June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 83-87]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 30, 2010

There was a legend before about a girl born at a village by the lakeside. She is very cute but her skin has snake-like scales that she and her father were detested and casted out by the villagers to live, deep within the mountains. Then one year, there is a severe drought in the village and their harvest is endangered. The girl from the mountain went to the village and threw herself into the lake. Then, the girl turned into a beautiful dragon and beckoned the clouds to rain as she soared up the sky. Since that time on, no one has seen the girl every again. [Note: Shinnosuke, Shin and Tou is just one person] Flashback: After reading the book, young Shinnosuke wondered why the girl would save the village that has driven her off. His thoughts were interrupted when his father is knocking on the door and telling him to come out and go to school and as a Toujou, isn’t he ashamed of himself. His mother told the father not to say it cruelly like that but the strict father said that it is because she is like that, that is why Shinnosuke ended up that way. The mother got angry and shouted if everything is her fault. Shinnosuke just hid under the blanket and thought that this place is the house of Gyuumaoh [ox demon king; it is one of the enemies in Journey to the West or Saiyuki if you are familiar with that manga. =P] Shinnosuke saw everyone as an ox demon including his own family. Since his brothers have also become ox demons, he really feared of becoming like them one day. When his father threatened to destroy the door if he doesn’t come out, Shinnosuke ran out to the courtyard. He is hungry yet he don’t dare eat anything given to him by the Gyuumaoh else he become like them. Then, he noticed a young boy introducing himself as Kiba, butler in training of Ryuoniji family, to some ox demon servants. When Kiba bowed, his coins and everything fall down the floor. Kiba picked up his things then noticed that someone is looking at him. When he turned, Shinnosuke has already left. Kiba wondered if it is a zashiki-warashi [child ghost that bring fortune to houses]. Then, Shinnosuke overheard some people gossiping about why a useless person is being asked to become a butler and aren’t there any other person from Ryuoniji. The next generation head is only a three year old girl even if there are other boys.. The gossip is that the legal wife has no male heir[?] but the other wife has. They said that it doesn’t matter how it ends because that ancient family continued to decay since they cannot resist foreign intrusion and don’t have any political back-up so why not let that family be happy for a while by not hindering them [as they fall]. Shinnosuke ran again as he wanted to escape else he becomes like them.

The next day, Shinnosuke is throwing a pebble in the lake when Kiba called out to him as a zashiki-warashi. They introduce each other and Kiba offered him some onigiri [rice balls]. Shinnosuke ended up spitting them out since they are too sweet. Shinnosuke cannot believe that Kiba mistook sugar for salt but then, he decided to eat it since it is better than what the ox demons are serving him. Kiba then offered him some tea which made Shinnosuke wonder if there’s nothing wrong with the tea. Kiba looked at the lake and said that a long time ago, there is a lake at his hometown. Shinnosuke is surprised and said that a girl jumped in the lake, turned into a dragon and made it rain. Kiba exclaimed how he knew. After Shinnosuke explained, Kiba is surprised that the story is in a picture book since he heard it from his grandmother. He told Shinnosuke that his family is originally from the religious festival Ryujin [dragon god]’s miko [shrine maiden] aristocrat family. Shinnosuke is amazed by this but when someone is calling out to Kiba, Shinnosuke quickly disappears again. It made Kiba think that Shin [<-nickname] is a zashiki-warashi. Shinnosuke is running off happily since he is excited that the story in the book is real and could it be that the dragon maiden really exists. At the kitchen, Kiba learned more about Shinnosuke from the maid who told him not to talk much with Shinnosuke since he is a weird child who would lock himself up in the room and would always play with insects and lizards which are disgusting. Then, lately he hasn’t been eating that he has become quite thin. Since his two elder brothers grew up well, Shinnosuke has been giving the master [father] a lot of headache. Kiba is a bit worried about Shin. In his room, Shinnosuke thought that no matter how much he read the book, he still doesn’t understand why the girl would save that village and he would understand it if the girl get rid of those people after turning into a dragon. Shinnosuke looked at the lizard on his finger and thought that it would be nice if it turned into a dragon. He looked surprised when someone barged in and called out his name. Later on, Kiba protested to the father as to why Shinnosuke is locked up in the storage room. The father said that Shinnosuke won’t grow up as a proper adult if he didn’t do that and even if he has three boys, Shinnosuke isn’t conscious of being in the Toujou family. Kiba protested that Shinnosuke is still a kid. To his surprise, the father is sending Kiba back to the Ryuoniji family. He didn’t know what happened but Shinnosuke kept on believing that Kiba is going to save him and saying some foolishness about the ryujin’s miko. The father reminded Kiba that he is an outsider so why don’t he quickly head back and protect his ojousama.

At the storage room, Shinnosuke is crying while muttering that it will be alright since Kiba is going to save him. He becomes excited when Kiba called out to him. But it is short-lived since Kiba told him that he is going back to the Ryuoniji family. Shinnosuke asked him to bring him along but Kiba said that he couldn’t do that. When Shinnosuke asked why, Kiba told him that the only one who can save him is himself. Shinnosuke started to cry and said that he doesn’t understand and please let him out. To his surprise, Kiba told him to apologize to his father and properly eat in order to grow well. Shinnosuke shouted that he doesn’t want to eat the Gyuumaoh’s food. Kiba continued to tell Shinnosuke to eat rice, vegetables and fruits, meat and fish since it will help him grow strong. Shinnosuke shouted that he doesn’t want to grow up because if he grows up, he’ll grow horns [like the others] who only care about money, talk bad things about others and become a disgusting creature. Kiba told him that Shin is a lucky boy since he can eat a lot of food and can go to school so he should use that in order for him to be able to live depending on his own strength in around 10 or rather 12 years from now. Then, at that time, he can choose a life that is different from his parents. Shinnosuke kept on crying and saying that it is impossible and he couldn’t do it alone. Kiba then told him that he’ll teach him magic sentence. “Ryuoniji Izumi is the name of the girl who can become a dragon.” Kiba told him that he is helping this girl and if Shin grew up stronger, he’ll be able to meet her later on. Shinnosuke exclaimed what he meant but Kiba has already left. And so, Shinnosuke always remembered that name and thought of a beautiful white dragon soaring up the sky. Then, 10 years after, Shinnosuke participated in some flower viewing event and he finally saw the girl who’ll become a dragon, Ryuoniji Izumi. Izumi (13 years old; 170cm tall) looked at blushing Shinnosuke (16 years old; 159cm tall) and asked what the matter is. Shinnosuke stuttered that it is nothing. Then, Kiba called out to Izumi that some English ambassador who wanted to take a picture with her. He asked her as to whom she is talking with. Izumi turned around but Shinnosuke is gone. Shinnosuke then overheard some people talking about how beautiful Izumi is and they heard she will be the head of the Ryuoniji family but then, even if that family is famous for being advisers [title = honorable opinion guards] within the political world, their power now isn’t the same as before so it would be more suitable for her just to be a decorative head. They laughed over this. Shinnosuke remembered Kiba telling him to become stronger then come see Izumi.. “I’m sorry, Kiba-kun..I’m..still..” End flashback.

Shinnosuke is surprised when Kiba asks him if he is Shin-chan. And why..did he got his hair curled for it doesn’t suit him. Embarrassed, Shinnosuke backs away and says that he has his own predicaments. Miruku calls out to Shinnosuke as a suspicious curly haired bastard and that she doesn’t know what kind of predicament he has but taking hostages is absolutely what an absolutely awful, evil and cowardly brat would do. Kiba tries to defend Shinnosuke by saying that he ought to have his own problems. Shinnosuke approaches Miruku and takes her cellphone before breaking it into half. [<- flip phone] Shinnosuke asks if she was the one who cut the surveillance system. Shinnosuke apologizes to Kiba that he didn’t turn out be strong like he wanted so he became a cowardly brat who depends on the power and influence of the Gyuumaoh. “..in order to protect, you and Miss Izumi...” Kiba looks worried upon hearing that from serious looking Shinnosuke. Meanwhile, Izumi suddenly sneezes. [<- Jap belief that if you are being talked about, usually negatively, you sneeze for no reason at all.] Rika asks if Izumi catch a cold. Claris asks if it is because they jumped. Mei offers Izumi some energy drink to make her feel better. Izumi takes it and thanks her. Kento then calls to everyone that they are now going to head out to where Miruku and Kiba are. And so, they are to rescue the two within 12 hours or else, Mei would grant the hostage taker’s request. The condition is only for the ojousama-s to do the rescuing. Claris says that if she thinks about it, this mission is easy since the surveillance system is broken and it is most definite that since Miruku’s butler is Kiba, then, the two of them are in the sun building. Rika dares Claris to go ahead and try doing just that. Since Claris wants to finish this quickly and change her clothes back, Claris starts walking then falls into a hole. While Rika muses that there are traps, the other two girls help cursing Claris up the hole. Kento calls out to them to keep it quiet else they would be discovered. Tami tells Kento that they are here. From behind the trees, there are a lot of uniformed men looking at them. The uniformed men ask why there are guys there but Kento and Tami pose while saying that they are ojousama-s. The uniformed men shouted that it is impossible for how could ojousama-s be so tall. Claris and Izumi glare at them and mentally ask what’s wrong with tall ojousama-s. The soldiers are smitten by them. Kento shouts for the others to quickly run away. Mei tries to tell Tami to hurry but Tami says that [s]he will stay there. “I like Mei so I’ll help Mei. Mei, go help the people whom you want to help.” Kento grabs Mei’s wrist and assures her that since it is Princess Tami, [s]he’ll be alright. Mei says yes. The uniformed men say that no matter how they look at Tami, [s]he looks like a guy and it is okay to be a bit violent in grabbing her. They seemed scared when Tami is emitting some sort of ‘chi’/energy [<- think DBZ].

At the sun building, Kiba is speechless upon learning that only the ojousama-s are to participate in this duel. Miruku comments that Shinnosuke is really despicable since he is already Mei’s fiance yet he’ll suddenly do this kind of thing. She asks if he is after the money. Shinnosuke tells her to think whatever she wants. Kiba asks if it was his father, Toujou-san, who instructed him to do this, or is it. Shinnosuke just tells him that it is what his father wished but it is what he decided to do. A uniformed man told Shinnosuke that Mei and five other girls are approaching the sun building. Miruku is excited over this while Kiba is wondering if they had that many ojousama-s. Shinnosuke comments that it is faster than expected but then, they are going to move Miruku and Kiba elsewhere. Miruku complains that it is too cunning of him to do that. Shinnosuke says that this will be a hide-and-seek game and warns them not to do anything strange for he doesn’t want to do something to a child. Kiba tells Miruku that they are going as Miruku shouts a parting shot that she won’t respect him just because he is an adult. After a pause, Shinnosuke tells his men to carefully lead them away. Kiba turns around and tells Shinnosuke, “I..trust..you, Shin-chan.” After they left, Shinnosuke orders his men to do everything they can to hinder Mei and the others but they are not to harm them. He repeats the order of not harming the girls. Nezu eavesdrops on the radio of their plans and he realizes what’s happening in the school. In front of the sun building, Kento says that it is very quiet. Four hours had passed and only eight hours left. Kento tells them that they are already discovered so they should act quickly. They are to go up to the fourth floor where Miruku’s room is. Kento will lead and the others are to follow. He reminds Mei that in this duel, they will win if only one person reaches Miruku and Kiba so she shouldn’t think of it as the same as the ball game [<-baseball before? Teamwork isn’t necessary.] Mei looks flustered as she mentally thinks, “I know, stupid Shibata.” Kento heads in and flying kicks the uniformed men inside. Some more men crash into the window. Kento takes out his extendable baton and starts fighting. He shouts for the others to go ahead. Mei heads up while Claris is envious that Kento is taking the spotlight. At the corridor, Izumi feels something on the floor that she tells the other girls to be careful. On cue, Mei steps on a trap and falls on a hole but luckily, Kento grabs her hand and pulls her to safety. Then, they realize that Rika isn’t with them anymore. Izumi wonders if she was captured. Kento says that they cannot go look after her. The other two girls sweatdrop when Mei casually says that is true and this is inevitable, but then, Rika ought to be able to survive by herself.

Then, they are now in front of Miruku’s room. They find it odd that it is too easy. They enter to find two shadow figures behind a curtain and the two are tied up. Claris exclaims that the first one who saves them is the hero. She rushes in and falls splat on the sticky floor. Claris starts shouting what the heck is that. Mei asks Izumi if it is so-so trap and Izumi confirms it. Kento throws some pillows on the sticky floor then asks Mei if she can safely go across to check the hostages. Kento and Izumi just salute Claris for her sacrifice as Mei steps on her to get on the other side of the room ^^; Mei can only apologize to Claris that she did take off her shoes. Claris can only angrily mutter expletives. Mei shouts to the others that it is a trap for the two figures inside were just dolls. Kento mutters that he guessed it to be so while Claris continues to shout expletives. Izumi wonders where Kiba is. Kento says that it cannot be helped and they should look for them elsewhere. Mei steps on Claris again and asks what to do with Claris. Kento says that she won’t die so they’ll save her afterwards. Just as they are about to leave, someone shouts for them to wait. They wonder if it is Claris but Claris is too busy muttering expletives. Izumi exclaims that it is that. They are all scared when Miruku’s teddy bear with flashing eyes starts crawling toward them. Kento gets the girls behind him but to their sweatdropping surprise, the teddy bear says that they have a recording for them. They hear the conversation earlier of Miruku, Kiba and Shinnosuke. Kento says that it is Tou’s voice. From what Kiba said, Izumi recognizes the surname Toujou. She mutters that there is only one person whom Kiba would call as, Toujou-san. Kento asks if she meant Toujou Takeshi, the prime minister. Mei is shock that Tou is actually the son of the prime minister but then, what is he doing as a butler of an idol. Izumi tells them that Toujou is a despicable family who uses their power for their advantage and she heard that her father is quite helpless against them. So, if they are trying to get Hongo’s wealth then.. Kento muses that it seems that this isn’t just a simple hide and seek game and he never imagined that things would become this serious. After a gloomy pause, Izumi mentions that first they are after Ryuoniji and now, they are after Hongo. Mei asks what. Izumi tells her that it seems that they are after Hongo’s wealth by marrying Mei. Mei says no but rather, she refers to what she just said earlier. Izumi tells her that four years ago, after her father died, they wanted her to get engaged with a son of Toujou but she refused. Mei freaks out over this as she shouts that means Tou used to be Izumi’s fiance but Izumi dumped him so now, he’s after her. Izumi mutters that it seems that the one engaged to her is much older than this one. Kento sweatdrops as to why Mei is angrier about this. While Izumi tries to pacify angry Mei, Kento notices something and tells them to be quiet because those men are already there. The men enter inside to find the balcony door open. They all go there and wonder if they jumped down but then, they are on the fourth floor. They also confirm that Claris is caught on the trap. While they are busy there, Mei and the others sneak out the unguarded door.

At the corridor, Izumi suggests that they split up to cover more ground in searching for Miruku throughout the school. Izumi tells Mei to leave the sun building to her. Mei tries to protest but Izumi firmly tells her that this is a duel that she shouldn’t lose and since they know that their opponent is Toujou, then, all the more she shouldn’t lose. Mei wishes for Izumi’s safety as she runs ahead. Then, Mei tells Kento that they are separating there, too. Kento asks why. She tells him that they just agreed to split up. Kento tells her that he is her butler so how can he leave her. Mei is surprised by this. She then shouts that she already fired him. Kento scratches his head and just says, is that so. Mei thinks that Kento is an idiot but then, for a moment there, she felt really happy. Kento says that before the go to the other living quarters, they should check the school first. Blushing Mei kept on telling Kento that he is fired but Kento didn’t mind her and just says that they are going. So, they checked the tea room, museum-type room, art room, etc but they found nothing. Mei is already out of breath as she realizes that the school is really huge. She then asks Kento how many rooms are they suppose to check when she notices Kento is leaning by the wall some distance behind her. Breathing hard, Kento is holding his chest. Mei asks him if he is alright. Kento says that he’s okay. Mei says that he looks awful. Kento insists that he is alright. Whie Mei tries to call him, Kento starts walking ahead. Mei realizes that it could be his injury in the desert. She then bumps on his back when he suddenly stops walking. They see the uniformed men waiting for them at the end of the hall. Kento quickly grabs Mei’s wrist and starts running as the uniformed men start to chase after them. At the cooking room/laboratory, Kento gives the bag he is carrying to Mei. He tells her that even if there might be no signal, he also brought a cellphone which is in the bag along with some food. He tells her to quickly lock the door after he closed it. Mei looks puzzled. When Kento is still trying to say something, his chest suddenly hurts that he starts coughing. Mei asks if he is alright. Kento is surprised to see that there is blood in his hand. Kento wonders if he is having an internal bleeding. Mei then says that Kento is acting strange and they should go back to bring him to the hospital. Kento holds her arms and tells her to listen carefully. He is going to lure them away and after he did that, Mei is to continue looking for Kiba and the others. He tells her that there is still time so it is okay if she takes her time to look for them. Mei refuses and asks if he is an idiot for Kento looks really pale already and he is still trying to act cool. Kento says that it isn’t about acting cool and he no longer cares for appearances. “I’m saying..! What I’m saying is, is it okay..even if you lose this duel! If you lose this duel..then you’ll be marrying a guy whom you never talked with before, is this alright..! I don’t want that! I don’t want you..to be with that kind of guy..absolutely..!” Mei somewhat blushes as she looks at Kento. To her surprise, Kento bends down and kisses her on the lips.

He somewhat smiles then closes the door. Mei becomes worried because of Kento’s condition yet he is going to.. She shouts for him to open the door but Kento just keep silent. The uniformed men see him and chased after him. Mei listens in the door as she hears the men run after Kento. She remembers what Kento told her. She then mentally apologizes for taking this lightly when this is something that can change her life. Then, one of them says that the door of the room is locked so there is definitely someone inside. Mei who is hiding by the table now looks serious. In a garden-type area, Kento is breathing hard as he thinks that he has lured them far away already but then, it seems he is already at his limit. He is surprised when someone shouts that Kento isn’t an ojousama so there is no need to be gentle with him. Kento takes out his baton but he is already in pain. Suddenly some men come out of the pond/pool behind him. They grab his wrist and pull him down the water. He falls into the water as he wonders how this can be, he would suddenly be like that during this time. He then passes out. Meanwhile, the uniformed men got inside the room but the window is also locked so they wonder if no one is really there. It turns out that Mei is small enough to go in the garbage chute. She looks a bit flustered as she thinks that she has tasted blood in that kiss and this is a duel she absolutely won’t lose. She arrives at the dorm of the exchange students and sees Shinnosuke at the top of the stairs. Holding a book, Shinnosuke muses that she would actually go there. Remembering what Kento said about marrying this kind of guy, Mei points at Shinnosuke and shouts that she absolutely do not want to marry a despicable person like him. Shinnosuke says that he can definitely do it, becoming Hongo’s in-law. To his shock, Mei sticks out her tongue [<- makes a face] and says, “Shin-chan ♡ Why don’t we see you try and do that?” Shinnosuke shouts how she knew that name. He calls for her to wait but Mei already ran as she thinks who’s the idiot who’ll wait when told to wait. Unfortunately for her, Shinnosuke can run fast or rather..his steps are bigger so he manages to catch up to her quickly. But just when Shinnosuke is about to catch her, he stops to complain that she stinks. Well, she did come out of the garbage chute. Mei quickly uses this chance to run. Soon, Mei finds herself in front of Irrfan’s room. There is a note saying that Irrfan invited Mei for tea was six days ago and not a year ago. Shinnosuke opens the door and tells Mei to come out but he is surprised when a Mei doll welcomes him. He looks around to see that there are a lot of Mei dolls there. He wonders what’s up with that room when Mei tells him to speak the truth when asked, else he’ll bite his tongue.

Mei says that this is the time for them to talk. She asks him why he would put the school in a hostage crisis like that when it isn’t his nature from the start. She also asks him if he really wants to marry her and what does he likes about her – beauty, like an angel, etc. Shinnosuke sweatdrops. Mei says that he cannot answer because they don’t mutually know each other and is it really okay for him to be married like that. Mei shouts that she doesn’t want to for she wants someone whom she really really likes, and for him, no matter what it is, she’ll do her best in order for them to be together. Shinnosuke comments that she is very childish for does she thinks that beautiful words can easily resolve things. Shinnosuke is surprised when Mei says that she knows his goal..it is her body. Shinnosuke blushes really red and exclaims that it isn’t so. “I only want Miss Izumi to..!” Mei comes out and asks why he suddenly mentions Izumi. Shinnosuke turns around and says that it is because.. Mei then wildly guess that it is because Izumi rejected him during the miai [marriage date] and so he decided to move to her [Mei]. Mei starts saying he’s disgusting, pitiful, etc. Shinnosuke sweatdrops and protests that it isn’t so since he with Izumi is from a long long time ago. Mei looks surprised at him then asks blushing Shinnosuke, “You..like her [Izumi]?” Shinnosuke holds his fairy tale book and says that it is more like longing. He tells Mei that because of politics, his family wants to take in Izumi in order to monopolize the advisers of the ancients, the Ryuoniji family. It is a good opportunity to do so when Izumi’s father died. His family tried to get 14 year old Izumi engaged to his 20+ year old brother. Mei realizes that it was Shinnosuke’s brother who was supposed to marry Izumi. Because Shinnosuke wasn’t able to do anything, he hated himself and the Toujou family deep down inside that he ran away. But, since he doesn’t know of the world, doesn’t have any friends and only had himself to depend on, soon, he found himself at a dead end. The money he got when he left is all gone. Flashback: While he is sitting near a building, an old man asked if he has nowhere to go. Mei’s grandpa told him that whether how many or how few, money can be earned. The old man has a showbiz company so he was taken in and got a makeover – glasses, curly hair, etc. before he is debuted. He isn’t easy standing at the spotlight that he ends up doing some backup help for the other idols. It actually made him happy..really happy as he watches everyone grow. Soon, he decided to become a manager and his first responsibility is handling Kashiwagi Kei’s career. Kei is self-arrogant but then, it is because of his competitive spirit. Even if he seems like an idiot, Kei is honest and true. So, time flies quickly as he helps Kei’s career that Shinnosuke thought that if this keeps up, he can forget about Izumi and the Toujou-s. Then, he got a message from the president [Mei’s grandfather] telling him to go to St. Lucia Academy at 7 o’ clock. He went into shock since at that time, it is 6:30. He woke up Kei and dragged him to the airport. Kei asked what’s up. Shinnosuke said that he doesn’t know for sure and maybe it is an outdoor shooting. End flashback.

After a long pause, Mei says that she doesn’t understand. He ran away from home and he lived a happy life yet why does he suddenly want to marry her. Shinnosuke tells her that it is because the Showa monster is dying. Mei is surprised by this. Shinnosuke asks if she doesn’t know that the one who is always supporting Izumi who doesn’t have a father is Mei’s own grandfather, Hongo Kintaro. But he quickly won’t be able to do so anymore and what would happen to Izumi who doesn’t have any support. The Ryuoniji family might also vanish. “So before that happens, I should become a ‘Hongo’ in order to protect the Ryuoniji family..no..Miss Izumi! At that time, I ran away..but this time, it is different, in order to protect Miss Izumi, even if others would say what I’m doing is despicable, I will do anything, no matter what kind of method it is..this is a duel, I absolutely cannot lose..!” He tries to grab her but all of a sudden, all the Mei dolls fall over him. Mei runs off while thinking that she should escape but then.. She imagines Kento telling her that there are no buts, she should absolutely not lose to that despicable man and just run. She thinks that is true. She then imagines Rihito asking her if it is really like that, if winning this duel, will it really resolve everything. She imagines Rihito smiling at her and telling her to listen to her heart. She closes her eyes and thinks that Shinnosuke wants to protect Izumi. She heads out to the roof upstairs and says, “It will be morning soon..” She starts thinking over what imaginary Rihito said then shouts that her heart is so confused. She wonders what it is that she really wanted to do. Her stomach growls. While she is looking for something to eat in the bag, the cellphone rings. She happily answers it because she thinks that it is Rihito but it turns out to be Kei. Mei wonders why he called on Kento’s cellphone. Kei explains that he got the number from Kanata [you know, the high school baseball guy.] He tells her that Tou wrote him a message the other day ago. Tou greeted him and asked if he has a new manager. He told Kei that he has some personal reason that he has to quit from the job and he already told the president about it. He apologized to Kei for not properly talking with him but he hoped that Kei would progress in the showbiz world. End message. Kei cries to Mei as he says that he finds it really odd to suddenly get a message like that and no matter how he tried to contact Tou, he cannot reach him. Mei sadly thinks that the other day, Shinnosuke has already decided to do this and he knew that he can no longer go back to his happy life before. He asks Mei if Tou is still at school and could she help him by asking Tou why he quit..is it because he is angry at him [Kei], if he isn’t good, without Tou, he cannot do anything..

To Kei’s shock, Mei shouts at him that it is because he is like that, that is why Tou left him. Kei cries and says that it really seems that he was abandoned. Mei reprimands him if he thinks that if he acts depressed, Tou will go back to him. Mei sadly says that she thinks that perhaps, Tou won’t go back because he has remembered someone who is very important to him. Kei asks if she means that there is someone else more important than him. Mei silently wonders if there are a lot of stars like that. To Mei’s surprise, Kei starts saying that if it is like that then, it cannot be helped for he thinks that Tou’s nature won’t grow in this kind of world or rather, he isn’t suitable in it. He asks Mei to tell Tou that right now, he doesn’t have an important someone but the ‘Kashiwagi Kei’ whom he groomed will strive harder and he will have a song coming soon. Mei then tells him that someone else is calling so goodbye for now. Thinking that for sure, the one calling is Rihito, Mei answers, “Rihito-san?!” It turns out to be Kanata. Kanata is walking with his bicycle. He asks why Mei is answering Kento’s cellphone. Mei tells him that it will be exams soon so she is studying early in the morning while Kento is outside sweeping the floor. He tells her that Kei called him to ask about Tou. Kanata asks if Tou is okay. Mei just says yes, he is. After a pause, Kanata laughs and says that is good and since Tou took care of him before that he wanted to give Tou some udon noodles. Mei asks about this taking care. Kanata tells her that since that is an exclusive all girls school, he had a hard time with the eating etiquette and the lessons but it was Tou who taught him everything. “Even if that guy looks very cold, but he is actually really nice.” Mei says is that so. Kanata tells her that is why he finds it so strange when Tou suddenly said that he’ll stay at school to become Mei’s fiance and he thinks that something had happened. Mei isn’t answering that Kanata calls out her name. All he heard is a stomach growl. Mei starts to take out a picnic blanket from the bag and eats a bag of potato chips + bottled water. While she is using the bag as a pillow to rest, she tells Kanata that she can no longer hide it, she is currently in a duel with Tou and it seems that he likes someone else. Kanata goes into shock and asks who it is. Mei says that it is Izumi. Kanata says that it is strange as to why he would want to be Mei’s finace. Mei agrees with him and thinks that it is really rude. Kanata asks her why Tou is doing this. Mei says that it is to protect the one he likes.

Kanata says that even if he doesn’t understand everything but he finds it a bit strange. He asks her if Tou has already confessed. Mei says that she thinks that he hasn’t. Kanata says so that’s it, Tou easily runs away because of his low self-esteem. Mei thinks that isn’t it like him [Kanata]. Kanata says that if Tou confessed, he’ll absolutely be accepted. Mei asks if he think so. Kanata starts saying that Tou’s good points like tall, good looking, cultured, and athletic since he was able to catch his ball. And, even if Tou quit school during high school, he is still quite intelligent since he knows a lot of things. “So..I’m sorry, if from the start I’m the one who kept on talking, Mei? What do you think of Tou-kun?” Mei asks what he meant. Kanata says, “What I’m saying is what you want him to do.” Mei remembers Shinnosuke telling her that he wants to protect Izumi. She then happily says something to Kanata. Kanata laughs and says that Mei is amazing, that is what he thought, too. After they hang up the phone, Mei looks energized as she stands up and looks at the sunrise. She thanks Kanata for her depressed mood has been uplifted. At the sun building, in the armor room, Izumi takes a sword for a weapon. Then, Claris [who seems to manage to free herself] runs to her. Izumi asks if she is alright. Claris says thankfully. Claris asks about Mei and others. Izumi says that they split up but they should be alright and right now, what’s really important is to quickly find Miruku and others since there is only one hour left. Just then, they see three uniformed men. The two girls are ready to trounce on them with their swords when the uniformed men take out their helmets and shout for them to wait. It is Daimon, Aoyama and Leon who look really tense. Meanwhile, at the park-like area, Kento wakes up and wonders if he is still breathing. He looks at the side and sees dripping wet Rihito who asks him if he is still alive. Rihito stands up and says, “Choose, will you sleep here or are you going to stand up?” Kento laughs and says, “Let me tell you..*sits up and smiles* who do you think you are talking to..!” Rihito slightly smiles says that there is still 30 minutes so he ought to drum up his energy in beating them [enemies]. And, the two brothers head out of the building. 

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