June 14, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapters 83; 85-86]

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[Chapter 84 is missing so I’ll just skip that.]

Chapter 83: It is December. Ayu calls out to Maria to do her homework for her since Maria seems to be idle. Tossing some booklets on Maria’s table, Ayu tells Maria that her parents bought her books on school exercises and since it is troublesome, she’ll leave it all for Maria to do. Maria calls out to Ayu that Ayu asks if she has complaints. Just when Maria is about to say something, black hair dyed Shintaro comes in and asks Maria if she likes his new image for he believes that Maria has a thing for black hair. Then, Yuusuke comes in and interrupts him by asking Maria if she is free after school, and would she want to study with everyone because his grades from the last exam are in the red and if he didn’t do his best, he will be in trouble. Maria looks at them and says that Shin is already gone for a few months, so even if they don’t do that, she also won’t be lonely anymore. The three are flustered for Maria realized their intention. She tells Ayu that there is no need for her to make her [Maria] do all sorts of things. She tells Shintaro that she is already happy so he can dye his hair back to its original color. She tells Yuusuke that his grades aren’t in the red last exam so he shouldn’t say a lie that would belittle himself. She adds but then, their exams grades are in some danger and speaking of that, Tomoyo who isn’t there yet. While in her ‘lovely transform’ pose, Maria tells them that she will kindly teach them their schoolwork. The others look tense since Maria will go Spartan on them but Shintaro seems to be anticipating it. =P Later on, Maria goes to the roof and thinks that when she just separated with Shin, she was so lonely that she couldn’t sleep. She takes out her cellphone and listens to Shin’s Ave Maria song. Maria thinks that it always pains her when she listens to Shin’s song on her phone but.. Maria notices Yuusuke that she quickly closes her flip phone and asks him what’s up. Yuusuke smiles and says that he is just strolling. Maria looks at him and says that he’s lying again for he obviously came so that she won’t be all alone by herself. Yuusuke denies it but Maria insists that he is lying for he would always say ‘everyone together’ go do something. Yuusuke tells her that it is more fun if everyone is together. He smiles and asks if they should return to class. Maria says okay, they should go study. Maria thinks that Yuusuke is always smiling and not asking any question. By herself, she had naturally went back in her circle of friends.

When they return, they see Ayu and others standing in front of the classroom. Tomoyo calls out to Maria and says that there is something unbelievable happened because Maria had become famous. Yuusuke nervously looks at Maria who is displeased. At a laptop, Tomoyo shows them of the video of Maria singing at the airport. Tomoyo says that she is interested in watching all sorts of videos [youtube] and she stumbled upon it yesterday. Yuusuke exclaims that it is the one that he uploaded. He looks nervous when Maria glares at him and asks if it is his doing. Tomoyo tells Maria that it is a popular video and there are a lot of discussion and comments about it from overseas. Maria perks up when she mentioned overseas. Tomoyo says that people around the world are interconnected in the internet. Ayu is amazed by it. Tomoyo says that the video is a bit blurry and the face is small that one cannot be sure that it is Maria so Yuusuke probably took it using his cellphone. Maria asks Yuusuke if that is why he put it up and only those who knew of her voice will know about it. “Is it because you want my feelings to be transmitted to Meguro?” Yuusuke looks flustered and Shintaro looks surprised. Shintaro asks what Maria is talking about. Maria says that she sang that song for Shin at the airport. It is the feeling of exchanging promise even if she knew that it cannot be transmitted to Shin. ‘I love you.’ Yuusuke tells her that he cannot think of any other method and even if he doesn’t know if Shin would see this video, he still thought that it isn’t really an impossibility. Yuusuke apologizes to Maria for doing this on his own. Shintaro says that Yuusuke treats Shin really well that even if Shin isn’t around, he would unexpectedly still maintain that feeling [/friendship] with Shin. Yuusuke seems touched by what he said. Shintaro pouts that Maria couldn’t forget about Shin and he thought that his chance [to get her] has finally arrived. Yuusuke laughs over this and says that even if he doesn’t do anything, Shin and Maria are one heart and one mind. Somewhat blushing Maria thinks that Yuusuke who smiles at her and everyone else who are always encouraging her, she wants to do something for them.
Maria tells Yuusuke that didn’t he always say that he wants them to do something together. It is okay even if it is purely a game, so how about they think of something that they can do together. “This time, it won’t be only me. How about doing something that all of us can create for Meguro and the others to see? Music is okay or anything else. How about we use a way to express our ‘now’?” On a no school day, Maria and others are standing in front of a tree. Ayu exclaims why it is a music PV and the song is ‘Under the big Chestnut tree’. Maria asks her if she has forgotten, that is the first song they sang at the karaoke though this tree is a bit too big. Ayu sweatdrops and tells her that they were bullying her then. Ayu freaks out when Maria tells her that she even made a mask of the sun. Tomoyo exclaims that won’t do for if it is chestnut, they have to make it cute. Tomoyo starts ordering the boys to buy some cardboard and art materials. After the boys left, Maria suggests that they harmonize without accompaniment. Tomoyo thinks that it is a good idea. Ayu is clueless over what Maria is talking about so Maria tells her that she’ll demonstrate and Ayu can sing the main song. Ayu protests that she cannot do it and she isn’t like Maria who can just easily sing whenever she wants since she is an ordinary person. Maria says is that so, then she’ll sing first and they can join the song whenever they want. Maria starts singing then, Tomoyo joins in. Then, Ayu ends up shouting the song. They ended up laughing over it and Ayu seems to say that is quite good. Maria had suddenly thought that during the choir competition, everyone would tell her that ‘you can’t stop singing’. “Hey, Meguro, if you ask me, perhaps, it is through singing, one can make people show a smile. Perhaps, through singing, I can create my circle [of friends].” Soon, the boys come back with the materials. Yuusuke looks flustered as he looks at Maria then he suddenly blurts out to her to let him take a lot of her videos. “I, really want to video, the singing Maria.”
Chapters 85-86: Ayu and Tomoyo are buying CDs at a music store when two guys call out to them and asks if they would want to have fun together. When the two turn around, the two guys exclaim in surprise and lamely repeat their invitation. Ayu realizes that the guys they must have thought that Tomoyo is cute but she [Ayu] is a disappointment so they exclaim in surprise. Ayu is angry for she spent a lot of time and money for her hair and make-up. Tomoyo nervously asks Ayu what to do. While the guys urge them to come along, Maria arrives and says that it seems that they are there and she has been looking for them. Holding a ‘World’s Cradle song’ CD, Maria says that they use these songs for their PV this time. The two guys blush for it is a bishoujo [beautiful girl]. Maria asks them if those guys are their friends. The two flustered guys say that they aren’t and they are just inviting them to go out and have fun together. Ayu thinks that those guys just saw a beautiful girl, they had become timid. They will take the initiative to talk to cute girls [like Tomoyo], they would be more polite in treating beautiful girls [like Maria] but what she [Ayu] hates the most is.. Maria apologizes to them and says that they cannot because they are currently shopping. One of the guys put his arm around Tomoyo and tells them not to be like that. While Tomoyo is freaking out over it, the guy says that they should go to some other place for they were always in that store. While pulling Tomoyo to her, Maria shouts at them to quit messing with them and he purposely choose a timid girl who wouldn’t dare refuse them. The guy tries to deny it. Ayu thinks that what she hates the most are people who would still object even if one has been particularly courteous. Maria glares at them beautifully and asks what they just said. The guys cannot take it anymore that they back away. Yuusuke and Shintaro join them. Yuusuke comments that it won’t go smoothly for them if it is Maria and others. Shintaro is angry that they would talk to them [girls] and he won’t forgive them if they lay a hand on Maria. Ayu blushes upon seeing Yuusuke who asks them if they are alright. Maria says she is fine while Tomoyo says that she was startled. Maria says that it is good that they came. Yuusuke laughs and says not really for even if it is only Maria, it will still be alright. Ayu thinks that what infuriates her is someone [Yuusuke] who specially smiles at her [Maria] when she obviously doesn’t have any feelings for him.
Feeling ill, Ayu says that she is going home. Maria goes after her and asks what’s wrong. Ayu tells her not to mind her. Maria exclaims that she cannot do that and lately, she is in a bad mood so what happened. Ayu exclaims, “That is because you..” She didn’t finish and just thinks, “Because you didn’t answer Yuusuke.” Ayu is surprised when Yuusuke stops Maria and says not to forcibly dig into the matters of the heart of others and also, since they are in this place, this will just make it hard for Ayu to speak up. Maria agrees with Yuusuke so she apologizes to Ayu. Ayu says that it is alright. Maria still looks concerned. Ayu thinks that she is infuriated that Maria didn’t answer Yuusuke but then, she will be really infuriated if they mutually like each other. “It’s like being an idiot. Whether it is Yuusuke or me, both are idiots. Even if it is obvious that there is no result, [we] still cannot stop liking.” At school’s toilet, Ayu is putting her make-up when Maria comes in and says that she has been looking for her. Ayu is speechless because Maria would specially come and look for her just to tell her to submit the ‘career aspiration’ form or else the teacher is angry. While she continues to put her lipstick on, Ayu says about aspiration, it is difficult to decide on that. She assumes out loud that Maria would go to college while Yuusuke and Tomoyo would definitely have not.. Maria says that she doesn’t know what the other two decided but she won’t be going to college. This made Ayu put the lipstick out of her lips in surprise. Ayu turns around and exclaims why, when Maria is obviously intelligent. Maria tells her that she wants to go to work and earn some money which she would give to John and her grandfather. Then, on her free time, she would want to sing and if it is possible, she would want to occasionally meet with everyone and like before, they would make a PV together with the others. There is a scene of Maria and others singing in what seems to be tomato costumes with Yuusuke filming them on a video camera. Flustered Ayu asks if she decided on that so that Shin can hear her sing. Maria didn’t answer. Ayu asks if she doesn’t feel shameless since this will make Yuusuke always video her. “I will tell you what I wanted to say before.. Since you do not like Yuusuke, then do not stay at his side anymore!” Maria just looks at her and says, “You do not have the right to say that. It is an arrogant mistake to make oneself to take the initiative to leave just because one doesn’t return the feelings of the other. If it isn’t something that Yuusuke himself decided, I would want to become Kanda’s friend. Even you, do not want to be told such words by Kanda, right? ‘I cannot like you, so let’s separate.’, those kind of words.” This made Ayu really flustered and angry. She raises up her hand to slap Maria but she stops midway. Ayu starts crying then runs off.
After Ayu left, Maria wonders to herself as to why she used those kinds of words. She accidentally touches her cross necklace then, she looks determined. Meanwhile, Ayu is fighting off her tears as she thinks that she really hates Maria and why does Yuusuke likes that kind of girl..who can honestly say things as they are in reality. When she is passing by the stairwell, Yuusuke calls out to her and asks her where she is going because classes are about to start. He is surprised to see Ayu crying when she turned to look at him. This made Ayu quickly run away again. She thinks that it is the same when she first met Maria. Maria would criticize the other yet in contrary, she doesn’t want to hurt the other person. No matter how Maria is attacked, she won’t fall down. Even if she is hurt, Maria won’t explain to protect herself. “I want to become that kind of person.” Maria rushes to the classroom and calls out to Ayu. Tomoyo tells her that Ayu hasn’t returned from the toilet. Maria says okay and thanks. When Maria prepares to leave, Tomoyo asks her where she is going for classes are about to start. Maria exclaims that it is necessary for her to find Ayu right now and she doesn’t want Ayu to be dropped off from her circle [of friends]. Tomoyo follows Maria outside and asks her what happened to Ayu and the teacher is coming soon. Maria tells her that she has to apologize to Ayu since she said too much [/something cruel] to Ayu. Tomoyo looks flustered and thinks that people can change. Maria asks Tomoyo of the place where Ayu might be located. Tomoyo tells her to check the toilet for usually she’ll go there to put on her make-up. Maria says no for Ayu just came out from the toilet. Tomoyo suggests that she might be in the audio-video classroom because Ayu would usually watch the PV, using the computer on her own. Tomoyo also suggests some other places where Ayu might go like behind the school. Tomoyo thinks that it is like a dream wherein Maria is flustered after a quarrel, and she [Tomoyo] is guessing where Ayu is, because their relationship before is quite bad. Maria thanks Tomoyo for her suggestions. Tomoyo asks Maria what happened and did Maria said any hurtful words. Maria says no for they quarreled regarding Yuusuke. Tomoyo is surprised and asks if Ayu still likes Yuusuke. Tomoyo is surprised when Maria said that she cannot tell her. Tomoyo asks why. Maria tells her that no, because it is Ayu’s feelings and what she told Ayu cannot be told to a third person. Tomoyo just says is that so. Tomoyo thinks that it seems that their relationship isn’t as good as she imagined it to be.
Maria peeks in the AV room, but Ayu wasn’t there. Tomoyo lamely says ya. This made Maria ask what’s wrong with her. Tomoyo looks flustered. She just nervously smiles and tells Maria that Ayu might not be behind the school because she also doesn’t quite know Ayu and she is after all, a third person. This made Maria look at her in surprise. Yuusuke calls out to Maria and says that it’s good that he found her and things are bad. The two girls look surprised. Maria asks him what he is doing in this place. She is looking at the ‘female toilet’ sign. This made Yuusuke blush and exclaims, no, even if he doesn’t know what happened but it is a misunderstanding, it isn’t that. He tells them that Ayu had cooped herself in there. He had followed her there because Ayu is crying. “But, she locked in and won’t say anything. Could it be that she isn’t feeling good?” Tomoyo is surprised when Maria suddenly shouts for Ayu to open the door. Maria apologizes for what she said which is quite cruel. Ayu says that Maria also knew that those words were cruel. She adds that Maria reacted instantly and unrestrained that she thought that Maria is a person who doesn’t have feelings. Tomoyo tries to ask Ayu what Maria said but Maria tells Ayu that she is really insensitive but it is impossible not to have feelings. “I know that I had deeply hurt you..” Ayu shouts that she’s lying for she doesn’t know. Maria tells Ayu to open the door because she wants to talk with her. Ayu shouts that she won’t and she hates her the most. This surprises the two girls. Maria looks a bit flustered. Tomoyo feels ill and her stomach hurts. Yuusuke is surprised when Maria suddenly backs away. To everyone’s surprise, Maria suddenly rams the door with her shoulder. Ayu exclaims what she is doing. Yuusuke and Tomoyo try to stop Maria from doing such a reckless thing else she hurt herself. Ayu calls Maria stupid and shouts for her to stop. Maria rams the door again and shouts that she won’t stop until that door gives way. Tomoyo tells Maria to stop else she’ll be more hated by Ayu. Maria didn’t listen as she keeps on hitting the door and shouting for Ayu to open it. While the Maria is shouting for Ayu to open the door and Ayu shouting back that Maria not to care about her, Tomoyo looks really tense because yesterday, their relationship had been quite good yet suddenly they are getting rid of each other and their relationship became nothing. She begins to wonder if she is the only one who thought that they are all friends.
Suddenly, the door opens. Ayu looks frightened as Maria is breathing hard and looking at her. Maria’s right arm is bad bruised. Maria tells Ayu how could she not care. “Even if you hate me, I still like you!” This surprises the flustered Ayu that she asks what Maria just said. Maria tells her that she likes his stubbornness and her candid jealousy. Ayu backs away and asks what Maria is saying, is she mocking her and she likes jealousy. Maria exclaims that she likes Ayu who notices other people’s strong points and frankly says it [to others]. Ayu nervously says that she is stupid and ugly. Maria says that she likes Ayu who is always attentive with appearances and doing her best to fix herself up. “I like that you secretly do your best and do not show that off! And you still sincerely wishes the happiness of person you like. Also, you are quite absorbed regarding love. Those sides of you are very cute, I really like..!” Ayu is blushing really red. She looks down and says that even if Maria said that, she also won’t be happy. Tomoyo thinks that it is a must to convey one’s feelings to the other and that is what Maria has always been doing, and that is what made them change and naturally form a ‘circle’ [of friends] which cannot be broken. They are surprised when Tomoyo says that she, too, really likes Ayu and Maria. “I.. was able to become friends with you, and it made me really, really happy..” The two girls are touched by what Tomoyo said. Then, Tomoyo covers her mouth and vomits. The girls ask her what happened. Tomoyo sweatdrops and says that her stomach hurts because she’s very nervous. Maria asks if it is because they quarreled. Ayu tells Tomoyo to go to the sink where she can properly vomit. When Yuusuke is about to say something, Ayu tells him not to come near and let the girls handle it. Soon, Yuusuke finds himself outside the door and the toilet’s door is slammed shut.
As Tomoyo vomits on the sink, Maria asks, “Tomoyo are you alright.” Ayu tells Tomoyo not to scare them. Tomoyo apologizes to Maria for dirtying her uniform. Maria tells her not to mind it for it is just a small thing which can be washed. Ayu grabs Maria to her and tells her that it won’t wash off [if she doesn’t do it now] and Maria doesn’t have any common sense. While Ayu is wiping Maria with a handkerchief, Maria says, “Tha.. thank you, Ayu..” Ayu says that she is obviously immersed in her unrequited love yet thanks to Tomoyo, her attention has been diverted and she can really ease the mood. “And, the two of you even confessed, how can I even still be angry!” While the girls blush and look at Ayu who asks what it is, Tomoyo thinks that they continue to change and will do so in the future whether it is themselves or their relationship with everyone else. Teary-eyed, Tomoyo asks Maria if she noticed it, she just called them ‘Tomoyo’ and ‘Ayu’. “Can I also call you that way? Call you Maria..” Maria blushes over this and Ayu says that she wants to do that, too. Tomoyo thinks that they will change towards a more beautiful direction. Ayu laughs after exclaiming for Maria not to be shy. Yuusuke, who is standing outside, hears the laughter. Then, he smiles. Scans by 17kkmh.com


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