June 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 15]

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In Hakuyou country, at one of the houses in the Han residence, the [poison] lady is happily singing while mixing up a brew with mushrooms and all sorts of herbs. Kouju enters and calls out to Touka if she is there. Touka acknowledges her and says that she is currently busy brewing a concoction that she cannot just leave it. Kouju says that she is also in a hurry. She asks Touka about that energy drink that Kouju prepared for her when she has a fever. “Do you still have that one?” Still mixing her concoction, puzzled Touka asks if she is sick. Kouju tells her that it isn’t for her but rather for His Majesty and Her Highness, whom she heard were sick that they weren’t able to go to the imperial palace for a few days. [<- alibi for the trip?] Kouju plans to go visit them. Touka tells Kouju that she still has one more of that energy drink on the table in a small vial. Kouju sees a small vial with leaf decoration, on the table. She thinks that it is the one so she takes it and thanks Touka before leaving. After Touka ladled her newly finished brew in a container, she stretches her arms a bit and notices a small plain vial on the table. She is puzzled when Kouju has supposedly taken it already so why is the energy drink still there. She goes into shock that other thing is missing. Touka starts to become tense since it seems that Kouju took the wrong medicine. At the palace, Yuulin holds the vial and asks if this is Han’s special energy drink. While Yuulin thinks that it looks expensive, Kouju says that she hopes that Yuulin will get well soon [<-be more energetic] with that medicine. Yuulin happily thanks her and apologizes for making her worried. Touju is really happy to hear that. While Yuulin thinks Kouju is so cute, Yuulin thinks that she just came back from a visit to her hometown so she is quite energetic. After the end of her satisfying ‘visit home’ trip, she can go back to work without regrets. And about the Wolf King..he is really tired from doing all the work that has piled up during the vacation. Yuulin sees exhausted Reishou resting on the sofa that Yuulin asks if there is a problem and is the situation really bad. Aghast, Reishou sits up and says it’s nothing but it is only that, the trip has been discovered by the prime minister that he [Reishou] was given a bit more jobs..and he [the pm] was even more unforgiving than Jun that he [Reishou] wasn’t even given some time to rest his brain. Yuulin is shock that it is someone much worse than Jun. Yuulin feels sorry for him because Reishou really hates [paper/affairs type of] work and he looks as if he is in a daze.

Yuulin suddenly remembers about the medicine. She takes it out and tells him to take this as a gift. She says that it is an energy drink which can make his tiredness disappear. Reishou becomes a whimpering puppy and says that he doesn’t like medicines. Yuulin shouts at him for acting like a kid, and just take it for the meantime. Reishou blushes and takes the vial. He smiles and thanks her. Yuulin blushes over this. Thinking that even if she is acting as the imperial concubine, she would want to least become a little bit of use to him. Yuulin tells Reishou that if there are times when he is reluctant/having difficulties [at work], then he should do some fainting type of thing. Reishou just sheepishly says that it is burdensome if it is handled that way. Yuulin thinks that she doesn’t quite understand the problems at his work but at least, she can manage the health issue. Even so, how things in this world can turn out into something someone doesn’t expect. The next day, Yuulin is surprised to see flustered Kouju approaching her. Yuulin is surprised and asks if they have an appointment to meet that day. Distressed Kouju apologizes to Yuulin over something that she has done and she absolutely didn’t do it deliberately. Yuulin tries to calm her down and asks her what happened. Crying Kouju tells her that the medicine she gave Yuulin yesterday isn’t an energy drink but rather, it seems to be a love potion, according to her family’s pharmacist. It is to attract love with the opposite sex who is at one’s side or it could perhaps be used by a couple to reconcile again after a quarrel. Kouju tearfully says that it is quite rude of her to give such a gift to a happy couple such as His Majesty and Her Highness. Trembling Kouju is really scared over how angry Reishou will become because of this. Yuulin is aghast for Reishou has caused a trauma in Kouju’s heart. Yuulin quickly tries to pacify Kouju by telling her not to cry, it will be alright and he isn’t angry because he hasn’t drink it yet. Kouju asks if it is true, then that’s good to hear. She asks Yuulin to please throw that medicine away. After Kouju left, Yuulin begins to wonder what to do. She said those things in order to pacify Kouju but she already gave it to Reishou. She becomes really tense that she gave a love potion to Reishou but she tells herself to first calm down and deal with this is a composed manner. She thinks that based on how Reishou reacted to the medicine yesterday [thinking that it must have tasted bad], he definitely hasn’t drink it yet.

Soon, Yuulin nervously asks Reishou about the medicine yesterday. “Did you already drink it..?” Reishou seems surprised by this but he tells her that he didn’t drink it. Blushing Yuulin exclaims that regarding that, it turns out that there has been a mistake for it seems that the after-effect is really bad so she wants it back. Yuulin mentally apologizes to him for lying because she just wants to get it and throw it away without mentioning that this is Kouju’s mistake since one can be made to disappear, for giving a love potion to the king. To Yuulin’s shock, Reishou apologizes and says that he gave it to someone else. Yuulin asks to whom he gave it to. Still looking puzzled, Reishou says that it is Houen. While Yuuli is going into disbelief mode, Reishou explains that it seems that because he skipped work, Houen got involved in it that he wasn’t able to finish his work. Flashback: Reishou pitied Houen for looking totally exhausted while still trying to work. Reishou asked him if he is alright. Houen told him not to worry about him. Because of that, Reishou couldn’t help but give that medicine to him. End flashback. Reishou says that anyway, Houen looked really happy over it so whatever after-effect it had, he probably won’t mind it. Yuulin falls down on the floor for the medicine is given to Houen who thinks that she should just stay at the harem. While puzzled over her reaction, Reishou worriedly asks calls out to Yuulin. Later on, Reishou goes to see Gen about the medicine that he asked Gen to investigate on a few days ago. [<- I think he meant some other medicine.] Gen becomes excited and asks if it is that energy drink. It turns out that Reishou had it check on before and then, while thinking that he hates medicines, he gave it to Houen. Beaming in happiness, Gen asks if it is that energy drink that Her Highness has given to him. “How can I say this.. It’s actually a kind of energy drink. Hohoho, this is something that oldies would be anxious [/worried] about..” Aghast, Reishou tells him to clearly explain it. To his surprise, Gen tells him that it is a medicine that makes one go doki-doki in love, or in simple terms, it is love potion and he didn’t expect Yuulin to actually have a backbone to do that. [It seems that Gen is thinking of it as some sort of Viagra-type of medicine =P] While Reishou is still in disbelief that it was a love potion, he imagines what Yuulin has been doing for a ‘healthy lifestyle’. Yuulin would tell him that to maintain his health, he should always drink radish and fresh ginger soup. She would also tell him that staying up all night is health’s biggest enemy and even if it is cold, he should be careful about catching a cold. Reishou thinks, “Yuulin? Towards me?” Then, he stops considering it when Gen is now imagining about having a heir soon and what the child would look like. Then, Reishou remembers flustered Yuulin telling her that it is a mistake.

Somewhere else, Yuulin asks Houen to give the medicine back to her. The two then exchange glares at each other. Irritated Houen says that is really baffling [for her to ask] but then, it is something bestowed to him by His Majesty so why would he give it to Yuulin. Yuulin nervously asks if he already drank it. Houen tells her not to say such foolish things for it is something given to him by His Majesty so how could he just easily drink it. He had carefully put in a container box where it can be cautious brought back to his house. Aghast, Yuulin asks why he did that. Houen tells her that Reishou is a terribly busy king that it is very important for him [Houen] when Reishou took time to worry about the health of an official like him. Flashback: Reishou held out a vial to Houen and said that it is said to be an energy drink, does he want it, and it might taste awful. End flashback. Houen tells Yuulin that medicine is proof of what happened so no matter what the reason is, he doesn’t plan on giving it to anyone. Yuulin tries to tell him that it isn’t so because Reishou really doesn’t want to drink it himself. Houen didn’t listen to what she says and just tells her that he doesn’t have idle time to talk with her about this so he’s leaving. Yuulin is shock for Houen is still a willful and stubborn guy. In her room, Yuulin rests at the sofa and thinks that she can only pray that Houen would keep on treating it as a memento and no one would drink it. “Haha, forget it..everything just won’t go smoothly..” She looks in surprise when someone holds up the leaf-decorated vial in front of her and asks, “—are you tired, Yuulin? Do you want this?” Yuulin quickly turns around to see Reishou. She tries to get the vial but Reishou holds it up from her reach. Yuulin exclaims that is the.. Reishou tells her that he gave Houen something else so Houen gave it to him to the point of even hurriedly going back home and returning it to him. Yuulin mentally called Houen an idiot. Yuulin insists that Reishou give it back to her. Reishou smiles and asks her what she plans to do after getting it back. “I think that it isn’t necessary for an acting married couple.” Yuulin nervously asks smiling Reishou if he already knows what’s inside. Reishou didn’t reply. Blushing in extreme embarrassment, Yuulin exclaims, “No, that’s not right, it is totally just a mistake!! I totally do not have any plans to give His Majesty a love potion to drink! Totally none at all! There is really none, not even a little bit, please believe me--” All what she said pricks Reishou [<- what she said means = not interested in him ^^;] Reishou starts to frown and look serious when Yuulin keeps on telling him that it is only a mistake.

To her horror, Reishou drinks the medicine. He then asks her, “—didn’t you give that to me? And you plan to give and use it to someone else, right?” Still in shock and wondering why he would drink it, Yuulin exclaims that is impossible for her to do that since using a love potion is quite unreasonable and one cannot achieve love that way. “It’s absolutely just a misunderstanding.” Yuulin is surprised when Reishou says that is true. To her shock, Reishou goes to the window and throws out the contents of the vial. Reishou smiles and tells her that he didn’t drink it. “I just pretended that I did. It’s okay not to use this. If one used it to make something easily become his[/hers], then it will be boring. *smiles at Yuulin who is looking at him* Unable to predict what will happen and for things to move not in accordance to what one wishes, is lots of fun, right.” Yuulin blushes as her heart is beating loudly. To her shock, Reishou asks if this drink is from Han Kouju. Realizing that it has been found out, Yuulin tells him that it is really just an accident so please do not get angry. Reishou thinks that he really cannot easily trust that family. Yuulin wonders if it is really fun. “Is that how it is? –even if one shouldn’t use a love potion, but for things to happen not as one wishes and if the person whom one likes cannot be attained no matter what, that will definitely be very painful--..” Later on, Reishou is holding a small plain vial and asks if that is the real energy drink. Yuulin says yes for Kouju sent them lots as an apology. There is a scene of crying Kouju tearfully saying that she made Touka made lots of that medicine. There is a box of six vials of energy drink on the table. Yuulin thinks that if she knew this is how it will turn out, it would have been better for her to tell Reishou the truth. Then, Yuulin exclaims, “So that’s how it is, Your Majesty! These should be very beneficial to your health! So, please drink all of it! This has already been checked by teacher.” [<- Chou Gen. That is how they call him as an elder.] Flustered Yuulin thinks that she should redeem back her reputation. Reishou laughs and tells her to drink it because if Yuulin is energetic, then he’ll also be energetic. This surprises and makes Yuulin blush really red. Yuulin exclaims that he hates the medicine [that is why he said that]. Yuulin thinks that the things in this world cannot change to what one wishes but incidentally, if something like this happens, it is for the best to hide it from the other person. The last scene is Jun angrily calling out to Yuulin as to what is that ‘depending on medicine for love-love’ stuff that Gen is talking about. Scared, Yuulin asks what he meant by that.

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