June 14, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 17 -18]

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Cover page: “I’m afraid that even if it’s a little bit, it’s okay. I hope to become your support.” The caretaker asks Reishou who had just taken a bath as to what he wanted to do today. He tells Reishou that for the banquet, they had prepared some dancing ladies. While wiping his hair dry with a towel, irritated wolf-mode Reishou tells Roseki [露石] that there’s no need for that. “I’ve already told you that I’m going to eat alone with the Princess.” Scared Roseki bows and says, yes, yes as it is as he said. Reishou tells him that after eating, they are to report to him regularly the people who coming in and out of the place and also, gather together all the officials who arrive. “And, decrease the number of waiting ladies around me. They are such a hindrance.” Reishou timidly says yes to Reishou’s orders. After he left, Reishou sighs and tells Jun that after old man Gen went back, they have changed their ways. From early in the morning, they are always talking about banquets. Jun tells him that there is no other alternative to it since this is how things are conducted in that palace and they should just observe things. Narration: “Yesterday, in order to recuperate, the Hakuyou’s king and Princess went to the [vacation] palace that has onsens [/hot springs]. After a lot of trouble, I, Tei Yuulin, am still angry. I’m really angry right now.” At the dining table, Yuulin is pouting while looking really pissed off. Reishou calls out to her, “—what is it? How come you are still angry? My Princess.” Yuulin exhales and tells him that her face has been always like that. As some waiting ladies are carrying food trays while standing at the side, Reishou says that he didn’t fight with her last night. Yuulin tells him not to mention it anymore. Reishou says, “You’re sleeping face is really cute.” Yuulin exclaims that she is really and truly angry. Reishou just smiles and says that’s very good because when his Princess is angry, she’s also very cute. Yuulin is speechless and angry over that as she thinks, “This guy--!! *grinding her teeth* You’re the one who said that you are only going sleep at the side- and you won’t do anything-!!! Do not use such a strange way to say things--- That’s right, in the morning when I opened my eyes, I [found out that I’m] sleeping with His Majesty. Then, after waking up the person in question, I asked him the reason.”

Flashback: Yuulin said that she doesn’t remember that she would be using one bed with him. Reishou timidly said that from the start, they slept apart then, Yuulin woke up at the middle of the night. Flashback 2: Yuulin woke up crying and shouting that Reishou thought that she is still drunk. She had shouted for him to properly rest. “Why aren’t you sleeping in the bed?” End flashback 2. Reishou asked her, “Don’t you remember it?” Yuulin gloomily muttered how she could say such strange words. Sparkling Reishou smiled and told her that it is okay for Yuulin quickly fell asleep and he also slept soundly because he is already tired. Yuulin wondered if just like that, it is alright. End flashback. Flustered Yuulin thinks that even if Reishou obviously said that but she has to calm down for Reishou is obviously just acting. She also felt embarrassed for getting herself drunk and exposing such a disgraceful behavior. What infuriates her is Reishou is still calmly and can leisurely act the part of a loving couple in harmony. Reishou looks at Yuulin and thinks that it is quite interesting that Yuulin is so agitated, she cannot act as the Princess. Jun can only think that Yuulin is acting foolishly. Yuulin also thinks that it quite rude for him to act unaffected even if he had just slept with an unmarried pure girl. After eating, Reishou tells her that afterwards, he is going to deal with some government matters. “So what about you? Although it is about some government matters, but if you want to come along..” Yuulin looks surprised as she sees Houen at the room in the back, along with some other officials. Yuulin thinks that it is work again and Reishou doesn’t even have a little bit of feeling of wanting to rest. Yuulin tells him that she will go to the onsen-s all by her self. Reishou looks surprised at her. Yuulin thinks that she doesn’t care anymore and if Reishou really likes to work then he can just go ahead and work. Flustered Yuulin holds out a map to Reishou and exclaims, “I have the palace’s map! In this trip, I’m going to take a dip in all 16 onsen-s within this palace! Is there a problem?!” Note says that it is her overwhelming tactic. Still looking surprised, Reishou timidly says no problem at all. Yuulin shouts, “I alone will attain health and beauty! Isn’t it amazing!” Reishou just says, is that so then, gambatte [do your best]. Yuulin is already trembling for her plan isn’t working as she wonders if Reishou doesn’t feel a bit jealous and can’t he get the hint. Note says that Yuulin is really into onsen and for Reishou, it is no big deal for him. Reishou just smiles at her and says is that so, it is quite good then she should enjoy it all to the fullest. Yuulin looks flustered. She leaves and wonders why, when usually he doesn’t like to work. “There are times when I do not know what that guy is thinking.” Later on, Yuulin is walking with some waiting ladies behind her. She thinks that the southeast onsen is quite good for there are flower petals floating about and the view from the window is also very beautiful. “That’s right, maybe if he changes his mind, I can recommend some good onsen-s to him--”
She enters the room and calls out that she’s back. She is surprised to see two waiting ladies around Reishou who turned to look at her. One lady is giving Reishou a cup of tea. The other lady is touching his arm while trying to put on his coat. After they left, Yuulin comments that the waiting ladies there are quite beautiful. Reishou tells her that for him, except for the Princess, the others are just the same. With a somewhat disbelief look, Yuulin stares at him and thinks, ‘Eh--’ Reishou looks a bit nervous and he is puzzled since her reaction isn’t the same as usual. Yuulin looks away and thinks that even if the Wolf King is surrounded by beautiful ladies, he can still act calmly. “So that’s how it is. If it is like this, then I can sufficiently understand his indifference.” Reishou looks at Yuulin who is in deep thought. To her blushing surprise, Reishou holds her hair and asks if she took the fresh flowers bath. “It’s very fragrant that it seems that as if you are like a flower. *smiles* The onsen is really nice but I also would want you to care more about me.” This made Yuulin blush really red that she quickly backs away from him. She shouts that it is useless even if he hinders her, because she is currently in the path of checking out onsen-s. She leaves Reishou who thought that he has been abandoned again. Flustered Yuulin thinks that he obviously was surrounded by beautiful ladies just now, yet he would suddenly do that act. “Geez..that person!” When Jun enters the room, Reishou tells him to call that Roseki guy to change the waiting ladies into those who can work diligently and whose heart is focused on work. Jun says okay. Reishou comments that those ladies are an eyesore and he really detests this place. Elsewhere, Roseki is furious that all the ladies that he has chosen have been removed. He exclaims why it happened and it is definitely because they [waiting ladies] did something wrong. “Useless things, His Majesty is apparently quite angry! Quickly choose some new waiting ladies! Choose the ladies that suits His Majesty’s preference!” Later on, a couple of waiting ladies are talking. One of the ladies ask why this happen when their etiquette and conduct are pretty much perfect. The other lady says that she doesn’t understand either and that girl [Yuulin] can actually become a Princess. “—that’s right, it is definitely that Princess..”
Yuulin tells her waiting ladies that this time around, she wants to go to the northeast onsen-s. A note says that she has really become addicted to onsen-s. The ladies look at her and tell Yuulin that she can do whatever she pleases in the palace. After they withdraw, Yuulin looks a bit puzzled while holding her map. She thinks that before they would always accompany her so is it okay for her to go by herself but then, she has a map so it should be okay. While walking, she finds some waiting ladies. She calls them and asks some directions to the place where she is going but they just walked away. She wonders if they didn’t hear her. Then, Yuulin overhears some laughter. The ladies are gossiping if they heard, that Princess is unexpectedly being doted on by His Majesty and what kind of despicable method did she used on him but then, until when would she be doted on. They giggle again. Yuulin thinks that they are saying bad things to her as the Princess. She finds it strange as to what’s going on for everyone suddenly.. Somewhere else, Yuulin points towards a direction of an onsen and asks the waiting ladies if she can go there. The waiting ladies just bow to her and didn’t reply. Yuulin takes a dip and thinks that it is so quiet. She excuses herself to go to another onsen but the waiting lady just snubs her. She wonders what she did to them. Yuulin just go ahead and quietly enjoy her onsen bath. When she is in a room together with Reishou who is reading something, Yuulin thinks that the ladies treat her normally in front of other people but they snub her when she’s alone. She thinks that it isn’t really a big deal to her so it isn’t necessary to tell Reishou about it. Reishou calls out to her and asks her if her path of checking out all the onsen-s is going smoothly. Yuulin exclaims, “Of course! As a day passes, I’m becoming younger and younger! See, see, even if you regret it, it’s too late!” Reishou just smiles at her and says that’s quite good for he’ll also be happy if she looks cuter. Yuulin is shock over his rection. Later on, Yuulin goes out of the building and thinks that because it is the last few onsen-s left, she had carelessly dipped for a longer time. It seems that she let her emotions affect her decision whenever she thought that these are the last few onsen-s. “His Majesty is really not interested in onsen and I feel that his acting is becoming more exquisite... Honestly, it isn’t good for the heart if we are always together. *remembers Reishou with the waiting ladies* ..but, that guy’s acting is fundamentally very good. *lost in thought* There should be no special meaning to it.. it seems my body feels sluggish..”
Then, she notices Houen passing by. Houen darkly stares at her which irritates Yuulin. Putting on a Princess smile, Yuulin greets him and asks him about work. Houen tartly tells her that it is already at the last phase while she is enjoying the onsen by herself. Yuulin is really angry as she thinks that Houen really doesn’t know how to hide his mood. Houen says that he heard that they went on this trip because of her. “Geez, when the most important thing that you should be doing is to eliminate His Majesty’s tiredness.” This made Yuulin angry and flustered for Houen is accusing her for causing trouble when he doesn’t even know the trouble that she has gone through. “His Majesty won’t rest, I’ve been snubbed by the waiting ladies and even Ryu Houen would say such unpleasant things to me. If I knew earlier, won’t it be better not to come here at all? I fundamentally do not know what His Majesty is thinking. I do not know what will make him happy.” Then, Yuulin looks really ill that Houen asks her if she is alright. She remembers Gen telling her that if it is her, Reishou will think about it. Later on, Yuulin opens her eyes and sees Reishou looking down on her. He calls out her name. This shocks Yuulin for she had realized that she is lying on the sofa with her head on Reishou’s lap. Blushing Yuulin tries to sit up but Reishou stops her from doing so. While Yuulin is confused over what happened, Reishou tells her that because she has been taking baths at the onsen for too long, she fainted. “It is Ryuu Houen who had brought you here.” There is a scene of chibi Houen carrying Yuulin on his shoulder and it seemed that he is having a hard time [because she’s heavy? =P] Yuulin freaks out over fainting from too much onsen. Then, Reishou in wolf mode, asks her why there are no waiting ladies during the time when she is in the onsen. Yuulin looks really frightened since Reishou is angry. She mutters that it is because she is more at ease alone. Reishou quietly looks at her as if he doesn’t believe her. He just says, “Is that so--” Then, he looks surprised when Yuulin tells him that she has been checking out all the onsen because she hopes that later on, Reishou can go and see it when he is free. “Because I think that it is such a waste! Why does His Majesty really hates onsen--”
Before she can finish, Reishou has already started to laugh. He asks her if she really likes onsen. He tells her that since she enjoyed it to the fullest then, there is some value in going there. Yuulin asks him if he really doesn’t like going to this place even if she knows that he isn’t that interested. She thinks, but still to this extent. Reishou smiles at her and tells her that this palace is a favorite place of the former king. The former king is Reishou’s brother from the same father but different mother. His brother doesn’t like to attend to his duties that he would spend the days hanging around with women, drinking wine and eating delicious food. So, this place is built in accordance to the things that his brother likes. “These are the things that do not conform to my interests because I hate seeing some [living in] excess so I have always avoided this place to the point of not wanting to come here. And, upon coming here, I felt a bit uncomfortable so I brought my work here.” Yuulin looks at him and thinks that it is the first time she saw that awkward expression on Reishou. Yuulin timidly apologizes that she did some unnecessary things. Reishou tells her not to show that kind of expression and Yuulin shouldn’t mind it for that is his own reason. “And, if only I’m with you, no matter where, I’ll feel really happy. So, I’m happy that we came here.” Yuulin looks flustered and thinks that there are still a lot of sides of Reishou which she doesn’t know. “So, occasionally we quarrel then later on, we reconcile. Even if it is a little bit, it is okay. I want to know more about him.” Yuulin looks aghast when Reishou says that for the married couple to quarrel is also part of the pleasure in trips. Yuulin wonders if for that reason, Reishou deliberately made her get angry before. Then, in some room, Jun looks at a report and says that the Princess impression [/being bullied] is such a serious problem. And so, after getting drunk, quarrels and a pretty much busy onsen trip, time really flies. Jun tells the Royal couple that they will leave tomorrow morning so tonight, they will hold a huge banquet wherein everyone will participate in. “Because it is a very important banquet, please pay attention in looking your best [and acting in proper conduct].” Yuulin pouts and thinks that a banquet can be quite tiring. Jun tells Reishou that regarding the details of what he told him yesterday, he will report it to him in a little while. Yuulin is puzzled when Reishou is staring at her. Reishou seems to pout then smiles before telling Yuulin to happily enjoy the last onsen. Yuulin says okay.
As she leaves for the two to talk, Yuulin thinks that even on the last day, Reishou is still quite busy. She laments that this trip’s goal is supposed to ‘take advantage of the onsen for His Majesty to rest’ yet it didn’t go smoothly even if he did say that he is happy to be able to come here. She passes by some waiting ladies who continue to snub her. She finds it quite lamentable that the waiting ladies there hate her that they continued to ignore her. They are doing their duties but it is only with her, they would treat with coldness. Yuulin puts the map on the table and thinks, “Forget about that, what’s important is to enjoy the last onsen! I’ll definitely properly enjoy it!” Then, she sees a small x on the map. She wonders what it is since she didn’t notice it before. She decides to ask someone about it. When a couple of waiting ladies are passing by, Yuulin asks them what that x on the map is. The ladies look at her then say that it is a secret spring. “It’s a special onsen. Because one has to go through a mountain path to get there, it isn’t included in the recommended onsen-s.” With sparkling eyes, Yuulin asks if in actuality, one can use it. They say yes. Yuulin happily thinks that she would want to go check it out. While Yuulin walks through some narrow and remote place where she thought that there are no waiting ladies, a couple of waiting ladies had blocked off the entrance with wood planks. They accuse Yuulin of being so full of herself and made the waiting ladies who are attending to His Majesty be changed so many times. They think that it is because Yuulin said something bad about them because she doesn’t want the waiting ladies to be more beautiful than her. They find Yuulin shameless for acting as if nothing is wrong even if they had been snubbing her. “Even if it is her, if she is locked up alone in this place, she should also feel nervous, right. *sarcastic* So please slowly enjoy yourself, Your Highness.” The other lady laughs with her companion. Meanwhile, Yuulin goes in and thinks that from outside, it goes directly into an onsen. She is surprised when someone calls out who is there when he specifically would said that he wanted to be alone for a while. Yuulin turns around and exclaims her apology. While thinking in disbelief that someone else is there first, Yuulin is shock to see that it is Reishou who is in the onsen. Reishou calls out to her and Yuulin is freaking out as she backs to the door. Reishou comments that she is really courageous to peek on him or perhaps she wants to join him. Blushing really red, Yuulin is too busy freaking out over her rudeness as she shouts that she’ll quickly leave. Reishou is surprised when Yuulin is banging the door because it won’t open. “What’s going on!? Is this some sort of trap!?” Reishou tells her to calm down and he’ll quickly go there. Yuulin freaks out even more that Reishou can only timidly sweatdrop.
Soon, Reishou tries to open the door but it won’t open. He says that it seems that something is blocking the door outside and it is such a trouble. Flustered Yuulin exclaims that he doesn’t look troubled at all and the two of them are trapped in there. Reishou smiles at her and tells her that it is okay because someone will quickly go and look for him. This somewhat made Yuulin calm down. Reishou is relieved over that. Then, Yuulin shouts for him to dry himself properly else he’ll catch a cold. Reishou happily smiles at her. Soon, the two are sitting by the onsen while dipping their feet inside. Yuulin says that it is quite unexpected of him to come to this hidden place to enjoy the onsen. Reishou asks if it is really to enjoy for he heard them praising this king’s onsen to the max that he had to find some time to privately go there and enjoy it by himself. Yuulin gloomily thinks that Reishou is so troublesome because he isn’t doing it in accordance to what the people in that palace wanted. [<- I think Reishou doesn’t want the others to know that he did what they are saying.] Reishou asks Yuulin if there is something about the palace that she ought to tell him. Yuulin immediately thought of the waiting ladies. She wonders if it has been exposed that the ladies were snubbing her. “Ah, this thing, should I tell it to him? But then, I don’t think it is such a big issue. Even if being locked up, is a bit suspicious.. and perhaps, they are the ones who did it. Speaking of that, if I tell him about the situation, won’t His Majesty order them like ‘Everyone, please, treat Her Highness properly’? I.. do not want things to become like that.. Actually, as the Princess, I do not have anything of use to show [/display to others], when obviously, this is my job..” Reishou quietly looks at her and asks if she doesn’t want to say it. “Ah, forget it.” Reishou starts walking towards the door. After she recovers from her fright since Reishou went to wolf mode, Yuulin wonders if Reishou is angry and why. Then, the door opens. Jun enters and exclaims that he came to fetch Reishou. He asks if he is alright since the door is messed up in front. While Reishou says that he did well, Jun is shock to see Yuulin standing behind Reishou. While emitting dark chi, Jun asks Yuulin what the heck she is doing in that place. Reishou passes by Jun and tells him to do things as planned and prepare the banquet. Jun just says yes. Yuulin looks puzzled.
At a room, Jun darkly sighs and tells Yuulin that she is obviously being bullied yet how come she doesn’t resist it. Yuulin is shock that she exclaims that he knew, so does His Majesty also know. Jun tells her that he reported it to Reishou. Yuulin is speechless over this. Jun laughs and says that it is quite normal for waiting ladies to be unsatisfied if such a girl as Yuulin is the Princess. Yuulin angrily thinks that he is the one who is ‘hiring’ her to be one. Jun says, “But, the people in this palace, apparently doesn’t know as to whose Princess you are, and this is quite troublesome. Then, let’s start talking about work, Your Highness, Yuulin. *Yuulin looks scared. There are also all sorts of jewelry in boxes in the room* In tonight’s banquet, you are not to talk, and it is okay that you just smile.” At the banquet, Yuulin arrives. The staff of the palace doesn’t quite recognize her because she is beautifully made up and adorned with expensive looking jewelry. While walking, Yuulin wonders what’s going on. While feeling that her head and neck’s jewelries are too heavy, Yuulin wonders how much all of it cost. “Li Jun-sama, what are you planning, I really don’t understand at all.. – ah, forget it, anyway, I’ll just do it according to what he said.” Walking towards Reishou who is already sitting in front, Yuulin sweetly smiles at him and says that she made him wait for her. Looking surprised, Reishou holds out his hand to her and tells her to come to his side. Yuulin finds it weird that Reishou is just quiet when he usually says a lot of unnecessary praises. She becomes tense and wonders if it is because Reishou is angry because she didn’t tell him about the snubbing. It is a bit of a shock for her as she starts to assume that her outfit doesn’t suit her so Reishou didn’t praise her. A couple of waiting ladies are talking about what’s going on for when they returned after some time, Yuulin is gone and she also doesn’t act quite anxious at all. “She shouldn’t know who did that thing, right?” The other lady says that it seems that Yuulin is enjoying the banquet so things should be alright.
Roseki comes in and heaps praises at Yuulin for being beautiful like a goddess so no wonder, His Majesty won’t look at any other girls. Yuulin thinks that Roseki is just saying polite talk. Yet, she blushes when Reishou says that she is a special Princess. “With only her at my side, I can be cured [/at ease]. She is my very important Princess.” While Yuulin continues to blush and Roseki is saying that it is really conjugal love, Reishou stands up and says in wolf mode, “But, when my important Princess, has come into this palace, she would always have a melancholic expression. Does anyone among you know the reason why? *Yuulin and everyone else look really scared* What could have happened, that even if I’ve asked the Princess, she won’t tell me that she would just quietly bear it on her own. *dark smile* But, regarding anyone who hurt her, I do not plan on letting anyone off [from responsibility]. So, does anyone have clues about it?” Everyone continues to look petrified because the Wolf King is angry. Yuulin thinks that a huge portion of the waiting ladies are all involved in the snubbing and Reishou looks so serious that no one would dare say anything. She also thinks that if this isn’t resolved well, everyone will be fired. Thinking that she must stop Reishou, Yuulin quickly stands and goes beside Roseki. Bowing to Reishou, Yuulin tells him that her melancholy isn’t because of that. “And, it is because I’m not used to this trip. And being in a strange place, it has somewhat wearied me down and made me long for the imperial palace. *flustered and tense* When it is obviously because of my willfulness that made Your Majesty accompany me to this place, so I cannot truly say those words-- I thought it is just some small trifle things so I’m sorry for hiding it from you, Your Majesty. Please, forgive me--” Reishou looks at her and tells her to come at his side. Aghast Yuulin says okay. Reishou touches her face and says that she is really kind-hearted. Reishou orders the banquet to continue and treat that incident a while ago as a joke. Shaken Roseki shouts yes. While Yuulin still looks tense, Reishou whispers to her not to be so scared of him and he hopes that she would at least discuss things with him. “Your hair and clothes really suit you.” This made Yuulin blush really red that she thinks, “Th..thi...this Wolf King--!!”
Later on, Yuulin is aghast for it turns out that they earlier planned to get Jun to stop Reishou from getting angry during the banquet. Jun explains that the people in that palace has not break off from the former king’s habits so the goal this time is to give them a lasting deep impression of the ‘Wolf King’ and of course, they aren’t going to fire anyone. “Didn’t I tell you that it is okay for you to just keep quiet?” Yuulin is shock over this for she had once again done things for naught and it is all for nothing that she got all scared. Reishou tries to comfort her as she insists that she was really frightened. Jun sweatdrops and thinks that actually, Reishou is acting very seriously and it made him [Jun] somewhat nervous, so perhaps, it isn’t just an act. Flustered Yuulin tells Reishou to at least, tell her if he is just acting. Reishou laughs and apologizes to her. And afterwards, the staff of the vacation palace privately apologizes to Yuulin. Roseki, along with the other waiting ladies, apologizes to Yuulin and says that he heard everything from the waiting ladies. And so, from snubbing, it has become ‘everyone thanking her’. The two waiting ladies comment that Yuulin is actually strong [to face the Wolf King]. And so, they are now on their way back to the imperial palace. In the carriage, Yuulin sighs and mutters that as compared to the time before they went to that place, she feels more tired now. Reishou happily says that next time, they go back there, it will be more relaxing. “In order to relieve the Princess’ tiredness, we should also occasionally go on an onsen trip.” Yuulin looks aghast and shouts that she thinks that kind of plan won’t go smoothly. Reishou is puzzled by what she meant. And so, the Wolf King and his Princess weren’t able to have a chance to be alone [for lovey-dovey] from start to finish of this onsen trip. Thus, ends the onsen arc. Scans by 17kkmh.com.
There are a couple of shorts in volume 4 which involves these two chapters. The first one is Yuulin is shock over her make-over that she cannot believe that it is her. What is more shocking to her is that Jun is the one who did her hair and make-up. Then, the second one, after the onsen, Yuulin timidly thanks Houen for carrying her back. Houen starts to reprimand her for not taking care of herself and causing trouble to His Majesty. If she wants to fully enjoy the onsen, she shouldn’t bath for more than three times a day. She shouldn’t dip into it for too long and she should let her body cool down a bit before going to the next one. If she doesn’t feel well, she is to decrease the number of times she baths. Houen shouts for her to remember that. As Houen leaves, Yuulin goes into shock and wonders if Houen is an onsen expert. Scans by ベーリ猫 for baidu.

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