June 14, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 70-77]

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The next day, Towako wakes up and notices that she can see again. She can see the door and her hand. She quickly turns to her side to see Yuuga sleeping. She is teary-eyed for she can see his face again. She looks outside to see the pond and the storage room. She is really happy that her eyes are okay again. She notices that Yuuga is waking up so she quickly lies beside him again. Yuuga asks if she is already awake. With shiny smile, Yuuga greets her a good morning. Towako blushes really red and looks away for it has been such a long time since she has seen that drowsy-look smile of Yuuga’s and she has no guard against his shiny appearance. Yuuga stretches and says that his throat is dry so he’ll go get some water to drink. When she tries to tell him that she can see already, Towako looks at him as he is preparing to wear his robe. Yuuga stops midway and asks, “Huh?” Towako sees his ‘mushroom’ that she promptly starts to nosebleed. Yuuga is surprise that she is nosebleeding again. Towako keeps on exclaiming that she didn’t see, didn’t see anything. Puzzled Yuuga just comments that she really has a tendency to nosebleed. While Yuuga plugs her nose with tissue, Towako think that it is all his fault. She blushes and thinks that from the very start, she obviously didn’t mind his naked body that much but lately, she’s gradually became conscious of it. Yuuga gives her some water to drink. While thinking that Yuuga’s cute, Towako takes the cup of water and thanks him. While gulping her water, Towako thinks that she couldn’t always look at Yuuga and maybe it would be nice not to tell Yuuga about her eyes since she wanted him to treat her nice like this. While freaking over suddenly seeing Yuuga’s beautiful form, she finishes her drink and notices that Yuuga is staring at her. Towako blushes for she has become quite conscious about this. She gulps some water again and still, Yuuga stares at her. He stares at her while they are taking a bath. He just kept staring at her whether he is leading her around the house or even when he’s helping her dry her hair. Towako wonder why he is doing that. She glances at him and wonders if it is because he is worried about her. Towako blushes when Yuuga looks at her with a loving stare. Then, she turns away and thinks that Yuuga usually doesn’t look at her when they are together. “I’m always the one who is looking at him-- But, during the times when I’m not paying attention, was he looking at me this way? Treating me full of love--..”
Then, Sawatari peeks in the door. Towako calls out to it. Yuuga looks surprised. He looks at the door then at Towako. He asks her if she can see already. This Towako blush in surprise for she has been found out. She is surprised when Yuuga smiles and asks if it is true, she can see already. Towako says yes. He asks if she can see things clearly now. Towako says yes again. Yuuga says that is great. He asks her if it is only now when she can see. Towako confesses that she can see since this morning. Yuuga’s smile freezes then says that if it is this morning, she should have told him sooner. He turns away. Towako thinks that Yuuga turned away when he obviously has been looking at her all this time. She tells him to turn towards her. Yuuga refuses. She asks if he is angry. Yuuga says that he isn’t. While twisting his face towards her, Towako tells him to look at her for it is rare for her to see him and she wants to see his face. To her surprise, Yuuga is blushing as he tells her not to look at him. Towako is a bit puzzled why he is blushing. Then, she looks surprise and asks what he is blushing for and it seems that she realize something about why he is always looking at her. “For you to do that, the reason isn’t because you were worried about me. It’s because you want to look at me. Is that it?” Yuuga looks tense and flustered. He slightly covers his face with his hand and tells her that since she knows already, then doesn’t have to ask anymore. Towako smiles and thinks about wanting to look at the other and then blushing, means that one really likes the other. Towako happily hugs Yuuga. Later on, to the delight of the couple, the doctor tells them that Towako is totally well now. Soon, they are taking a stroll. Towako happily tells Yuuga to look at the Eulalia grass and it is totally autumn now. Resting on a log, Yuuga says that he never thought that they’ll walk that far, since they planned to just take a short stroll. Looking at the view, Towako happily says that she would want to always keep on watching this scenery but then, it is almost time to go back to the house. Yuuga sits next to her and says that it is alright for even if it’s late, she will be scolded along with him. He tells her that whenever one is with friends or with other people, one might take a detour without noticing. “It can make the time of separation as something trivial. We went on a stroll together and we’ll go home together.” Towako smiles over this and says that he is unexpectedly a romantic. Yuuga is surprised that he says that he isn’t as good as her when they just met before. Towako tells him that ‘the her’ before and ‘the her’ now is not the same. Yuuga asks if she isn’t going to say something about ‘fate’ anymore. To Yuuga’s unpleasant surprise, Towako says that of course not, because he doesn’t feel that it is fate or anything. Towako looks at pouting Yuuga and tells him that there is no different meaning to that. “What I want to say is that the current Yuuga is better.”
Towako thinks that when her eyes cannot see, she gets to understand a lot of things. “Compared to forms [/situations] and words, what’s the most important thing, even if we are apart, even if I cannot see,..” Towako stands up and exclaims, “Yuuga! I have confidence that if time turns back, if you and my ideal guy appear at the same time, perhaps some time is needed.. (my heart will also) *happily looks at Yuuga* ( be at your side throughout my life.) I will definitely still choose you!” Yuuga looks surprised by this then he asks about it taking some time. Towako tells him that of course, since she is really disappointment with her first impression of him that it needed a week [for her to change that]. Yuuga stands up and says, “Is that so.” Towako quickly goes to him and holds his arm as she asks him to wait. She is happy to see Yuuga turning to her and holding up his hand to her. They hold hands and happily walk together. Towako thinks, “Let’s walk together. Even if we have not reach the place of our destination, as long as we walk together, we will definitely reach it..” Then, Towako mentions that she hasn’t been seeing Tsubaki around, where could she have gone to. Yuuga says that he doesn’t know for he didn’t notice it. Towako says that she would want to tell Tsubaki that her eyes are okay, already. Elsewhere in the city, Tsubaki is following Setsuna. Flashback: Tsubaki asked Utsugi what he is hiding. Utsugi said that it is nothing, nothing at all. Tsubaki told him that it is so obvious whenever he lies. “Listen up.. I won’t forgive anyone who’ll hinder Towako-ojousama’s happiness even if it is young master Setsuna or even you.” End flashback. Tsubaki is surprised when Utsugi calls out to her and stands in front of her. Tsubaki tells him to move away. Utsugi replies that Setsuna went out today for some quiet time alone. “If you hinder young master Setsuna’s quiet time, then even if it is you, I also won’t forgive you..!” Serious Tsubaki looks at tense and flustered Utsugi. Tsubaki notices something and tells him that Setsuna.. Utsugi tells her that he won’t fall for that. Pointing in front, Tsubaki says that it isn’t that, [Setsuna is] with Miss Miju.” Utsugi turns around to see Miju talking with Setsuna. Utsugi sweatdrops and freaks out over what kind of situation that is. Tsubaki is just quiet. Back to the couple as they walk home, Yuuga tells Towako that it’s good that her eyes are okay before the meeting of the Godaimeika [= Five Main Families; I’ll use the Japanese term from now on]. He comments that it is only quite depressing to be with Kaoru for he isn’t too happy regarding what happened. Towako tells him that she is also bothered about that but then, she is quite excited to introduce him to everyone. “Let’s do our best on that day ♡ in the greeting ceremony.” After a pause, somewhat flustered Yuuga scratches his head and says, ya-ya. The Godaimeika meeting will be held in three days.
At a photo shoot, Miju poses in different outfits. Then, Miju is given some time to rest. Miju says thanks and heads back in. A woman pulls her to the side and says that Miju actually have a secret boyfriend. This made Miju blush as she denies it. The woman doesn’t believe her and says that she knows because Miju’s reaction is different. While overhearing someone saying to stop and let him go, the woman tells Miju to look at her boyfriend who is already being prepared. Miju looks up to see grumpy Setsuna. Miju is surprised when some women are squealing that it looks good and Setsuna looks handsome. Blushing Miju tells Setsuna that he doesn’t look bad at all in that outfit. Setsuna starts complaining why he went there with her and why is he made to change his clothes. “What’s with this hairstyle? *A woman is calling Setsuna to come* And, why did it become into taking a photo shoot of me?!!” Setsuna is surprised when someone asks if it isn’t okay. Setsuna turns around and greets Sadao [Towako’s uncle]. Smiling, Sadao tells him that just now, there is a special publication so they need a guy. The schedule is quite tight that they don’t have time to get a male model. Sadao takes Setsuna’s hand and says that he is also very happy to be able to work together with his nephew. While urging him to come with him, Setsuna suddenly slaps his hand away. He looks away and sadly says that he isn’t his nephew. This irks Miju that she suddenly hits Setsuna on the head. This surprises Setsuna that he shouts, how could she hit him when his own father has not hit him before. Miju shouts at him that in the end, this is work so how can he have such a negative attitude. Setsuna shouts back about how could he not be negative when it is on her own initiative, she just took him to that place. “I haven’t said that I’m going to work!” Flashback: While Setsuna is walking, Miju saw him and called out to him. While dragging him, she told him about the photo shoot. At the photo shoot, they look at Setsuna and ask the photographer if Setsuna will do. End flashback. Miju exclaims that even if Setsuna hates it, this is a rare opportunity. “Even if you planned on randomly walking around [the streets], by yourself, and then what?! Compared to always being troubled over the same thing, I think that it is much better to look for something else that is interesting to do!” Setsuna looks at her in surprise. Miju suddenly becomes timid as she frets over saying too much to Setsuna. Scowling Setsuna says that no wonder they [Yuuga and Miju] are siblings, they sure can talk. “Even if what you’ve said is right, but do you consider this as ‘something interesting’?” Miju looks at him and replies, “Because it’s something new. Don’t you find it’s exciting?”
While Setsuna looks surprised again, Sadao tells Setsuna that is right and everything is a challenge. Miju tells Sado to keep quiet for he is a lightning rod [<- might complicate things?]. After a pause, Setsuna tells them that he will do it. Meanwhile, at some mansion, Ritsuki is typing on his laptop computer. Ritsuki tells someone that it has been such a long time since they were able to talk like this. While a document file is being copied, Ritsuki asks, “So, how’s married life?” Deadpan Kyousuke replies that it is boring that he wants to start this plan earlier. Ritsuki tells him not to say that for very soon, the balance of the Godaimeika will crumble. “The Yachiougi family is already in our hands. The Renjou family will soon lose their authority. What’s left is the Gokurakuin family and the Kanmitsuki family. If we attain the four families’ strength, we can fight against the Takadono family. That way, we will be able to grab hold of Japan’s economy.” Kyousuke says that the way he says ‘will be able’ sounds as if it might not become possible. Ritsuki says that it will become possible. “For that, the key right now is this guy--” On the screen is a picture of Setsuna and his data. After he finishes copying the file, Ritsuki takes out the usb flash drive and gives it to Kyousuke. “Take this, it’s the Godaimeika’s data. It will be useful for the Godaimeika’s meeting, right?” Kyosuke takes the flash drive and smiles. Back at the photo shoot, Miju is laughing her head off that Setsuna is quite funny a while ago. Looking ill, Setsuna heavily falls to sit and says that she is too cruel to laugh exaggeratedly like that. Miju says that it is because he walked too stiffly, that he also stumbled, and he also tripped on the ground that he would even hold his breathe. “You also have something that you cannot do well- When you obviously can do anything. Hahahahaha” Setsuna angrily says that she’s too noisy and he won’t let himself be deceived by her flowery words again. Since someone is calling for Miju, Miju says okay and tells Setsuna to wait there for a while. As Miju left to discuss her schedule with some woman, Setsuna holds his face and thinks that he is going to have a [muscle] cramp [since his face is quite stiff]. Then, Sadao calls out to him and says good work, it was a lot of fun today. [<-as if it is at Setsuna’s expense.] Setsuna angrily says, is that so. When Sadao tells him about hoping that there will be a next time again, Setsuna angrily apologizes and says that there won’t be a next time. Sadao tells him not to say that. Somewhat scowling, Setsuna tells him that even if in this [fashion] world, he gets to meet a lot of beautiful women but his heart still misses his foster mother. “Then, isn’t it meaningless that you run away from home in order to forget her?” Sadao admits that is true but it is really good that he left home or else, he would driven crazy be jealous just seeing closely how blessed Tokiko looked. “Even if I still miss her, my feelings towards [/how I think of] her has changed. I also came to know of a new world, wherein I can accept myself.” A woman calls out to Sadao to talk about their schedule next week. Sadao tells Setsuna that he is leaving and he’ll give that jacket [from the photo shoot] to Setsuna since he bought it. He bids Setsuna goodbye and asks him to give his greetings to Tokiko. Setsuna just looks surprise over what Sado has just told him.
Soon, Setsuna and Miju are walking home. Miju says that it is already late and is it okay with his family. Setsuna says yes. He asks her about calling a taxi. Miju tells him that it is okay to occasionally ride on the train. She asks him if he has rode on one before. Since Setsuna didn’t reply, Miju exclaims in shock that he hasn’t ridden one before. Soon at the train, Miju tells scowling Setsuna that he has a lot of money, but apparently he doesn’t know how to spend it. Setsuna cannot answer back. Miju continues to say, “But since it is like that, later on, there will be a pile of new things [that he can do], right? I’m very excited!” Setsuna asks where that enthusiasm of hers come from, for shouldn’t one be afraid of new things. Miju exclaims, really?! Setsuna comments that it is verily so. “You’ve made me have courage. Thank you.” This surprises Miju and she blushes really red. Setsuna tells her that it is already her stop in the next station. Miju is surprised and says that he’s right. Setsuna tells her to take care on her way home. Miju says ya. As they wave to each other, Setsuna bids her goodbye as the door of the train closes. As the train leaves, Miju takes out a picture of her and Setsuna posing for the photo shoot. She happily holds it to herself. In the train, Setsuna looks determined. Soon, it is the day of the meeting. Towako and others say that they are finally there at Takadono residence. [I think] Towako says that she is quite nervous. Someone tells her that they’ll just drink tea and chat. Towako comments that Yuuga is sweating profusely. Tokiko laughs and tells the two to calm down. Yuuga says wants things to finish quickly that he wants to just go quickly then leave quickly afterwards. Towako looks at the side and sees two people. It is Setsuna and Utsugi facing away from them. Towako calls out to them and asks why they are there. Tsubaki is just quiet. Towako goes to Setsuna and asks if he is also going to participate in the meeting. “Are you alright now?” When Setsuna is about to tell her something, a young boy calls out, “[Elder] brother..?” They all look surprise at the boy. Towako wonders what’s going on for that boy looks so similar with Setsuna.
After some pause, Towako suddenly exclaims that the boy is so cute. This surprises Yuuga and Setsuna. While the two guys are becoming gloomily jealous, Towako keeps on raving how cute the boy is, his skin, eyes, etc as if he is a chibi [miniature] Setsuna. The boy timidly calls out ‘[Elder] brother’ again but he got scared when the two guys are staring at him with displeasure. =P Someone calls out to the boy as Mitsuya. As Mitsuya’s parents approach them, his mother ask him what the matter is and he shouldn’t cause trouble to the others. Mitsuya apologizes to his mother. Seeing Mitsuya’s parents, Setsuna suddenly had a flashback of the mother scolding him as the father just watches by. Mitsuya’s mother greets the Gokurakuin family and asks if she is Towako. Towako greets them and says that it is the first time they’ve met. Towako is surprise to learn that they are the Kanmitsuki family and thinks that young boy is their son. The Kanmitsuki couple looks at somewhat tense Setsuna and asks if it is Setsuna. With clenched fist, Setsuna greets his parents. At the waiting room, Towako and Yuuga learn that Setsuna is actually the oldest son of the Kanmitsuki family. Tokiko tells them that it has already been 11 years since then. Yuuga is quite surprised over this unexpected revelation for Setsuna can pass off as a healthy child of the family. Towako asks why Setsuna is adopted into their family. Tokiko says that it is because of Setsuna’s illness. When Setsuna was born, he had a chronic illness and they ought to know how he was forced since the Kanmistuki family is the primogenitor of Japanese dance. There is a scene of Setsuna coughing while probably being forced to practice his dance. “It is quite unreliable to make someone as weak and sickly as Setsuna to become the heir.. Eleven years ago, young master Mitsuya was born and Setsuna became our adopted son.” Towako is shock for it means that after giving birth to another heir, they had abandoned Setsuna. Towako exclaims that’s too cruel. Towako quickly calls out to Tsubaki and asks where Setsuna is right now. Tsubaki tells her that he is in the other waiting room. Yuuga touches Towako’s shoulder and tells her that he’ll go and see Setsuna. “Rather than for you to go, I think it is more suitable to talk this out between guys.”
In the other room, irritated Setsuna asks, “What I felt at that time?” Yuuga tells him not to show an obviously bitter face towards him for at least, he is also Setsuna’s ‘[elder] brother’. Setsuna angrily shouts for him to quit saying sarcastic things at this time for just looking at Yuuga, he would want to make him into fish food [<- throw him into the water to feed the fish]. Yuuga angrily says that he is quite twisted. Setsuna tells him that he will come out twisted too if he is locked up in a world wherein he is being ordered about at will then when it is convenient, he is suddenly discarded. Yuuga looks somewhat surprised. Setsuna asks, “You’ve already heard about my past when I was young, right?” Flashback: Young Setsuna is on the floor with a fan. He is breathing hard while someone, probably his mother, kept on asking why her own child is like that, why is he breathing hard like that, why is he so weak, he isn’t needed anymore. Setsuna looked tired and sad. Then, someone called out to him, “It’s alright.. ‘Come’ to our house! I will be very happy if you can come..” Towako, with her parents, happily looks at him. Towako continued to tell him, “Be together with us always, Setsuna.” End flashback. Setsuna tells Yuuga that the one who saved him are his Gokurakuin papa, mama and Towako. Yuuga listens quietly then says that from the start, he thought that Setsuna is into incest [/sister complex] but it turns out that he fundamentally has fallen in love with Towako. This shocks and angers Setsuna. Yuuga continues to say that he understands for Towako has an ability to make others at ease. “Even if it beautiful words, yet what she said are facts.. I know why you have fallen for her..” Setsuna looks at him then he becomes irritated. He shouts how Yuuga can know about his sister’s good points. Yuuga shouts back that even if his time with Towako is shorter compared to Setsuna’s, he totally knows all about Towako. While Utsugi is helpless in stopping the shouting match, Setsuna exclaims for him to shut up for he is the one who knows his sister the most. Before Yuuga can answer back, he is surprised when Setsuna says that he can’t.. “Giving up [on her].. I cannot do it so I’m leaving..” Setsuna grinds his teeth and holds on to Yuuga’s shoulder. “You! .. For you to be at her side, it can make her happy.. *looks at Yuuga* But..! If something happens to her.. the only one who can protect her is me!” Yuuga looks surprise and tense over this statement. After Setsuna lets Yuuga go, Yuuga asks if the reason why he is here is.. Setsuna tells him, “I’m going to advise you.. you better be on your guard against this Nigami Ritsuki guy..” Yuuga looks at him then asks, “Who?” After a pause, Setsuna tells him that right now, this Nigami Ritsuki guy is eyeing on the Godaimeika... He is the origin of all the bad things [that is happening].. I will [] his..” Then, they were interrupted when Towako and her parents tell them that the meeting is starting. Yuuga says that they are going. Before they leave, Setsuna tells Yuuga that guy has already attained a lot of power. He also suspects that Ritsuki is planning an ‘ambush’ or has an ‘ally’ within the Godaimeika. [Sorry, the words are blurring so I’m not that sure which is which.]
At the meeting room, the five families are seated on a pentagon-shaped table. Takadono Tesshin greets the families and formally starts the meeting which he is going to preside. The emergency meeting is about the multiple and complicated changes that is happening in the economy. Also, it seems that there are things happening within each family so they are gathered together now in order for them to help each other mutually. Tesshin says that before he starts, it seems that he sees a new face. He tells Setsuna that only the current and next heirs of the families are allowed to participate in the Godaimeika meeting. Tokiko apologizes and tries to explain that Setsuna is.. To their surprise, Kanmitsuki father says that they are not violating that rule. Gesturing to Setsuna, he tells everyone that Kanmitsuki Setsuna is their family’s next heir. Towako and others are surprise. Tokiko tries to ask Setsuna what is going on. Kanmitsuki mother apologizes to Tokiko for they want Setsuna back. Tokiko exclaims how can she do as she pleases at a time like this. Setsuna calls out, “Mother-sama, Father-sama, sister, I’m truly sorry. I want.. to go back to the Kanmitsuki family..” Towako and family are shock and tense upon hearing this. While the Gokurakuin family is confused over this outcome, Kanmitsuki father thanks the Gokurakuin for taking care of Setsuna until now. “Even if doing this is quite selfish.. But since Setsuna’s illness is no longer a big hindrance! I’ve decided to make him as our family’s heir.” Kaoru and Kyousuke no reaction, Mioko surprised and Gokurakuin family look tense. Towako couldn’t control her emotions that she expresses her disbelief over what is happening. She tells them that they are doing as they please, without even consulting her parents about this. “You’ve didn’t even consider our feelings! *teary-eyed* Setsuna is already our family’s important member..” Setsuna becomes flustered over this. Tokiko and Yuuga worriedly look at Towako. Yuuga tries to tell Towako to calm down but Towako couldn’t. She thinks that she couldn’t forgive this wherein they’ll get Setsuna back just because his illness is already cured. Towako also feels guilty for Setuna wanted to tell her something earlier yet she unexpectedly didn’t listen. She thinks that in the end, it just forced Setsuna to think things for himself and decide on things by himself over this important issue. Kaoru scratches his head and apologizes for interrupting. He tells Kanmitsuki that it is unfair to just suddenly say this kind of things without even consulting the other party first. “In this world, there are bonds that are stronger than blood ties.”
When Kanmitsuki father tries to justify it, Kyousuke says that even if it is so, in the end, Setsuna would want to return to his own flesh and blood. “Wasn’t it a rule in Kanmitsuki that only the eldest son can inherit the family business? They have not fully given up Setsuna and isn’t now the time to call him back?” Mioko is surprised by what Kyousuke is saying. Kyousuke looks at Towako and says, “..For Setsuna, this is also a very good thing! In the end, he cannot inherit the Gokurakuin family.” Towako is taken aback by that. Setsuna tries to protest that isn’t the reason why he is.. Tesshin says that whatever it is, it seems that now isn’t the time to hold the meeting so they’ll have a momentary break. He urges the concerned parties to properly consult and discuss things over first. He considers this is a priority than the emergency concerning the direction of the economy which they will talk about later on. Yuuga is surprise when Towako and her parents look serious-scary at Setsuna. They quickly grab Setsuna before running off with him. Yuuga sweatdrops and calls out for them to wait for him. Mitsuya quietly looks at them. At the waiting room, they inquire Setsuna what’s going on and did the Kanmitsuki family called him there today. Tokiko asks if he really wants to go back to that family. To Towako’s surprise, Setsuna sadly says yes. He quickly tells them not to misunderstand for it isn’t because he is unsatisfied about anything when he is with them nor because he is ambitious over inheriting the family. Towako asks then, why. Setsuna tells them when he was young he hated his weak and very sickly body that he thought of himself as a burden to his parents. “To be taken under the care of the Gokurakuin family.. I’m very happy.. Truly happy.. But here.. I’m only just stubbornly running away.. I’m always running away.. Running away from my parents.. I’m also running away from what I truly think.. *Yuuga looks thoughtful* I do not want to run away anymore.. I want to find a new me! So I’m going back to that family..” Teary-eyed Tokiko says that since he said it that way, they cannot say anything more. Setsuna apologizes to his father, mother and Towako. Crying Towako says that she doesn’t want that, she disagree with that. “Why do you have to go? You’re not running away! Can’t you always stay in our family?” Towako doesn’t want Setsuna to go back to that cold-hearted family.
Towako keeps on crying. Setsuna remembers crying young Towako during that snow storm when he was separated from her because of his illness. He reaches out to her but he stops himself and just looks away. Yuuga feels sad over everything but he tells Towako that even if it is so sudden, Setsuna is also troubled. Looking at Setsuna, Yuuga says that it may seem that he is leaving [voluntarily] but it is definitely feels like ‘one must go’. Yuuga remembers Setsuna telling him that he is the only one who can protect Towako if something happens. Yuuga asks Towako, “How can you be so foolish? For even if Setsuna is going back to the Kanmitsuki family, things won’t change between you two, right?” Towako looks at Setsuna and says that it won’t change. “We will forever.. be a really close family member.. one family..” After Tokiko comforts her daughter and Setsuna leaves, Towako thinks that Setsuna is leaving. “The one who is always with me since I was young.. is now going to leave. It seems like getting married yet it isn’t like that! For Setsuna to go back.. he’ll be someone else’s family! But since Setsuna dared do that decision, I can only..” At the other meeting room, Mioko asks Kyousuke how could he say those things earlier and how did he know about the Kanmitsuki’s family rule. She is surprised when Kyousuke holds her face. He smiles and tells her, “Intelligent girls can be quite irritating [/hate]..” Tense Mioko looks at him in surprise. While walking with Utsugi, Setsuna is bothered about making Towako cry. He is surprised when someone says, “Not bad at all..” Setsuna sees smiling Ritsuki. He says, “Family, huh? – how nice.. *putting arm around Setsuna* Ah~ From today on, have fun [/play] with us..” Flashback: Young Towako held young Setsuna’s hands and told him that she’ll protect him. Setsuna happily smiled and said, “Then, wait for me to grow up, then when that time comes..” End flashback. Towako snaps out of it when Yuuga calls out to her. She looks up to see that Kaoru’s father is telling the others about something. Towako realizes that she is has been daydreaming during the Godaimeika meeting. Yuuga asks if she is alright. Towako tells him that she is and she apologizes [for making him worry]. She glances at the other side and sees Setsuna seated with his family. She thinks that even if they are in the same room yet it feels as if Setsuna is really far away.
After the meeting, Gokurakuin and Kanmitsuki families meet wherein Kanmitsuki father informs them that they will formally take Setsuna away after a week and to keep in touch during that time. Someone says okay. After the Kanmitsuki family left, Setsuna looks at his sister who looks really glum. Setsuna calls out to her and tells her to please not show such a miserable expression. “Sister, you have Tsubaki and you also have Yuuga to accompany you! You won’t be lonely anymore, right?” Towako looks flustered for Setsuna has always only been thinking of her. Towako tries to tell him that this and..[are not the same], Setsuna forces a smile and says, “I will be okay! As long as sister, you are happy--” This comment somewhat surprises Towako as Yuuga looks on. Setsuna tells them that he is going ahead but he’ll go home tonight. Tokiko says okay and they’ll talk until then. Towako looks nervously as she watches Setsuna, with Utsugi, leave. She doesn’t know why she feels really uneasy and will Setsuna leave just like this. Flashback: To the time when Ritsuki, Setsuna, Utsugi and Saho are together after the flower arrangement contest, Setsuna shouted, “Go back to Kanmitsuki?!” Ritsuki said that lately it has been talked about making Setsuna go back to that side. “Have you agreed on it?” Setsuna exclaimed how could he for that is the family that has abandoned him. Ritsuki says that he heard that some things aren’t okay and this time around, it appears that his younger brother isn’t needed [anymore]. Setsuna is shock to hear that. Ritsuki commented that Setsuna’s father is really willful [/do as one pleases]. He smiled and said, “This time around, it is okay for them to make use of you!” Setsuna asked, “Make use..?” Ritsuki said, “That’s right, after inheriting the family business! You only need to dominate [over it]!” End flashback. Utsugi asks Setsuna if this is okay. Setsuna looks sideways to his family then says, ya. “That guy, Nigami Ritsuki! He said that his goal is..” Flashback: Setsuna asked if he did that, what advantage is that to Ritsuki. Ritsuki smiled and said, “Advantage? Of there, there is. My goal is..” End flashback. Setsuna says, “That guy’s goal is.. to destroy the Godaimeika. If that is so, then sister will also be fall into a crisis! I absolutely won’t let him succeed..” Flashback: Young Setsuna held Towako’s hand and said, “When I grow up, when that time comes! It’s my turn to protect sister!” End flashback. Setsuna says, “Definitely..!”
Back to the others, Tokiko, with Nobu, says that that will go and greet the others before coming back. After they left, Yuuga looks at depressed Towako. He holds her hand and this made her lean on his shoulder. Towako looks at the side to see blushing Mioko, standing behind the bushes and looking at them. She calls out to Mioko. Mioko keeps on apologizing for disturbing them. Embarrassed Towako and Yuuga quickly distance themselves from each other as Towako tells her that it is okay. Towako says that she hasn’t been able to properly give her greetings. She asks if Mioko is already married with Kyousuke and congratulations to them. Towako notices that Mioko looks flustered-sad that she asks Mioko what the matter is. Mioko says that it is regarding this that she came to consult something with them. Towako and Yuuga are puzzled. Mioko confides to them that after getting married, there are times when Kyousuke would suddenly act cold [towards her]. Yuuga says that maybe because he is caught off guard on suddenly becoming the husband of a good family. Mioko says no, for Kyousuke’s whole personality seems to have changed. “Everyday, he is always on the computer and it seems that he is always talking with someone on the telephone.” To Towako and Mioko’s surprise, Yuuga asks if it is a girl. Mioko tells him no, before she occasionally manages to hear a bit. “It sounds as if it’s some Ritsu! type of person..” Yuuga remembers Setsuna’s warning. When Mioko is about to say the surname, Yuuga says that it’s Nigami. Mioko is surprised that Yuuga knew. Then, Tsubaki appears and tells Yuuga that is right, it is that person. “I’ve finally investigated it! The other party whom Kyousuke is talking with is Nigami Ritsuki-- Towako-ojousama, you also know that person!” This surprises Towako. In some other room, Tesshin is on the phone. He seems to be in a panic as he shouts, “What did you say? What? The majority shareholder, he? Quickly do something, you useless trash! Be careful or else, I’ll fry you, you squid!” Tesshin is surprised when someone says that it seems that he is quite troubled. Tesshin looks at the door and exclaims that he is from the Yachiougi family. It is smiling Kyousuke.
Tesshin shouts that he’s a rude fellow and how could he just go in there. “This is my library, quickly leave this place!” Kyousuke smiles sinisterly and says, “Don’t say such words for we know how to resolve that problem!” Tesshin asks, “‘We’! ..?” Kyousuke says, “Yup! We are..” Ritsuki starts walking into the door and says, “It’s the first time we’ve met! Father-sama..” Tesshin looks tense. Back to the others, they also look tense when they learned from Tsubaki that Ritsu is Nigami Ritsuki, the son of Takadono Tesshin. Yuuga asks if that means that Ritsuki is also a young master. Towako asks if it is possible that Tesshin himself didn’t know that he has a son. Tsubaki says, a little bit, for he is an illegitimate son. Towako is surprised by this that she wonders what Ritsuki’s goal is that he went to get close to them. Towako says that he is lying when he said that he lost his memory. “Does Mizuno know about this?” Towako is surprised when Kaoru approaches them and asks, “What about Saho?” Back inside, Tesshin is taken aback as he exclaims, “You are..” Ritsuki smiles and asks if he doesn’t have any impression. “Doesn’t my face look very much like? That woman, whom you had abandoned before!” Looking tense as he remembers the woman whom Ritsuki is referring to, Tesshin exclaims that it is just nonsense for him to say he is his child. “And even if you are my son, what do you plan to do right now? If you want money, I’ve already given that woman some money to spend when I broke up with her. I don’t have any money to give you! Why don’t you leave! Someone, come here!” Ritsuki looks downwards and mutters that he is really such a useless guy. Grabbing Tesshin’s collar, Ritsuki angrily says, “I don’t need your stinking money! My goal is to thoroughly make you accountable*!” [*it is like ‘I’ll make you pay back with interest for the wrong that you had done’.] Smiling Kyousuke says, “Takadono-san, we are here to do some buy-sell and also to earn some money! [We] want to buy your company!” Tesshin is asking what he is saying when he suddenly realizes something. “Could it be that you guys [] the stocks..” Kyousuke says that is right, they’ve already bought a huge portion of his stocks. “We already got all of the areas covered. You can not do any bad things anymore right? It will be quite tragic if the thing about you embezzling the donation is exposed! Let’s see how you are going to get out from this!” Tesshin nervously asks if it is the Yachiougi’s properties [that they used]. Kyousuke ignores his question and just says that is his suggestion, that Tesshin gives everything to them. “It’s the best thing to do in this situation!” They were surprised when someone shouts, “What did you say!” Serious and quiet earlier, Ritsuki breaks into a smile and exclaims that everyone is here. Towako and the others had gone to the library.
Preparing to leave, Ritsuki says, “Then, I’ll wait for the good news! Father-sama.” Tesshin looks surprised and tense. Kaoru shouts for Ritsuki to wait. Towako wonders if Ritsuki is really Tesshin’s.. “Does he have a grudge against Takadono-san? I definitely have to stop him!” Inside the room, only Mioko and Kyousuke are left. Mioko stammers as she asks if it is really true, Kyousuke is Ritsuki’s accomplice. She starts crying. She asks, “Is it also because of this, that you married me.. to destroy the Yachiougi family?” Without any reaction, Kyousuke tells her, “Even if that is so, what are you going to do? Are you going to divorce me? All of Yachiougi’s properties are already transferred into my name! You and your grandparents’ future are in my hands! Didn’t I tell you before! ..I really hate intelligent girls..” [<-Ouch; insult to injury] Mioko is stunned then her eyes darken. Meanwhile, Kaoru and others are going after Ritsuki. Kaoru shouts for him to wait. Ritsuki shouts that he’s too noisy and he doesn’t have anything else to say to them. Kaoru shouts that even so, they have something that they want to say to him. Grabbing Ritsuki’s shoulder to turn him around, Kaoru shouts what he did to Saho. Ritsuki smiles and tells him that shouldn’t Kaoru shoulder a big portion of the blame. Kaoru asks, what. Ritsuki tells him that he only gave it a push and with that, the plan went smoothly. “Oh right, Mizuno family is already on the decline.. They no longer have any support and privileges within the political circles! Haha.. the next heir’s throne has been snatched away! Renjou family is already at a dead end! Yachiougi family will also become insignificant [/exist only in name]. And soon, Takadono family will also become bankrupt..” Teary-eyed Towako shouts why he is doing this. “What would you benefit from this? If you have a grudge with Takadono-san, then can’t you two just sit down and properly talk this out.. The Renjou and Yachiougi families haven’t done any injustice to you that would warrant revenge!” Ritsuki scoffs it off and tells Towako that she is still naive as ever. “Properly talk? With that guy. Haha! My mother used to be a servant of the Takadono family.. That guy has fallen for her that he forced himself on her and, something happened between them! After being satisfied, he gave her some money then send her away.. Destroying other people’s lives! Yet, even thinking of using some money to resolve it! Do you even know how I and my mother lived on during those years? After mother died from exhaustion, do you know how I lived? You would never know! You guys are just some rich, all money and no brain, second generation! I hate money! And any rich people who easily disposes of money for one’s convenience! I’m going to ruin your lives and position!” Towako becomes scared over that look in Ritsuki’s eyes, which is the same as before, as if one is going to be engulfs in darkness.
When Ritsuki is about to leave, Yuuga angrily says, “Don’t play that ‘suffering’ card again!” [<- It is like he is justifying what he is doing because of what he suffered.] Ritsuki looks surprised then he turns around to them. While Towako is surprised by what Yuuga said, Yuuga tells Ritsuki that whatever he is thinking, he [Yuuga], who is originally poor, cannot also comprehend it. “But, regarding what you are doing now, what’s the difference with those rich people who disposes of money for one’s convenience?” Kaoru calls out to Yuuga to not enrage Ritsuki and make things worse. Yuuga tells him to quit acting calm when that guy did a cruel thing to his family. Ritsuki says that just like what Kaoru said, it seems that Yuuga still doesn’t understand the situation. “Sooner or later, I’ll also destroy you guys..” While Towako looks tense, Yuuga answers back, “Then go ahead and try! I’m not afraid of a guy.. whose head got carried away by money!” Ritsuki smiles and says, “..Then let’s try out that proposal! Next time, it will be your [Yuuga and others] turn!” After Ritsuki left, Kaoru scolds Yuuga if he is an idiot for he just made themselves into Ritsuki’s target. “Didn’t I tell you not to provoke him! This isn’t only about you, this is about Gokurakuin family.. or even the whole Godaimeika!” Yuuga exclaims that he doesn’t care much about those. “Right now, isn’t the time to mind dignity [/losing face]! When one’s cherished thing [/person] is hurt, how could I just keep on being quiet!” Kaoru sighs and says that he unexpectedly got lectured by Yuuga. As Kaoru is about to leave, he tells them that because of the urgency of the current affairs, they should establish a countermeasure to deal with it. “Tonight, I and my father will go to the Gokurakuin house. If you can, it is best to also call Setsuna..” Towako says okay. Towako thinks that just like what Yuuga said, this isn’t the time to be scared for it is necessary to act in response [to the situation]. At Setsuna’s place, Utsugi screams, “Nigami Ritsuki?! Ah..” He covers his mouth as Tsubaki says that it seems that he already knows. Utsugi cannot answer back so Tsubaki tells him to forget it. “Tonight, together with the Renjou family, we are going to talk about countermeasures and they would want young master Setsuna to also participate so tell him about it.” Utsugi tells her that he thinks that generally, Setsuna won’t join them. Tsubaki asks if that means Setsuna has his own way of method [of handling it]. Utsugi says ya.
After a pause, Tsubaki asks if he is also going to the Kanmitsuki family. Utsugi tells her yes, that is what he is going to ask their master. After another pause, Tsubaki says is that so. She turns around and tells him that she’ll just inform the others that Setsuna doesn’t plan to attend. Utsugi then shouts to Tsubaki that they don’t plan on becoming the enemy. “Young master Setsuna is considering Towako-ojousama as his number one priority, I also.. If something happens to the Gokurakuin family, I’ll definitely help you, Tsubaki. *happy* So, we are the same as before, nothing has changed!” Tsubaki looks at him and asks why isn’t it, ‘if something happens to Tsubaki’. Surprised, Utsugi says that it is because he feels that nothing bad will happen to her [that she cannot escape from]. Tsubaki says that is true. “But, if something happens to you, I won’t go and help you. *Utsugi goes into shock. Tsubaki blushes a bit* So, you better take care of yourself.” Utsugi happily smiles and says, “Yup!” As Tsubaki leaves, Setsuna asks Utsugi if this is really okay. “It is okay even if you stay with the Gokurakuin family.” Utsugi says no. He looks at Setsuna and says, “I’m going with you.” Setsuna tenderly smiles over this. He then says that there is something he wanted to ask before. Utsugi asks what it is. Setsuna asks him about the what is the feelings [/relationship] between him and Tsubaki. Utsugi blushes and happily says that he thinks that their feelings for each other are quite good and Tsubaki is very nice. “Ah, were you worried about me? Even if people frequently says that we aren’t a match, but actually there’s no problem.” Setsuna says he knows already, forget it. [<- Setsuna seems to realize that Utsugi is the clueless type or Utsugi probably thinks that Setsuna is worried about Tsubaki’s ‘bullying’. =P] Soon, at the bedroom, Towako is bothered about what Ritsuki saying that he hates money and those who uses money for their convenience. She snaps out of it when Yuuga calls out to her and asks if she is alright. Towako smiles and says that she is okay, she is just a bit tired. Yuuga apologizes. Since Towako is puzzled, he tells her that it is for provoking that guy. He just said the things in his mind and perhaps, he should have thought of it first. Towako smiles and tells him that it is alright for they already told their parents and Tsubaki is there with them. Kaoru also said that they can draw up some financial countermeasures for their companies and stocks so there’s definitely a way [through this]. Yuuga sweatdrops and says that it seems that Kaoru knows about this stuff for he has experience in it. There is a scene of the just finished meeting: Kaoru lecturing Tokiko and Towako about the papers they got which is messed up and tells them to quickly get the current figures in the internet. [<- Ah, guesswork because the words are quite small.] Towako tells him that if he didn’t say those things, she would definitely still be trembling from hand to foot. Towako really felt that Ritsuki’s darkness is going to swallow her.
Towako sadly tells Yuuga that until now, she never thought about having money or perhaps not having money. She thinks that it is natural to have money so she doesn’t know what is called ‘poor’. “That person’s hatred feelings for someone who is rich, I cannot in anyway come to comprehend it..” Yuuga hugs her and says that kind of thing, he also cannot comprehend it and it isn’t necessary for them to comprehend it. “Geez, do not think about that guy’s affairs anymore.” He is surprised when Towako looks at him. She then turns around to him and hugs him tight. Towako tells him that Mioko has already gone home and she doesn’t know if Mioko is alright. Then, there is also Saho. Yuuga tells her to call Saho up later on. Towako says okay. Towako thinks that currently, Tesshin-san is in a daze [over everything] and Renjou’s disciples are deserting them. “Everyone are unknowingly and unconsciously being swallowed by, then later on.. But..” Teary-eyed Towako tells Yuuga, “Please stay at my side.” Yuuga looks surprised. They look at each other and kiss. “Even if tomorrow, I would to lose everything.. it will be okay as long as you stay at my side..” Yuuga then hugs Towako. Later on, Tsubaki informs everyone that the Takadono family has become bankrupt. She thought it is necessary to immediately inform them about this. “The stocks and properties have all fallen into Nigami’s hand. Things have become intense [/progressed] quickly compared to what [I/we] imagined.” Tokiko says that it is alright since they knew of it ahead of them because of Towako and they already did some countermeasures together with Renjou-san so there is no need to worry. Later on, walking to school/outside their house, Towako worriedly says that even if her mother said so, but isn’t there anything that they can do and is it really alright for them to just leisurely go to school like this. Yuuga says that if there is something they can do, that is to directly talk with that guy but then, how can they possibly meet up with that guy. To their shock, Ritsuki appears between them and happily asks, “Do you guys want to see me?” After the two scream in shock, Ritsuki asks what’s with that reaction for weren’t they looking for him. “But, the one I want, is only Towako.” While Yuuga is shielding Towako from Ritsuki, he didn’t notice that there are a couple of goons behind them. They quickly grab Towako. Just when Yuuga turns to help her, one of the goons punches him in the stomach. Yuuga falls down in pain and he can only look on helplessly at Towako who calls for him while being taken away forcibly to a black limousine. Inside the car, Ritsuki somewhat hugs flustered Towako and asks, “Towako.. then, what am I going to do [with you]?”
Towako wakes up and finds herself in a dark room [<- because the curtains are closed]. She wonders why she is there. Then, her eyes widen in surprise. She realizes that she is lying on the sofa with her hands tied behind her back. Her arms are also bounded as well as her feet. [Hm..isn’t it a bit too much? ^^; To be sure that she cannot escape?] While she is wondering why she is tied up, someone asks if she is awake. She looks up to see Ritsuki, sitting on the other sofa, reading a magazine. Ritsuki says that she really slept well that it is already mid-noon. Upon seeing him, Towako realizes that Ritsuki had grabbed her and took her into the car. Since she is fighting against them, they made her lose consciousness [using chloroform]. Towako worriedly looks at Ritsuki and thinks that she has been kidnapped. Holding a box of Pizza Cut, Ritsuki says that just in time, the pizza has been delivered and they can eat together. Towako sits up and shouts if he is joking. “What place is this? Where’s Yuuga? Did you guys do anything to Yuuga? Quickly answer me!” Ritsuki quietly looks at her. Pulling open the curtains, Ritsuki tells her that compared to her husband, shouldn’t she be worrying more about herself. Towako is shock that they are high up in a building. Ritsuki tells her that they are at the top building of a 32nd floored building. “Because the name is fake, they won’t be able to investigate and find me here. And, the best sound proofing equipment is installed here that even secret signals cannot get through. By the way, this is a one-way glass. [<- no one can see inside] How about it, isn’t it fit to become a prison room?” Looking tense over the mention of prison, Towako asks why he is doing this. Ritsuki smiles as he is about to drink his softdrink, Coke Shock. He says, “Because in doing this, won’t it bring about the ultimate upsetting effect? As far as he [Yuuga] is concerned..” At the surveillance/computer room, Yuuga curses as to how come they still cannot find Towako. Three people bow and apologize. It seems that Tsubaki is doing something on the computer. Towako’s parents are standing at the side. Tokiko is teary-eyed and worried about Towako. Yuuga is really frustrated as he remembers teary-eyed Towako holding up her arm towards him as they took her away. Yuuga apologizes to the parents when he was obviously with Towako at that time. Tokiko tells him that it isn’t his fault and he shouldn’t blame himself. She tries to assure him that Towako is definitely okay. Yuuga clenches his fist and curses as he remembers that last night, Towako was asking him to stay at her side.
Suddenly, Yuuga’s cellphone rings. The number is hidden. He answers it. On the other line, someone says, “It’s me, Yuuga..” Everyone is surprised when Yuuga shouts Ritsuki’s name. “You jerk, where did you bring Towako! You better not do anything reckless!” Holding the phone away from his ear, Ritsuki says that he’s too loud and if he is looking for Towako, she is here. Yuuga hears Towako calling out to him. Yuuga calls Towako back. “Hello.. Quickly bring her back, you jerk!” Sitting beside Towako and putting his arm around her, Ritsuki says that will depend on Yuuga’s actions. Yuuga shouts what he meant by that. Ritsuki tells him, “Yesterday, you deny the power of money, since it is like that, then why don’t you relinquish it. It’s very easy, you only have to return to the beginning as ‘Takatou Yuuga’ who doesn’t have anything. You and Towako, just have to split up.” This surprises Yuuga and Towako. While Towako nervously asks what he is talking about, Ritsuki continues to tell Yuuga, “Renounce it, together with Gokurakuin’s properties. If you do that, then I’m going to send Towako back. Listen up, you first prepare the divorce application, if you don’t..” To Towako’s surprise, Ritsuki goes near her. Towako exclaims, “! Don’t.. No, what are you doing, don’t touch me! *Yuuga calls out Towako’s name* Stop, don’t.. No!” Then Yuuga looks tense when the line went dead. It turns out that Ritsuki is just tickling Towako who keeps on shouting what he is doing and he should stop it. ^^;; While walking at the hallways, Tsubaki follows Yuuga and tells him to wait, where he is going. Yuuga says that he doesn’t know but he cannot just sit around. Tsubaki tells him that he cannot go out for if something happens to him, they’ll.. Yuuga asks what is he to do. Facing Tsubaki, Yuuga shouts “Should I just obediently divorce with her?!” Tsubaki says of course not. “For Towako-ojousama, young master Yuuga is irreplaceable. If the situation ends up like that, she will definitely be depressed, so that is something that won’t happen..” Yuuga tells her that is also something that he cannot endure but if this keeps up, then that person.. Tsubaki tells him that right now, they are still looking for Ritsuki’s whereabouts. “I’ll definitely find him, and rescue Towako-ojousama. Please bear with it for a while..” After a pause, flustered Yuuga apologizes and says that she must also be in anguish. Somewhat calmed down, Yuuga mutters Towako’s name.
Back to that apartment, Towako keeps on laughing as she shouts for him to stop [tickling her]. “Hahaha.. you better stop while you’re ahead!” Towako quickly gives Ritsuki a headbutt. While Ritsuki holds his head in pain, Towako shouts what he meant by what he said a while ago. “Stop joking around and take it back!” Ritsuki angrily shouts back, “Why you, you are a prisoner, so act like one [/get serious]!” Towako angrily shouts, “That is impossible, idiot!” This irks Ritsuki. Crying, Towako exclaims that for him to do that, how can she just keep quiet about it. “How many more people are you going to involve before you’ll stop! (Renjou family, Mizuno-chan, Mioko-ojousama.. everyone is all.. because of this person...) How can you do such a thing! You’re cruel! You’re not a person! You’re a devil! A demon!” To her surprise, Ritsuki starts laughing and says that no wonder it’s her, for she is quite lively. Standin by the window, he says, “But, the idiot is you. Not only were you kidnapped, you also cannot get out of this room. The police won’t come and no one will come and save you. So, it means that I’m the only person whom you can depend on. So while Yuuga go and prepare the divorce papers, isn’t it better for you to just be nice a bit.” Towako shouts at him, “He won’t divorce me! He’ll come and save me! Definitely!” Towako thinks that is right, for they promised to be together forever. Ritsuki looks at her and approaches her. “..You called me a demon, right? Perhaps, you are correct. Because, I really like to see the expression of someone who is in despair so-- *holds her face* if [you] made me unhappy, I would really want to make the other party be in despair.” Towako becomes frightened when Ritsuki suddenly pushes her down on the sofa and he is on top of her. Towako shouts, ‘no..’. Ritsuki tells her to be serious a bit, for is it okay with her if something happens to her family. This surprises Towako again that she thinks, “What.. No.. But--” Ritsuki looks serious and tells her, “..it is all your fault, because you keep on saying Yuuga, Yuuga, how annoying to death..” As Ritsuki leans to her, Towako thinks, “Someone! *Ritsuki kisses crying Towako* Save me.. Yuuga..” Back at the Gokurakuin residence, there is a hood peeking out the bushes. It is Yuuga. Looking around while trying to sneak out, Yuuga thinks, “I’m sorry, Tsubaki. I cannot just do nothing. Darn it.. nothing ought to have done to her, right?! *runs off* Towako..!” The last scene is someone, probably Ritsuki holding Towako [‘s shoulder?] and her bow tie is already removed.
Scans by Mercury Studio and 17kkmh.com

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