June 14, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 30]

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Everyone in the classroom and outside the streets had all passed out. Floating blobs of blood head towards Ella, together with Shiden. Ella happily says, “These ‘blood’ will become my strength, then afterwards, I will become a gear in activating father’s creation of the perfect system [/device]. Quickly come and play, Anis.” Narration: “Endless night- because there won’t be a morning anymore. [I] can no longer go back to school again. I bid farewell to ‘the me’ until now. What’s waiting for me ahead is an unknown, bottomless abyss.” Punishment 30: Hearing Your Song on the End of the World. Itsushi tells Anis that there is a machine installed at a tall building which causes the surge of Yakoh’s ‘power’ to spread so right now, the whole city should be sleeping within that ‘kekkai’ [/barrier]. Anis flatly asks what this ‘kekkai’ is. Itsushi tries to explain to her that it is taking out a different space dimension from the real world but only this type is putting everyone in deep sleep. Anis interrupts and tells him to tell her about it in simpler terms. “What are we to do in order to protect the Arcana cards? What are we to do in order to save Yakoh?” Anis thinks that it is enough to just remember the important things. Itsushi tells that what he knows is Schwartz activated a ‘machine/gear’ which is pretty much that Fake Dominion girl so if they are to stop her, they can pretty much stop the ‘machine’. They also have to prevent the others from taking their Arcana cards. But, regarding how to wake Yakoh up, they can only ask Schwartz himself about it. Scratching her head, Anis says okay for in the end, they would still have to ask her father about it. She asks about the time limit. Based on his estimate, Itsushi says that it would probably be for 4 hours wherein Yakoh can keep this up. Idel is shock by this for it turns out that Yakoh is really weak. As she starts to run off with the others and thinking that even running would do, Anis shouts that they already know the important stuff and their target is her father in some building. Narration: “Listen up, Anis. Located downtown [/city center], there is a tall building which is still under construction. That is the last goal, Schwartz’s stronghold. But, first, you should locate Fake Dominion, -‘Ella’ and stop her!” Outside, Anis sees a blob which looks like a red moon. Idel says that Ella is below that blood sphere for it is what sucks the blood from the people in the streets. Anis realizes that they made everyone sleep in order to take their blood so, they must hurry.
Then, Anis notices some of the people starting to walk towards them like zombies. Someone says that he won’t let her through. Anis says that everyone is sleeping yet why would they.. Tenjoh tells her to get back for they ought to be controlled by the power of the Grey Rose. Anis remembers Itsushi telling them that the power of the Grey Rose is to control people who are in suspended animation/’dead’ or dark magical creatures wherein he uses ‘zombie powder’ to control dead spirits. Kaede says that even if they are being controlled, those people are still alive so even if he would want to quickly finish them, he cannot just attack them. Idel goes in front and tells Kaede to back down. Idel starts to sing as he shouts that he’ll make them sleep again using his voice. Anis remembers Idel’s power is ‘sound’. Smiling Idel asks if his lullaby is beautiful. Tenjoh says that using ‘sound’ to disrupt the three semicircular canals* is not a bad decision [*tiny, fluid-filled tubes in your inner ear that help you keep your balance. Source: kidshealth.org]. Tenjoh observes that making that temporary Rose Contract had also upgraded Idel’s power but.. Seiran quickly goes to Anis who looks ill and asks if she is alright. Anis says yes and she is only a bit dizzy. Anis remembers being told that a ‘temporary contract’ is simply relying on a linked card’s unstable contract so she cannot just recklessly use it. Anis thinks that this is really hard but this is the only way. Anis praises Idel that what he did is nice and he should keep it up. Idel looks at her and tells her that they should go on ahead. Anis is surprised by this. Facing the ‘zombies’, Idel tells her that he will gather the ‘sound’ and completely stop those guys there so that Anis and the others can take the opportunity to slowly progress forward. Anis protests how she could leave him there by himself. Patting her head, Idel calls her stupid for what else is the reason that they had the ‘contact’, and wasn’t he making her feel dizzy. Anis backs away and shouts for him not to deliberately make a joke and waste her blood. Idel turns around and tells her to carry on. Anis says, geez and urges him to quickly catch up with them. Quiet Tenjoh looks thoughtful as he looks at Idel. As he whistles and waves back as he faces the approaching ‘zombies’, Idel thinks that they [Anis & others] are the ones who can wake Yakoh up.
While running, Tenjoh tells Anis that they don’t have much time so they ought to split up into two. He and Seiran will to towards the blood sphere and even if he doesn’t know if they can stop ‘Ella’ but they will think of a way to break the blood sphere. Anis is to go towards the tall building together with Kaede and Mutsuki. While telling Tenjoh okay, Anis feels uneasy about splitting up, though it is necessary to quickly to go to where her father is. Anis shouts for Tenjoh and Seiran to be careful. Tenjoh calls out to her and says, “No matter what happens afterwards, you definitely must not turn back.” Anis looks at him and thinks, ‘definitely’ = do not stop. Soon, Idel is breathing hard. He mutters that his audience just keeps on increasing and just won’t end. He remembers Anis telling him to quickly catch up with them. Idel mutters Anis’ name. He takes out his rose card. While saying thanks, Idel sadly rips it into two. “I do not want to add up more troubles for you [and the others].” Preparing for one more attack, Idel thinks, “Even if it’s a ‘Fake’s power and even if this second body will corrode to become practically nothing, this is the ‘power’ that I desired. *Idel fires another attack then vomits out blood* I do not want someone else to substitute for me in bearing this pain. But, if it is you guys, I willingly ask you, Anis. No matter what, please definitely save Yakoh.” Somewhere else, sad looking Ella says, “Orange Rose and the Green Rose, have no way of forming a contract- with me as the Fake Dominion.. They apparently thought that it is because their magic’s power is too weak. Actually, it is a bit different for it is because their bonds with each other is too deep, so I have no way of going in to ‘dominate’ them.. and that is how it is.” After using his power one last time, Idel sadly smiles as he falls on the ground. “Hey, did you hear my singing? Even if this sound disappears, it can still replace me in realizing my dream, right?” Anis suddenly feels something and says that it feels really strange. Kaede calls out to her but Anis is already becoming frantic as she says that from a while ago, she always hasn’t been feeling that link with Idel. She thinks that it isn’t only this, but just now, something has definitely happened to Idel. Anis turns around and says that she’ll go help him. Kaede puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her not to turn back. “Didn’t you promise that you’ll go save the Green Rose?” Anis is worried about Idel using his Fake Knight Power when his body is in that state. Anis insists that it’s really strange and she is sure of this. Holding her to him, Kaede shouts at her, “Anis! That guy believed in us, also believed in you!” Anis looks serious as she thinks to keep on moving forward and not stopping. Mutsuki seems to look at them. Then, he says that rather than going back, it will comparatively quicker if they just stop that.
Mutsuki points to the side of the street where Yokuto materializes. Yokuto says that it is quite unexpected for them to reach this place quickly. He wonders out loud if the people he made into ‘zombies’ weren’t enough. While worried about Idel, Anis shouts for Yokuto to quickly immediately stop controlling the city’s residents. Deciding to defeat Yokuto, Anis calls out to Kaede. Kaede takes out his katana from his palm. He apologizes to Mutsuki for he is going to fight with Mutsuki’s brother with his full strength. Anis nervous looks at Mutsuki who is looking ahead to the fight. She thinks that it is only by killing Yokuto again, can he be stopped. “If it is possible, I would have wanted Mutsuki and the Grey Rose to settle up their past, but right now, if we don’t hurry and defeat the Grey Rose, Idel will be in danger!” While Mutsuki and Anis continues to watch Kaede trying to slice Yokuto, Yokuto exclaims that this is bad for he is controlling too many puppets so he cannot call out the dead spirits. “Please be lenient with me.” Kaede shouts for him to quit joking around. Anis thinks that Kaede is also quite serious that currently, he is using his Red Rose’s ‘power’ to breakthrough. Then, he slights turns as his arm got slashed [I think], Yokuto smiles sinisterly and says, “If you don’t do that, won’t you die?” Suddenly, to Anis’ shock, Kaede got slashed by Mutsuki’s strings. Anis turns to Mutsuki and asks what he is doing. Mutsuki snubs her and continues to slash Kaede who shouts for Anis not to come near. Yokuto happily says, “Thank you for saving me.. my cute [younger] brother.. I knew you would like it..! The ‘gift’ that I gave you.” Anis is confused as to what the heck is going on. On the ground, bloodied Kaede asks, “Black.. Rose.. are..you serious..?” While opening up his uniform’s collar, Mutsuki replies, “Yes, I seriously want to kill you.” Then, they are all surprised to see a black collar on Mutsuki’s neck. Aghast, Anis exclaims what that is, on his neck. Yokuto goes to Mutsuki and tells, Anis, “This is my specially made Madougu.*. Rose Princess, your ‘Dominion’ is no longer effective on my Mutsuki.” [*madougu is also known as 'psychic devices' or 'elemental weapons'.] While wondering what Yokuto meant by that, Anis calls out to Mutsuki and exclaim if he is being controlled by the Grey Rose. Hoping that Mutsuki would wake up, Anis uses her thorny vines on him. To her surprise, it has no effect. Mutsuki tells her, “I am not being controlled, I.. *holding his hand towards tense scowling Anis* Anis, I want you to be only mine.” Blurb: “Could it be that the Black Rose betrayed everyone!?”
Scans by AMH字幕組.

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