June 14, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 103]

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Mei is totally freaking out that she and Rihito will be staying in a double room, that so-called, double room though this feels a bit abnormal. [Double room here could also mean honeymoon suite-type of room.] The receptionist asks him if this girl with him is already 18 years old. This made Rihito sweatdrop and think that in the end, it won’t do. Mei quickly puts on her adult irritated act by saying that she, Fujiko [her alias] is already 22 years old. “Geez~ everyone would always say that.” She tells the receptionist that she is quite knowledgeable about pension, tax and insurance. [<- She is pretending to be a government worker]. She adds that the bureau chief [based on Sister Rose] would always give her a lot of work to do and that woman would drink wine in midday. Then, there is also that section chief who kept on sexual harassing her for everyday, he would ask her if she likes any guy and isn’t she going to marry, those type of questions. [<- based on her grandfather] Mei asks the receptionist if she is listening to her gripes. The receptionist just sweatdrops and tells them that the room is ready for them. While walking at the hallway with a bellboy leading them, Rihito comments that Mei is brilliant. Mei darkly says that she will be 18 years old in a few days so she should be 18 years old. Rihito is speechless for Mei is irked by what the receptionist said. In the room, Mei looks tense to see the luxurious double room that has a bedroom, a bathroom and a living [/drawing] room. Mei is surprised when Rihito calls her Fujiko and says that her hair has grown long. Mei goes along with the act by calling him, Nezu and asks if he meant that short hair suits her better. Rihito tells her that whether it is short or long, she’s cute. While the two continue with their sweet talk, the bellboy thinks that it is a stupid love couple and he wishes them happiness during their stay. After the bellboy left, Mei happily thanks Fujiko and Nezu for their ‘help’.

Then, Mei looks at the double bed. Rihito puts his hand on her shoulder and asks her if she is unsatisfied with the room. Mei exclaims that there is no problem at all. She tells herself to calm down. She thinks that since this is a ‘lovers room’ and if it is Rihito..it should be.. Mei freaks out when Rihito whispers if she wants to take a bath or.. When Mei is completely speechless, Rihito tells her that there is a good Italian restaurant nearby so they should go. Mei is flustered over what she is thinking as if she is anticipating something and why is she heaving a sigh of relief. While eating at Bistro Shuro, Mei looks at Rihito and thinks that no wonder her butler is Rihito. Rihito asks her what it is. Mei says that it is nothing and she only thinks that this is quite good. Rihito asks what is the ‘this’ she meant. Mei says that it is like this wherein she is eating together at the same table with Rihito. “This is a first, right?” Mei makes a side remark that in Shibuya, they only manage to sit beside each other. Rihito comments that was a long time already. Thinking that Rihito would be eating gracefully, Mei says that it seems that she has not seen Rihito eat before. Rihito looks thoughtful then tells her that actually, from the time he first became a butler, it seems that this is the first time that he get to eat slowly with someone else like this. Mei is surprised by this. She apologizes to him because she didn’t notice it before. Rihito tells her that it is okay because for him, it is truly a great honor to have Mei beside him. He also tells her not to mind it because he likes working as a butler, though occasionally, times like this aren’t bad at all, either. The two smile at each other. Mei thinks that she wants to know more of the things that she doesn’t know about Rihito. While looking at the night city view by the bayside, Mei asks serious looking Rihito as to what they are going to do next. Rihito closes his eyes then asks her back as to what she wants him to do. Mei looks at him in surprise then looks away. She thinks, “I.. like this, whether it is everyone at school, grandfather, Shibata, even if I were not to see anyone of them again.. and it will always be like this.. if it is like this and I’m together with Rihito-san, then I..”

Sitting on the bed and wearing a bathrobe, Mei is looking at the city lights from the window. As a tear falls down her cheek, She thinks, “This is enough, definitely..” Rihito has also just come out of the bath. He asks her if she isn’t sleeping yet. Mei looks away and says yes. Rihito notices that Mei is wiping her tears. Rihito tells Mei that she can sleep in the bed. Mei asks, what about him. Rihito says that he’ll use the sofa in the living room. Flustered Mei pauses then exclaims, “That.. I.. it’s alright! If it is with Rihito-san.. it’s alright.. *Rihito looks at her* So.. together..” To her surprise, Rihito leans toward her and says, “Then.. I’ll be rude.. Mei-ojousama. ” [<-beg your pardon-type; being polite since he is a butler] They look at each other eyes. Mei looks at Rihito’s bare neck then she closes her eyes. Her heart is beating fast. To her shock, Rihito is already lying at the other side of the bed and tells her that staying late at night is the skin’s biggest enemy. Mei looks at him in total speechless. Then, she gives up and lies on her side of the bed. She thinks, “... Okay.. Then, we’ll just sleep like this..” Soon, Mei is sound asleep. It is about 2:25am. Rihito sits up and looks at Mei. He smiles at her before going out of the room. Throwing a blanket on the sofa, Rihito mutters that although it is fine with Mei, it isn’t alright with him. [<- he cannot just sleep beside her as if it was nothing.] He looks out the window then takes out his cellphone. He calls someone and says, “..it’s me.” Elsewhere, Kento is sitting on a chair in deep thought. Xiang comes in and calls out to him. Xiang asks why cannot make their move yet when they have already finished preparations to capture Shibata Rihito. Kento smiles at him and says, “Not yet, for the meantime, it is better to not make a [first] move yet.”

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