June 14, 2011

The One [Chapter 78]

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Eros is banging on the door with his body. Trying to open it, he shouts to let him out. At the other building, while looking through the telescope, Leo is worried if Eros will be alright since Taylor left for more than 6 hours and he hasn’t returned yet. Lele tensely asks where Taylor could have gone since it is dangerous to leave Eros all alone in his current condition. Leo gets tenser when Lele tells him about the effects of drugs like pain and hallucinations. She asks how they could help Eros. Back to Eros, he is now holding his arms tightly and mentally calls out to his mother that he is freezing. Then, his mother appears by the window and calls him to come to her. She urges him to take her hand and she’ll bring him to a place where there is no pain. Smiling, his mother calls out to him, “Yin, my beloved child. Mama really loves you. Come here to me!” Eros starts walking towards the open window. He holds his angelic mother’s hand and Leo is freaking out that Eros is planning to jump down the building. Lele asks what should they do, call the police? Leo turns down the idea by saying that if they did, it will make things problematic. He suggests that Lele think of some things to say in order to divert Eros’ attention while he quickly fetches a locksmith whom he knows. While Eros is thinking of is mother, Lele shouts for him not to do that and warns him not to dare try, jumping down. She tosses in some name-calling like stupid, unrivalled stinky silver-eyed monster. Lele starts to become really nervous because Eros can’t hear her. She mentally apologizes to him about saying that he can just go die and she won’t care at all. Of course, that is a lie, and right now, she’s scared if he dies. Crying Lele shouts, “Yin--! I like you! I still like you, just like before, really like you! No matter how many infuriating things you do, and say so many words that hurts, I mentally always never believed that you’ll hurt me! So..you definitely should keep on living! Do you hear me!” As Leo ushers his friend, Robert to quickly hurry, Eros stops midway and thinks that voice is familiar. “Is it calling me? Why are you crying? Don’t cry.. My angel.. *Robert has opened the lock* Don’t cry! I’ll immediately.. go to your side!” Just before he leaps out, Leo has grabbed Eros and pulled him back in. Leo screams at Eros for being an idiot and does he plan to scare him to death. Robert asks if they should call an ambulance. Leo says that there is no need for his friend is only drunk. He thanks Robert for his help. Then, frantic Lele joins them.

Later on, the two are watching over Eros who is sleeping on the bed. Leo say that Eros probably collapsed over dehydration and when he hugged him, he noticed that Eros’ body is filled with sweat but then, this way, he can properly sleep. Later on, Leo and Lele didn’t say anything more for both of them thought that like this, they’ll quietly watch over Eros. Next day, Lele wakes Leo up and reminds him that he has work today. She tells him to wash up and leave the things there to her. Before leaving, Leo tells her to call him if something happens. Lele says she will. Lele looks back in the room and sees some packs of food on the floor by the table. Lele wonders if those pile of food were prepared by Taylor and it seems that yesterday, Eros is busy resisting [fighting] with himself that he didn’t eat so he collapsed. Lele happily thinks that she’ll make Eros some yummy and nutritious breakfast. After cooking, Lele wonders if he is accustomed to eating Chinese congee and some side dishes for that is all she knows how to cook. Lele is someone who doesn’t usually go in the kitchen. Lele happily goes to Eros’ side and tells ‘Sleeping [male] Beauty’ to wake up. Lele looks at him then goes into shock as sleeping Eros is blowing a bubble. ^^; Lele thinks that over one night, Eros has turned into a bum again. [<- Eros’ beard is growing] Lele tearfully cries on how she missed Mr. Stubble. Just when she is about to touch him, Eros calls out her name in his sleep and tells her not to cry. This surprises Lele. She starts to cry as she holds his hand to her face. Then, Taylor arrives and asks out loud as to what happened. Lele turns around to him. And, Eros wakes up. Taylor asks why she is there and how did she get in. While Lele tries to answer Taylor’s inqueries, Eros looks surprised and sees that Lele is holding his hand. Lele tensely tells Taylor that she isn’t a thief and it is because last night, they saw Eros trying to jump out the window so.. While Taylor is shock by that, Eros asks her what else she saw. Lele turns to look at Eros who looks really aghast and displeased. After gulping, Lele looks tense and admits that she saw everything and she also knows everything. Eros and Taylor look tense.

Angry Eros shouts for her to get lost. After a pause, Lele looks at him and sweetly smiles. She tells him that it is okay for her to get lost, but before she leaves, she wants to see him finish eating the breakfast she made. If he doesn’t, she’ll always just stay there. Sweatdropping Eros is shock by this. “What!?” Eros angrily tells Taylor to help him in getting Lele out. Taylor backs Lele up by saying that Eros didn’t eat anything yesterday and when he opened the door, he saw all the foodstuffs that Eros threw on the floor. “Since Lele kindheartedly helped you prepare some food, you should go eat!” Lele is delighted over this. She starts patting Eros’ shoulder and tells him, “See, even Taylor said so, so why don’t you just obey. Old Chap~ Anyway, right now, you are so weak that you don’t even have the strength to truss a chicken, and you also have no way of doing anything to me! Hahaha..” Eros is totally furious over this. Taylor watches them in amazement. Eros angrily warns Lele that his stomach is currently empty that he might vomit whatever he ate. Carrying the food on the tray, Lele tells him to just continue eating after he vomits so that at least, some of it would get to his stomach. Eros angrily shouts at her if she is mistreating him. Lele happily puts the food on the table and tells the young master to eat up. Upon seeing the food, Eros remembers the time when his mother cooked the same thing for him and his twin. Flashback: Young Eros asked his mother what this food is. His mother told him that it is ‘congee’. From her grandmother [from mother side]’s hometown, people would eat it as breakfast. Eros exclaimed that it is delicious and he would want to eat it everyday. His mother happily told him that since he likes to eat it, she will cook it for him everyday. End flashback. Lele watches Eros eats one spoonful after another. He then angrily asks what’s up with her. Holding a trash can to him, Lele bluntly tells him that she’s waiting for him to throw up. With Lele watching him, Eros goes back to eating. After ten minutes, Eros cleans up his bowl. Lele is totally shock as Eros lies down back on the bed. He tells Lele that he has totally finished eating so can she now, get lost. To Eros’ irritation, Lele holds up a notepad and asks, “Okay, young master! Then, what do you want to eat for lunch?” Eros angrily kicks her out and tells her to get lost. Lele thinks that after eating, it seems that Eros now has some strength. Somewhere else, it is raining. Feidna is thrown down the sidewalk, along with her luggage. [<- Ah, at first, I thought it is Mode but the people in BW are talking about Feidna and she is mentioned at the teaser so..it’s probably Feidna, and I have to revise this summary. ^^;] It seems that she is only wearing a thin dress/undergarment. A man, [her ex-lover] together with a woman, tells Feidna that by tomorrow, US$500,000 will be deposited into her bank account and to be tactful, just take the money and leave. “Don’t come back to cause a ruckus again, slut!” Feidna looks in shock as tears starts forming on her eyes. She remembers the time when she happily told her father of the good news that she is getting married to a banker soon, so could he come because the banker would want to eat with him. [Ah, I cannot see the banker’s name since it is too small, just wait for the English scanlation for that.] Then, her father, who is with a younger woman, calls her ‘miss’, and tells her to please do not trouble him and his family because they no longer have any relationship. Much later on, Feidna caught her lover naked with another woman on the bed. Feidna exclaimed what they are doing. The lover exclaimed, “Darling, I’m sorry! I no longer love you!!” End flashback. Tears continue to fall down as Feidna clenches her fist. As if the skies are crying along with her, Feidna screams and cries in bitterness. Next chapter will be out on July 5th. Teaser for the next chapter: Lele has made progress in breakthrough the defenses of Eros’ heart that he consented into letting Lele accompany and take care of him. What path would Feidna take after she has been abandoned by her lover and her heart is broken into pieces..

Scans by Blacknight@BW

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