June 14, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 86]

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Cover page: “Want to see you.. want to be near you.. It has become a one-sided wishful thinking!” At *parfait parlor, a girl complains to her friend that she really wanted to have Hananoi cut her hair. Her friend tells her that it is because she didn’t get a reservation. At the side, the receptionist apologizes to someone on the phone and says that one has to reserve a month ahead for Hananoi since he is already fully booked for the month. Sitting at the waiting area, Tsubaki browses through the magazines which features Hananoi Hiro with the ‘before and after’ hairstyles. Then, she looks at Hiro telling the girls earlier that he himself will definitely help them in styling their hair. The other friend says that is a deal. Tsubaki looks surprised for she didn’t expect Hiro to be such an amazing type of person. She just really wanted to know the technique in making that hairstyle before so she immediately agreed to become Hiro’s model, without thinking too much about it. She quietly look at the covers of the magazines that features short hairstyles and dyed hair. Hiro apologizes to Tsubaki for the wait and tells her to go to the second floor. Tsubaki interrupts him and asks if he can please not cut her hair short and because of school, do not dye it either. “If that’s how it is, can you still practice?” Hiro seems puzzled that Tsubaki explained that since he said that she’ll be a model, could it be that he is going to make her try out some new shampoo product or try out a new hairstyle. A guy with a hat, who seems to be a co-worker, laughs and asks what she is saying for right now, how could Hiro even need a model to practice? Hiro smiles and pulls down the other guy’s head to shut him up. He assures Tsubaki to relax for this time, he is just making a draft [/try out] hair braid so he fundamentally won’t be cutting her hair. Tsubaki mutters, braid.. At the second floor, Tsubaki is sitting on the chair. While Hiro holds her hair, he says that she had really took care of her hair. Then, he ends up caressing her hair gently and kneeling to it. He comments that he really cannot help but kneel in admiration with this hair. He is infatuated with Tsubaki’s hair. =P Tsubaki is somewhat embarrassed over the ‘kneeling’. Then, she thanks him regarding before, the things that he told her. That is for her to keep taking care of her hair even if she is troubled for it will surely help cheer her up. Tsubaki tells him that even if her problem hasn’t been resolved but the time she spent on feeling dejected had gradually decreased. Tsubaki thinks that she doesn’t want Kyouta to see her with such a messy unkempt hair. She would want to quickly see him and for this, she shouldn’t be discouraged and keep on looking for what her aspiration is. Hiro smiles over that. Then, he says okay, let’s get started.

While separating her hair, Hiro asks her for how long does she cut her hair once. Tsubaki tells him that she cuts her hair herself and about the length, she just trims it a little bit when she feels that it is long. Hiro is surprised by this that he exclaims if that’s true or not, and isn’t it only the bangs. Tsubaki explains that around elementary, her mother would always bring her to a cheap nearby parlor to cut her hair but it always end up into some weird haircut. It is a mop hairstyle with very short bangs. So, she used her allowance to buy a pair of scissors specially made to cut hair. And, later on, she would always cut her own hair. Tsubaki admits that she honestly always wanted to go to this high class beauty parlor to have her haircut but it is too expensive. Tsubaki becomes nervous when Hiro comments is that so, she can cut her own hair like this. “..good..” Tsubaki looks surprised when Hiro flips through her hair and says that no wonder her hair have been cut quite crudely so the first thing to do is, he is going to trim it as a whole. Tsubaki is in total shock that she asks if it is really awful. While putting the body cover on her, Hiro says that it totally doesn’t have any technique. He advises her to go to a specialty school to learn and practice, then it will turn out well. And if she wants to become a hairstylist, even if it is expensive, it would be better for her to also go to a good salon for research. Tsubaki interrupts him and tells him that she didn’t mention about wanting to become a hairstylist. Hiro smiles at her and asks if she isn’t interested in it. “Am I mistaken?” Tsubaki looks at him and admits that he is right, she always longed to be one but her parents really oppose it that she couldn’t persuade them. With a sad smile, Tsubaki says, “So, I’m going to get into a good university first, and one day, I might be able to realize that goal..” Hiro says that is quite good, going to college and it is absolutely better for her to go to college. Flustered Tsubaki asks if that is so. She is stunned when Hiro bluntly says, “Because you are not suitable to become a hairstylist.” Standing up to face him, Tsubaki asks what he just said and he obviously didn’t know much about her yet why would he say such a thing to her. She remembers those girls whose hair she made, had told her that she is amazing and she should be a hairstylist. Tsubaki is totally frustrated that Hiro would say words like ‘crude’ and ‘not suitable’. Gesturing to the chair, Tsubaki calls out to Hiro to sit and she’ll fix his hair. “Then, after you’ve seen the finished work, you judge whether or not I’m suitable to become a hairstylist..!” Hiro smiles at her and asks her if she knows the unemployment rate of hairstylists. Tsubaki is taken aback by his question. She tells him that she doesn’t know.
Hiro tells her that it is 80%. “From the outside, it seems that a hairstylist is a gorgeous profession but even if you would want to be the one to cut other people’s hair, you would also still need at least three years. From morning to night, you will practice as an assistant. Other than that, the wages are so low that it’s quite scary thus, it is such a cruel world.” Tsubaki tells him that without perseverance, one cannot continue doing such an exhausting work, and she knows about that. Hiro smiles and says, “Is that so.. Then, you should know-- *he looks serious and leaning to Tsubaki* that you, who do not even have the perseverance to convince your parents, isn’t suited for this.” Tsubaki looks at him in surprise that she couldn’t answer back. Hiro turns the chair towards her and says, “—okay, I still have a pile of work to do, so quickly sit down and let’s do this, okay, Miss Model?” Tsubaki looks at him with a bewildered look. Meanwhile at the hospital, Sakura and Nishiki happily congratulate Kyouta on his release from the hospital. They were shock when Kyouta shouts that Nishiki is late. In disbelief, the nurses are all clinging to him and his bags, not wanting him to leave or else, how can they live, and they want him to come back soon. Holding on to a clutch and trying to leave, Kyouta tells Nishiki that he’ll leave his bags up to him. As they head out of the hospital, the two comments that Kyouta is really amazing to get himself discharged from the hospital, two weeks ahead of schedule and his right arm is healed. Nishiki says that for the first time, he can be registered as a third year. Kyouta corrects him that no, he still has to go under rehabilitation therapy at home so he would have to wait for a month before going to school. Nishiki casually says that it would have been nice if he can go to school immediately because his seatmate is Tsu.. Suddenly, Sakura puts her hands on Nishiki’s mouth and whispers to him that he cannot just say that directly and they should let Kyouta notice it himself as if it is like fate. She calls Nishiki inconsiderate and she’ll break up with him. While Nishiki is stunned by that, Sakura tells Kyouta that compared to that, has he seen this. Sakura takes out a hairstyle magazine from her bag and shows it to Kyouta. Kyouta says how he could read that. Sakura happily flips through the pages and tells him to look at this page. There is a pretty picture of smiling Tsubaki with a nice hairstyle + flower. Kyouta looks surprised by it. Sakura happily tells him that while flipping through a bookstore, she saw Tsubaki’s picture in a magazine and she is really shock by it.
Sakura tells Kyouta that Tsubaki looked really cute because of the make-up. Sakura tries to give Kyouta a copy since she bought two. Kyouta turns away and says that he doesn’t want it. While Sakura is wondering why, Kyouta is already quickly walking away. Nishiki calls out to him and tells him that the bus station is at the other side. Kyouta tells him that as rehab therapy, he is going to walk to the subway station. Nishiki exclaims in shock since that is a 30 minute walk. Somewhat flustered and sad Kyouta wonders what Tsubaki is doing for she would show such an unknown expression [<- he never saw before; brilliant smile] while he’s not around. At school, during a break, Tsubaki buries her face on her hands and mutters that it is this guy’s special issue again. There is an advertisement on the magazine about Hiro. Miho tells her that she is really shock by that before and Tsubaki totally didn’t tell her about it. Tsubaki exclaims that she is also shock for she didn’t know that the picture is going to be published on a magazine and if she knew earlier, she would have refused. Miho tells Tsubaki that it would be better not to let Kyouta see it. Tsubaki is puzzled. Miho explains that even if it is a hairstylist, it is because of some other guy that Tsubaki became really cute [/because Tsubaki let some other guy touched her]. “As a boyfriend, he’ll be very angry.” Tsubaki is surprised to know this. A couple of girls call out to Tsubaki. One girl says that they saw the magazine and it is really amazing for her to become Hiro’s model. Another girl says that she is Hiro’s fan so could Tsubaki introduce her to him. Tsubaki tries to protest that she doesn’t know him that well to introduce.. The girls accuse Tsubaki of not only wanting to monopolize Kyouta, she also wants to monopolize Hiro. They wonder out loud why Tsubaki has luck with gorgeous guys. They call her a weirdo and how jealous they are of her.
This irks Tsubaki that she shouts at them that it is useless for them to say things at her for she already doesn’t want to see that guy again. Miho asks Tsubaki if that is so. Tsubaki angrily says that it is because Hiro is such a detestable guy. Flashback: After taking her picture, Hiro told Tsubaki good work, and she can just change her clothes, then she can go home. Tsubaki asked him on how to make that braid before for didn’t he tell her that he would teach her if she modeled for him. While cleaning up, Hiro slyly smiled and told her that he felt that he doesn’t want to tell her because her goal isn’t the same as his. Tsubaki exclaimed how can that be for what he said before, isn’t the same now. Holding up a flyer, Hiro asks about her working at their store for they need workers. “Then, that way, it would be okay if I tell you [how to do it].” Tsubaki is shaking in anger that she shouts that is enough, she won’t come back again. End flashback. While Miho and the two girls look at Tsubaki, they overhear three excited girls saying that Kyouta just went to the school office. They ask if his wound is okay. Someone says that it seems that he came only for today. “That’s right.. just now, I’ve heard something very important--..” Tsubaki’s eyes widen in surprise. Miho tries to tell something to Tsubaki but aghast and nervous Tsubaki says that it is nonsense. Flashback: “You know..because the time he’s attending school isn’t enough..” End flashback. Miho suddenly stands up and exclaims in surprise. Tsubaki looks at the side and sees Kyouta entering the room with some girls surrounding him. Flashback: “It’s possible that he might be retained for a year.” End flashback.
 Scans by 17kkmh.com but the summary is based on Mercury Studio’s scanlation.

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