June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 48-55 + Side Story]

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Towako is busy picking out some outfits to wear for their outdoor trip. Holding a frilly cute dress, Towako asks Yuuga what she thinks of it. To her shock, Yuuga says that won’t do. While Towako is sad for it is rare for her to buy a new dress, Yuuga smiles and asks her if she is really anticipating this trip. Towako happily says yes because in her former school, it is prohibited to go out on a trip with only students. Yuuga thinks that it is probably an ultra[-exclusive] ojousama school. Towako also tells him that she is also very happy because her relationship with Saho and Reimi had become exceptionally good. Towako is surprised when Yuuga suddenly kisses her. He holds her close and tells her that no matter what, she is not to have an exceptionally good relationship with any other guys. Towako says okay but thinking that she shouldn’t be this close to him, she quickly pushes him away and says that she has to prepare. Blushing Towako mentally apologizes to him because if he keeps doing that, she wouldn’t be able to control herself and it is a necessity to persevere. Soon, the gang has arrived at Saho’s villa. Everyone is excited especially Towako. They check the place out and comments that Saho is really like an ojousama. Reimi calls out for the guys to help bring the things in. Yuuga tries to help Towako but she finds herself staring at his lips that she quickly runs away. Yuuga’s friends tease Yuuga about it and comment that Towako is shy in front of the others. Inside, Towako thinks that she cannot do it since it is always on her mind. She tells herself to calm down for the goal here is to get along with everyone and control this strange feeling towards Yuuga. While telling herself to gambatte, Towako overhears someone talking. The person shouts, “Ha?! How can it be fun! I’m only just provoking [/discussing] with her, and it really infuriates me! This is only a waste of time, how are things at your side? If you dare make a mistake, I’ll slaughter you!” Towako thinks that the mood is really scary though Yuuga used to be like that. She wonders if that person is talking on the phone and what kind of person it is. She peeks in the room and sees Ritsu who just closes his flip cellphone. Towako blushes and thinks that it is such a gorgeous guy. Looking away, she wonders if the one on the phone is this person. Ritsu asks if she is Saho’s friend. Towako exclaims if he knows Saho. The others come in and Towako asks if this person is Saho’s friend. Reimi says that it is a gorgeous guy so how about introducing him to them. Saho tells them that he is Ritsu, who is currently staying at her place. Towako thinks that person is scary but he is Saho’s friend. Towako is shock when Ritsu puts on a really sparkling smile, and apologizes [for asking] if he can join them. While Reimi and Hana [Yona’s girlfriend] ogle at Ritsu, Reimi says of course. They asks him about his email address and how old he is. Ritsu says that perhaps, he is two years older than them. Towako wonders if she was wrong that this was the violent man she heard earlier. They wonder why he said perhaps. Ritsu sadly tells them that he lost his memory and Saho took him in, so he doesn’t have a cellphone. Pointing at Ritsu, Towako exclaims that just now..

Ritsu quickly grabs her hand and takes her out by force, with the excuse that Towako was asking earlier as to where the toilet is. Everyone is surprised while Hana and Yona comment about it being their first time seeing a person who lost one’s memory. Reimi is still gaga over Ritsu. Yuuga and Saho are just quiet about it all. While wondering how things ended up like this, Towako tells Ritsu that she doesn’t want to go to the toilet. She is scared when Ritsu glares at her. He tells her that he cannot be exposed right now and it wasn’t easy for things to progress to what it is until now. Towako is tense for he is really such a scary guy. Shaking in fear, Towako asks why he did that, if Saho knows and if he really lost his memories. Ritsu bluntly tells her that of course, it is a lie. Looking sly, Ritsu asks if Towako wants to know why, it’s because he wants to experience what it is like to be rich and he ought to thank Saho since she was easily fooled. He muses that ojousamas don’t have the feeling of being in danger. Ritsu holds Towako’s hand and says, “You are also rich, right, Gokurakuin Towako? How about it? Do you want to look after me?” Towako pulls her hand away from him and shouts what he is talking about when she already has a husband and she would absolutely not do such a foolish thing. She starts to walk away and tells him that she is going to tell Saho. Ritsu grabs her and asks if Towako actually thinks he is going to let her do that. To her shock, Ritsu suddenly kisses her. Towako quickly bites him. Angry, Ritsu says that she really puts him in a bad mood for biting him when he just kissed her and she would unexpectedly cry [afterwards]. While flustered Towako is holding her lips, Ritsu asks if she will be troubled if she kissed some other guy aside from her husband and wasn’t he among those others, who came. Towako fears that Yuuga will get angry and would hate her if he knows about this. Ritsu says that if she doesn’t want her husband to know, she is to listen to whatever he says. Wiping her tears, Towako sternly tells him that even if he looks really handsome, he can only use this kind of method to attract/seduce a person’s heart. “You’re really pitiful and disgraceful.” Ritsu just looks at her and says that it seems that it will be very interesting for him to bully her. Towako thinks that this is a nightmare. They return to the others. Towako is looking quite timid and happy Ritsu tells them that they just had a little chat. To Towako’s horror, Ritsu holds her hand and says that he really likes this girl. Towako tries to pull away from him but she remembers of his threat that she couldn’t resist him. Reimi says that about Ritsu might like her but.., they all look at displeased Yuuga. Ritsu whispers to tense Towako if that is her husband. To her dismay, Yuuga turns around and tells her to do whatever she wants. Towako tries to call him but Ritsu tighten his grip on Towako’s hand. While walking away, Yuuga wonders what’s up with Towako who has been avoiding him lately yet even if she is rejecting him, she would [do that] with some other guy.

In the girls’ room, Reimi is scolding Towako who is quite sad over how things turned out when she just wants to get along with Yuuga and everyone else. Ritsu is talking on the phone again. “Ah, what happened? Okay, I’ll leave that family to you. That is your forte. Don’t talk about that first! There is also one here at my side. Gokurakuin Towako. That’s right- One of the five main families. I didn’t except her to come so it’s really fortunate. Huh? Ya, I really thought so, she’s a very interesting girl. I know, it is already being carried out. For me, to waver other’s feelings [for another] is just a piece of cake. I will definitely make those two [Towako and Yuuga] break up.” Kyousuke laughs and wishes Ritsu a speedy success. He bids Ritsu goodbye and then, he hangs up. Mioko comes in and asks him who he is talking with on the phone. Kyousuke coldly tells her that it has nothing to do with her and can she please not to go his room as she pleases. Mioko apologizes and says that it is because they were mutually very happy that she would want to consult him about the wedding ceremony. Kyousuke tells her that her family ought to be able to decide on them by themselves and it is okay to do it however she wants. Holding a book, Mioko tells him that she still needs to know what kind of kimono he would want to wear. Mioko got scared when Kyousuke looks at her darkly. He then breaks into a smile and says that is true. He apologizes and tells her that he’ll leave everything to them. Holding her close to him, Kyousuke tells her that it is because he is busy lately. Flustered Mioko asks him if he will stay by her side forever. Kyousuke says, of course. Meanwhile, everyone is enjoying the barbecue except for Towako is sitting on a blanket, away from everyone else. Towako is really gloomy for this is her first barbecue party but the one beside her is..this dual-personality sly devil. Holding a bowl of barbecued meat, sparkling Ritsu says that is her food. After a long pause, Towako thanks him. Still sparkling, Ristu tells her to eat all of it. Towako can only look at Yuuga with the others as she hopes to go to their side but Yuuga hasn’t talk with her until now. Ritsu notices this, that he whispers to Towako that her husband is so cold that it doesn’t matter to him that she is with some other guy. While Towako exclaims that how dare he say that, Ritsu tries to feed her with some of the meat. He threatens to tell Yuuga about the kiss so Towako lets herself be fed. Angry Reimi points at the two and exclaims to Yuuga if that is alright with him. Yuuga just looks irritated but says that Towako must have thought that it is okay, so she is doing that. Yuuga turns away and leaves Reimi furious at Towako. Cling on to Yona, Hana says that Yuuga is amazing for if Yona sees her being romantic with some other guy, he will definitely not forgive her. Yona muses that Hana is a mind reader.

When Towako is aghast that Ritsu asks her to feed him in return, Reimi sits beside Towako and sweetly asks if she can stay there. She then looks dark at Towako and probably mentally tells her what the heck she is doing, being lovey-dovey with some other guy, and isn’t Yuuga too pitiful. Towako freaks out and wonders if Reimi also has a dual personality. Reimi tells Ritsu that it is regretful since Towako already has a boyfriend..over there. Ritsu acts surprised over this that he apologizes for going over the top. Towako cannot believe he said that, since Ritsu is making it appear as if she didn’t tell him about her and Yuuga’s relationship. The girls were surprised when Ritsu sighs and laments them that Saho has already rejected him. He says that she is really a nice girl but too bad, she already likes someone else. Reimi is surprised by this for she hasn’t heard from Saho about this. Saho used to tell always tell her before. Ritsu says that if Saho didn’t tell them then it means that it is someone whom Saho couldn’t tell both of them. The girls begin to wonder who it is. Just then, Saho returns to the others to bring more meat for the barbecue. The two girls immediately wonder if the one Saho likes is Yuuga. They still cannot believe it when they were interrupted by Saho who asks if they aren’t going to eat. To Towako’s surprise, Reimi tells Towako that if it is true, she is going to support Saho since not only Saho is her best friend, Saho would also absolutely treasure the person she likes. After Reimi angrily leaves, Towako becomes depressed. Ritsu asks if she is alright. Towako mutters as to whose fault it is. Ritsu says that high school girls can be quite amazing and even if he is a liar, what he said just now is true, for Saho really likes that guy. Flustered Towako thinks that even if it is like that, her feelings won’t falter and she won’t give Yuuga away to anyone else. Thinking over Reimi’s parting shot at her, Towako thinks that even if she also treasures Yuuga, but right now, what is she doing. Towako tells Ritsu that she has decided to tell everything to Yuuga and Yuuga would definitely understand her, and she won’t listen to him [Ritsu] again. Ritsu smiles and says that she cannot be sure about that. Towako thinks that she should have done this from the start.

After lunch, the others are deciding to play some game. Thinking that Yuuga will believe her just like what happened before with Kaoru, Towako looks around to find Yuuga. She sees him in the porch with Saho. On instinct, Towako hides at the corner and eavesdrops on them. Saho is apologizing to Yuuga regarding Ritsu. Yuuga says that it isn’t her fault and he thinks that there is a reason for Towako to be doing that. This made Towako blush really red. Saho tells Yuuga that he is very kind when he used to be very cold with his ex-girlfriends. Yuuga sweatdrops and asks if it is really true since everyone is saying that. Saho asks Yuuga what he likes about Towako. To Towako’s shock, Yuuga says that Towako easily gets angry. Saho asks him if that is a good point. Yuuga tells Saho that Towako is always honest who’ll sincerely smile and sincerely gets angry. If she hates something, she will tell you so. Towako wonders if that isn’t normal. Saho agrees with him. Yuuga continues to say that he will believe everything that Towako tells him. This made Towako become determined to tell him everything. Saho sadly says that she is so envious for she also wants others to regard of her that way. She laments that if only she is sincere, cute and has no apprehensions then [that person] would perhaps also like her. Thinking that she is referring to Yuuga, Towako quickly goes out and calls out Yuuga’s name. Yuuga asks why she is shouting. Not wanting to see Saho, flustered Towako tells him that there is something she has to tell him so she wants Saho to leave first. Towako is surprised by what she just said. Yuuga asks her why she said that but Saho tells Yuuga it is okay, she’ll leave the two of them alone. Yuuga tells her that she is acting weird today and did something happen. Towako says that is why, she has something to tell him. She wonders if she can say it in this situation but she doesn’t want someone else to tell Yuuga. Then, Ritsu appears and asks if they were fighting. Towako is shock to see him that she asks why he is there. Ritsu says that it is because he is worried for they were fighting because of him. Yuuga asks what he meant by that. While Towako tries to stop Ritsu, Ritsu apologizes to Yuuga and tells him that he kissed Towako. Yuuga looks stunned.

Towako wonders what to do and how to explain that she was coerced but Ritsu asks if Towako hasn’t told Yuuga about it yet. Ritsu apologizes to Towako saying that he thought when she is saying not to tell, she has already told Yuuga. Ritsu comments that it seems that he should kept it a secret at first. Towako cannot believe this for she really wanted to tell Yuuga [but now it seems that she doesn’t plan to.] Yuuga darkly asks if that is true. Towako tries to explain but he just repeats his question. Ritsu smiles when Towako apologizes to Yuuga. Yuuga angrily grabs Ritsu’s collar that Saho shouts for him to stop. Yuuga shouts that he doesn’t know what Ritsu’s goal is but he won’t allow him to get close to Towako again. Yuuga is surprised when Ritsu says what if he says ‘I won’t promise that’. Ritsu takes Yuuga’s hand off him and says that he’s leaving. Saho goes after Ritsu. Inside the house, she asks Ritsu if he is really serious with Towako. Ritsu just says, perhaps. Saho tells him to give it up for those two mutually love each.. She is caught aback when Ritsu stops walking and asks if she always gives up like this. “Always looking for a reason, in order not to be hurt. How could I say this, you obviously just need to stretch out your hand to get it. You’re very envious of the girl.” Saho looks down and there is an image of a man [face covered] holding Towako’s hand. Back to the couple, Yuuga asks Towako why she didn’t tell him. Thinking that he is angry so she should explain things properly, Towako tells him that she plans to tell him but she was being coerced and that person is a bad person for he actually.. Yuuga interrupts her by shouting that doesn’t matter and he never thought that she would be the one who’ll take the initiative. “What I’m angry at is why you didn’t tell me immediately!” Towako timidly confess that she was afraid that he’ll be disappointed with her and he’ll hate her. She thinks that she didn’t consider what the other person would feel if something is hidden from him. Flustered Yuuga asks if he is unworthy of her trust. While Towako tries to say no, Yasumochi butts in and tells them that they are going to play a game.. Seeing the two, Yasumochi timidly asks if he interrupted them. Yuuga grabs Towako’s hand and says, okay. They head in the den. While they were playing some racing game and Yuuga is losing, Towako thinks that even if Yuuga is beside her, he won’t talk to her nor look at her even once. Ritsu is watching them.

Holding her bag after taking a bath, Towako gloomily thinks that in the end, they weren’t able to properly talk. She plans to apologize properly and explain everything in order to dispute his belief that she doesn’t trust him. She is shock when Ritsu sweetly calls out to her. She’s freaking out and backing away from him. Ritsu comments that it is pains him to see her reacting that way [to him]. Towako exclaims what he wants and what he is planning to do. Ritsu tells her not to be too vigilant for he just wants to apologize to her. Towako doesn’t quite believe him. When Yona and others are passing by, Ritsu quickly takes her to the side and hides behind the house. Towako is sweatdropping as to why they are hiding. Ritsu tells her that it is because it will be trouble if her husband sees them and she doesn’t want him to ask about the kiss. Ritsu apologizes again for what he did was over the top. Towako angrily shouts that he would still say that now, when he has been deliberately doing all those things. Ritsu winks and laughs that he never imagined that things will get so complicated over a kiss. It is because she is so serious [as if her life depended on it] that he cannot endure not to tease her. Then, Towako [lightly?] slaps him on the face. Ritsu asks her that if she is so angry, why she doesn’t go wild a bit over it. Towako tells him that it is her first whether it is to hit someone or being kissed by someone other than Yuuga. “Is this strange?” Ritsu says that she is so pure/innocent that it makes one want to tease her. Towako asks if he hasn’t like/love someone before. Ritsu says no. Towako exclaims that is why his heart is twisted. She suggests that he find that person or something wherein he can be totally engrossed in, so that he can attain rebirth. Ritsu smiles and says, “I haven’t thought about this thing, loving one person. I cannot love anyone and there won’t be someone who’ll sincerely love me, Towako.” Towako thinks that even if he is smiling, he.. Towako tells him that what he said is too sad/lonely. He looks at her and says if she feels that way, so why doesn’t she help him. “ I..can be like this and expose my true self, only with you.” Towako looks flustered and exclaims that he is just reaping what he sowed. Towako thinks that she is a fool for being led by the nose by this guy when it is because of him that things turned very serious.

Suddenly, Towako’s cellphone rings. When Ritsu comments about the ringtone, Towako realizes that she got Yuuga’s cellphone by mistake. [<- while they were sitting at the den beside each other.] Ritsu mutters that it is unbelievable that their cellphone and phone strap are the same. Towako angrily exclaims at him for going back to that vile nature [of his] and tone of voice when it is something that Yuuga gave her. Ritsu takes out his cellphone and asks her to give him her email address. Towako asks why she would tell him. Ritsu tells her to lend the phone to her and he’ll use infra-red to copy it. They didn’t notice that Yuuga who just got out of the bath [<- dripping wet hair with towel on head] has seen them. He clenches his fist as Towako seems to refuse lending the phone to Ritsu. He quickly walks away. At the den, Yuuga’s friends ask him what happened since he hasn’t dried his hair yet and why he came out in a hurry. “Is there something that you lost.” Yuuga angrily pulls the towel from his head and shouts, “I know!” The two guys freeze while Saho worriedly looks at Yuuga. At the hallway, Towako thinks that she wasn’t careful that she ends up talking with Ritsu. She tries to hurry and return the cellphone as well as apologize properly to Yuuga. The cellphone rings again. She notices that it was Saho who sent the message. She tries to wrestle over reading it since if she is Yuuga’s wife, or not read it. She ends up looking and it reads, “Subject: About that issue. I know that you cannot forgive her for kissing with some other guy.. and perhaps you are still thinking of breaking up, but I feel that it would be better if you guys properly talk things out.” Towako becomes tense over this that she tries to calm herself. She wants to confirm it but her feet won’t move. To her shock, Saho appears and tells her that everyone has returned to the den after taking a bath. She couldn’t believe that Saho would be there after she just read that email. Towako knows that she is feeling quite dark within but she fears that she might say cruel things to Saho right now. To Saho’s surprise, Towako just shakes her head and kept on saying, “No!” until she is out of breath. While Ritsu is eavesdropping on them at the corner, Towako exclaims, “Mizuno-chan, I absolutely will not break up with Yuuga! If I have lost Yuuga’s trust, then I’ll just do my best to regain his trust. I absolutely will not give up!” Saho sweatdrops and asks, really.. Towako determinedly exclaims, “Yes! So, I would want to fairly fight with you!” Saho becomes flustered by this that she mutters, ‘what’. Towako thinks that it is necessity for her to sincerely talk things out with Yuuga and not make Saho push her into a corner. After Towako leaves, Ritsu comes out and tells Saho that Towako is such an amazing girl, unlike Saho. Saho tells him that it has nothing to do with her. Before Saho leaves, Ritsu calls out to her. Holding out a cellphone, Ritsu smiles and thanks her for lending her cellphone to him.

Towako goes to the living room where the others are and asks where Yuuga is. They tell her that he probably went to the toilet. Towako is walking at the hallway when she suddenly feels sleepy. It is already 20:59. She struggles not to fall sleep there since it will cause trouble to Yuuga. When it is 21:00, Towako has fallen asleep on the floor. Ritsu looks at her and bends down. He sweatdrops and comments that it seems that it is true that Towako really falls asleep exactly at 9pm. Ritsu says that she is really defenseless. He takes the cellphone and erases the email that he sent using Saho’s cellphone. She then mutters Yuuga’s name. Ritsu remembers her telling Saho that she will do her best to regain Yuuga’s trust and she won’t give up. Ritsu’s expression softens. He asks, “Why?” When he is about to touch her, Yuuga is standing behind and asks what he is doing. Ritsu becomes irritated that he says that Towako suddenly passed out and he was wondering if there is any problem with her. Yuuga tells him that she is only sleeping. While trying to carry Towako, Yuuga tells him that he’ll bring her to the room. Yuuga is surprised when Ritsu says that he heard that they are married. Ritsu says that he heard it from Towako that it is a family rule/tradition which is kind of unbelievable yet Towako is pitiful since she obviously could have other choices. “It is obvious that there are other people who could make Towako happy.” Yuuga asks if Towako said that herself. Ritsu says no, but it seems that Towako is very uneasy and she might be thinking if her life is just really only just like that. [<- pre-determined] Yuuga shouts at him to shut up for it has nothing to do with him and if he wants to pass the time, why don’t he find some other girls. While Yuuga takes Towako away, Ritsu mutters if he had struck a nerve. He sees Towako’s sleeping face then angrily looks away. He wonders what he should do for his plan to work. He notices that Yuuga has left Towako’s bag and in it, the Gokurakuin’s family rules scroll. In the room, Yuuga has put Towako in bed. Yuuga is still in a bad mood over what Ritsu said. Yuuga calls Towako stupid. He pinches her nose and shouts that he told her not to give other guys’ an opportunity [to make a hit on her], not be kissed by someone else, telling others about her family’s rules, and let some guy see her sleeping face. “You definitely think that no matter what you do, I’m going to forgive you, right! Even if it’s me..” Yuuga becomes flustered when he remembers Ritsu telling her that there are other guys who could have made Towako happy. He mutters, “..If I can have more self-confidence, perhaps, I won’t mind this small incident. I would have properly listened to your explanation. I would have been only, just a bit angry, and later on, I would have treated it as if it is nothing. But I..” He leans to her and kisses her. He remembers of a family rule wherein if one gives one’s virginity to the other, they will be together until the end of their lives. Yuuga starts to unbutton Towako’s blouse then kisses her neck. Then, he hears a sound that he stops and looks at the window [that made some sound because of wind or something]. Yuuga looks tense and flustered. He sits on the bed and laments that he doesn’t have self-confidence.

At 5am, Towako wakes up. She sits up and wonders where she is. She finds herself in the girls’ bedroom and the other girls are sound asleep. She remembers that she went to find Yuuga but ends up falling asleep and someone must have brought her there. She wonders why she is always like this. She goes to the kitchen to find Yuuga sitting on the chair. She is surprised then she greets him a good morning. He just says ya. She is quite nervous since only the two of them are there when they usually get along with each other. Thinking that she should explain things, she starts to tell him that there is something she wants to tell him. Towako is shock when Yuuga says that he also has something to tell her. She mutters what it is about but Yuuga tells her to forget it, he’ll tell her after they go home. Thinking that it is about the break up, Towako urges him to say it right now and there is no need to wait until they get home. With his head down, Yuuga says, “I don’t have the confidence to stay by your side from this day onward.” Flustered Towako asks if he wants to break up with her. Yuuga says no but to just let him calm down a bit and he thinks that it would be better if the two of them aren’t together [for some time; basically, he is asking for a ‘cool off’ period]. Shaking and in tears, Towako exclaims what he is saying, and does he mean they cannot be together in all things – what about after school, breakfast, bedroom, golden time, does it include all of that. Yuuga says yes, that isn’t bad. Just when Towako shouts that is too much, Yasumochi goes in to greet them a good morning and ends up apologizing again for interrupting. [^^; Strike 2 =P ] Towako begins to wonder what Yuuga meant by that. Is he becomes weary whenever he’s with her? While fishing yet not pulling up the line when it caught a fish and cooking until the food is burnt, Towako kept on thinking if Yuuga’s illusion about her has been destroyed and is this just an isolated problem but if they are to live each other’s lives separately, won’t their feelings become farther apart. “It is a necessity that I think of a way..” Soon, they are all packing their things. Towako laments that she kept on thinking that they will soon go home already. “What to do, what should I do? Would we go home and live separate lives? I won’t want that--” She looks a bit puzzled over her family rules scroll for she doesn’t recall tying it. She freaks out when Ritsu appears behind her and asks if she is all packed up. Thinking that the other girls had left, Towako exclaims for him not to go near her. Sparkling, Ritsu smiles and asks if they haven’t made up. Towako is shock that she exclaims that he is really vile to be so happy when others aren’t happy. She says that even if Kaoru gives off the same kind of feeling but he has a goal so that makes Kaoru better than Ritsu. Ritsu sweatdrops over this.

Carrying her bags, Towako says, “You should confess everything to Mizuno-chan and later on, be nicer to others. That is what I have to say to you, so goodbye.” Ritsu looks dark that he suddenly grabs her wrist. Towako exclaims in irritation. Ritsu says, “My goal.. is you.” Towako asks him what he is talking about, when they aren’t going to see each other again. Ritsu says that they will. Towako struggles and says that they won’t. It seems that he made her drop her bags. Hugging her, Ritsu says, “Wait until ‘that time’-- I will go and meet [/get] you..” Towako looks tense as Ritsu smiles [in a scary way] and says, “Wait for me.” He lets her go and leaves. Towako wonders what’s up with that stare since it is like a bottomless pit wherein if one falls in, one couldn’t get out of it anymore. She dismisses what he said because she thinks that they won’t meet again. Later on, the others plan to go karaoke since someone had already took their luggage home. Yuuga says that he will be going. Towako thinks that if they go, they will come home late. Towako fears that this won’t do since things might worsen if she let this continue. “I have already missed the opportunity to properly talk with him, and if this continues- I don’t want that! Suddenly losing this person, I absolutely do not want [that to happen]! This isn’t the time to be confused!” Towako holds Yuuga’s arm and tells him to wait. To Yuuga’s surprise, Towako apologizes to everyone for she and Yuuga has somewhere else to go. Towako thinks that there is only one way [to do/resolve this]. Towako exclaims, “I want for the two of us, to be alone!” Yuuga blushes over that. His snickering and blushing friends say that they are embarrassed [upon hearing that] and it is better for them to be alone. They tell Yuuga that they’ll see him at school. While Yuuga tries to tell them not to jump into conclusion, Towako calls Tsubaki to send for the car and prepare ‘Love Night’ at their villa. Yuuga sweatdrops and asks what that ‘Love Night’ is. Towako shouts to the others that she had fun and she wishes them to have a good time. With that, she got reluctant Yuga into the car which speeds away. Everyone is stunned. They were surprised when Ritsu bursts into laughter that it is such a strong move. Yasumochi agrees and thinks that it is because Towako is an ojousama. As they walk away, Ritsu glances back at Towako’s direction.

At the villa, Tsubaki greets Towako and Yuuga. Tsubaki leads them away and tells them that she has prepared everything. Yuuga asks where they are. Towako says that it is their villa. Yuuga sweatdrops and wonders how many are they [villa]. Towako happily says that she’ll go take a bath first and there is a master bathroom there so Yuuga should go and use that. Yuuga tries to protest but he lets it go because he thinks that it will be alright since Tsubaki is there. Towako mentally asks Yuuga to forgive her for even if she thinks that this is below the belt but for their future, she can only use this family rule of offering her virginity so that they will be together until the end. “Tonight, I will offer my virginity to you!” Tsubaki leads Yuuga to a bedroom. Yuuga requests that he have a separate room from Towako, but Tsubaki tells him that there is only one room in that place. Yuuga enters the room and is shock to see that there is only one futon/bed and many other things prepared inside for sex like pitcher of some drink, dim[?] light, mysterious box, books etc. He is surprised when the door behind him is suddenly slammed shut. While frantically trying to open it, Yuuga exclaims why it is close. Tsubaki tells him that Towako has the key and she is going to leave. While Yuuga keeps on shouting, Tsubaki wishes him that things will go smoothly. Blushing really red, Yuuga shouts for her to quit joking around. While Yuuga is wondering what’s with all those things, he goes into shock when Towako says that they are finally alone. Yuuga freaks out over seeing blushing Towako in an almost see through yukata/robe. He goes into shock when Towako prostrate and bows to him while saying, ‘I’ll be under your care’. To Towako’s surprise, flustered Yuuga starts shouting that she is an idiot, what is she doing and as the leading lady in a shoujo series, what she is doing is over the top. He shouts for her to stand up. Towako quickly did as ordered and goes to sit at the futon. The main light is already open and Yuuga is trying to calm himself down. Towako apologizes to him and asks if he would rather do it in an ordinary way. Yuuga looks tense. He asks her why she is suddenly enthusiastic about this and didn’t he say early in the morning that ‘it would be better for us to not be together’ and he is doing that for her. Yuuga tells her that is enough, they should go home, and she should open the door. Towako says that she doesn’t want to and unless they do it, she won’t open it. “Because! Only by doing this, Yuuga will forever be my side!”

Yuuga looks surprised and asks if she meant the family rule and if they are doing it because of it, then it has no meaning. To his surprise again, Towako exclaims as to what reason for it to have meaning. Towako starts to cry and says, “..why do you want to distance yourself from me..? I.. in order for you not to hate me, I’ve always endured.. Actually I.. also thought of it a lot.. more and more.. I want to touch Yuuga more, and I also want Yuuga to touch me. To be kissed, hugged and also other things, I also want you to do a lot of things to me.. (Do not leave me) Isn’t that possible? Could it be that you don’t want to touch me again? (I want you..to be closer to me more than anyone else.) Yuuga finally goes to her and hugs her. To Towako’s surprise, he kisses her again and again. Then, he lightly pushes her down. Yuuga tells her that because things will turn out like this that is why he doesn’t want them to be together. Towako says that she doesn’t understand. Yuuga says that he doesn’t have the confidence to stay by her side. Leaning his head on hers, Yuuga tells her that before others would steal her away from him, he feels compelled to make her his. Pushing him up, Towako exclaims, “All the more I don’t understand, what do you mean by that?! Is it really because of that?” Yuuga tensely sweatdrops and apologizes to Towako. Towako tells him, “..I’m [already] yours..” Somewhat flustered Yuuga says, “Ya..” While Yuuga touches her face, Towako thinks, “Tonight.. [we’ll make] this sentence become reality.” When she is partly undressed, Towako asks him to close the overhead light since she is embarrassed. Yuuga says that just now, she is wearing a see-through robe. Flustered Towako exclaims that isn’t the same thing. Yuuga dims the light and starts to take off his robe half-way. Towako thinks that in the dim light, it is more.. Towako blushes and quickly lies on the futon, face first. Yuuga goes to her and asks what’s with her now, isn’t this what she wanted to do like kissing, hugging and all other things. While he kisses her back, blushing Towako says that he is bullying her. Yuuga kisses her and says yes, and a lot more. Towako tells him to do it properly. Towako thinks that Yuuga’s warmth is transferring to her. While Yuuga is on her chest, Towako thinks that his hair ticklish and what is going on for she is feeling dizzy. She moans and feels really hot that she doesn’t know what to do that she covers her face. Yuuga looks at her and tells her to remove her hands from her face so that he can see. Towako refuses for she feels that her expression must be strange. To her shock, Yuuga says that it is indeed strange. While Yuuga is holding her wrists, Towako cries that is why she said that he shouldn’t look. Towako then looks at him and thinks that he is looking at her with that passionate gaze.

Yuuga tells her that this is bad for he absolutely will not give her to anyone else. “I should be the only one, who’ll see that expression of yours..” Suddenly, Yuuga stands up and says that he cannot endure it so wait for a while. Yuuga goes to the side and tries to look for a condom among the kit box. Towako looks at his back while he is putting it on. To Yuuga’s surprise, Towako snuggles at his back. Blushing, Yuuga asks what she is doing. Towako says that it is because for a moment, she felt lonely upon seeing his back towards her. This turns Yuuga on. Yuuga angrily shouts at her not to seduce him at a time like this. Towako blushes and asks when she seduced him. Flustered Yuuga tells her that he would really not be able to hold it in. While Towako kisses him, she thinks, “Yuuga, it is only now when I’ve realized how much you thought of me.. So, I also want to convey, that it is only with you, I have this kind of feeling. Please believe me..” She kisses him again. Soon, he is on top of her. Towako tells him that it hurts. Yuuga tells her that it is alright and she should relax. He also tells her that he couldn’t stop so he’ll continue. Towako angrily tells him how that thing can go in when it is bigger than before, the last time she has seen it. Yuuga sweatdrops and tells her that it will go in..definitely. While Towako is in pain, she glances at Yuuga and thinks that he’s really beautiful and since he is perspiring, he is also doing his best. While she calls his name many times, Towako thinks, “No matter how many times, this comforting pain and also this spell-binding consciousness shake me. It is as if we really mutually blended [/become one] together, loving each other, inseparable, and bliss. What is this called?” Towako then says, “I like you..” Soon, it is morning. Yuuga holds sleeping Towako’s hair and looks at her. He caresses her face and she smiles before turning to his side. Smiling at her, Yuuga hugs her closer to him. Soon, the clock rings and it is already 5am. Towako wakes up to see Yuuga looking at her and says, “Hi.” While she is surprised, Yuuga tells her that he thinks she will be awake soon so he is watching her. Towako becomes surprised that she is totally naked. Yuuga says that everything in the room is automatic that in the kit box, there is also a key. Yuuga puts a glass of drink on Towako’s face and says how she can be embarrassed when he saw everything last night. While Yuuga is laughing, Towako realizes that they have finally done it last night. She starts to gulp the drink as fast as she could to cope with this fact. Yuuga asks how her body is, is she okay. Towako blushes and thinks that it is such a gentleman question. Towako says she is okay. He asks if she is feeling sleepy. Towako is puzzled why he is asking this question.

Yuuga tells her that it is because they slept around 22:30 and yet she still wakes up at 5:00. Towako starts to freak out that she broke the family rule and she never done this before. Yuuga tells her that before, she just naturally fall asleep. Yuuga hugs her and says that is okay because while having sex, it can keep her awake so it isn’t necessary for him to pay attention to time again. Towako exclaims what he meant by that and speaking of that, doesn’t he always wake up late. Yuuga tells her that is true but today, if he wakes up late, it will be such a waste. Towako looks at smiling Yuuga and thinks that if he says it in such a gentle way, she would not want to leave his side again. They kiss each other again and look at each other’s eyes. Then, Yuuga says that this is bad because he wants to do it again. Towako is shock that he wants to do it so early in the morning. Yuuga blushes and says that it doesn’t have anything to do with time but rather, he is very healthy. He is somewhat puzzled upon seeing Towako blushing really red. She tells him that it is okay, she will do her best as long as they won’t be late for school. She is surprised when Yuuga mischievously smiles at her then glomps her down to bed. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her that it is alright, there is no need to force herself. He assures her that he can endure it for today and anyway, they can do it, no matter how many times, later on. Still hugging her to him, Yuuga says that right now, he wants them to be like this. He kisses her bare shoulder that Towako giggles and says that it is ticklish. While they look at each other, Towako thinks that Yuuga’s body warmth makes her feel more comfortable than yesterday and even if she doesn’t meticulously look at it, she can totally remember the shape of Yuuga’s fingers, the warmth of his lips and the broadness of his shoulders. Even if, the touching of their flesh still makes her heart beat, she still thinks that there is nothing more natural than this. Yuuga tells her that they go skip class. Towako says that he usually doesn’t want to. Yuuga tells her that she always skip class. Towako happily says that he always objects. Yuuga says that it seems she is really happy. Yuuga blushes when Towako giggle since she is thinking, “Because I’m already Yuuga’s and Yuuga is also mine.” Yuuga tells her that if she has that kind of expression, it makes him want to attack her. Towako then screams.

While they are being lovey-dovey, Towako tells him that they should prepare for school. Soon, they take a bath together. Yuuga helps Towako blow dry her hair. They dress each other up while continue on kissing. Towako thinks, “Feeling this person’s warmth, it is as if one has undergone rebirth to the point of satisfaction. I wish that this moment will continue on till eternity...” They stop kissing and say that they will be late. While Towako wonders why she feels like that, the two face the school. Yuuga comments that they used up almost three hours [before getting there] and they should go in. Towako says okay. Soon, Towako is blushing and dizzy over the way the embarrassing way they dressed each other up. She wonders why now and could it be because she is returning to reality. She freaks out upon noticing that Yuuga is staring at her. She blushes really red when Yuuga suddenly kisses her. She exclaims why he suddenly did that. Blushing Yuuga says that it is because they cannot do that when they go in the classroom. While Yuuga whistles as he go in class and greets his friends, Towako wonders what’s up with Yuuga [<- since he used to be so uptight] and then, she notices that it seems that Yuuga is more beautiful than he usually is. Towako overhears the girls also noticing this though Yuuga usually just smiles at the other guys. To everyone’s surprise, Yuuga calls out to Towako. In Super Shiny Eye, Yuuga tells her that they look at the notes that his friends lend him, together. While the other girls are mesmerized by this, Towako is freaking since he said it out loud, even if he is already standing in front of everyone. While Yuuga is looking clueless, Yasumochi is freaking out that Yuuga would suddenly intimately smile and invite a girl ‘let’s look at it together’. “What is going on, what could have happened to him?!” Yuuga lightly chops him on the head and asks what that comment is about. He decides to let him be and goes to the desk where Towako is so that they look at the notes together. The other girls comment that Yasumochi’s observation is true for Yuuga is obviously in a very good mood that the girls in other classrooms are looking in there to see Yuuga. Some jealous girls comment that it seems that he is very close with Towako and what could have happened to Yuuga.

Ding dong, it is lunch break. Towako looks for Reimi and Saho, since she wants to talk to them but they are already walking out of the classroom. She goes out to call them but a group of jealous girls surround Towako and ask if they can talk with her for a while. Soon, they corner her at the back of the building. Towako wonders what’s with this situation. She happily asks if they are going to invite her for lunch. While the girls are irritated and jealous, Towako continues to happily says that she finds it interesting that she will get to eat with a lot of people but sorry, she has something to do right now so could they wait a bit. Turning away while holding her bento, Towako tells them that she’ll get Reimi and Saho to join them, too. The girls got scared if Towako calls those other two. They call Towako to stop for she obviously cannot read the situation especially since this isn’t a place to eat lunch, and they have a problem with her. Towako asks what she did to them. They exclaim that it is about Yuuga and what is really their relationship. Towako becomes nervous since Yuuga told her not to tell the others. The jealous girls say that even if they are relatives, she shouldn’t be too involved with him for Yuuga belongs to everyone. They say that she is getting away with it because she is an ojousama and she has a lot of money. They threaten her not to get close to Yuuga. While Towako is wondering what’s going on and what are they trying to tell her, someone asks the girls what they are doing. They turn to see that it is Setsuna. [Long time no see..=P] The girls start to whisper that it is Towako’s younger brother and they heard that he is a second year prince-like transfer student. This made them more irritated at Towako. Setsuna looks at them then coughs. The girls back away as Towako asks Setsuna if he is okay. Setsuna apologizes and asks Towako to bring him to the doctor. Towako says that is no problem. She apologizes to the girls that she will be leaving first. The girls can only tell her to do as she pleases. Setsuna coughs a bit more and asks if they are Towako’s friends. He smiles at them and says that if it is so, he would also want to become their good friends. This made the girls gaga over him. The girls change their tune and say that they are good friends with Towako and they all ought to eat lunch together next time. While they tell them to quickly go to the doctor, Setsuna hurriedly takes Towako by the shoulder and says that they should go. Sitting by the side of another[?] building, Towako asks Setsuna if he was lying in order to help her. Setsuna says that it is better to do that rather than to clumsily resist [them]. Towako asks where he learned to do that but then, she thanks him. Towako thinks that it has been a long time since she has talked with him and could this be the reason. Looking at Setsuna who isn’t looking at her, Towako thinks that it seems like he is a different person. Setsuna says that he heard that she didn’t come home yesterday. This made Towako embarrassed as she tensely admits that it is true. Setsuna sadly asks, “Sis, are you happy right now?” Towako blushes and smiles before saying she is. She sadly says, “But, for the others who just now, also likes Yuuga, I’m definitely a detestable existence.. (just like how it was before with Sawaguchi and Mizuno also..) Even if Renjou Kaoru says that ‘it cannot be helped’..”

To Towako’s surprise, Setsuna says, “Yes, one shouldn’t sympathize [for the other], because loving someone yet not [able to be] loved in return is a loser. *Towako looks at Setsuna* It meant that one’s own perseverance [to love the other] and charisma isn’t enough.” Towako wonders why Setsuna say it that way and why he had such a sorrowful expression. Setsuna closes his eyes and then he tells her to quickly eat else lunch break is over. Towako sweatdrops and says that is right. She asks him if he already ate. He says yes. Towako thinks that she has also seen that kind expression on Setsuna before. It was when he has to move away to a treatment facility. “But, that child won’t say anything, he always won’t say anything and keeps everything within his heart.” At the hallway, Himeno is happy over a picture of a cat that he took a picture of on his cellphone. He then sees Towako and Setsuna together. He remembers hearing from Miju that Setsuna likes Towako. He becomes tense for Miju’s love life is in danger. He decides to inform Yuuga first. At the roof where Yuuga is eating with his friends, Yuuga just says, ‘So what’. Himeno exclaims that Towako and that grieving guy [Setsuna] are eating together so isn’t he angry. Yuuga calmly says what is there to be angry about when they are siblings. “It isn’t necessary for me to get angry over this.” To Yuuga’s surprise, Himeno observes that it seems he has become quite calm and easygoing. Yuuga says that he is like that before. Himeno exclaims that it isn’t so because before, when he just gets near Towako a bit, he would become agitated that it makes one find it more interesting [<- want to tease him more]. “What, what, what happened?” Yuuga’s friends rib blushing Yuuga, that it was ‘that’. Yuuga sweatdrops and exclaims why are they butting in this, too. While Himeno is clueless, Yuuga’s friends happily tell Yuuga that it is useless to hide it for he is emitting a happy aura. It is also because he is so flashy that the girls are passionately looking at him. Yuuga sweatdrops and says that he didn’t know. Himeno muses out loud that he never thought that Yuuga can easily be seen through. Yuuga angrily says that he doesn’t want to be told that by Himeno who would just tell the other what he thinks. Himeno exclaims that he also conceals faults and he would only say it if it is evident. Pointing at Yuuga, Himeno tells him that is his bad point for it is already obvious on Yuuga’s face yet he won’t say it. For Yuuga, that is his road to survival. Yuuga angrily tells him that he cannot make out of what Himeno is saying and he shouldn’t just saying things as he pleases. To Yuuga’s shock, Himeno tells him, “I have always thought of it before and To-chan [<- Towako; his nickname for her] also mentioned it- She said that you never told her that she’s ‘cute’ and you definitely haven’t told her ‘I like you’.” This stabs Yuuga’s heart for it is true. Himeno giggles and tells Yuuga that this won’t do at all for girls [including Towako] would also want Yuuga to use words to convey to her but for Yuuga, that is perhaps, hard to do. “You feel that if you yourself know about it, then it is fine~~ you also get excited all by yourself~~”

Yuuga is aghast and bleeding from the multiple stabs that Himeno said. Yuuga becomes gloomy and frustrated for he just got himself lectured by Himeno. Himeno is really happy for he finally feels like a winner against Yuuga. Himeno thinks that like this, Yuuga will treasure Towako more which in turn, won’t give Setsuna any place to get between them. Walking away, he happily wishes Miju ‘gambatte’ then he becomes gloomy over getting himself worked up for other people. In classroom 3-2, Towako asks Reimi if Saho has already left. Reimi says that Saho’s family called up and it seems that something happened so she hurried home. Towako apologizes to Reimi about yesterday and it isn’t because she doesn’t treasure Yuuga. Reimi angrily shouts that she knows, so shut up. “I’ve also reflected on it and I’ve said some cruel things. You really put me in a bad mood. Do you know that just being with you for some time, Yuuga can become very happy? Only you can make him have that kind of expression, so you ought to make him forever happy..” Towako blushes, and smiles over this. Towako thanks her which made Reimi to angrily ask if she really understands [what she is telling her?]. A female student comes in and says that in the next optional class, they are to self-study Japanese history. The girls are sad that Kaoru isn’t coming while the guys are happy about it. Towako is surprised to hear the others wondering what happened for lately, Kaoru isn’t coming to class and because his absences are quite long that they are already looking for another teacher to replace him. Meanwhile, Ritsu is watching Saho, clad in a kimono, arranging some flowers. He comments that since then and until now, her expression has always been quite frightening. Ritsu asks what happened and is she still angry at him. Saho says that it is both for he suddenly did that thing to Towako and even if he likes her, he should know the things he can and cannot do. Ritsu comments that it seems his eye for things is good and it was Saho who invited him to join the camping. Saho says that it is because she didn’t know that he’ll do that unfathomable thing. Ritsu looks at her and smiles. He tells her, “—do you want me to tell you? My name is Nigami Ritsuki.” [Special thanks to bebexiu for the raw scans which enabled me to know how his name is read.] Saho looks at him in surprise that she mutters, “--What?” Still smiling Ritsuki says, “Saho, I.. I’ve regained my memories.” As Yuuga and Towako are going to the car, Yuuga tries to tell Towako something but he wasn’t able to do it. It only made Towako wonder what that is about. Narration: “Within our hearts, we were fully happy and satisfied, to the point that we didn’t notice the things that are changing around us nor did we notice that there is huge vortex which is going to strike at our direction-- Besides, from that day on, Renjou Kaoru and Mizuno-chan didn’t go to school again.”

Side story: This is about Towako’s ancestor, Tokifumi during the Sengoku era. [Ah, names are invented in accordance to the kanji.] According to tradition, he has to get married with someone of the same birthday as his. He isn’t too interested in it but for the Gokurakuin family, he will do it. After some search and gossips, they find a poor girl who matches the requirements. Tokifumi isn’t too thrilled that a dirty girl would be his bride. The girl exclaims that she wanted to go back to her family. She is quite feisty and speaks her mind that it amuses Tokifumi to no end. He laughs and tells her not to worry for they are giving a lot of wealth to her family. The girl tries to protest that isn’t the issue here since it isn’t about the money but being with her family. Tokifumi says that he doesn’t understand what she is saying but she can relax for from today on, she will be his bride. Soon, they started to live together for 7 days alone. Tokifumi assures her that everything will be provided for. He asks her about her name. She tells him that it is Yuzuru. Being ignorant of things, he strips her since he wants her to change her clothes. He laughs over being slapped for it. ^^; During that time, they eat together, Yuzuru shows that she is not afraid of snakes and he teaches her how to write. Soon, they pretty much got along with each other. One day, Tokifumi says that they are going out and since it is against the rules, they’ll just have to make sure that they aren’t found out. They go horseback riding. Yuzuru is having fun. Then, she sees a coniferous tree and says that her name is from that ‘Yuzuha’ which meant that ‘parents were able to give birth to a child’ and they hope that child will cherish one’s life and be a good child. She wonders how her father and siblings are doing. Tokifumi says that she is always worried about her family but he doesn’t understand that since his mother died of illness earlier on, his father died in a war while his siblings are always fighting for the right to heir the family. He wants to show his fighting abilities to win the ministers’ trust and confidence in him, and also to make the family name famous. Yuzuru says that as a commoner, she doesn’t understand that, for there will be sacrifices because of war and having a name isn’t that important because for her and her kind, what’s important is to be always with the people they love and pass on the land to the next generation. Yuzuru tries to tell him that if one dies, it is all over but to her surprise, Tokifumi tells her that he isn’t afraid of dying. They hurry back but Yuzuru becomes sad because she wants him to live.

Soon, they are formally married. The people were at first apprehensive since his wife is a commoner but they are satisfied since Tokifumi looks really happy. Afterwards, they are asked by a country to ally with them in order to fight a bigger country. Yuzuru tries to dissuade him because she finds it meaningless. He tells her that if they win, they will have fame and glory but for Yuzuru, her only concern is for him to be with her forever. Tokifumi just smiles and tells his men to get ready. The battle is quite fierce. There is a chance of victory if the whole army charges in and attack. Tokifumi is distress for he won’t be able to fulfill Yuzuru’s wish. Then, the enemy country send a letter asking them to side with them and they will guarantee them fame and glory. Some ministers do not want to do that kind of thing since it will ruin their name while the others are worried about their families. A ninja girl tells Yuzuru about the proposal and about the high possibility of Tokifumi refusing the proposal. Yuzuru believes it, too since Tokifumi isn’t afraid of dying. She quickly heads out to Tokifumi while followed by her ninja girl. At the battlefield, Tokifumi cannot decide yet since he is considering Yuzuru. Suddenly, leaves of the coniferous tree are floating down from the sky. It is Yuzuru, with the help of her ninja girl, who is throwing the leaves down to them from an overhanging cliff. Tokifumi remembers Yuzuru telling her about the meaning of the leaves = wishes for the child, and living together with one’s loved ones. Then, Tokifumi makes his decision. At the cliff, Yuzuru turns around to see Tokifumi. Yuzuru goes to him and hugs him. Tokifumi says that he thought that just by marrying her, he can go ahead to battle without hesitation but mysteriously, even if he isn’t afraid of dying, he wants to live, live together with her. And so, Tokifumi return to their kingdom and made a peace pact with the enemy. Soon, instead of allying with some other state, they will broker peace treaties that they become a neutral country. Even if it isn’t in the history, they had a major contribution and that is the origin of Gokurakuin family’s fame and prosperity. Yuuga says that he isn’t quite moved by that. Towako asks how can that be for it shows how his wife had changed the lord and she [Towako] is alive now thanks to her. Still lying beside a huge coniferous tree, Yuuga says that makes him a bit thankful. Towako sweatdrops and asks why only a little.


  1. I am very thankful for the summaries.
    This is already a happy ending so I want to stop here.
    I am a fan of this manga eversince and I was really excited when I found your blog.
    However, it is already too long, like 100+ chapters. I read 105 and I dont know who the main lead anymore. I cant take the heart break :-(
    But Im positive it will end good. Again thank you so much.

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      The ending is a happy ending from what I heard.


  2. Thank you sooo much. I have been lookibg for this for the past years.