June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 45]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on February 26, 2011

Continuing from last time, Kotori holds on to Yukito tightly. Yukito is blushing really red. He is totally speechless with hands up. Yukito thinks, “This kind of situation.. Can I!? What am I to do? Real...really want to hug her, but.. *aghast* if I did, I might not be able to stop.” From the school building, a male friend calls Abe while looking out the window. He asks Abe if that guy is Yukito. Abe looks out and blushes. The other friend is asking what those two could be doing there. They are shock to see that Kotori is hugging Yukito tightly yet Yukito is holding up his arms [<- lol, like a yoga pose.] The two guys are speechless over what kind of situation is that, are they trying to contact aliens. =P Back to the couple, Kotori wonders why Yukito isn’t hugging her when she wanted him to hug her tightly just like what he did earlier. So, she decides to give it one more try. To Yukito’s shock, Kotori hugs him tighter as tight as she could with all her strength. While Yukito is freaking out, Kotori had somewhat pushed him backwards down on the ground. Blushing Kotori quickly sits up and apologizes to speechless Yukito. While Yukito is somewhat holding his head, Kotori keeps on asking if he is alright, did he bump his head, and I’m sorry. When Yukito looks up to her, Kotori is already on top of him. Kotori asks if it hurts. Blushing Yukito looks away and says that it hurts, really hurts but he thinks that if she gently stroke it a few times, it will become okay. Kotori did as told. She asks if it is that way. Yukito mutters, yes. While she continues to stroke his head, Yukito suddenly holds her hand and sits up. This surprises Kotori. Then, Yukito leans towards her to kiss her when he suddenly notices something at the side. He quickly backs away and exclaims in surprise. The two Kaji-s look at the side to see Abe and friend are looking at them from the window. The two Kaji-s are totally embarrassed that they were seen.

Soon, in the classroom, the two guys are still giving the two embarrassed Kaji-s knowing looks. Abe teases them by telling his friend, “Ah, have you seen it? [my darling] wife.” The other guy replies, “Of course, I did, Abe-kun. Geez, those two, they would unexpectedly do lovey-dovey stuff within the school” Abe says that’s right, they aren’t embarrassed at all. To Kotori’s embarrassment, they tell each other that Kotori had pushed Yukito down and it’s really inconsistent with her external appearance for it turns out that she is quite enthusiastic [/passionate about this]. Kotori tries to deny that it isn’t so. Abe asks her how can that be, when she obviously initiated the attack. Kotori insists that even if it seems like that, but it really isn’t like that. Blushing Abe asks what she meant by that and is it a tongue twister. Kotori tells them that they are so strange and she’s also getting infected by them. Abe laughs and says that is okay, it doesn’t really matter and there’s no need to be that embarrassed. “The two of you had already progressed to the last step of a relationship--” Kotori becomes shock that she exclaims what he meant by that. Putting his arm around speechless Yukito’s shoulders, Abe says, “Right?” Blushing Kotori still asks what Abe meant by that, why is he saying that and they still haven’t... Abe says that is okay, there’s no need to explain but then, being easily embarrassed are their [2 Kaiji-s] nature. Before leaving, Abe complains that their relationship has progressed smoothly that it makes him jealous. The other friend says not to mind that since it is just a bachelor’s tantrum. “Just continue on being romantically lovey-dovey, gambatte--” Kotori sheepishly smiles over it. She wonders out loud why it is like that and it felt as if things are somewhat strange. Kotori suddenly blushes since she realizes that Abe’s ‘gambatte’ before actually meant ‘that’. She happily tells Yukito what they should do, for they don’t want those two guys to misunderstand for in the end, won’t it become more troublesome. Kotori is surprised-puzzled when blushing Yukito asks if that is really strange..is that thing really strange.

At the restaurant, Kotori is working as the cashier. After serving her customer, she looks at the back to where Yukito is. Kotori blushes then wonders what Yukito meant by what he said. “Is he saying.. that for us, even if that happened, it also doesn’t matter? Is that it? So that means, with.. with Yukito.. Speak..speaking of that, since we are going steady, if that happens one day, then that won’t be all that strange.. Then..then that one day is when? Right now?! If I said that I’m not interested in it, then that’s a lie. But just considering this only from my side, I think that I cannot totally imagine it.. Not really, unless, of course if the other person is Yukito, I can also accept it. But we just made up! Eh? This has nothing to do with just recently making up, right? Even if regarding kissing and hugging, I really feel happy over it and I really like it.. *blushing* bu..but, is it alright? *looks at Yukito in the kitchen again* ..Yukito, do you have this kind of thinking.. Bu..but.. isn’t it too fast?! No, perhaps, it’s a bit.. too slow? Ugh.. it feels like the more I think about it, the more I don’t understand..” Kotori’s monologue is interrupted when Yamagami taps her shoulder and tells her that if she has time to turn left and right [<- looking at Yukito then back out the cashier], then, why don’t she go back to work. Kotori freaks out and apologizes to him. Later on, Keigo greets Kotori ‘good work’ at the hallway and asks if she has finished her work for the day. Kotori says yes and she greets ‘good work’ back to him. Keigo then asks her if it is convenient to talk now. Kotori asks what it is. Keigo tells her that his school has a cultural festival next month so if Kotori has time, would she want to go. While Kotori is thinking over this, Yukito has seen them together and eavesdrop on them.

Noticing that Kotori is hesitating, Keigo assures her that he doesn’t have any strange [/different] meaning to it. He tells her that even Haruna will go. “If you want, you can also go with your boyfriend. You can also treat this as a way of apologizing to you regarding that thing before.. How about it?” Kotori tells him that she would need to talk this over with Yukito before giving Keigo her answer. Keigo says of course. He tells Kotori that his school’s cultural festival is really interesting and she should definitely go because it’s lots of fun. “If you want to go, just tell me about it, Bye.” Kotori says okay. After Keigo left, Kotori continues to think over this when Yukito calls out to her. He asks her if she is going home now. Kotori blushes and says yes. She looks surprised when he asks her if she wants to go to his house today.

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