June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 99]

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Nervous Kento looks at Rihito in disbelief that Rihito came to visit him. After a long pause, Kento suspiciously asks Rihito if he is joking. Rihito asks him back as how he can still joke at a time like this. "How childish." Then, there is another long pause. Kento sits back on his pillow and says, "And so what, afterwards? What do you plan to do.." Rihito asks, "Do what?" Kento sits up again and tells him that it has already been confirmed that those two guys will be [Mei's] bulters so up to when does he plan to ignore it. Rihito tells him that this is what Kintaro-sama wanted and it is also the result of the decision. Kento exclaims that what that cunning old geezer said, is fundamentally.. Suddenly, Kento had a coughing fit. Rihito asks him if he is alright. Glancing at Rihito, Kento says that he has always been a bit afraid [= hair stands up] so does Rihito have any plans. Rihito looks at him and says that Kento is always good at that, in attracting other people's attention. Kento asks, ha? Rihito tells him that because [when he is young,] Kento's body is weak, so whenever he lies sick in bed, everyone will worry about him. "Love to cry, love to be pampered, unabashedly show your weakness.. that is something that I cannot do, that embarrassing face.." Kento says that it seems that Rihito is saying words that are difficult to listen to. Rihito admits to Kento that he is envious of him. This surprises Kento then he looks somewhat sober. He tells his brother, "...What are you saying, I also do not want to be this weak.. I've always.. wanted to become someone like you.." Rihito laughs and says he knows about that. Kento lets out a laugh and says that Rihito is really such a detestable person and a super disappointing brother. "I thought that I will be killed."

Rihito looks surprised over this. Kento says that he thought Rihito came to kill him. Rihito asks why. Kento replies, "Why? ..because.. [I'm] Mei's wedding partner.. The one determined is me.." Suddenly Rihito puts his hand around surprise Kento's neck [to strangle him] and pushed him down on the bed. Kento looks nervous then he closes his eyes as if he is accepting his fate. Rihito tells him to at least resist a bit. Kento smiles and says, "Ah..I know it, that the one that girl truly likes isn't me, (Without me, this world will turn around better.) if I die, Mei will also be more relaxed.." Rihito just looks at him quietly before releasing his grip. As he sits up, Kento coughs for a while [from being choked]. He is puzzled then he sees Rihito heading out the door. Without looking at his younger brother, Rihito bids Kento goodbye and tonight, he is going to take Mei. [<- the word is ‘hug’ but sometimes it means to have sex.] While Kento looks surprised, Rihito turns to him and says that he is also pretty much at his limit. After Rihito left, Kento still looks stunned before becoming speechlessly flustered. He grips the blanket then, curses. At Mei's room, Mei sadly says that she's home. Rihito welcomes her back. He tells her to quickly change her clothes for it is almost time for dinner. Mei thinks that Rihito is acting the same as before even if those things had happened. They were surprised by some knocks on the door. It is Xiang and Fei. They apologize to Mei for the interruption though Rihito should more or less hand over his duties to them. "Because you are no longer Mei's butler."

Rihito bows to leave but Mei tells him that there's no need for him to leave. Mei angrily tells the two to leave for she doesn't trust them yet. Fei tries to protest that Kintarou-sama.. Mei says that if they are really her butlers, shouldn't they first consider her wish. Xiang says that she is right and they will do it as she wishes but this situation will continue only until the day of her marriage with Kento. After the two leaves, there is a silence between the two. Flustered Mei calls out to Rihito and says, about that.. Rihito goes to her and touches her face. They look at each other. Rihito tells her that her eyes are swollen, so something cold should be put on it. Mei thinks that if Rihito takes her then, she won't be at a loss again. Outside, Xiang says to make 'him' disappear then that side of the younger brother.. Fei says that it can be done but why. Xiang says, "In order to push Shibata Rihito into a dead-end. If the younger brother is dead, who do you think will be the number 1 suspect?" Soon, Mei and Rihito join the others in the dining hall. While watching Rihito serving Mei, Miruku comments that those two are acting normal. Claris comments that it is a waste to worry about her but observant Fujiko notices that Mei is looking melancholic. That night, Mei is in bed. She remembers asking Fujiko if something is weird about her because if it is the her before, she will not be at a loss in front of her grandfather and she would loudly declare, ‘I like Rihito-san’. Fujiko told her that it is alright and it isn’t strange at all. Fujiko attributed it to Mei growing up and starting to notice all sorts of things. “Do not be impatient. Until that time comes, the answer will naturally become obvious and then it will just come out. And, it will be— regardless of any worldly common sense, rules, taboo.. it cannot be hindered.” While Mei is sleeping, Rihito with a loosened collar, looks down on her.

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