that he ended up like that so she should take responsibility for it. When Tsubaki goes ‘huh?’, Kyouta takes the jigsaw puzzle piece from her pocket and exclaims that if she didn’t take that one piece home, he would have finished the puzzle by morning then skip class by sleeping in the morning. “And, it’s because you gave me that puzzle that on my birthday, I spent doing it by myself the whole night. I’m super--lonely, so how are do you plan to take responsibility for it?” Flustered Tsubaki says that even if he said that, he obviously had fun solving the puzzle. Looking at the puzzle piece, Kyouta says, “..but, it’s because of this that I was able to forget that irritating thing.” Tsubaki’s eyes widen as she realizes that he is referring to his mother. She also remembers that her mother wanted to have an opportunity to properly talk with Kyouta before she moves to Hokkaido. Tsubaki is startled upon seeing Bear Bucks Cafe which they are going to pass by since that is where Kyouta’s mother told her where she’ll wait for Kyouta until he comes. Kyouta’s mother is hoping that Tsubaki will tell that to Kyouta. Tsubaki holds the back of Kyouta’s shirt and sheepishly tells him that they walk at that other side. Kyouta complains that it will be a long detour if they go that way. Tsubaki insists that is good because occasionally, they need to have a change of pace. Tsubaki convinces herself that if she told Kyouta about it, he would definitely not go and he would be in a bad mood just like yesterday. “So, it’s better for me not to tell him.. Ah? But, didn’t she say that she’s moving tomorrow..? *stops walking* And before one moves, shouldn’t one be very busy during those few days? Speaking of that, always waiting at the cafe..until it closes?” Tsubaki starts to look nervous. She suddenly shouts to Kyouta which surprised him. He asks what it is this time. Tsubaki exclaims that she has some place to go because she forgot something. “I’ll quickly catch up to you! You go..You go ahead first!” Kyouta is puzzled when Tsubaki runs back.

At Bear Bucks Cafe, Kyouta’s mother, who is sitting by the window, looks at a couple of ‘Universe Stroll’ [astronomy show] tickets on her hand. She looks up to see breathing hard [from running] Tsubaki who tells her that Kyouta isn’t coming. Kyouta’s mother looks surprised. Tsubaki then revised it to Kyouta didn’t come to school and she couldn’t contact him so.. “I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to inform him..!” With that, Tsubaki slightly bows to her. Kyouta’s mother says is that so and even if she waited all throughout there, Kyouta won’t come. “I even prepared these things [tickets].. *smiles and slight nod* Thanks for specially coming here to tell me.” Flustered Tsubaki quickly bids her goodbye. After Tsubaki went out of the cafe, she looks flustered since she lied and even got thanked by Kyouta’s mother. She turns around to look back and to her aghast, she sees Kyouta’s mother holding the tickets while crying bitterly. Then, Kyouta, who is standing behind her, asks if she has some business with BearBa [nick for the cafe?]. Tsubaki goes into shock then exclaims that she told him to go ahead. Kyouta says that it is because Tsubaki is acting very suspicious. He asks again what business she has in BearBa. Tsubaki quickly makes up an alibi that she forgot something in the cafe and she already got it. Kyouta says that if it is only that, then they should just go and get it together before heading home. Tsubaki nervously laughs and says that would be too troublesome. While pushing him away, Tsubaki tells him to quickly go since she already got what she left. Tsubaki turns around and to her shock, Kyouta’s mother has seen them through the window. Tsubaki becomes really tense since Kyouta’s mother would realize that she lied. To her surprise, Kyouta’s mother sadly smiles at her then bows. Tsubaki can only wonder why she did that.

At Kyouta’s room, Tsubaki put in the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Tsubaki exclaims that he’s so amazing that he finished it in one night because a night sky should be hard to do. She isn’t finished talking when Kyouta kisses her. She asks him why. He tells her that they will continue where they left off yesterday since isn’t this the reason she came there today. Tsubaki tells him that they should first mount the jigsaw puzzle first. Kyouta tells her that there is still time to do that for he want to first sleep properly..sleep until morning. They continue to kiss as Kyouta starts to remove Tsubaki’s uniform. Tsubaki finds it strange that she couldn’t melt in his warmth just like before. She looks at Kyouta and thinks that he really looks like his mother. After remembering Kyouta’s mother bowing at her, Tsubaki closes her eyes and becomes flustered. She berates herself for being stupid since she obviously lied because she doesn’t want to have any contradiction with Kyouta yet because of her guilty conscience, she’s quite stressed out. She is surprised when Kyouta stops and tells her to forget it because it seems that she isn’t in the mood today. Tsubaki apologizes. Kyouta stands up and tells her that it is okay since there are times when it is like that. Then, Kyouta looks for a place to put the puzzle. After some ruckus, Kyouta is holding a space shuttle and satellite model. He tells her to put the puzzle at that cabinet stand and he’ll just throw those other things away. Tsubaki tells him that there is no need for him to specially throw those things away since there is space on his wall. Kyouta says that he’ll still throw those away since he wanted to throw those things away ever since before. Tsubaki innocently asks, “Ever since before..could it be a gift given to you by your mother?” It seems to have strike a chord on Kyouta. Tsubaki freaks out that she has brought up the topic about his mother. Trying to change the subject, Tsubaki takes the jigsaw puzzle and nervously says that if it is like that, then they should find of a place where they can put the puzzle. Just when Tsubaki is expecting Kyouta to react adversely to it, Kyouta admits that it is true, he got those things from that person before she left their house. He tells her that the reason he has been rejecting her is not because he cannot forgive her for leaving him. “What I cannot forgive is that person’s naive way of thinking. If she had abandoned me and my father then chose another man instead, then she ought to forget all about me, right? But, she is reluctant to part with me that she kept on seeing me..so, I won’t accept anything that she brought me.”

Tsubaki looks surprised that he actually told her about it. Kyouta is also surprised that he told her. “Until the time when I can be calm while seeing her, until then, I’ll tell her that is what I’ve been thinking...” Tsubaki is so shock by what he said that she holds the puzzle down, causing the pieces to fall all over the floor. Kyouta is surprised as he nervously says that she just.. that is what he did for one whole night. Tsubaki keeps on apologizing. She then tells him that she thought that he doesn’t want to talk to his mother throughout his life so it wouldn’t have any meaning if she passed over what his mother said. Kyouta is puzzled. Tsubaki then tells him that tomorrow, his mother will be moving to Hokkaido so she can no longer see Kyouta afterwards. “So she wants to properly talk with you one more time.. Just now, at that cafe, your mother is waiting for you. But because I don’t want you to be unhappy..I was only hiding it until today has passed, I didn’t consider your [Kyouta and mom] feelings and I didn’t say anything..I’m sorry..I did something that cannot be forgiven..I’m sorry..” Kyouta leans his head on hers and tells her that there is nothing for her to apologize about. He says that what he wanted to tell his mother is for her not to come back again and if she is going to Hokkaido then it isn’t necessary for him to specially go and tell that to her. “And just like what you thought, even if you passed the message to me, I also won’t go. So, don’t mind it..” Tsubaki shakes her head sideways vigorously. Kyouta angrily says that he just said. Tsubaki says that it is because Kyouta’s mother is the same with Kyouta since they didn’t tell the other everything. Kyouta asks what everything. Tsubaki tells him that the real reason for the divorce is because of Kyouta’s father’s domestic violence. Kyouta looks surprised then he sighs to say, “Is that so..” This surprises Tsubaki that she asks if he knew. Kyouta starts to pick up the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle from the floor. He tells her that he didn’t know but he had more or less thought that it might be because of that. “But, in the end, she still left me and run away to another guy’s place. That is an unchanging fact. So, I also won’t go and see her.” Tsubaki keeps on protesting that Kyouta tells her to drop it. He hugs her and exclaims, “Didn’t I say that it’s alright? It’s okay, there’s no problem!” She hugs him back while thinking that isn’t a bit okay. “From Kyouta’s beating heart, I can sense Kyouta’s uneasiness.”

Later on, Kyouta’s cellphone is ringing. Kyouta wakes up and answers his phone. Sakura greets him and asks if her sister is at his place. Still groggy, Kyouta asks who it is and if it is Tsubaki’s younger sister. Sakura calls him mean for calling her like that. Kyouta mutters that it’s annoying. He tells Sakura that if it’s about Tsubaki, she headed home when it is dark. “..what about it?” Sakura tells him that after dinner time, Tsubaki didn’t come home yet nor did she contact home. “Mom is already really angry and sis won’t answer her cellphone. Kyouta-sempai, do you know where sis is?” Kyouta looks surprised since Tsubaki is missing. Meanwhile, Tsubaki heads back to Bear Bucks to see if Kyouta’s mother is still there. Since she is no longer there, she asks the cashier as to which direction did she go. The cashier tells her to the left. Tsubaki goes to the left and tries to look around for Kyouta’s mother. She looks at the side and thinks that she won’t be able to find her if she already rode the train. She laments that she shouldn’t have lied. It is because of her selfishness that the last opportunity for Kyouta and his mother to talk is destroyed, even if Kyouta assured her that it is okay. She tells herself not to think timidly like that else she’ll always be guilty when she faces Kyouta. “So today, I will do my utmost best in doing what I can do..! ..even if I said that..if only I had asked before on how to contact her..!! She should have went home already..since tomorrow, she is going to move.. *looks up the sky* The sky is already dark..” She looks surprised at the starry night sky. She remembers Kyouta’s mother has tickets to an astronomy show. Back at Kyouta’s place, Kyouta scratches his head for he also cannot contact Tsubaki on her cellphone. He tries calling again while thinking if Tsubaki went to find that person. Since he still cannot contact her, he decides to go out and check that cafe first. Then, his phone starts ringing. It is Tsubaki. Kyouta is about to reprimand her to open her cellphone but Tsubaki asks him to quickly come over.

At the ‘Universe Stroll’ astronomy show theater, irked Kyouta who’s breathing hard [from running] finds Tsubaki with his mother. His mother looks flustered upon seeing him. Tsubaki goes to Kyouta and apologizes for doing this on her own but in the end, whether he wants to talk to his mother or not, still depends on him. Kyouta answers what’s this about. He pulls Tsubaki to him and reprimands his mother not to involve Tsubaki into the situation while he isn’t around because Tsubaki is very serious in doing things that there is no way for her to realize that she’ll get hurt like that. Tsubaki blushes over this. Kyouta tells Tsubaki that is enough, she should quickly go home. Tsubaki tries to protest until Kyouta tells her that her sister called and her mother is already very angry. After being surprised by this, Tsubaki takes his hand off her head and says, “But..” She notices that his hand is very cold. She realizes that Kyouta is nervous and of course, since he was 10 years old when his mother left, this will be the first time they’ll talk. Tsubaki tightens her fist and exclaims, “I don’t want to! I wait until the two of you talked..even if you feel that I’m very troublesome, I’ll stil..” Kyouta says, “--Stupid. *turns around to Tsubaki and smiles* How could I feel that you’re troublesome.” With thoughts of gambatte, Tsubaki watches as Kyouta goes over to his mother. Walking through the place, Kyouta’s mother comments that ceiling structure is quite nostalgic and it hasn’t changed one bit since they went there before. She continues to say that the program has changed a lot since because now, during the showing, there’s also some fragrance emitted [aromatherapy]. There is an announcement that the show will start at 8pm. His mother tells Kyouta to hurry but to her surprise, Kyouta just sits down on a bench. Kyouta tells her that he didn’t come there to watch some show. Soon, she sits on the bench, a bit away from Kyouta. She nervous smiles and asks Kyouta if that is okay now. Kyouta just grumpily asks what she wanted to tell him. After a pause, she apologizes to him for giving him such painful memories. Kyouta then says that he really doesn’t understand how could she let things ended up to the point wherein she cannot endure it and why would she marry that violent man.

She tells him that his father is actually really suits being a teacher since he is considerate, empathetic and very nice with other people. That is until he changed schools. Flashback: Kyouta’s mother brought out some sake for Kyouta’s father to drink. He is sitting on the sofa and he looked frustrated. She asked him if something happened between him and the students again. Kyouta’s father asked in anguish if he isn’t suitable to become a teacher. Kyouta’s mother put her hand on his shoulder and told him that is nonsense for no one is more suitable to be a teacher than him. She happily told him that he ought to just continue on doing his best and things will definitely become smoothly just like how it was in that junior high before. To her surprise, he held her face then pushed her down on the floor. He then used her as a human punching bag to vent of his stress while shouting that she obviously doesn’t understand yet how can she say things so lightly. “Do you know..that I’m very tired..!!” Soon, after he has beaten her up black and blue, he would hug her and say that without her, he doesn’t have anything. He told her not to make him do that kind of thing again. Since that time, that incident would keep on repeating. She would then go to a room where baby Kyouta is sleeping. But since Kyouta’s father doesn’t lay his hand on Kyouta, she decided to just bear with it. At the grocery where she works, the shopkeeper saw her bruise covered arm and exclaimed what is with that injury. He asked if the rumors are true that she is a victim of domestic violence. He asked her to just tell him if there is anything he can do to help her. She is touched by what he said. Afterwards, she’ll go see him when she needs to talk with someone and after some time, while they are walking together, the shopkeeper told her that it seems that her husband has decrease his beatings. She answered that it is thanks to him who gave her lots of advices on how to deal with her situation. He told her that it is great that he was able to help. She is puzzled when he paused. He then confessed that he is really disappointing because he is unhappy that she and her husband had reconciled. He then proposed marriage to her and promised that if it is him, she won’t ever have a life of domestic violence. “Of course, you can also bring your child with you..!” She blushed and with thanks, she accepted his feelings.

But, Kyouta’s father had already noticed the change in her so he hired a detective to investigate her. End flashback. In anguish with tears, Kyouta’s mother tells Kyouta that the reason for the divorce has become extramarital affair and she couldn’t get back Kyouta’s custody rights. The proof of being a victim of domestic abuse is also gone. That is the reason why Kyouta’s father hasn’t been hitting her anymore so that there won’t be any bruise marks while their divorce case is being deliberated in court. While her hands are shaking, she tells Kyouta that it isn’t because she totally doesn’t care about him when she left that house and there wasn’t a day when she didn’t thought of him. “That is what I wanted to tell you until the end..!” She turns around to get something from her bag. [<- Handkerchief?] Kyouta says that no matter what excuse she’ll tell him, it doesn’t change that she left him with a father who’ll use violence [on him]. Although he becomes conscious of the possibility about the domestic violence, he still doesn’t plan on forgiving her. “--But recently, I’ve..experienced that feeling of even if it’s very important yet I have to let go. [refer to breaking up with Tsubaki before]. When it is obvious that I was the one who let go and it is very bad if I didn’t let go, yet I would want to once again retrieve that feeling.. I understand that a lot. Today, I feel that it’s very good that I’ve heard the truth.” He stands up and says if that is it [then I’m going]. She tells him to wait. She gives him an envelope and tells him that is her address in Hokkaido. She is surprised when Kyouta tells her that there is no need for that because he doesn’t have any plans on seeing her again. She stutters as she asks if in the end, he couldn’t forgive her. He tells her that isn’t so. He asks her if she is very happy right now with that man. There is a wedding ring on her finger. She tries to say, “That...” Kyouta smiles at her and says, “Don’t think about it anymore, because right now, I’m also very- happy. Because of that person [Tsubaki], both of us are really happy right now, and we won’t bicker again regarding the wounds of the past so let’s end it today. *holding out his hand* Ah? Mama. Eh..right now, I.. *looking flustered* won’t lose to you in getting that happiness.” Kyouta’s mother tearfully smiles and shakes his hand. “Goodbye.”

Holding her bag tight, Tsubaki is waiting by the entrance when Kyouta’s mother comes out. She rushes to her and asks Kyouta’s mother if the show isn’t showing yet or could it be that she wasn’t able to properly talk with Kyouta. Kyouta’s mother happily says no, they did talk properly after seven years of separation and living on their separate lives from today on. She looks back at the theater and says that she had a lot of memories in that place with Kyouta but from today on.. She puts a ticket on Tsubaki’s hand. Kyouta’s mother smiles and tells her that Kyouta is waiting for her inside. “From today on, it will be a place where you and Kyouta will create memories.” Tsubaki tries to protest but Kyouta’s mother tells her that ticket is originally Kyouta’s but Kyouta insists on buying his own ticket. She tells Tsubaki that she will be moving to Hokkaido tomorrow. “If it weren’tyou’re your help, I would have given up, Miss Tsubaki.” Tsubaki looks surprised. Kyouta’s mother tells her that it seems her name is Tsubaki and she is quite surprised to know that is how Kyouta called her. Tsubaki immediately bows and apologizes for she hasn’t introduced herself. “My name is Hibino Tsubaki.” She is surprised when Kyouta’s mother giggles. Kyouta’s mother apologizes and says that it is because she just imagined what it will be like in the future. Tsubaki asks if she meant about her name and surname will be the same. Kyouta’s mother happily says that if that become for real, then, it will be a rare and very unique name. Blushing Tsubaki smiles back and happily says that she think so, too. She’s surprised when Kyouta’s mother bows to her. Tsubaki also bows to her. Later on, Tsubaki heads inside the theater and sees that Kyouta is already sitting down on the front row. He sees her and acknowledges her. Tsubaki then sees a shopping bag on the chair beside Kyouta. She proceeds to sit at the other side and asks Kyouta if he accepted his mother’s gift, that 3D moon puzzle. Kyouta says ya. He tells her that person would probably come back to see him if she wasn’t able to finish things with him. The very first is also the very last. He then tells that next time she is going home, she should pass by his house. Tsubaki is puzzled. He tells her that she is going to accompany him in solving the puzzles of the one she ruined and the new one he got. Tsubaki looks aghast and gloomy as she looks sideways and says ya, about that, sorry about that. Kyouta then mutters no, it isn’t like that. “..I’m sorry for getting you involved in my family matters. *Tsubaki looks at him in surprise* But you really helped me. ..Thank you.” Kyouta blushes as he looks at Tsubaki. Kyouta is speechless when Tsubaki insists that she wasn’t much of a help that he ought to thank her for it since it is very much like the time when he helped her during the Sports festival. “That is really helping the other..” Blushing Kyouta tries to tell her that compared to that, she did more but he stops midway then leans near Tsubaki. Tsubaki blushes really red because he seems to be going to kiss her but to her surprise, Kyouta pushes the lever to make the back of the chair recline down.

Tsubaki tries to laugh off her embarrassment since she thought he is going to kiss her by saying that she forgot to recline the chair when they are going to see the show since it was in the elementary when she last watched it. While she is looking away from him, Kyouta says, “..it is really such a great help. With only you at my side, you gave me strength.” Soon, the announcer says that they are now going to see Hawaii’s starry sky. Kyouta tells Tsubaki that Hawaii’s starry sky is very similar with Hateruma’s. “So look, it’s the Southern Cross” He starts telling her that Hawaii’s latitude is lower compared to Hateruma so it is high above the water level. Since Tsubaki didn’t reply, Kyouta turns to Tsubaki and asks if she is listening. To his surprise, he sees her crying as she tells him that she is listening. Kyouta then holds her hand. Tsubaki is thinking, “It’s because I still haven’t digested what he just said earlier. ‘Only you is enough’ In this several billions of heavenly bodies, in the same planet [/heavenly body], born in the same country, among the numerous crowd of people, we met and fell in love. Why are we mutually attracted to each other? From that probability of it happening..it’s like a miracle.” She is startled when Kyouta leans his head on her shoulder. She turns to look at him and it turns out that he has fallen asleep. She remembers that he didn’t slept the whole night. Blushing, Tsubaki happily leans her head on his and thinks, “It’s like this, to become an existence that is enough for Kyouta to depend on, I have to continue on doing my best. So, please, within the scope of possibility, let us continue to be together in this miracle forever and ever.” After the show, Kyouta laments about never sleeping through an astronomy film before. Tsubaki says that it is natural for that to happen since he lack sleep and it is dark inside. Tsubaki happily tells him that he can still go there next time and watch it with her. “Watching a starry sky that is similar with Hateruma’s made it seems like I’m actually in Hateruma--..” Kyouta happily says that’s right. Tsubaki is happy that Kyouta has cheered up and that one is really moved emotionally after seeing a starry sky.

Later on, Tsubaki thanks Kyouta for walking her home. Kyouta asks if it is okay that he doesn’t go in with her. Tsubaki is puzzled. Kyouta explains that it is because of him that she is going home so late so he would want to go in and explain. “And, also tell your parents that we are going steady.” Tsubaki thinks that he meant about introducing him to her parents. Tsubaki nervously imagines that her mother will be furious about him bringing her to a weird place so late at night and her mother would want him to immediately break up with her. Tsubaki timidly tells him that there’s no need to do that today. Kyouta didn’t insist on it as he bids her goodbye. Before he leaves, Tsubaki calls out to him and holds his arm. She says that there will definitely be a day when she will need him to do that. “So until then, I’ll leave it to you..!” Kyouta pulls her to him and hugs her. He says, “Ah- I don’t want you to go home.” Tsubaki tries to protest but he continues to say, “No, I will let you go but it would be nice if we can go home to the same house..” Tsubaki looks surprised. He then pulls her away and says that he’s kidding. He bids her goodbye and left. Tsubaki blushes as she realizes what he meant and it is like her dream of becoming ‘Tsubaki Tsubaki’. She thinks that for them who are currently in high school, in making this a reality, they would need heaps of miracles to be with them. Then, there is a scene of Tsubaki’s mother reprimanding her. Then, she and Kyouta did the puzzles. Soon, the space shuttle, satellite model and the new moon puzzle is in the cabinet stand. Tsubaki and Kyouta happily look on that, as well as the puzzle Tsubaki gave him that is hung on the wall. Narration: “Just wishing is definitely not enough. So, one has to strive hard, bit by bit, in order to make this miracle become a reality.”

Chapters 68-69: Soon, it will be their second Christmas. At the kitchen, Tsubaki’s mother tells Tsubaki that after she put the vegetable on the plate [Tsubaki seems to be making a salad], can Tsubaki call Sakura out. Tsubaki says okay. Tsubaki knocks at Sakura’s door and tells her to go down and eat. To her shock, Tsubaki sees Sakura’s messy room wherein Sakura is hiding in her blanket while sitting on the bed. Sakura gloomily says that she doesn’t want to eat because Nishiki has to work on Christmas Eve. Soon, Tsubaki prepared the food in Sakura’s tidy room [<-most probably cleaned by Tsubaki]. She asks her sister that won’t Nishiki be free on the 25th. Sakura shouts that it has no meaning if it isn’t Christmas Eve. Flustered, she says that it is really nice for Tsubaki and Kyouta not to have this kind of problem. Tsubaki informs her that actually they haven’t decided on what to do on Christmas Eve. Sakura asks if that is so and it will be next week. She then happily suggests to Tsubaki to replace Nishiki at work. Tsubaki is shock by this. Tsubaki stammers that Kyouta might ask her out that night. Sakura retorts that Nishiki has always been substituting for Kyouta whenever they [T&K] have a problem and it is also because of Nishiki who replaced Kyouta that their [T&K] relationship went smoothly. [<- when Tsubaki got Kyouta’s ‘yes’] Sakura starts emoting [<- sad] that if they [S&N] have an awful Christmas Eve, they might break up. “So, sis, this is my life’s request..!” Being the nice sis that she is, Tsubaki agreed to it. Soon, it is already December 24 and at school, it is already class break. A guy suggests that Christmas Eve is a special holiday so they will go karaoke at 1pm today. Tsubaki is nervous because she will be on duty by the time they go to the karaoke bar. She looks at the clock and it is already quarter to 11am. She is going to work at noon and before then, she should study. While eating lunch, she reads through Karaoke King’s menu. She is about to eat a saucy meatball when Kyouta holds her hand and asks why she is eating alone. He asks weren’t they suppose to eat together today. Tsubaki blushes and looks nervous. She tells him that it seems that he indeed has plans. Kyouta is puzzled. She then informs him that she has substituted Nishiki for work. Kyouta sighs and says that she is indeed that kind of person.

He says that since they didn’t agree on doing something on Christmas Eve, she should still have kept herself free on that day. He tells her up to when she will be conscious of being someone’s girlfriend. Tsubaki tells him that she also planned on keeping her Christmas Eve free but Sakura said that there is the danger of them [S&N] of breaking up and it is because of Nishiki that things are going smoothly between them [T&K]. So, if the two of them are in danger, Tsubaki feels that she also ought to help them. Kyouta remembers Nishiki happily waving at Kyouta that he’ll spend the day with Sakura. Kyouta wonders if they [S&N] are really in danger of breaking up. Flustered, Tsubaki tells Kyouta that she also wanted to spend this day with him. Looking somewhat concerned, Kyouta reminds her that Christmas Eve customers aren’t the same as ordinary day customers. Tsubaki quickly looks at the menu and says that she will do her best. Kyouta tells her that she cannot use the excuse that she’s just a substitute worker. Tsubaki becomes speechless and nervous. Kyouta takes her tamagoyaki [rolled omelet] and eats it. He mutters, “Geez- I really can’t resist you.” [<-cannot resist on not helping you on this] Soon, in Karaoke King, Tsubaki is serving a tray filled with drinks. Just when she is serving them, the tray turns out to be too heavy for her that she spills the drinks. The customers are surprised as Tsubaki quickly apologizes. Frantic Tsubaki quickly heads to the door as she shouts that she’ll quickly get it cleaned. Just as she opens the door, Kyouta enters while holding a cake. Kyouta tells the customers to please go to the next room instead. While he helps the girls cross over the mess that Tsubaki made, he tells them to be careful and asks if they aren’t hurt. At the other room, Kyouta tells them that the store is going to give them some special coupons and a cake as a gift [<-sorry for the inconvenience?]. Kneeling down to the customers, Kyouta flashes a smile and apologizes to them regarding what happened earlier. He tells them not to mind it and continue to patronize the store. With hearts in their eyes, the three customers happily says, “Yes ♡” Tsubaki blushes over how Kyouta handled the situation. Back at the other room, Kyouta tells Tsubaki that even if it is all ordered at the same time, she doesn’t have to serve it all at the same time. He advises her that she should have put the tall glass at the center of the tray so that it won’t easily fall down. He also tells her to leave the cleaning to him and just bring a cake like earlier to room 605. It turns out that cake is supposed to be the order of the customers in room 605. Tsubaki asks if it is okay that she broke many things. Kyouta calls her stupid and says that of course, it is okay. He smiles and says, “Because this young master will forever help out Miss Tsubaki without any condition.”

Aghast, Tsubaki apologizes again. Kyouta tells her to forget it and isn’t this a lot better than last year since they are spending it together. Tsubaki blushes as she realizes that it is true. She happily smiles and says, ya. That made Kyouta unable to resist her that he pulled her to him and kissed her. Blushing Tsubaki covers her lips. Kyouta tells her that if they are free, they can do that kind of stuff. While Tsubaki tries to tell him to wait, Kyouta holds her face to give her another kiss. Tsubaki is startled when a female customer appears behind them and asks where the toilet is. Tsubaki quickly pushes Kyouta away and happily leads the girl to the toilet. While in between sitting and lying on the floor, Kyouta is just speechless-gloomy. Later on, Tsubaki gets a new cake. While walking at the hallway, Tsubaki is embarrassed at what Kyouta is doing while she is working when she originally didn’t do well. She then muses that she never thought that Kyouta is really serious with work. There is a chibi Kyouta looking surprised and asks, “What?!” [<- he seems to be serious at work but it is all because of her =P] Tsubaki thinks that Kyouta is really cool at how he handled that situation swiftly and smoothly. Soon, Tsubaki arrives at room 605. She announces that she brought the cake but to her shock, she sees a couple making out. She quickly apologizes for intruding then she puts the cake on the table. She quickly heads out when the girl turns around to see her. Outside, Tsubaki tensely wonders what those two are doing while inside the store but then, she doesn’t have a right to tell that of others. She is surprised when the girl earlier calls out to Tsubaki as that lewd sneaking around girl. “Isn’t it enough that you’re pretending to be a girlfriend and now, you are chasing after him at work?” Tsubaki turns around to face the girl and exclaims, “Ah..G-cup sempai..!!” The girl angrily says that it’s Yuki-sempai and not to recklessly call her that [other name]. Tsubaki tells her that today, she is only substituting for someone else and she is no longer pretend girlfriend but rather, a girlfriend. Yuki asks if she would dare say that when she obviously hasn’t given her first night to Kyouta. Blushing Tsubaki says that about that..they’ve already overcame that. Yuki exclaims in disbelief that they already did it. Tsubaki panics as she tells Yuki not to say it out loud. Yuki asks if that is so.

She starts thinking then asks if Tsubaki is satisfying Kyouta’s demands like if she already did this and that thing. Blushing Tsubaki asks what about that thing. Yuki tells her to quit playing dumb for she [Yuki] also did it before, though at first, she wondered if she is capable of it. Yuki laughs and says that at first, she opposed a bit but it is no big deal after she got used to it. “Kyouta, he actually..” Tsubaki looks surprised. Later on, Kyouta goes to a room where Tsubaki is cleaning the table. He tells her that if she is finished cleaning, she can go to the resting area at the first floor and he’ll be waiting for her there. Kyouta is surprised when Tsubaki says that there’s no need. Kyouta tells her that if she doesn’t eat now, she might not be able to do so until the end [of her work]. Tsubaki calls out to him. She turns around to look at him. Kyouta is surprised to see her looking flustered-sad. He asks her what happened. Tsubaki asks, “That..Tsubaki-kun, you actually--...” They were interrupted when Tsubaki’s stomach growls loudly. She quickly picks up the tray with her cleaning materials and says that it seems that her stomach is really hungry and yet, she didn’t realize it. She happily tells him that they’ll wait for each other at the resting area. Tsubaki quickly leaves, leaving Kyouta wondering what happened to her. At the lounge, Tsubaki can hardly eat her pasta as she thinks over what Yuki told her wherein Kyouta hasn’t asked that of her yet. She thinks that he must have been enduring how boring it was, all throughout whenever they are doing it. She is surprised when Kyouta suddenly gets some of her pasta. He says that her stomach is growling so loudly yet she cannot eat, could it be because it isn’t delicious. Tsubaki says that it isn’t true and his food is really amazing. Kyouta corrects her that he didn’t make it. After eating a forkful of her pasta, Kyouta says that speaking of self-made food, it is quite rare for him to get to eat it..Tsubaki’s tamagoyaki. Tsubaki blushes when Kyouta smiles and tells her that it is delicious. Tsubaki says if he wants her, she can make him a share of it everyday. She is surprised when Kyouta asks if she can really do it everyday. Tsubaki sweatdrops and tells him that if she make it everyday, he’ll soon get sick of it. Sparkling Kyouta tells her he won’t, he absolutely won’t get sick of it. Tsubaki tells him that tomorrow is already the start of the winter break so she’ll do it when school re-opens. While she isn’t finish talking, Kyouta puts his arm around her shoulder and asks her what she was saying earlier. Remembering what Yuki said, Tsubaki stutters that it is nothing and it isn’t something that one should ask while at work. “So, let’s talk about it next..” Tsubaki starts telling him that the rest break is almost over. She stands up when she is startled when Kyouta holds her wrist and seriously asks her that he really wants to know about it so tell him about it now. Tsubaki tries to protest but Kyouta insists for her to quickly tell him. With her heart beating fast, Tsubaki says, “Tsubaki-kun..actually..”

They were interrupted when the boss, carrying a huge box, exclaims over how they are doing a good job. He then tells them not to go lovey-dovey at work when he, the boss, is having a problem. Tsubaki asks him what happened. He says that tonight is Christmas Eve and yet there aren’t many customers who came. With sparkles, the boss asks Kyouta to please wear a Santa costume and attract some customers. Kyouta refuses to do so since today, he only wants to work. He tosses the box to Tsubaki and tells her to be the one to do that. Tsubaki isn’t too thrilled about it but Kyouta smiles and tells her that this is good for there aren’t a lot of opportunities to play a Santa. “I..also very much want to see you dressed up as a Santa Claus-type.” Speechless Tsubaki looks flustered. The boss then tells Tsubaki that he’ll leave it up to her. Kyouta says that he’ll take care of their plates [from dinner]. “Gambatte and later on, I’ll also take a souvenir photo.” They left as Tsubaki’s mouth open in shock. She puts the box on the floor and looks at the clothes inside. “He looks really happy. He helped me tidy up and even said that he wanted to get a souvenir photo...it’s just like what G-cup sempai said..Tsubaki-kun actually..!!” Soon, the karaoke bar is filled with male customers. The boss then calls out the number 4, Fujisa-san to come with him. Kyouta asks him why it seems that all of a sudden, there are a lot of customers there. The boss says that of course it’s thanks to his girlfriend, who dressed up as Santa and lured those customers in. “If I knew of this earlier, I would have made her dress up as Santa earlier! There are already enough customers, why don’t you go and call her back.” Kyouta says okay. While walking, Kyouta imagines Tsubaki to be wearing the traditional type of Santa outfit with beard thus he doesn’t believe that the many customers are attributed to her. He shivers in the cold then hears in an area where Tsubaki is shouting for people to go to Karaoke King. Kyouta calls out, “Hey, Tsubaki, you can stop calling for..” He stops mid-sentence upon seeing Tsubaki wearing a cute Santa girl outfit. Tsubaki calls out to him. Aghast Kyouta asks why she is dressed up like that. Tsubaki just tells him that she’s really tired and she’s going to freeze to death. Then, a drunk businessman-type of guy asks her if she is really cold then how about letting this uncle keep her warm. Kyouta immediately elbows the guy’s cheek. Kyouta puts his coat on her then shouts at the man, “Do not touch my girl!” He then quickly leads her away while the friend of the drunk helps him up. At the resting area, Tsubaki sneezes and says that it’s very cold. While holding a traditional-type of Santa outfit, Kyouta tells her that no one told her to wear that kind of outfit in winter and she should have worn this ordinary Santa outfit. Tsubaki says that it is because the boss wanted her to get more customers. Tsubaki is surprised when Kyouta suddenly shouted that it isn’t good, not one bit. Kyouta keeps on urging her to wear that traditional type of Santa outfit but it seems Tsubaki didn’t get what he meant that she says that it is okay for her to wear that Santa girl outfit inside [<- there’s a heater in the building].

Then, she twists the door knob and says that she’ll go and do her best at work. Kyouta blushes upon seeing a bit of her legs and half of her shoulder exposed. He then says that isn’t the problem. He quickly closes the door to stop her from going out and shouts, “It’s totally unsuitable for you to dress up like that!!” Tsubaki looks surprised. Kyouta starts insisting again that she wear that other Santa outfit and he finds it very interesting if she wears a beard, too. He doesn’t want her to be a lewd Santa. Remembering what he said earlier that she totally unsuitable [wearing the Santa girl outfit], Tsubaki asks, “..is that so..and you never told me..” Kyouta is puzzled then goes into shock when Tsubaki shouts, “Tsubaki-kun actually likes COSPLAY!!” Then, all sorts of cosplay girls pop in Kyouta’s head who looks as if he was shell-shocked. He then holds her shoulder and exclaims, “Ha?!” Then, the boss, some girls and other male waiters barge in the room as they all ask if Kyouta is actually like that and he is still a high schooler yet he has that kind of interest. The boss shouts for them to quit goofing off. Kyouta angrily kicks them all out. Flashback: Yuki happily told Tsubaki that actually Kyouta doesn’t feel comfortable if the other party doesn’t cosplay. Yuki became angry when Tsubaki clueless doesn’t know what’s cosplay. “It’s Costume Play! That is like wearing nurse and other female uniforms!! Geez, how annoying.” Tsubaki told her that she haven’t heard Kyouta saying that before and ask Yuki to quit making things up. Yuki told her that it is because Kyouta is just enduring it. “Do you think that Kyouta would be satisfied with just an ordinary way of doing it? And speaking of that, just look at this body in front of you, compared to you, my time with him is much longer and closer! Because he feels that you cannot satisfy him and you’re too early to try to compete with my chest. Hehe.” Tsubaki looked flustered. End flashback. While Tsubaki is cleaning the table, she tells gloomy Kyouta who is sitting that is what G-cup sempai told her. Kyouta laments for her to be at least conscious that it is just a joke and what does she think of him. Tsubaki asks him if he really doesn’t like cosplay and there is no need for him to force himself to hide it. Kyouta angrily shouts that no, [he isn’t into cosplay] and why is she still saying that. “And, didn’t I tell you before? It doesn’t matter what you are wearing. [<- before having their first sex] If you still remember that, then you would realize that I don’t like cosplay. You’re really a useless girl so even for ten thousands of years, you’re just Number 2! Stupid stupid.”

Tsubaki gets angry as she takes her Santa hat off and throws it at Kyouta. She tells him that for her, it is only Kyouta who had lots of experience and he knew a lot of other girls. “Compared to the other girls, don’t you feel that I’m boring. What if you aren’t satisfied with me..” Kyouta holds her hand and says that he won’t compare. Tsubaki tells him that is nonsense for how can he not compare. Kyouta hugs her tight and says, “Because there’s nothing to compare it with. Because this feeling of love and going steady with you, Tsubaki, is also my first. Have feeling and not have feeling [while having sex] is totally different. It totally cannot be compared with- Before I went steady with you, I also didn’t know about it. If only that person is you. I’m fine with all those other negligible areas. So, quickly change from this lewd Santa outfit, will you? *blushes* I don’t want others to see you in that kind of get-up..” Soon, Kyouta is manning the counter. Yuki calls out to him and asks why he is working on Christmas Eve. “Aren’t things with your girlfriend going well?” Kyouta tells her no, everything is going well and they have resolved the misunderstanding. Yuki laments that is very boring for she wanted to do it once again with Kyouta before she graduates. She sighs and says that his girlfriend obviously hated it but in the end, still did it. “I guess I really have no more opportunity. Teasing her a bit should be okay, right?” Kyouta says that it’s fine because he’ll resolve the misunderstanding. Yuki looks at him and says, “..Kyouta, I thought that we are of the same kind, but it turns out that we are totally not the same.” Kyouta tells her that it isn’t so. He smiles and says, “If you meet the person you like, sempai, you’ll also become like me.” Yuki turns away and says that she cannot stand that and she’s going home. She then asks him to say hi for her to the one in room 605. “What was his name again..anyway..it’s a guy..say hi [for me].” [<-She’s ditching the guy whose name she cannot remember ^^;] Kyouta calls out, “Yuki-sempai, good luck on your exams.” Yuki turns to him and smiles. Before she can leave, the door to the rest area opens. Tsubaki is wearing a traditional Santa outfit. Tsubaki asks Kyouta what she should do for it is a bit too big. While Tsubaki is fussing about it, Kyouta says, “Tsubaki, you..” He then turns around blushing. He got ‘stabbed in the heart’ as he thinks that compared earlier, this is more.. Yuki looks shock over Kyouta’s expression. [Hehe, so Kyouta is really into ‘old fashioned’ =P ]

Chapter 70: This is basically a flashback chapter. While Tsubaki is combing her hair, she thinks that at first, she thought that Kyouta is an awful guy but she gradually fell in love with him. Even if she is dumped once, she couldn’t sever her love for him. Then, the feeling of wanting to be cute is born and she never thought that they would fall for each other mutually. If she didn’t love, she wouldn’t have experienced such cruel things but compared to that, she had much more happier moments because of love. It’s really great that she fell in love with him. She blushes upon remembering the time when they had sex. Sakura opens the door and asks Tsubaki if she isn’t going for they [Sakura + parents] are all going now so she ought to hurry. Tsubaki puts on her bracelet that Kyouta gave her. Then, she heads out of her room. While Kyouta is working at the karaoke bar, he narrates that from the start, Kyouta just wanted to play around with Tsubaki. He finds her interesting so he wants to do to her like what he did to those other girls, play around then throw her away. But, he couldn’t discard her and even let her discover something that I do not want others to know. He became awkward to the point of not having any plans. This is the first time he has met that kind of girl. So maybe if it is her, he feels that he can try trusting her. Dating a Showa girl unexpectedly continued on until today. He never thought that he would be very happy over this kind of thing. He obviously thought that regardless of what happened, he won’t let her go. Kyouta is serving some drinks to the customers then later on, the customer breaks a glass when the microphone wire got caught on the glass. While picking up the pieces of glass, he cut his finger and remembers the time when he is forced to break up with Tsubaki because of his past. Yet even if it is like that, she kept on believing him. No matter how shameless he is, he still wants to have her once again. She is his and he won’t let her go ever again. The boss then calls out to Kyouta to hurry up since it is time already. Kyouta says okay.

At the temple, Tsubaki says that there are a lot of people there. Sakura gloomily says that she wants to go with Nishiki for her hatsumode [first shrine visit]. Their mother reprimands Sakura that of course, a high school student cannot be out the streets [alone] so late at night. Tsubaki just looks thoughtful when she notices that snow is falling. She looks up and exclaims, “It’s snowing..!” Someone shouted the same thing at the same time as she did. She looks at the side and the two Tsubaki-s are surprised to see each other. Kyouta says that it turns out that she and her family also went to that same temple. Kyouta declines to go with the boss to some place where they will gather before it starts. Tsubaki tries to protest that she..but when Sakura is calling out to her not to get lost, she sees Tsubaki with Kyouta. Sakura decides to cover for Tsubaki and tells her to come back as soon as possible. Sakura goes to her mother to tell their mother that Tsubaki met with her friend. Tsubaki says that it’s the first snow. Kyouta says that it is quite cold. The two then had an awkward silence. Soon, everyone [boss and others] is doing a countdown for New Year. Then, the two hold hands as everyone shouted, “Happy New Year!” Later on, Tsubaki is surprised that Kyouta throws a coin at the altar. She asks if he is going to make a wish. Kyouta asks what’s with that question and can’t he. Tsubaki says that it is because he doesn’t seem the type who’ll do that. Kyouta admits that is true. “But this year is not the same.” Tsubaki just looks puzzled. The two Tsubaki-s smile and pray that, afterwards, they’ll always be together.

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