June 14, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 85]

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Cover: “‘Like’ it is to make my thoughts of longing for you to become my strength.” Tsubaki cries and says that what she wants to do in college has no progress at all. She thinks, “And, the day when I’ll be reunited with Tsubaki-kun might also never come.” The guy tensely looks at her as he waves Tsubaki’s ballpen. Tsubaki is surprised when the guy suddenly holds her hair. She tries to make him stop by asking what he is doing. She also wonders what she is doing for crying in front of some unknown unscrupulous salesman. Tsubaki tells him not to touch her. The man tells her not to move for there is a caterpillar on her head. This surprises Tsubaki that she fearfully repeats that it’s a cater.. The man tells her to close her eyes because it might be bad if it falls on her eyes. Covering her face with her hands, Tsubaki tearfully closes her eyes and thinks that things are really at its worst for her scalp might have an inflammation and she ought to wash her hair at home. She then asks the man if it is already okay. The man says no, it went into her hair and he also doesn’t dare touch it with his hand. Tsubaki gloomily thinks that is true. “If at this time, if it’s Tsubaki-kun.. He will definitely first laugh. *Imaginary Kyouta laughs in disbelief* Then, it won’t matter to him since he will help her by quickly using his own hand to drive it away. *Imaginary Tsubaki holds Kyouta’s hand and says that it is quite red. Kyouta would laugh and says that it is no big deal.* I will definitely worry if it will cause an inflammation or not. *Smiling Kyouta will hug blushing Tsubaki and say that she is worrying too much.* I really want to see you..” Then, the man says that it is okay, she can open her eyes. While the man is holding her to a store’s glass window, Tsubaki sees her hair beautifully made up with a couple of pansies. Tsubaki’s eyes widen in shock as she looks closely at herself on the glass. While wondering what that man just did, Tsubaki timidly asks him about the caterpillar. Holding up his hands, the man says with a sparkle, “I used magic to turn it into flowers.” To the man’s surprise, Tsubaki turns around and sees some pansies at the flower terrace. She asks if he plucked those flowers from the street.

The man tells her that he used flowers to create that hairstyle and the hair is hold up by using a ‘hair clip’. Even if he did a lot of steps to finish it but she unexpectedly didn’t feel it at all. “And also, the ‘hair clip’ I’ve used is the pen that I was going to return to you.” Tsubaki is shock that such a hairstyle can be done just by using one pen. As the man smiles at her, Tsubaki is super amazed for, how could such a simple thing be used to make such a complicated hairstyle and it is even braided. She wonders how it is done. She looks at the man when he asks her if she had cheered up after she now has a more elegant hairstyle. “No matter how sad you are and not being able to see the person whom you want to see, you should also still look at your surroundings and maintain a good mood [/outlook]. With that, one's hairstyle along with one’s mood can become beautiful! *touching Tsubaki’s hair bangs* Compared to a totally messed up hair, right now, you looked more cheered up and happy. If you also move aside your hair bangs, your vision will also open up. It is both important to take care of your outside appearance and your heart [/innermost being]! [Other translation: Your surroundings will then also change. Your outside appearance and heart are interconnected.]” Tsubaki blushes as she is touched by what the man said. Then, to her surprise, the man laughs at himself and exclaims that it seems he just said some amazing philosophical words. The man prepares to leave and exclaims that that it is okay for her to be entranced by him but then, she should stop while she’s ahead. Tsubaki calls out to him and asks if he is a hairstylist. “When you said before about making me a model, were you talking about being a hairstylist’s model..” The man replies, “Ah, didn’t I tell you? *gesturing to the building across the street* I’m the hairstylist of that Parfait store.” Tsubaki blushes over this. The man gives her his business card. It wrote, ‘parfait* stylist Hananoi Hiro’. Hiro is surprised when Tsubaki lets out a sigh. She happily smiles and says, “In the end, a professional is really amazing. In an instant, it really seems like magic.. I totally cannot be at par with you..! *blush* Okay! When I return home, I will properly research on doing a better hairstyle..” After a thought, Hiro smiles and comments that line she said, is about wanting to do that hairstyle herself [/ an expression of wanting to do hairstyles of other people]. He bends down to Tsubaki and says, “Ah.. in the end, I still want you to become my model. *Tsubaki is surprised* If you agree to become my model, I can teach you on the things that you don’t know on how to make that hairstyle. So, what do you think?” Blushing Tsubaki looks surprised over his proposal.
Back at the hospital, Nako in her school uniform is walking at the hallway. She notices something that she went to the toilet to fix her hair. At the hospital ward, Nako is quite nervous. But after taking a deep breath, she opens the curtains of a cubicle and says, “Long time no see! How are you feeling?” She is shock to see that there are three nurses who are attending to Kyouta as they give him a sponge bath. The nurse who is giving Kyouta a drink of water tells him that it is indeed amazing that how Kyouta is doing his best during rehab but then, what he is doing is too much that he should rest a bit. “Today, you are not to do any rehabilitation~~ if you break this order, I’m going to punish you ♡” One of the nurses asks if he wants her to wipe him anywhere and it is okay even inside his underwear. Kyouta tells them that he’ll wipe himself. The flirty nurse tells him not to be polite for this is her job ♡♡. Later on, Nako happily shows Kyouta the latest data on research about the usability of CNT [carbon nanotubes] so it is now one step further in making space elevators a reality. Kyouta calls out to Nako and says, “Didn’t I tell you not to come here again? *Nako looks flustered* I also don’t need that data.” Putting down the papers, Nako asks if it is because he is concerned about Tsubaki’s feelings again. Waving her hand and sighing, Nako says, “About that, the one who told me that you are in the hospital is Hibino. Even if I come, she also won’t mind.” Kyouta tells her that it is impossible for Tsubaki not to mind. He smiles and says, “Because Tsubaki really loves me. *Nako goes ‘eh’ experession* Right now, because of a misunderstanding, she’s doing things to the extreme.. *sad smile* When that girl feels really uneasy, I was also cannot do anything.” [The other translation says that there is something that cannot be resolved right now and he doesn’t want to do anything that will make Tsubaki uneasy.] Nako gets angry over that. She stands up and calls Kyouta stupid for refusing to read reports that will be useful for his future and, what is the reason why he had separated from Tsubaki. Kyouta is shock when Nako says that right now, Tsubaki might be relying on some other guy and she might also have already found her future [/dream]. Kyouta becomes dark and angrily mutters that is impossible. “Even if there is, I’ll also eradicate that guy..” This surprises Nako. She changes her stance by saying that it is possible that there is none because lately, at cram school, it feels like Tsubaki is pressuring herself. It is also quite hard for someone who wants to greet Tsubaki.. Kyouta imagines Tsubaki at a loss on her table as she grips her hair in frustration. This made Kyouta hold his broken arm tight.
To Nako’s surprise, Kyouta quickly grabs his clutch and prepares to go out. Nako exclaims where he is going. Kyouta says that he’s going to the rehabilitation room for he should get well quickly. Nako tries to grab him and reminds him of what the nurse said earlier that he shouldn’t force himself. Kyouta pulls her hand off him and says, “There’s no need for you to worry. This has nothing to do with you, Nako.” Nako is trembling from that refusal that she grabs Kyouta’s shirt and pulls him down on the floor. A man who is holding a vase of flowers, is surprised over the thud and the clutch on the floor, outside the curtained cubicle. While she is on top of Kyouta, Nako says that she is very disappointed with him. “When I first met you, we can totally discuss about the space engineering on the same level so I’m very happy. But in the end, you are just a guy who is [easily] influenced by [romantic] love. It’s truly disappointing!! ..why..? only being concerned about Hibino’s issue.. that much.. Even.. even though I also like her for being pure and honest.. [or I like you for doing things as if you’re life depend on it, in the other translation] but.. compared to her, I’m.. someone, who also likes the same kind of expertise, and shares the same goal as you. I have confidence that compared to Hibino, I can understand you more..!? If.. I’ve met you before than Hibino, will you pay more attention to me right now..?” Kyouta didn’t reply. When Nako bends down to kiss him, Kyouta says, “If you met me earlier than Tsubaki, Nako, you will only be a person whom I’ll wager against [in a game and it will be over/] and nothing more..?” Flustered Nako sits up and covers her mouth. She asks, “Wa..ger..?” Kyouta continues to say, “I would have simply prolonged that senseless game of ‘capturing a nice girl’ and in case, the girl falls for me, then I would have won and afterwards, I will immediately abandon her.”
Nako asks what that is and could it be that he did that.. To her surprise, Kyouta says, “At first, Tsubaki is also someone whom I came close to, with the thoughts of playing this gamble. But she is different because the game with that girl, just won’t end. No matter what I do, I cannot change that girl’s persistence. That way, she always made me happy and I couldn’t bear for it [the game] to continue.. Always until one day, when I’ve noticed that she’s isn’t at my side, I unexpectedly can no longer part from her..” [Other translation: She fails at grasping the main point and is also very direct that she saved me numerous times. Without that girl, I would have always until now, be that awful.] Kyouta smiles and says, “So, in this life.. it is enough to only have Tsubaki.” [Other translation: “It will do.. only if I’m with Tsubaki.”] Then at the hallway, the nurses are surprised that Kyouta is heading back to the rehabilitation room. They mutter that they had obviously forbidden him to go today. As Nako sits at the empty cubicle, she hears the nurse calling out to Kyouta about being punished. Nako cries and wonders if those two can just momentarily separate. [Other translation: For now, she cannot do anything.] Putting the research paper on the bed with a note, Nako says, “So, [romantic] love-whatever is really idiotic. It’s only a waste of time but.. even if it is so, I still think that to like each other.. is really good! *sadly smiles* I am also pretty much an idiotic person..” Then, she goes out of the cubicle. On the note, Nako wrote, “I will still come and bring you some research data! If you don’t want that, then quickly get well and get out of the hospital[, okay]? Nako.” Back at parfait*, Hiro gestures Tsubaki in and says, “Okay, come in, Miss Model.” In her school uniform, somewhat flustered Tsubaki says, “Then.. I’ll be under your care..!”
Scans by 17kkmh.com

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