June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 44]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 3, 2011

The two Kaji-s happily look at each other. Ah..they thought, it has been a long time since they went to school together. They giggle and smile as they walk. Even if they see each other at work and they feel a bit nervous, their expressions/feelings are more relaxed. Oh~ the bliss of being able to go to school together. In the classroom, everyone are gossiping whether the two Kaji-s have reconciled since they went to school together, they are wearing the same bracelet and they look as if their relationship is really good. Harada’s friend asks Harada if she heard about those two reconciling and is it okay with her. Harada isn’t interested. She is quite dispirited because she wasn’t able to see Kaworu [<- if you still remember, Natsume disguised as this character from the game] this summer. Kotori sees Harada then timidly greets her that it has been a long time. Harada just bows her head to the desk. Kotori thinks that she has been snubbed. Harada cannot take her mind of Kaworu. Then, Natsume appears behind Kotori and greets her. Kotori is surprised for Natsume had a makeover again since she now has long light-colored hair. Harada isn’t too pleased upon overhearing Natsume asking Kotori how her summer is and based on how she looked, it seems to have gone smoothly. Kotori affirms that it did go smoothly. Natsume laughs and comments that Harada looks quite spirited and did her summer went smoothly, too. Harada angrily asks if she is blind for obviously she [Harada] is heartbroken. At the hallway, Abe jumps on Yukito and says that it’s great that they have reconciled. Yukito says that they did and he ought to know all that has happened in the summer matsuri/festival. Abe ribs him that he didn’t mean that but ‘that’. Yukito is clueless over what he is referring to. Abe tells him that there is no need to pretend that he doesn’t know. “Didn’t you do it with Kaji-chan? *Yukito looks shock* Before the end of vacation, you’ve experienced it, right? Ho ho ho” Blushing really red, Yukito exclaims, “Ha?! You..what are you talking about, all of a sudden, what do you mean to say?” Abe teasingly tells him not to try to hold back on this for earlier, didn’t he specially call him up and happily try to tell him about it. Yukito denies that he did. Abe says he did during summer, Yukito called and waked him up to tell him that he [Yukito] has succeeded. [<- referring to getting a license but Abe has misunderstood him.] Yukito says ah. Then, he blushes and tries to explain, that is..

Abe puts his arm around Yukito and tells him that there is no need to be shy. Yukito exclaims that he isn’t being shy. Abe smiles and tells him that in accordance to their agreement, he will listen from head to tail about what happened in detail. “Afterwards? What was it? What was the situation like, and how it led to that point? Come on, tell me.” Yukito looks tense as he cannot quite say it. Abe theorizes that it is Yukito who brought up the issue because it seems that Kotori is quite shy so it ought to be Yukito who took the initiative. Yukito is quite aghast as Abe continues to say that Yukito is quite manly to do that fierce attack. A bit tense, Yukito goes along with that story and says that it is like that, more or less, since Kotori is easily embarrassed that he.. Yukito freeze when Abe calls out to Kotori who is also walking at the hallway. Abe tells Kotori that it is great that things progressed smoothly. Kotori timidly thanks Abe about what happened before. Kotori is puzzled when Abe says that he is relieved that ‘in all aspects’ everything went smoothly. Before Kotori can ask about it, blushing Yukito butts in by exclaims if Kotori has work today. Kotori says yes. Yukito asks what time. Kotori says at 5pm. Abe seems speechless at first. He then tells Kotori, “Kaji.. Gambatte, in all aspects!” Kotori just says, yes and thank you. During lunch break, at their usual hangout, Kotori asks Yukito that doesn’t it make one really happy that everyone supports them. Thinking that it isn’t originally about that [<- referring to Abe?], Yukito says, ya. Kotori says that they shouldn’t make the others too worried about them. Yukito agrees with this. Then, flustered Kotori asks Yukito if afterwards, they can go to school together again and if they are going to work, can they go together for it will definitely be fun. Yukito blushes and says yes, of course. Yukito suddenly remembers something. He tells her that because he has many other jobs, there might be times when they cannot go together. Kotori says that she didn’t know but is he working many jobs again. Yukito timidly says yes.

Kotori asks what he wants to buy. Yukito admits that he wants to buy something and it is very important for him. Kotori just says, okay. Yukito tells her not to misunderstand for it isn’t some weird thing but rather, it has something to do with her. “Motorcycle, I want to quickly buy a motorcycle. I want to quickly have my own motorcycle so that we can go ride it for a date.” Kotori blushes over this. Yukito tells her that in the end, his brother won’t lend him his motorcycle. Kotori is a bit embarrassed as she mentally apologizes to Yukito for the reason why she is working is to buy the latest Doki Memo game. Yukito is thinking that he wants to quickly have his own motorcycle, and then they will go to a faraway place for a date. First, they will do some kissing then.. there will be more feeling between them and afterwards.. Yukito goes into a blushing shock when he suddenly remembers smiling Abe saying, “So, you finally entered the adult stage ♡ Up to what stage have you progressed?” Kotori notices Yukito’s expression that she calls out to him. Yukito looks at her. Kotori sweetly smiles and asks what it is. Yukito blushes again and suddenly hugs Kotori. Kotori is surprised that she asks why, so sudden. Yukito turns her face around, to face him. The two blush. Yukito hugs her again. Yukito thinks again [<- long monologue =P], “How soft. I want to touch..her more. But, can I do it up to that part? Will she allow me to touch her to that part? If the mood is really good, then I can continue, right? What will she think of it.. My mind is only thinking that this kind of me can [make her] really detest me.. Won’t she find me disgusting? Darn, it’s all because of the strange thing that Abe mentioned, that I’ve made me feel become more weird- Ah, I’m originally weird already.” Yukito hugs puzzled Kotori tighter while he wrestles with those thoughts. He is surprised when Kotori hugs him back. He quickly pulls away from the embrace and apologizes to her. Covering his face, blushing Yukito apologizes for suddenly doing that strange thing. To his surprise, Kotori holds his shirt then sticks close to him. The two Kaji-s blush.

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