June 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 13-14]

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On the second day of the vacation, Yuulin tells Reishou that they will do their own respective thing today. Reishou is depressed over it especially since Yuulin is already leaving. Flustered by his reaction, Yuulin has to explain to him that she is going to chat with her friend and while she isn’t around, she had asked her younger brother, Seishin to walk him around the streets. Reishou keeps on looking sadly at her like some abandoned puppy, then finally, he tells her to be careful about mentioning about her work at the palace. Yuulin says of course since Jun had repeatedly warned her about it. Yuulin leaves and mentally apologizes to him for there is one place which she doesn’t want to be with him since it is a restaurant where she has a lot of acquaintances. Yuulin greets everyone and the people in the restaurant greet her back. Then, Yuulin is greeted by her friend, Meigyoku [invented name based on kanji]. Meigyoku comments that she didn’t come there for such a long time that she is worried about her, and she heard that Yuulin is working at a place where food and lodging are provided. With a twinkle in her eyes and holding Yuulin’s hand tighter, Meigyoku says that compared to that, she heard that Yuulin has come home with her lover so when is the wedding. “Everyone is talking about it, is it true?” Yuulin becomes angry as the other people there are gossiping about it and already wishing her congratulations. Thinking that reports circulate among the commoners’ district is quite fast, Yuulin angrily shouts that it is just a rumor. While holding a cup of drink, Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks that just bringing a guy yesterday, it has become a good topic for conversation among the people. She also smiles and thinks that it is because everyone is thinking of her with good intentions. After a moment, Meigyoku comes in with a drink for herself and apologizes to Yuulin for misunderstanding about her boss. She comments that it is rare to work in the palace and she eagerly anticipates Yuulin to fly and become a phoenix. Yuulin tensely tells her that it isn’t true for she is just cleaning lady who cleans every nook and corner of the palace. Meigyoku says that it is Yuulin’s style to do household work. Yuulin thinks that it is really unimaginable that she is working as a temporary bride to the ‘cold-hearted ruthless Wolf King’. Yuulin is surprised when Meigyoku says that is better than being deceived by a bad guy. She tells Yuulin that it is because she doesn’t understand guys that she can easily be deceived by a guy’s honey-coated words. Blushing and looking tense, Yuulin denies that could happen as she remembers Reishou telling her that she is cute. She keeps on telling herself that she isn’t being deceived. Meigyoku says that is okay and since that guy isn’t Yuulin’s lover, then Gaku ought to be relieved, too. Yuulin is puzzled as to why Gaku got into the conversation. Meigyoku giggles and says that it is because while she isn’t around, Gaku is always concerned to the point of always asking if there is any news about Yuulin. Yuulin angrily shouts that it is because he is a loan shark who would not let those who lend from him escape. Meigyoku sighs and thinks that Yuulin is such a stubborn girl who would act like that whenever something love-related thing is mentioned. Yuulin starts to wonder about Reishou if he is alright since he looked quite lonely, then.

Meanwhile, Seishin looks gloomy and wonders out to his sister what he should do. A guy has fallen on the floor and shouts at Reishou as to what he is doing. Reishou says that he isn’t doing anything for didn’t he fall down because he is drunk. Smiling, Reishou smiles and tells the guy not to mess with the waitress and just go home early to sleep. The guy, together with his companion, angrily shouts at Reishou that he used his foot to trip him. While Reishou is slyly smiling at the guy, Seishin is looking really tense since Yuulin told him not to cause trouble. Just then, Gaku, together with two of his men, enter the place and asks what’s going on since it is quite noisy. The man is about to tell Gaku that he’s meddlesome when his companion tells him that it is Gaku. They quickly retreat away. Reishou muses out loud that Gaku’s face is really menacing [<- infamous] that those guys fled. Gaku says that because of the change of dynasty [/ruler] in the country, there is an increase in the population of the capital city but it is quite troublesome since there is also an increase of idiots who have money and power. While saying that, Gaku glares at Reishou. Reishou just smiles and agrees by saying that the society is not quite stable. Gaku asks Seishin if in the end, Reishou is staying at their house. While Reishou sits back to his chair, Seishin nervously says yes. Gaku tells Reishou that if he is finished with his business, he should hurriedly scram already. “If you need, I can introduce you to some inn where you can stay.” To Gaku’s irritation, Reishou replies that ya but he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of eating Yuulin’s homemade food. Gaku darkly sits on a chair and tells Reishou that he doesn’t care whether he is a government official but if he is looking for girls, he should use his own ways [within his territory to find them.] like those girls who have lots of money and has a status. “Why don’t you go waste your time with those kinds of girls?” Reishou laughs and asks if Gaku is trying to convince him then it shouldn’t be necessary to say bad things about Yuulin. To Reishou’s surprise, Gaku shouts that he has always been telling the truth. “For now, I’ll only give you an advice. I’m saying that you and that girl aren’t compatible. I can thoroughly tell you things that will make you think that I’m right.” Reishou just looks serious. Later on, Seishin goes to the other restaurant to ask if her sister is there. Yuulin asks him what the matter is. Seishin tells her not to ask and just quickly follow him. Sensing that there is a big trouble, Yuulin apologizes [for abruptly leaving] and bids her friend goodbye. While walking, Seishin tells her that there is a dispute between Reishou and Gaku that he couldn’t just stay and watch them. Yuulin thinks what’s up with that stupid loan shark and even if Reishou is in plain clothes, he isn’t someone whom a ruffian can just trifle with. She laments that she shouldn’t have left Reishou alone in the first place.

At the restaurant, Yuulin overhears Gaku telling Reishou that she is so simple-minded that it is totally unbelievable. Reishou says is that so. Yuulin thinks that they are still in the middle of their conversation. With folded arms and still looking dark, Gaku tells Reishou that from then on, more than half of the everyday conversation revolves around eating three meals a day and the younger brother’s studies as if she is some housewife who is bring up a kid. “She always loudly screams as she goes outside.” Reishou comments that he knows about that. Yuulin wonders who they are criticizing non-stop. To her horror, she realizes that they were talking about her and why would they.. Gaku also tells Reishou that Yuulin would even go to the school to check on her brother and when she is young, she is just so talkative. In sheer desperation to convince Reishou, Gaku exclaims, “And, every time she gets angry, she has this really weird expression!” Reishou perks up and happily says that yes, and that [expression] is so cute. Gaku angrily shouts why [his reaction] is like that. The guys sweatdrop when Yuulin finally has had enough that she shouts what is the meaning of this. While Yuulin keeps on angrily shouting at the two guys as to what they are doing and what this is all about, Seishin tries to calm his sister for she will distrupt the restaurant. Before Gaku leaves with his men, he shouts that he really cannot talk things through with Reishou since his taste is really weird..what’s cute about Yuulin’s face. Yuulin angrily shouts for him to shut up. “Ki Gaku, if you are rude again to my guest, I’ll really be angry.” While walking away, Gaku’s underling comments that Yuulin seems to be quite lively. Gaku tells him to find someone who knows about Yuulin’s work and ask in detail about her [working] situation. His underling says yes. Gaku thinks that something is fishy about Reishou and doesn’t think that he is just an ordinary government official. While walking, Yuulin is still furious and disappointed that while she is gone, they are saying bad things about her. Reishou says that he wasn’t, for he was praising her. Yuulin angrily tells him not to say anymore because she knows how he normally sees/views her. Yuulin is blushing really red that stupid Reishou said that her expression is cute. [I cannot quite read it but it seems that Seishin is walking apart from them since it feels awkward if he is with them.] Reishou says that Gaku guy is quite fun for he told him a lot of things about Yuulin. Yuulin angrily shouts for Reishou to forget all of it. Reishou then muses to himself that the feelings of those two childhood friends are quite good.

While Yuulin is flustered about not wanting this to happen again wherein she is made fun of, Reishou takes off his glasses. He holds her arm to him and calls her name. In wolf mode, Reishou says, “Yuulin, let’s not do things by our own, I’m not satisfied without you. I want to understand you more, ..I want to chat with you more.” Yuulin blushes really red and exclaims, what. Seishin turns around and tells his sister to hurry for it is going to be dark soon. Freaking out, Yuulin shouts that they will be going immediately. Yuulin looks at Reishou who is smiling -> back to puppy mode. Pointing toward Seishin, Reishou tells her that they should go. Yuulin cannot believe that it happened again. She shouts for him to please let her rest during her vacation. Reishou is puzzled and asks that wasn’t she resting. Yuulin exclaims that he doesn’t understand. Looking tense at Reishou, Yuulin tells herself that she would absolutely not be deceived by a bad guy. Still blushing, she thinks that Reishou is just teasing her and he is having fun while doing that, so she shouldn’t take it seriously. Elsewhere, some guys are talking about doing it on their own initiative and there is no choice for it is all for Yuulin’s sake. And, the so-called vacation pass by swiftly that it is finally, the last day so it will be soon time to part from her family and friends. While preparing to cook, Yuulin tells Seishin that they absolutely have to go back to work today. Seishin comments that work must be quite hard. Yuulin darkly laughs that in the end, her father didn’t show up at all and made her luck, in advance paying off the debt, slip away. Seishin says that it is because their father knew how angry Yuulin is that he doesn’t have the courage to come back. Seishin tells his sister that he will talk with their father so she doesn’t have to worry too much. Touched by how nice her brother is, Yuulin waves the cleaver around and tells him good work and really sorry [for the mess], she will once again work hard. Seishin tells her sister to be careful with the cleaver. While walking to the courtyard, Yuulin tries to talk herself into getting excited over going back to work since most of her salary goes to paying for Seishin’s tuition fees [and expenses] while half of it goes to paying her debts. She thinks that before that, she has to get Reishou back to the palace. She imagines that Reishou’s anticipated reaction would be giving her a puppy-eyed look and telling her that he doesn’t want to go back especially since he is quite happy throughout the vacation.

Then, she sees Reishou talking with someone. She is startled since he is in wolf mode. Reishou tells the hooded guy to entrust that matter to the prime minister and before he returns, they are to prepare for him a report on public security. [<- I think this is from what Gaku mentioned about there being a lot of troublemakers lately.] Reishou stops talking when he notices Yuulin looking surprised at him. He dismisses the person. After the person left, Yuulin goes to Reishou and asks him if that person was.. Reishou tells her that it is an envoy sent by Jun. He apologizes for letting the envoy inside her house [without permission]. Reishou sighs since he was told that there are urgent matters to attend and he was repeatedly told to absolutely go back. He wonders out loud as to how Jun knew that he doesn’t want to go back. Yuulin thinks that no wonder it’s Jun. Chibi Jun says that of course, he knows. Yuulin is still recovering from her surprise of seeing wolf mode Reishou there because that cold atmosphere he emitted isn’t suitable to this place and going back to the palace would mean living with the ‘Wolf king’ again. Reishou happily smiles and asks if the lunch she made is already done. Meanwhile, some guys talk about doing things according to the battle plan. Later on, Reishou asks Seishin where Yuulin is. Seishin says that it seems that Yuulin hurriedly went out saying something about buying something. Reishou is just quiet when Seishin wonders out loud if his sister forgot something. Elsewhere, Gaku’s underling asks Gaku to come with him for a while since it is regarding Yuulin. Gaku asks if it is about the report where Yuulin works. The underling timidly says that it isn’t and they asked for help regarding the investigation but..it seems they did something on their own. Gaku looks a bit puzzled.

In some place, Yuulin and Gaku look stunned or rather irritated at each other. Gaku shouts at his underling as to why they brought the person herself there. Yuulin screams where the big discount sale of carrots is. Gaku feels faint. Yuulin shouts at Gaku’s underlings, whom she closely knows, as to what they are planning when she just wanted to add one more dish for lunch. While Yuuling is angrily staring at them, one of the underlings say that it is because they learned that Yuulin is going back [to the palace] today and the things [that needs to be] talk about cannot be said anymore especially since she won’t come [willingly]. The underling tells Gaku that this is the right time to be determined and say it or else, Yuulin will be snatched away by some rich guy. “We think that what the two of you lack is only some quiet time to talk things out with each other.” The two angrily shout, “What the heck are you talking about!” Back to Yuulin’s place, Reishou doesn’t want to wait anymore and he decides to go out and look for Yuulin. Seishin offers to also do that but Reishou smiles at him in wolf mode and tells him that there is no need for he alone will suffice. “Just look after the house.” Seishin trembles upon seeing Reishou like that. He is puzzled over his own reaction since Reishou is smiling yet it is scary. Back to Gaku’s place, the underling explains that it is because Gaku is always concerned about Yuulin ever since before and their temper is quite compatible together every time so everyone.. The two are shock by what he is saying that they gang up on the underling. Gaku angrily shout at him to stop talking such foolish things for he is just looking after Yuulin because she is a stupid fool. Yuulin angrily shouts for the underling to quit joking around for how can she be compatible with that loan shark. Yuulin wants the underling to take back what he said. The underlings are aghast for those two’s temperament are really the same.

Gaku angrily explains that it is the same this time, Yuulin is infatuated with some guy of unknown origin, that is why he cannot sit still. Yuulin angrily shouts at him that she didn’t ask him to do that and she isn’t infatuated. Flustered, Yuulin tells him that regarding that man [Reishou], do not just jump into conclusions and say all sorts of things. Gaku looks at her and tells Yuulin, “—hey, listen up. A nobleman will not seriously think of commoner girls as their partners, okay? You [ought to] wake up a bit.” While Yuulin is thinking ‘what’ and remembering Reishou, Gaku continues to say, “Geez, why is it like that--” Then Yuulin mutters, “—I, too. *shouting* I myself, also know that I’m being played around!!” This shocks Gaku and his underlings. Flustered, and teary-eyed, Yuulin thinks that Reishou must find it interesting to tease and play around with her like telling her that her strange face is cute, and even if she thinks of it for a while, it just doesn’t make sense. Aghast Gaku asks if Yuulin is serious and she should go against it. “~~~even if you knew, then quickly break up! You fool!” Yuulin angrily shouts, “It is none of your business.” The underlings sweatdrop for it seems like it is a real quarrel. Yuulin thinks that even if it’s [being with Reishou] so near yet it seems so far..but still.. Yuulin angrily shouts that is what she has to say and she is leaving so open the doors. While Gaku shouts that they aren’t finished talking, Yuulin opens the door and heads out. She thinks that but still, it is already late and Reishou will definitely be waiting for her. While Gaku is chasing after her, Yuulin sees Reishou at the courtyard as he is dragging a guy against his will. Reishou smiles and says that it’s great to be able to meet with her there. Yuulin goes into shock. While Gaku is also looking shock, she is about to say His Majesty but she stops and just shouts what he is doing there. Reishou innocently says that of course, he has been looking for her. He asks around the people nearby and learns that she went with Gaku’s underling. Then, he sees a young man who seems to know the place so he asked him [nicely] to bring him to that place. The trembling underling apologizes to Gaku. Aghast Gaku exclaims that Reishou had fiercely threatened the man and let him go. Reishou lets the guy go and thanks him for showing him the way. While Yuulin is still freaking out, Reishou smiles and asks Gaku to please return Yuulin to him. Gaku thinks that Reishou is really suspicious. He shouts that Yuulin is going to resign from working at Reishou’s place and he can just go back alone. Yuulin is shock by what Gaku said that she shouts for him not to just say things as he pleases. Gaku tells her to shut up.

Looking somewhat sad, Reishou asks Yuulin if this is true. Yuulin is freaking out over Reishou’s sad reaction. She shouts, “No! Don’t believe him! Actually, if I resign from this job, then I won’t be able to pay my debt!” Yuulin is shock by what she just blurted out. Gaku is in a daze for not only Yuulin is being played around, she also owes Reishou. This time, it is Reishou who is in a daze. Gaku shouts at Yuulin as to how much of this is she doing involuntary. Gaku offers to pay off Yuulin’s debt. Yuulin shouts that he is too noisy. Gaku shouts that he won’t let her owe money from Reishou. Yuulin shouts for him to quit being stubborn. Grabbing Yuulin’s wrist, Gaku calls Reishou as a lowest of low scoundrel and Yuulin is already his territory’s underling. He tells Yuulin[?] not to be willful. Trying to free herself from him, Yuulin shouts that he is the one who’s willful for making her his underling. Reishou sadly laments that their relationship is really good. Yuulin shouts that it isn’t so. Yuulin is surprised when Reishou smiles and says that her important family member, always worrying [about her] childhood friend, and lots of friends within the commoners’ district are Yuulin’s place to stay. Taking off his cape, Reishou says, “But, I’m sorry. *throws cape at Gaku* Come, Yuulin.” Yuulin reaches out her hand to Reishou who takes her hand and carries her. Reishou says, “Sorry, I don’t want to leave her behind.” Gaku’s underlings shout for Reishou to stop and release Yuulin. While carrying Yuulin, Reishou evades their attacks easily that he is even whistling. Gaku shouts for his men to stop for it will put Yuulin in danger. As Reishou carries Yuulin off, Yuulin shouts, “Ki Gaku! Whether it is work or paying debts, even if it is not on my free will, but I will properly do it since that is my own decision. So, do not because of some strange worry that you’ll come and hinder me. Idiot.” Gaku is irritated as he says that she is the one who’s an idiot.

Later on, exhausted Yuulin apologizes to Reishou that until the last day, it is like that. Reishou happily asks if she had fun chattering/quarrelling with everyone. Yuulin just sweatdrops. He asks, “—Yuulin, you had fun on your vacation to the point that you don’t want to return to the palace, right?” Yuulin looks at him and says what he is saying for after properly resting, she should properly go to work. She thinks, “Even if I have a lot of important people here in the city but leaving this guy without a care, that is something that I cannot do.” Yuulin tells him that they should hurry back. Reishou smiles at her and says yes. Soon, Yuulin bids her younger brother goodbye and tells him to do his best with his studies. So, like that the busy yet chaotic vacation time ends and return to the daily life that makes one to want to reminiscence. Speechless Reishou frowns when Jun darkly welcomes him back. Jun says that it seems that his heart has broken into pieces as he passed the days longing to see Reishou back. Darkly smiling, Jun tells Reishou that during this time, Reishou is to take that emotion within him while writing the letters. Reishou and Yuulin are speechless and sweatdrop over the piles of scroll that Reishou has to do on the table. Looking bored, Reishou holds a scroll and says that after enjoy one’s vacation, he ought to work hard. Jun is surprised by what he said. Reishou looks at Yuulin and smiles. He tells her, “-Now in the palace, I can pretty much monopolize the Princess.” Yuulin blushes really red over this and thinks that this guy is really.. Narration: Just like before, it has started again, the days with His Majesty, when I couldn’t be at ease.” Back at home, Gaku is sharing a drink [tea] with Seishin. Gaku angrily complains that he absolutely doesn’t acknowledge that guy [Reishou]. He asks Seishin when Yuulin is coming back. Seishin just nervously smiles yet he couldn’t answer Gaku [since he doesn’t know]. Seishin thinks that Gaku is becoming more and more like a ‘father’.

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