June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 41-43]

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Miju is watching the television with Himeno. Then, Miju’s adverstisment, wherein she is showing off her mesmerizing ‘shiny eyes’, is shown on the television. While Miju is lost in thought, Himeno happily says that Miju is amazing lately since she is even on the television. Miju asks him if the ‘her’ in the television is cute. Himeno says yes, of course. He becomes tense when Miju exclaims that he should be saying she’s beautiful which is more like her, and that sparkling ‘her’ is more like her. Himeno just agrees with her then asks what happened since she’s acting weird. Miju exclaims that Setsuna is really infuriating because he told her that the ‘her’ with shiny eye is just being flirty and it is more her style if she says what she wants. Somewhat flustered, she asks if Setsuna was mocking her and it is quite baffling since it is making her depressed. Himeno looks a bit surprised and reconfirms with Miju that she is feeling depressed over what Setsuna said. To her surprise, Himeno says that she’s in love. Miju blushes really red and exclaims, eh. Himeno exclaims that it is true since she blushed. Miju continues to deny it. Himeno just says that unexpectedly, that is Miju’s type, and since it is her first love, he’ll support her. Blushing Miju keeps on denying it. Meanwhile, Towako seems to be making a lot of mochi [sticky rice balls] and she is still lost in thought over the sharp words that Setsuna told her before regarding Setsuna is no longer needed since she has Yuuga. She would want Setsuna to be always with her but she cannot say such selfish words. After Tsubaki reminds her that she is making too many mochi, Towako goes to Yuuga to serve the mochi and some tea. Yuuga complains that there are a lot so how could he eat them all. Towako giggles and sweatdrops as she says that there are lots more of it. She asks what he is doing. He tells her that he is studying and stuff because unlike others, he has to work hard because he is a scholar. Towako says is that so, then she snuggles beside him. Yuuga asks what she is doing. Towako tells that she is also going to study. She orders Tsubaki to get her textbooks and notebooks. Yuuga says that she is too near. Towako says that normally, even if she says no, he would still touch her. Yuuga looks away that Towako is a bit puzzled by his reaction. She leans on him and says that he also said that she can let him pampered her. Towako thinks that she feels at ease when she’s beside him. Yuuga blushes and tells her that if she wants to be pampered then she should do it at night. While Towako is puzzled, Yuuga thinks that he is almost at his limit. Towako thinks that this is the place she can return to and she prays that Setsuna will also find the place where he can return to.

By the lake in the garden, Setsuna and Mioko stand apart from each other in awkward silence. The two’s parents along with Utsugi are spying on them behind some bushes. Tokiko is infuriated that Setsuna is not saying a word since from the start. Mioko’s grandfather is also angry at Mioko for being rude since she is always bowing her head. Setsuna thinks that he didn’t expect that Mioko would be such a meek girl. Then, he hears some rustling of the leaves behind. Setsuna calls out as to who is there. Kyousuke comes out and apologizes that he doesn’t mean to intrude. While Setsuna is wondering who the guy is, Mioko introduces Kyousuke to Setsuna as Katagiri Kyousuke, a Tokyo college student who is currently on a break and studying about kimono so he is staying at her house. Setsuna says is that so. He then introduces himself to Kyousuke. After a pause, Kyousuke smiles and says that it’s good that it is a good guy. Mioko looks sad-surprise over this and says, yes. Setsuna looks surprise over that reaction. Kyousuke takes his leave. Setsuna looks at Mioko who is somewhat blushing as she watches Kyousuke walk away. Mioko blushes really red when Setsuna asks her if she likes that man. Mioko is tense and at a loss as to what to say. Setsuna says that it is alright, because it is the same with him. He admits to her that for a long time, he always really loved someone even if he obviously knew that love won’t be returned. He tells her that she could probably achieve hers. Mioko sadly says no, it cannot be actualized. Kyousuke had repeatedly requested before her grandfather agreed for him to stay at the house and if her grandfather is to know about this, he would definitely be unhappy. The most important thing is she knows that Kyousuke doesn’t have that kind of feelings for her but it doesn’t mean that she has abandoned herself to despair that she would do this miai [arranged marriage]. Setsuna tells her that he didn’t thought of it. Mioko explains that her parents passed away early and her grandparents love her dearly so she wanted them to be at ease [regarding her] soon. Setsuna smiles and tells her that it is the same with him. He tells her that she should know that the Gokurakuin parents aren’t his real parents and yet, they had treated him really well. While the two talk, Tokiko is glad that those two are getting along even if she doesn’t know what they are talking about. Mioko’s grandparents agree and say that it is thanks to Kyousuke’s interruption that they lost their nervousness. They hoped that everything would go smoothly from then on. Utsugi just looks on quietly.

Soon, Tokiko says that they will be staying there for the night. While Setsuna is walking at the hallway, Utsugi who is following him asks what he thinks of the miai. Setsuna says yes and compared to what he thought, she is quite an elegant girl. Utsugi asks if he is going to continue with the miai. After a pause, Setsuna says in terms of financial resources, the Yachiougi family is either first or second among the five main families though lately due to being not an expert in engaging in business, they have already lost their past glory/power. Utsugi agrees with this and that is why they want to be related with Gokurakuin through marriage. Setsuna says since the first wife’s son of the five main families, this has never done before wherein two families will be closely interrelated to each other through marriage and it is also for Gokurakuin’s benefit that the Yachiougi has contacts in the Kansai region. Flustered, Utsugi asks if what he is saying is.. Setsuna tells him not to have that kind of expression. “For me, all girls are the same except for sister..This miai, if it is for the Gokurakuin family..or taking it a step further, if it is for sister..[<- since Towako will be the head of the family]..” They were interrupted when someone says that’s quite disappointing. Kyousuke asks if that is the kind of attitude he had in marrying. Setsuna tells him that it has nothing to do with him. Kyousuke says that it is true he has nothing to do with it but a political marriage is idiotic and Mioko is going to marry someone who loves another woman. Setsuna is surprised by his comment and asks if he.. Kyousuke didn’t reply. Setsuna says that it is the same with Mioko for her family, even if she likes someone else, she chose marriage and Kyousuke ought to know that. Kyousuke looks flustered. Setsuna asks, “If you think that a political marriage is idiotic then why didn’t you stop it?” Kyousuke and Utsugi were shock by what he said. Looking really serious, Setsuna says, “If you are really serious with that then, you shouldn’t hesitate and just quickly take her away. (I have only one wish.) If you really like someone, you should do, no matter what it takes, to take her hand. You would want to use both your hands in attaining happiness. But, before that.. (I would want my treasured person to attain happiness. Even if the one beside her, isn’t me..) ..the other person should also like you. You, ought to be able to do that, right? (..[she] will still definitely be happy.)”

At night, Towako looks out the starry night sky then asks Yuuga if she can go to his side. They are sleeping in separate futon. Yuuga is surprised then he looks at his cellphone to look at the time. He becomes gloomy since it is already 20:53. Yuuga turns away and says no, she can’t. Towako whines why when he said that he is going to pamper her. Yuuga exclaims she’s too noisy and doesn’t she go to sleep exactly at 21 o’ clock and he doesn’t want it to progress in half then he’ll be left hanging to dry. Towako is puzzled by what he meant but she just shouts for him to forget it and it is more comfortable to sleep alone by herself. Yuuga gets angry. Towako goes to bed and pouts that Yuuga is an idiot because she thinks that he’s very important that she would want him to touch her.. She is surprised when Yuuga is already beside her and says that she really doesn’t guard herself. While she is exclaiming that he’s too near, Yuuga kisses her quite deeply and for a bit of time. Towako is flustered and tense. Yuuga tells her, “Let me tell you, I’m a guy, do you really understand that? Until now, there are all sorts of this and that things that were happening so I’ve always didn’t do anything to you. But this time, in order to show my love for you..I will attack you.” Towako is really flustered as she tries to understand the things that Yuuga is telling her. She then wonders if he meant.. She sits up and says, “Yuuga, I’m very sorry for I’ve, always until now, didn’t realize it.. Yuuga, do you want to make a baby?” Lol, Yuuga has a stupefied reaction then he says, “Ha?” Towako excitedly rants on that so-called ‘attack’ is about doing that thing in order to have a child and she read in a book that it is a guy’s instinct to want to continue his clan/line. She apologizes for always been prioritizing the two of them and it is more or less time [to do it]. With sparkles in her eyes, Towako holds his hands and says, “Then, let’s do it, let’s give birth to a child!” Yuuga looks aghast and wonders if a female lead ought to be saying those kind of words. Then, Towako immediately falls over and sleeps because it is already 9pm. Yuuga pulls the blanket on her. Somewhat flustered, he looks at Towako who is sleeping with a happy face. Yuuga mutters that of course, it isn’t like that. And so, Towako starts daydreaming about having a baby – the outcome of their love; a miracle. The next morning, Towako happily looks at sleeping Yuuga and thinks that they have already been married for a month. Even if a lot of things had happened that are truly unbearable and right now, she still becomes distress because of [things concerning] Yuuga but if she really thinks about it, what is the most important between her and her husband is that future family that they will make. Towako giggles over how cute Yuuga is. She thinks that she must prepared the making love ceremony as soon as possible. She happily tells Tsubaki to schedule her bath earlier and to choose that rich collagen and fragrant bath liquid. Tsubaki says okay. Towako is already thinking of buying some child care books when her cellphone starts ringing. She notices that it is her mother that she wonders what happened. Yuuga wakes up when Towako shouts, “Eloped?!”

Towako asks her mother what happened. Tokiko tells her daughter that Setsuna’s miai partner, Mioko and the one residing in their place, Kyousuke had eloped together. Mioko left a note about their wish of wanting to live together and sorry, and they disappeared. Even Utsugi’s extensive networking cannot find them hence, everything is thrown into confusion. She tells Towako that she’ll tell her more about it when she returns home. Towako is teary-eyed and sad because she really thought that Setsuna would also find his own happiness. Yuuga looks concerned for her when his cellphone starts ringing. It is an unknown caller. Yuuga answers it and it is Utsugi. Yuuga then says, “What?” Soon, at Yuuga’s house, Yuuga, together with Towako and Tsubaki, looks at the two runaways who are in his house. Yuuga angrily asks why they are in his house. Miju, together with Himeno, angrily shouts that is suppose to be her line and who the heck are they. Yuuga asks Miju where she was. Miju says that their mother is on a night shift so she stayed at Himeno’s place and when she returned, it is already like this. She shouts at her brother to explain things to her. Mioko is blushing as she asks Kyousuke if that girl [Miju] is the model from the television. Kyousuke says yes. Yuuga tells Mioko how he can explain when Utsugi only told him to let those two stay at his place temporarily. Towako asks Mioko as to what’s going on. Mioko bows to them and apologizes to everyone. She asks if she is Towako and says that she caused humiliation to Setsuna. Miju is surprised when Setsuna’s name is mentioned. Everyone is surprised when Mioko confessed that Setsuna is her miai partner and yet he helped them. Himeno exclaims in shock over the miai that Yuuga reprimands him not to add to the confusion. Himeno tries to explain but can only look at Miju’s flustered expression. Towako asks about Setsuna helping them. Kyousuke tells her that Setsuna knew that they like each other mutually that Setsuna told him that if he is prepared, then Setsuna is willing to assist them in order for them to be together. The plan is to hide their whereabouts until the miai is cancelled though if this kind of situation continues, it would definitely strain the relationship of the two families but Setsuna has already forgiven this incident. Back at the Yachiougi residence, Mioko’s grandparents are apologizing to Setsuna. Sparkling, Setsuna smiles and says that this is inevitable and he ought to simply back off from the miai. The grandparents keep on apologizing and ask how they can compensate him. Setsuna says that there is no need because after all, their relationship isn’t too deep yet. Setsuna thinks that this way, even if there is no marriage, the Gokurakuin has an advantage with the Yachiougi family. Kyousuke says that about the elopement.. Sparkling Tokiko tells the grandparents that it is first love and their love must be quite deep that they eloped so she asks the grandparents to just forgive them since Setsuna also did, and let the two get married.

Kyousuke says that the only problem would be the head of Yachiougi. Mioko’s grandfather doesn’t want to acknowledge that kind of man who ‘bites the hand that feeds him’. So, as they wait for the grandfather to forgive them, Kyousuke bows and asks if they would let them stay at Yuuga’s place. Yuuga and Miju angrily exclaim, “What?!” Flustered Mioko says that it is because Setsuna said that it is better for them to stay in a place with whom they have no relation with. Kyousuke says that if they stayed at his family or at some friends’ place, they would immediately be found and they also did some counter-tracking measures in order not to be followed courtesy of Utsugi. Yuuga is totally furious at Setsuna. Towako looks flustered when she hears Kyousuke says that everything has been planned out by Setsuna for them. Kyousuke apologizes for the trouble. Yuuga angrily shouts that it is all Setsuna’s fault for deciding on things on his own. Towako decides to call Setsuna. Yuuga looks at her as Towako wonders what Setsuna is thinking. Setsuna answer the phone but before Towako can call his name, he hangs up on her. Yuuga becomes angry when Towako starts to look depressed. Setsuna has closed his cellphone then tosses it for Utsugi to catch. Towako gloomily mutters why Setsuna didn’t answer her phone call when he wasn’t like this before. Himeno asks if she had a falling out with Setsuna. Towako says that she doesn’t know. Himeno tells her that maybe the signal is bad. Mioko apologizes and says that even if she doesn’t understand what’s going on but it seems that they have given them a lot of trouble. To Yuuga’s anger, Towako starts crying that Setsuna really hates her. Yuuga snaps and shouts at her to stop crying. He shouts that it is really infuriating how everyone is dillydallying and being indecisive. Pulling Towako to him, Yuuga calls out to Tsubaki and tells her to prepare for him and Towako to go where Setsuna is, and use the best way to get there. After Tsubaki says yes, Towako tries to protest but Yuuga tells her that if there is something unhappy she wants to say then say it to Setsuna for there is no conclusion if she just deal with it on her own and doesn’t she have something she wants to tell him. Yuuga reminds her that normally, this is what she does and if there is something she wants to clear things out, she would face it head on and if they cannot mutually understand each other, will she always be gloomy like that. Kyousuke is intently watching this and tells Mioko that they should go back, too for if they are just to wait there, they might have to wait for years. Mioko is shock that it would be years and that won’t be okay. Kyousuke tells Mioko that in order to get the head/grandfather’s approval, they should properly talk to each other. Then, to Miju’s surprise, Himeno suggests that they go with the others. Miju asks why. Himeno asks if she isn’t concerned at all. Miju continues to deny that she is concerned and just says that if Himeno is concerned about it then, she’ll go with him. Himeno laments that she is still talking that way. Yuuga sweatdrops and says that it doesn’t matter how many people would want to go along.

Soon, they are going to ride a train. Yuuga and others cannot believe that they are going to ride on a steam train. Towako tells him that this is a railroad used by the five main families and it goes around the country. Yuuga head in and is just glad that it isn’t something that flies. Towako timidly calls out to him and asks if he is still angry. She freaks out when Yuuga says that he is. A bit flustered, he explains that it is because he doesn’t want her to be troubled about some other guy. Towako smiles over this. Behind them, Mioko timidly says that since last night yesterday, from the time he took her with him, it is like a dream but right now, it is reality so it is necessary to do their best. Kyousuke looks at her and says that he also cannot dare believe it. With a sinister look on his face, he looks at Towako and Yuuga and says, “It’s really like a dream, [everything] unexpectedly is progressing really smoothly.” At Yachiougi’s residence, Utsugi informs Setsuna that his sister and everyone else are heading there so should he hinder them. Setsuna says that it is alright [leave them be]. Suddenly, Mioko’s grandfather clutches his chest and kneels on the floor. Tokiko asks if he is alright. He says that he is and he has just become a bit dizzy. Surrounded by everyone who is concerned about him, Mioko’s grandfather tells them that he has a chronic ailment and he doesn’t know how many more years before the candle of his light is blown out. He cannot feel unease until he sees Mioko be given away to someone, who can be entrusted with her. He starts saying Kyousuke’s good characteristics like being confident/self-possessed, can bear hardship, and passionate about his studies. It became obvious to him as to what made Mioko attracted to him but because he thinks their family status is quite far off[, he doesn’t think they are compatible]. He sadly laments that if he knew that things will turn out like this then he would have let them be together. They were surprised when someone exclaims that’s great. They turn around to see that Towako and others who have overheard everything. Towako happily tells Mioko that her grandparents had acknowledged their relationship. The grandfather is surprised to see Mioko there. Tokiko exclaims why Towako and Yuuga are there. Towako apologizes and says that because of this and that reason, everyone tagged along. Mioko bows and apologizes to everyone. Kyousuke also apologizes to them. The grandfather exclaims if they apologize, everything will be resolved and do they know what they just did. While grandmother tries to calm him down, grandfather starts crying ala waterfalls and call out to Mioko. The two tearfully call out to each other. Towako and Yuuga are glad that is resolved.

Towako then notices that Setsuna is quickly slipping out of the place. Towako tries to call him in order for them to talk. To her surprise, Yuuga also goes after Setsuna. Yuuga calls out to Setsuna and tells him not to snub him. Yuuga grabs Setuna’s shoulder to stop him. Setsuna looks irritated and tells him to let go. Yuuga angrily tells him what’s with that attitude when he was the one who got him/them involved. Around this time, Himeno and Miju have also gone after them. While grabbing Setsuna’s collar, Yuuga starts to angrily shout at how Setsuna is an eyesore since the first time they met. Setsuna would always have that glittering smile whenever he’s with Towako but towards him, Setsuna is quite rude and looks down on him even if he is older than him. He would always say mean things and would droop his eye and act quite fragile as if he is some lounge lizard [<- kind of gigolo/host]. Setsuna sweatdrops and says that those have nothing to do with this incident and what does he want to say. Setsuna is surprised when Yuuga angrily tells him that he won’t let Setsuna run away from this. “I told you that I would want to fight fair and square! If you have thoroughly put aside the fight, then don’t let the people around [you] be worried because of you!” Yuuga steps aside and Towako approaches Setsuna to apologize about what happened before. Setsuna is flustered over this. Towako says that she won’t say things like stay by her side and she won’t bind him to her anymore. “I would want you return your freedom, but let me continue to care for you, because you are my.. beloved ‘younger brother’.” Setsuna looks dark and serious when he heard that. Hoping that this treasured feelings can be conveyed to Setsuna even if they can no longer return to how it was before anymore, Towako happily smiles and says that even if he hates her, she will still continue to pray for his happiness because she is [his] ‘older sister’. Setsuna asks that as siblings, and he is her younger brother, no matter what happens, this won’t change at all. Towako says of course, they are siblings forever and it is so, no matter what happens. The other three just look on. Setsuna mutters, really, that is so. Mustering all his acting skills, Setsuna smiles at Towako and says, “We are siblings [elder sister-younger brother].” Towako is happy that Setsuna looked at her and smiled. Miju looks flustered-sad while Yuuga just look away. They were interrupted by Kyousuke and Mioko who came out of the house and tell them to come inside. Towako asks if everything went smoothly. Blushing Mioko says that it did and her grandfather wanted to thank them. Setsuna is still clenching his fist and looked downcast as Miju looks at his direction. Miju looked flustered and sad for Setsuna. Himeno happily looks at Miju then suddenly pushes Miju towards Setsuna. Miju bumps into Setsuna’s back.

Turning to her, Setsuna looks irritated and asks her what her problem is. Blushing Miju says that it isn’t so and she’s furious at Himeno who pushed her. Himeno is cheering for her to do her best. Miju then tells Setsuna that it is quite regretful about his miai for it isn’t easy to have a chance to shift one’s eyes towards someone else. “It seems that you are quite suitable to have an unrequited love throughout your life!” Setsuna didn’t answer. Miju tearfully cries that what she said is too much and she did it out of habit. Setsuna then says that it is so. Miju tells him to be at least angry for does he really plan on having an unrequited love throughout his life and pretend to be siblings. Setsuna looks at her in surprise. Flustered Miju angrily says, “Are you stupid?! You obviously won’t get an answer! You obviously will only hurt yourself more!” Setsuna asks her why she is angry. Miju starts to cry and says that unrequited love, she absolutely doesn’t do not want [it]. Setsuna looks at her and is moved by her tearful expression. Miju suddenly becomes confused and blushing when Setsuna suddenly hugs her. He then says, “But, I have no other way. By myself..is also very good.” [<- Ah, it either means that it will be okay if he is alone or he can deal with this alone.] Later on, at the library, sinister-looking Kyousuke is talking with someone on the telephone. He tells someone that after hearing that Mioko is going to have a miai, he is also very worried but because her grandfather is a good man, it will be as what he first planned of - having a forced engagement in order to stop the course of events. Things did go smoothly and soon, they will be formally married and this way, they prevented the Gokurakuin and the Yachiougi family from having a relation. Kyousuke says that he already controls the Yachiougi finances and the cash flow so he only needs to get married in order to inherit it all, then he can use the wealth in anyway he pleases. “I also eagerly want to hear the result of your report. Yes, yes, of course, I trust you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have also done this. Next is..” In the train, Towako happily tells Yuuga how happy she is that things turned out well for Mioko and Kyousuke though the grandfather is quite apologetic to them. She is in a good mood when two people who mutually like each other ended up with each other. Yuuga just looks at her then kisses her. Towako is surprised by this. He looks at her eyes and says, “...You..” Blushing Towako asks, “ah..ye..yes..” Towako goes “!!?” when Yuuga asks, “Want to have my baby?”

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