June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 61-69]

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Yuuga asks Towako what happened. Towako notices that her vision is impaired because she can only see Yuuga’s vague figure. While her eyes are throbbing in pain, Towako closes her eyes again. Yuuga asks her if she is alright and is she in pain. Towako hesitantly opens her eyes again and to her surprise, she can now see Yuuga clearly. Yuuga worriedly says that if she cannot move, he’ll go get someone’s help. Towako quickly says that she is alright and it doesn’t hurt anymore. She tells him that it must be because she is a bit tired. She apologizes for making him worried. Towako thinks that it is only just for a moment but then, what was that. Yuuga pats her head and tells her not to force herself too much. Towako blushes and says yes. At the hallway, the couple met up with Kaoru and Sawatari who is in a cage. While Sawatari is furious, Kaoru explains that the caretaker had put it in a cage because it won’t calm down. While Yuuga looks on and thinks that it should always be inside, Towako releases Sawatari and apologizes to it. Kaoru is looking at them then he sighs. To their surprise, Kaoru says that it is boring since they already made up. To Yuuga’s irritation, Kaoru says it’s okay because from today on, in a week’s time, Towako is his partner. Holding Towako’s back, Kaoru tells her that they should go. Yuuga is still angry because Kaoru always try to show off that he’s better. Then, Towako smiles back at him and waves her left hand where his ring is. This made Yuuga blush and hold up his hand with her ring. Yuuga notices that someone is standing behind him. He turns around and it is Saho. Yuuga glances back at the other couple then tries to comfort Saho by saying not to mind those two and it will be fine if they just do their best, and when they get back, Saho should properly teach him. Yuuga is puzzled when Saho looks down and says that he’s very kind, before leaving. Back at the mountain lodge, Towako sighs and says that she’s very tired. She tells Kaoru that it is already late so what about dinner. Kaoru tells her to do it. Towako angrily shouts at him as to what’s with that attitude and she’s not his servant. Kaoru tells her that he doesn’t know how to cook. Towako is surprised by that and she finds that quite unexpected. While removing his outer robe, Kaoru tells her that at home, they won’t let him cook and when he left home, he would just eat outside so Towako ought to have more experience in that area since she is making bento boxes everyday. Towako sweatdrops and says that is right, so she’ll go change her clothes first before preparing it.

To her surprise, Kaoru hugs her and says that if she needs help in changing her clothes, he can help. Towako angrily shouts that she refuses. Kaoru laughs and says that he’s kidding. Blushing really red, Towako points at him and shouts that she would want to clearly tell him that no matter if he’s kidding or not, he isn’t allowed to say such strange things and unless it is necessary, he is not to get too close to her. “If you don’t, then I won’t be your partner anymore! You better promise!” Looking at her with sad puppy eyes, Kaoru says that he doesn’t have self-confidence on that. While angrily thinking what’s with that miserable look, Towako angrily shouts why [he has that look?]. Soon, she is cooking while angrily thinking that it wasn’t easy for her to change her impression of Kaoru. Sitting at the dining table while looking at her cooking, Kaoru asks her if it’s done. Towako angrily shouts that it isn’t. Kaoru happily looks at her then looks somewhat sad upon seeing the ring on her thumb. Soon, he sees some smoke. Kaoru asks if there is something burning. While holding a pan that is emitting dark smoke, aghast Towako tells him that he is mistaken. Kaoru sweatdrops and says that seeing what’s happening is not really assuring. Soon, Kaoru looks at all the burnt food on the table and asks, why. Towako timidly tells him not to ask that and Tsubaki usually helps her in cooking. Kaoru says that before they were married, they lived together for a while so Yuuga didn’t say anything about it. Towako tells him that Yuuga himself can cook. Kaoru tries to impress her that if it is about using some utensils in putting food on the plate, he can do it, too. With a bit of this and that, Towako’s food looks gorgeous. Towako cannot believe and says that it is really amazing that it seems really delicious. Kaoru tells her that only the external appearance has changed but the taste is still the same. Towako tastes some and it is horrible. Towako gloomily asks why when she cooks everyday and could it be that she doesn’t have a gift for cooking. Kaoru tells her to forget about it, itadakimasu. Towako thinks that he isn’t a bad person but isn’t a nice one either since he bluntly tells her that the food tasted horrible so, she would want to help him. While watching him eat, Towako’s vision sudden become blurry again. While wincing in pain, Towako wonders what’s happening for it came back again. She closes her eyes and opens it again to see that her vision is still impaired. Kaoru asks her what the matter is. Towako wonders if she should tell him that there is something weird about her eyes. She closes and opens her eyes again. To her surprise, her eyes are okay again. Kaoru asks if she isn’t feeling well. Towako says that it is alright. While Towako is puzzled since her eyes are okay again, Kaoru laughs and tells her to be really okay, because if she collapses, he would have to forfeit the competition. While nervously saying yes, Towako thinks that if that happen, she will cause trouble for Kaoru and his father, also her eyes would immediately become normal so it is impossible for her to become blind. She decides not to tell Kaoru about it.

Looking out the moon, Towako thinks, “Yuuga, what are you doing? Now that I think about it carefully, from the time that we’ve been together, this is the first time when we lived separately. I’m a bit uneasy... on this night that I’m without you.” Yuuga is also looking at the same moon [and most probably misses her, too.] The next day, Kaoru, together with Towako, is practicing on his flower arrangement. When Kaoru asks for a lily, Towako’s eyes are suddenly in pain again. Kaoru asks her what happened. Towako apologizes then looks at the flowers in front of her but everything is blurry. Towako becomes really tense when Kaoru begins to notices that something is wrong with her. He asks her if she cannot see. Towako nervously tells him that is impossible and she’s just looking for that lily. Kaoru holds out a flower to her. Since she couldn’t see it, she says that it is that. To her surprise, Kaoru says that it is a daffodil. Towako nervously laughs and says that is right for how could she make a mistake about it. Fortunately, Kaoru cannot be fooled that he asks her when this started. Realizing that she cannot hide this anymore, Towako tells her that it started yesterday. Kaoru holds her shoulders and asks her why she didn’t tell him earlier. Towako says that it is because it comes and goes. Occasionally, it is just blurry, and then she can see clearly. Kaoru stands up and tells her to come for she is going to have it checked by a doctor. Towako tells him not to do that because if they got in touch with the outside world then the Lotus Exhibit will.. Kaoru exclaims that this is a special case so they can. When Towako tries to protest, Kaoru exclaims, “How can I just leave things be when you are in this kind of situation!” To their surprise, Tsubaki appears in front of them and tells Towako that Kaoru is right for if they leave things be, it might worsen and Towako shouldn’t be too careless. Towako and Kaoru are shock to see her there that Kaoru asks since when was she there. Tsubaki apologizes and says that she is there from the start since she has been instructed to follow Towako. Towako tells Tsubaki to keep this a secret but to the two’s shock, Tsubaki calls Utsugi on a radio type of device to inform him that there is something wrong with Towako’s eyesight so can he arrange for a doctor to check Towako. Towako is freaking out while Kaoru thinks that he really doesn’t understand what these people are thinking. Then, to Towako’s surprise, Tsubaki whispers to Utsugi to keep this a secret. Tsubaki tells them that if they let a doctor from Renjou’s family to check on it, it is possible that they will learn that the couple got in touch with the outside world. “If it’s Gokurakuin’s doctor, we can secretly bring him here.” Kaoru thanks her for considering everything. Tsubaki says, “But of course, based on the outcome of the diagnosis, there is also the possibility that I’m going to bring Miss Towako back!” Towako smiles over this then thinks that she is making everyone worried, so what’s wrong with her eyes.

Soon, a doctor says that this is a special kind of ailment for it seems that optical nerves have an inflammation. To their relief, the doctor says that her eyes will heal but then, her eyes would deteriorate to the point of becoming blind. Towako is shock that she says that he just said that it will heal. The doctor says that it is alright for the blindness is temporary. After the vision deteriorated, the cells will reactivate and her eyesight will slowly recover. To their disappointment, the doctor says that it will take around a week for her eyes to recover so she won’t be okay during the competition. Kaoru calls Tsubaki to quickly bring her master back home. Towako asks if he is going to give up and if he did that then.. Kaoru smiles and says that it is inevitable and he originally doesn’t want to inherit the family business. “This can be used as a good alibi, how lucky.” Towako tells him that he’s lying when he obviously seriously thought about it and wanted this [to be heir], compared to anyone. Kaoru tells her that even if the doctor says that it will heal but for her being like that, does she think that he would still ask her to continue to participate in the contest. “Don’t belittle me. I can think of other ways regarding my family affairs.” Towako is frustrated for obviously someone needs her help, and someone isn’t happy [<-Yuuga] yet what she is doing this anyway. Towako quickly heads to the door and exclaims that she can see. She knows how the things are set-up and she can differentiate flowers. Opening the door, Towako looks back and says, “Renjou Kaoru, I will participate in this! I will definitely make you into the family head!” Kaoru tries to protest but Towako puts on her slippers and goes to the garden. She tells him that if she really cannot see, she can still remember the different kinds of flowers’ touch and smell. She starts naming the flowers in the garden but she is stumped on one flower. She tries to look at it and smell it. She says that she cannot quite discern what it is. She didn’t notice that Setsuna, together with Utsugi, is beside her. Setsuna worriedly looks at her then turns to glare at Kaoru who didn’t react. It is only when Setsuna turns to leave when Towako notices that someone else is there. Towako asks who is there. Utsugi quickly says that it is him. Towako asks why he is there and he should have stayed at the house. Utsugi nervously says that he might be disturbing them so he’ll go ahead. While Utsugi follows Setsuna, Towako wonders if Utsugi used to be that tall before. Her eyes are bad now but it seems that there are two people. Kaoru touches her shoulder. Towako turns to him and asks if it is Kaoru. She tells him that see, there’s no problem with her so let her join. Suddenly, Towako’s eyes are okay and she sees Kaoru looking troubled-sad as he says, ya, I’ll leave it to you. To his shock, Towako tells him not to have that kind of expression. To his anger and embarrassment, Towako says that she can see again. While Towako is happy that her sight has returned, Utsugi asks Setsuna if it is alright if he didn’t talked with Towako when it is rare for him to come here. Setsuna didn’t answer. He just asks Utsugi if his sister’s eyesight will really be restored. Utsugi says of course for that doctor is the same one who cured Setsuna of his illness. Setsuna is really suspicious as to why this thing happened at this time.

After taking a bath, Towako towels herself dry while looking at her vague image on the mirror. Towako worriedly thinks that if her eyes don’t recover, she won’t be able to see anything including Yuuga. Then, she pulls the towel and hears something falls on the floor. To her fright, she realizes that it is Yuuga’s ring which got caught on the towel. When Kaoru comes in, he finds Towako sitting on the floor. He asks her what happened. Towako tells him that Yuuga’s ring fell. Kaoru looks down and sees that the ring is near his foot. He picks it up and is about to give it to Towako but he stops when Towako nervously says that she suddenly lost it and Yuuga will definitely hate her to death. She starts crying because Yuuga is already very angry and yet for her to lose the exchanged ring, she no longer has any face to look at him. Kaoru suddenly remembers how Towako would always be strong/defensive/tearful because of Yuuga before. Kaoru clenches his fist with the ring and mutters that she is always like that, ‘as if her life depended on it’, regarding Yuuga. Towako asks what he said but to her surprise, Kaoru hugs her and kisses her on the forehead. Towako asks him what he is doing. She sees a blurry image then her eyes become well again that she sees him smiling. Kaoru asks if she has calmed down now. Kaoru tells her that he will look for her ring and she should go to sleep already since it will be 21pm soon. He will be in a difficult position if she falls asleep there. Towako insists on looking for the ring but he urges her to prepare to sleep since it is only 10 minutes before 21pm. Holding her up, Kaoru says that he will guide her if she cannot see. Flustered Towako backs away and says that there is no need, she can see. She stops when she notices Kaoru’s sad expression. She says that she’ll look for it tomorrow, good night. Towako wonders why she wavered. Is it because that he is kinder now as compared before or it is because for a second, she has seen his miserable-sad expression. She tucks the blanket over her head. Blushing, she wonders what’s up with her to suddenly pay attention to Kaoru. “Yuuga, sorry (6x) The ring..I’ll definitely find it!” Meanwhile Kaoru sadly looks at the ring on his palm. He tells himself that he is like a kid to do such a childish thing. “After the Lotus Exhibit ends, I’ll settle up everything so, only for now..” Meanwhile, Yuuga is practicing his knowledge about the flowers by saying what it is called before opening the label if he is right. Yuuga happily says that he got it all right. He shouts to Saho that he remembered everything but she is nowhere to be found. Yuuga thinks that Saho has been acting strange ever since they got back. Yuuga looks at Towako’s ring then says to forget about it because this strange situation will end soon.

Outside the house, Saho is tensely holding a radio type of device and calls Ritsuki. She asks if it is okay now and she want to know Towako’s situation. In a dark room [because the blinds are closed], Ritsuki asks if she is talking about Towako’s eyes, well, there are no news yet and he hasn’t heard if they forfeited. Saho is relieved about that. Ritsuki asks if she is worried and isn’t it a necessity for her to win. He tells her that this is just a situation and no matter what, Kaoru will inherit the Renjou School so Saho ought to do her best for herself. Saho says yes. She tells him that Yuuga will become suspicious so she’s going back. Then an older guy, along with a couple of other guys [<-the judges], ask Ritsuki if he is joking when he said ‘situation’ since they are serious because how could everything be given to that youngster when Renjou School has gotten this far thanks to them. Renjou School is now very strict that they couldn’t get a permit. Even if they are substitute teachers/tutors, if they do not manage a training class, it fundamentally has no benefit to them. It will be easy for them to get that power easily if only Kaoru’s father steps down and they put up Saho as replacement. “And beside, although things have arrived until now, Renjou family’s funds are an absolute necessity but this guy says that he can assist us.” Ritsuki smiles and says that is right because their [Ritsuki’s] company will give their all out support for them [judges]. One of the older guys exclaims that is exactly what they are looking for. The others ask what exactly Ritsuki’s goal is. Pulling down the blinds a bit, Ritsuki says, “I already said that I’ve been taken cared of by Miss Mizuno but what’s more important is.. --..*smiles* I want to step over the Five Main Families.” [<- I will use that as a title so capital letters.] Soon, it is the day of the formal competition. Kaoru tells Towako that they are going. Towako says okay. Towako can no longer see a thing. Yuuga overhears some people saying that young master Kaoru and his partner seem to be in good terms/very intimate. Yuuga is furious when people gossip at how close Towako is with Kaoru since she is holding tight on Kaoru’s arm and in private, they must be mutually getting along too. While Yuuga is angry as to what’s up with the two, Kaoru notices him but to Yuuga’s surprise, Towako didn’t acknowledge him and they just pass by him. Then, Towako holds up her hand [probably Kaoru telling her to greet someone ahead or so that she won’t bump anyone]. Yuuga notices that Towako is no longer wearing his ring. Inside the building, Towako tells Kaoru to tell her if they come across Yuuga. Kaoru says yes. Towako fears how Yuuga will react when he sees her holding Kaoru’s arm tightly yet she couldn’t tell him about her eyesight, and also about the ring which she couldn’t find. Towako is trouble for she doesn’t know how to explain it to Yuuga since it is their wedding ring. Kaoru just sadly looks at her then looks away. Meanwhile, Saho checks the registration and is relieved that Kaoru and Towako are still joining the competition. The judge and his two friends greet Saho. Saho calls him Kurosan [黑衫; invented name]. Kurosan asks if she is nervous and tells her to ‘gambatte’ [/do your best]. Saho says yes, she’ll be under their care. Kurosan and others smile as they tell her what is she saying for she won’t lose because they are the judges. Saho looks surprised by this.

At dressing room A, Kaoru says that he has to say his greetings to everyone so is it okay for Towako to stay there. Towako says it is okay and she and Sawatari will stay put inside. Kaoru says that he will be back soon. Towako thinks that Kaoru is quite considerate and she is still bothered by over the ring and Yuuga but right now, she should concentrate on winning the competition. She is surprised when someone behind her says, ‘hey’. Towako realizes that it is Yuuga but she won’t dare look at him else he’ll notice that there is something wrong with her eyes. Yuuga asks her what’s with that attitude after they haven’t seen each other for some time and she’s sticking too close to Kaoru. Towako is shock for he has seen them. Towako says that it isn’t so...,and if she didn’t do that.. Yuuga asks what happened and was she threatened by Kaoru again. Towako says that it isn’t so, Kaoru treated her well and he’s helping her.. The agitated part of Yuuga is furious [high blood rising up] exclaims what she meant by that, being helped by Kaoru yet she won’t look at him [Yuuga], is she displeased and also about that missing ring. The calmed part of Yuuga says that there is definitely a reason, Kaoru is endlessly troublesome and maybe she removed the ring since it is more convenient that way when arranging the flowers. Angry Yuuga tells Calm Yuuga that he is really angry but the Calm Yuuga tells him that normally, he easily gets agitated. Yuuga decides to just ask Towako for his ring and they can exchange their rings back. Towako wonders what to do but she feels that she should tell him the truth. To Yuuga’s shock, Towako tells him that she couldn’t find it. So, Calm Yuuga and Angry Yuuga are quarreling again until Angry Yuuga punches Calm Yuuga away. =P Towako is surprised when she hears a bang. Yuuga has strike the table. Towako wonders what that sound is and she cannot tell if Yuuga is angry [since she cannot see his expression]. Yuuga puts her ring on the table and leaves. Towako realizes that she made Yuuga angry again after not seeing him for such a long time, but she fears that he’ll be more worried if he learns about her lost of sight. Towako stands up and tries to call him. She suddenly remembers how Yuuga is angry that she didn’t tell him [about the Ritsuki kiss before]. Towako realizes that she is making the same mistake. Towako calls out, “Wait a minute, Yuuga! *gesturing to someone in front of her* I’ll tell you everything.. I..right now, I cannot see a thing, and I also do not know the reason for it.. *holding on the person in front of her* So Renjou Kaoru was helping me.. *flustered and teary-eyed* And also, the ring, it is because I was using the towel that it got caught in it and fell that I couldn’t find it, so..I’m really sorry, but I’ve always thinking of you, Yuuga. I wanted it to be shifted to an earlier date, I’ve always wanted to see you earlier..!” Ritsuki looks shock for it turns out that Towako has mistaken him for Yuuga. Seeing her tearful-sad expression, Ritsuku unconsciously holds her shoulder [to comfort her] but he suddenly pushes her away and leaves. This surprises Towako and to her horror, ‘Yuuga’ refuses her. Sawatari looks at the ring on the table. At some corner, Ritsuki is nervously laughing and asks what that was. He covers his face and looks somewhat flustered. “Suddenly thinking that I’m someone else.. the person she’s looking for isn’t me.”

Backstage, Towako’s hands are trembling and she wonders if it is because she was uneasy over what happened earlier. Kaoru holds her hands and assures her that everything will be okay. This calms Towako’s nerves and she remembers what her priority is right now, and that is to concentrate on the competition. When it is Kaoru and Towako’s turn, the audience notices that Towako’s eyes are closed. They wonder if that is Towako’s style in arranging the flowers but the flowers she chose are quite good. While Towako is feeling the flowers with her other senses, she remembers Kaoru telling her that it is okay for her to close her eyes since she cannot see anyway. Since her movements are swift and ordinary, they can make it appear that she is amazing since she is doing it all without looking. “I will make everything appear like a performance.” End flashback. Towako thinks, “Renjou Kaoru.. I believe you. Even if I cannot see, I still know that you can make the flowers perfectly bloom.” Towako is happy to overhear people saying that it seems as if the flowers are alive, it is in a form that no one can imitate and also that lily. Towako is relieved that everything went smoothly. While the judges are deliberating, Yuuga asks as to around what score should it be to be determined as a great design. Saho tells him that the full score is 100 points and to win usually around 80 points. While Saho is telling him about the possibility of having 90 points, she looks surprised as it was announced that Towako and Kaoru’s score is 68.37 points. Everyone is shock that Yuuga comments that Kaoru’s flower arrangement is actually quite good. The others find it too low and the judges are too strict. Saho remembers what Kurosan told her but she dismisses that it is impossible for the score to be rigged. Saho also wonders if Towako really cannot see [because Towako performed really well]. Sitting with the audience, Setsuna is worried about his sister. Towako thinks that overall, they are in third place. Kaoru assures her that they can still catch up. As he escorts Towako back, Kaoru’s father worriedly looks at Kaoru. Flashback: During the deliberation, Kaoru’s father protested over how low they graded Kaoru’s work. Kurosan and the other two judges gave the score of 4.67, 5.82 and 5.21 whereas the others gave the score of around 9 or 8. The others also ask why it is so low compared to the others. Kurosan defended himself by saying that it is a fair judgment for the others had forgotten what the important thing is – this is a competition on who will be the heir of the Renjou School. Even if Kaoru’s flower arrangement isn’t bad, he totally disregarded the Renjou School’s style and also that Flower Geisha is acting scandalously for closing her eyes during the competition. Kaoru’s father realized that Kurosan is out to discredit Kaoru. He continued to protest but Kurosan accused him of taking Kaoru’s side because he is a relative. Kurosan insisted that score is fair. End Flashback. Kaoru’s father bows and mentally apologizing to Kaoru [for not being able to help him].

Soon, it is Saho and Yuuga’s turn. On backstage, some people are whispering that Saho is the winning candidate because Kaoru got a really low score. They shut up when Kaoru glares at them. Towako realizes that Saho is really good. She wonders why Saho joined this competition and does she actually hate Kaoru..and Yuuga.. To Towako’s shock, some girls say that Saho’s Flower Geisha is really doing his best. They also say that they heard that he is Saho’s classmate, they are really a match. Towako’s imagination start to go wild if it is like they are happily decorating the flower arrangement, Yuuga is carrying Saho ala princess carry and they are now cutting the wedding cake. Towako tearfully holds the curtain and mentally exclaims that she doesn’t want that when he is obviously her husband. She remembers ‘Yuuga’ pushing her away so she starts to wonder if after the competition, they can make up just by talking to each other. Her thoughts are interrupted when someone exclaims what happened to Saho, since she stuck a flower in the wrong place. Towako asks Kaoru what happened but Kaoru is intently watching Saho who looks a bit nervous. Soon, the score is 78.37. Towako thinks that it is higher than theirs but everyone is talking about how low the scores of the two expected to win candidates especially since who the next successor is at stake. The announcement says that before the next competition there will be a 10 minutes break. Towako realizes that everyone has already participated yet they are in fourth place whereas Saho and Yuuga are in second place. The difference with the first placer is 15 points. She begins to doubt if they can still catch up but she dismiss that thought and thinks that it is a necessity for Kaoru to catch up. Meanwhile, Saho is walking alone at the hallway. She remembers what Kurosan hinted to her when they met earlier. Saho mutters out loud that the score she got is higher than she anticipated so in the end.. She is surprised when Kaoru who is behind her asks what this ‘in the end’ she is talking about. Kaoru says that [she is saying that] she deliberately try to lose yet she still gets a high score so in the end, those judges are protecting their own. “You already knew from the very start that they wanted to make you the winner.” Saho tries to protest that it isn’t so. Kaoru says that if that isn’t what she is planning then why she would participate in this Lotus Exhibit. “Could it be that you pity me that you deliberately try to lose that round?” Saho looks tense as she keeps on telling him that it isn’t true though she thinks that Kaoru should inherit the Renjou School if only he is serious in it since he already has the skill and reputation.

Irritated Kaoru says that she used to always stick around him before but because he wants to depart from Renjou School, he also drifted away from her. “Don’t you hate the idle me?” Saho tries to protest that it isn’t so, but Kaoru bluntly tells her, “Saho. I cannot become your ‘ideal’, so do not be infatuated with me again. *starting to leave* ..by the way, do not deliberately try to lose again.” After he left, Saho feels weak that she leans on the wall. She covers her mouth in shock and she is in tears. Yuuga approaches her and asks why she didn’t refute Kaoru for this isn’t because she thinks of him as her ideal nor was she [blindly] worshiping him. Saho laments that it cannot be helped because she is always showing her uncute side towards Kaoru. “It is the same this time around, until the end, I’ve only caused trouble to Kaoru and Gokurakuin-chan..and also Takatou. In the end, I’m really useless..” Yuuga grabs her shoulders and shook her. He exclaims, “Snap out of it! What about the troubles, from the start, you already know about that! But you still chose to do this! Since it is like that, you better finish it until the end! Besides, let me tell you clearly, I’m in more pain than you.” Saho looks surprised. She sweatdrops and apologizes for that is true. Yuuga angrily complains about having to memorize the different kinds of flowers and also Towako is sticking too close to Kaoru and she would even snub him. Saho nervously mutters, “Ah..That is because, --[her] eyes..” Yuuga looks at Saho and asks, what. At some other room, Ritsuki says that Saho hesitated again because Kurosan and others said too much. Kurosan denies that it is their fault and blames it on Rituski for failing to get Saho to completely become their comrade. They tell him that it also takes a lot of effort on their part to make most of the judges to put Saho on the first place by getting a higher score. “No matter what happens, she should definitely win first place..” Ritsuki laughs and coldly says, of course. Soon, Kaoru’s father announces the second/last round for judging. It is to make the Flower Geisha as the ‘container’ of the flower arrangement, in short, the participants are to put flowers on their partners on stage. Everyone is shock by this especially Towako and Yuuga who imagine themselves to be covered with flowers yet scantily clad/going XXX. In the dressing room, Kaoru says that it is quite unexpected that this is how the judging will be done in the next round wherein one is to make a beautiful flower arrangement to mutually echo with the Flower Geisha’s external appearance. He comments that since all the participants will be doing it all at the same time, it has its good and bad merits. Kaoru comments that he has an advantage on this since his father is into this kind of method [<- flower on the head =P]. Kaoru pulls Towako’s obi backwards and tells her not to worry. Towako tries to protest that Yuuga will be groped here and there by Saho. Kaoru pinches her face and exclaims that she will also be groped here and there by him. This made Towako realize that she will also be in the same situation but she has to be serious in the competition. While Towako is fretting about, Kaoru looks at her then asks if her eyes totally cannot see anything. Towako says it is so, her eyes are still like that. Kaoru smiles sadly and pats Towako’s head. Kaoru tells her that he is going to prepare a change of clothes for her before the contest takes place. As Kaoru goes out, Towako is puzzled by Kaoru’s gesture.

At some different hallway, Setsuna is really furious with those judges for letting his sister be ravaged by that guy. [<- meaning this second part of the contest] While Setsuna laments over how useless he is, Utsugi calls him and tells him to come over for a while. Setsuna asks about Utsugi’s investigation about what happened to Towako’s eyes. Utsugi says that the doctor said that there is a probability that it is a ‘medicine put in the food’ so he investigated Towako’s eat/drinking situation. There is no problem with the food/drinks in Kaoru’s mountain lodge for everything tested negative for the poison. There is only one time wherein Towako took something outside from that place and it is during the preliminary contest when Saho gave Towako a glass of water. Setsuna cannot believe it because Saho is Towako’s classmate. Utsugi says that there is a lot of eyewitness who has seen this and also, there is a guy behind Saho. Setsuna looks at the notebook/tablet computer and sees information on Nigami Ritsuki, age 21. Meanwhile, Yuuga is walking fast to catch up with Saho to ask her what she meant by what she said earlier about Towako’s eyes. Saho tries to deny it then changes the topic by asking him to bring her some salted plums which are very delicious. Yuuga says that she isn’t quite willful like this and it is normal to be pressured. Saho exclaims that she has to prepare. She quickly goes to her room and slams the door. She mentally apologizes to Yuuga and she will tell him everything after the competition. Yuuga is infuriated that everyone are like that [<- doing whatever they want] and what the heck is going on. Soon, on backstage, Setsuna, together with Utsugi, says that the second round is about to start and he should immediately tell his sister. He is surprised when smiling Ritsuki appears behind him and asks, “Tell her what?” Meanwhile, the audience is talking about the white kimono that Kaoru’s Flower Geisha is wearing. Then, they realize that it is a white kimono [used for weddings]. Someone comments that the flowers’ color will show if the kimono is white but then Kaoru is using only white flowers. While Kaoru is putting flowers around Towako’s collar, Towako is finding the flowers ticklish-itchy and it is particularly hard for her since she doesn’t know where it would be ticklish next = as to where he would stick the flower since she cannot see. Meanwhile, Saho tells angry Yuuga to stop glaring at the other side even if she understands how he feels. To Yuuga and everyone’s shock, Towako goes ‘ah’ then blushes since it is quite ticklish. This made Yuuga start thinking of wanting to slaughter Kaoru. =P Saho worriedly looks at Kaoru and thinks that he plans to gather attention by using white flowers and by conforming to the rules of flower arrangement, he will go for impact as his cutting edge. She remembers Yuuga telling her to finish it until the end. Saho tells Yuuga that she has always been running away but today, she wants to do her utmost best until the end. “So, I’m sorry.” To everyone’s shock except for Towako, Saho pulls open Yuuga’s robe that Yuuga becomes semi-topless. Blushing really red, Yuuga calls out Saho’s name but Saho keeps telling him that it will be alright.

Towako asks Kaoru why the audience is in an uproar, what happened. Kaoru says that it is about Yuuga. Towako nervously asks if Yuuga is posing with roses or he is cute like an angel. Kaoru thinks she has quite an imagination but it is sexier than that and this is something he cannot bring himself to tell her. Kaoru holds her shoulders and reminds her that right now, she should concentrate on putting all her attention to the competition. “After this has ended, I will quickly give you back to him, okay?” Towako apologizes to him as she remembers that this competition is very important to Kaoru. Looking somewhat sad yet smiling, Kaoru says, “I’m very grateful that you were able to accompany me until this part. No matter how this ends, I will commemorate this experience of being with you...” Soon, they are all busy then, time is almost up..the outcome is.. Kaoru designed Towako like a newly bride with all the white flowers which symbolizes purity. Meanwhile, the slightly open jacket which shows the contrast of flowers and the colors of his outfit makes Yuuga look beautiful and makes one wonder if he is really a guy. So, the winner should be between these two. And it was announced that the judges will be deliberating as to who will be the winner. Yuuga is furious as to what kind of joke is this, since that Kaoru would dress Towako up in a white kimono. “Speaking of that, her white kimono is more..” Then, Yuuga remembers how Towako looks in her white kimono when they got married, and how happy she looked. This made Yuuga calm down. Meanwhile, Towako is feeling strange for she thought that she will wear the white kimono only once in her life and even if she cannot see it, she feels that it must have looked amazing. She is really curious how Yuuga looked but what’s important now is to know who’ll win. Soon, Kaoru’s father sadly announces that Kaoru is second place and so, Saho is the winner. Everyone is shock by the announcement though others assume that it is because Kaoru got a low score in the first one but this means the Renjou School successor is.. Towako cannot believe that Kaoru lost. Saho tries to tell Kaoru’s father that this is so strange. While she tries to get the microphone from him, Kaoru grabs it and shouts for everyone to keep quiet. Kaoru says, “In the end, as everyone can see, even if it is quite regrettable but I’ve already done my utmost best so I don’t regret it. I did plan to start again.. [<- as the would be heir] *bows* I’ll be quitting Renjou School, thank you everyone for your care until today.” While everyone looks tense in disbelief, Kaoru looks up and bluntly says, “Then, what I wanted to say is, I’ll create a new school.” Everyone goes into shock again and sweatdrops. Towako thinks that it is so sudden. While Kaoru’s father shouts his name in disbelief, Kaoru tells everyone that regarding that, he’ll explain it in detail later on so that’s it.

In the dressing room, Kaoru is removing the flowers from Towako. Towako worriedly asks if it is really okay for giving his father and everyone else a panic like that. Kaoru tells her that it is okay, it will be resolved since even if he is alone, he can arrange flowers and he can also become the teacher. Towako says that she didn’t mean that. She is thinking that she feels responsible for if only she can see, she would be of more help to Kaoru. Kaoru looks at her then pats her head. “Didn’t I tell you? No matter how it ends, I’m still grateful to you, and I’m already very satisfied. Even if you cannot see but you would still want to help me, I won’t forget this..” Kaoru touches her face then gives her a hug. While blushing and thinking that it feels as if Kaoru is saying goodbye, Towako calls his name [as to what he is doing]. Kaoru whispers, “You will always like Yuuga, right.. Even if it is like that, I..” Kaoru lets her go and smiles at her. He tells her that he should go apologize to his father and creating a new school together ought to be very interesting. Towako blushes and wonders what’s with Kaoru a while ago. Before Kaoru leaves, he says that he remembers something. Holding out Towako’s hand, Kaoru drops Yuuga’s wedding ring on her palm and says, “I forgot to return this to you. The ring.” Towako freaks out over this and why he has it. Kaoru goes out and giggles over this before looking somewhat sad..then he runs off. In the other dressing room, Saho tries to tell Yuuga to wait for she isn’t finished removing all the flowers but Yuuga shouts that is enough since almost half of it is gone. When Yuuga is heading out the door, Saho tries to call him and say that she has something to tell him. Yuuga confides to her that it is really ironic that after seeing Kaoru’s flower arrangement, it reminded him of the time he got married with Towako. “At that time, I still do not quite understand it’s importance.. and I also have not thought that it is this troublesome. Marriage.. even if it is like this, since we are together, it is a kind of promise [/agreement].” Saho looks surprised as Yuuga leaves. She looks somewhat flustered and says out loud that she also should move by persuading everyone and towards Kaoru.. Suddenly, someone congratulates her. Ritsuki happily says that she’s amazing that she’ll become the heir, the wish will become a reality. Saho tells him that isn’t her plan and she is now going to politely refuse.. Then, she notices that flustered Setsuna and Utsugi are standing behind Ritsuki. She asks why Setsuna is there. Putting his arm around Setsuna, Ritsuki says that just now they become friends. Setsuna angrily says, “Like hell it is..” Ritsuki happily says, “He agreed to help, for my plan.” Saho asks what plan and what is Ritsuki talking about. Setsuna tells Ritsuki that he thought that Saho is his comrade but it seems she isn’t. Setsuna tells Saho, “Hey, you were tricked, this guy wants to use you, to get the Five Main Families..” Ritsuki looks dark that he pushes Setsuna down on the floor. With a dark smile, Ritsuki tells Setsuna, “You want to say it, then go ahead and say it. After today, it doesn’t matter even if everyone knows about my plan. Don’t be too impatient, I will prepare a complimentary ticket for you, Kanmitsuki [神觀月] Setsuna.” Setsuna looks shock upon hearing that. While Utsugi tries to help downcast Setsuna up, Ritsuki smiles at Saho and says, “Saho, you, also can no longer escape.”

Back to the dressing room, Towako is surprised when she hears the door suddenly opening. While Towako is trying to say ‘about that’, Yuuga quickly goes to her and hugs her. Towako blushes that she freaks out, “Wa..wait a minute, why are you hugging me again, Renjou Kaoru. What’s up with you today? Ah, right, this ring-- Hey, are you listening to me? *sweatdrop* Why does it feel that there is a cold air here?” Yuuga is already flaring up. Towako is still puzzled over the mood and why ‘Kaoru’ isn’t talking. Towako asks, “Renjou Kaoru?” This infuriates Yuuga further that he glares at her and angrily asks, “Which part of my face looks like him?” Towako is shock that she calls out Yuuga’s name. Yuuga angrily says that she is finally correct. Still agigated, Yuuga asks her what she meant and how could she have make that mistake. She couldn’t believe that she mistook Yuuga as Kaoru when Yuuga is probably there to make up with her. She apologizes and says that it is because she didn’t thought that Yuuga would suddenly come, and hug her. Yuuga asks if that means if it is Kaoru who hugged her, then it is something natural and normal. Towako nervously tries to say that isn’t exactly what she meant. Yuuga is really flaring up that he says that they’ll talk again after he slaughters Kaoru. Towako tries to stop him by shouting that right now, Kaoru should be alone for a while. Then, Yuuga notices that Towako is trying to find him with her hands. He remembers the snub and what Saho tried to tell him. He asks her if she cannot see. Towako says yes, it hasn’t healed yet and didn’t she tell this to him already. Towako is puzzled when Yuuga asks what’s going on when he doesn’t know about it. He asks her when this started. Towako tells him around a week ago. Holding her face, Yuuga worriedly asks what the reason is, and will it heal. He tells blushing Towako what’s with that expression when she just lost her eyesight and it cannot be that she really won’t be able to see again. Towako thinks, “Yuuga, you’re worried about me. You are now quite near to me, this is enough..”

Towako tells him, “..Yuuga, my, eyes cannot see, I’ve lost the ring, and even made you angry.. *lovingly holds his hand to her face* I was thinking that perhaps that I won’t be able to talk with you again, it really terrifies me..” Yuuga looks speechless-flustered at her. Towako happily thinks, “But, my eyes will soon get better, and it’s also great that Renjou Kaoru returned the ring..♡” Towako is surprised when Yuuga hugs her and says, “Even if your eyes cannot see again, even if there is no wedding ring, I will still stay by your side and watch over you forever.” Towako’s blood shoots up as she imagines sparkling Yuuga telling her, “Je t’aime*, Towako. I love you that I won’t leave you.” [* I love you in French] This made Towako shout, “Yuuga-sama, Je t’aime--!” Yuuga shouts that her nose is bleeding. In some kind of balcony, Kaoru is looking out to the city. Saho opens the door and goes to him. Kaoru turns around to see sad-flustered looking Saho. Kaoru asks what is with that expression and regarding what’s going to happen next, won’t she be inheriting the Renjou School. She mutters his name and then asks him if he is really going to make a new school. Kaoru says perhaps, he did thought of it before but she gave this opportunity to him. “In the last part [of the flower arrangement contest], you did well. You should have self-confidence.” Saho blushes over this but she remembers what Ristuki told her, “-Saho, if you try to refuse, if you dare betray me- whether it is your father’s company or even whatever it is that the guy, who like, would want to do in the future, I will do my utmost strength to destroy them. Right now, you can only just obey me.” Looking out the city, Saho tells Kaoru that she has no right to talk to him for she has done an unforgivable thing to him and Towako. Kaoru asks why she says that for didn’t he tell her not to be infatuated with him again. He is surprised when she says, “Of course, I’ll be infatuated, because I’ve always watched you walked until today, not as ‘Renjou family’s young master’, nor as ‘Kaoru who really likes flowers’.”

After turning towards him, Saho sadly smiles as tears fall. She tells him, “So, I will protect Renjou School until the day when Kaoru can come back.. Until then, I’ll tell you everything.” Kaoru looks surprised as Saho quietly leaves. Outside the door, happy Ritsuki tells irritated Saho that she did well then, it is time to proceed to the next plan. He then walks away with her. At home, Towako’s parents happily welcome the couple back. While Nobu is throwing confetti on them, Tokiko happily says that she heard everything and it must be really hard for them, and she is so lonely while waiting for their return. She asks what happened to Towako’s plugged nose..oh, nose bleed because of Yuuga, ah, being so young. Tokiko excitedly asks if they are hungry, then they should hurry in for dinner is ready. Towako looks happy and thinks that it has been a week since she left home yet it is regrettable that she cannot see. Towako happily tells Yuuga that being at home is still the best. He didn’t reply that Towako asks if he is still angry but her eyes will heal and the ring has been found. Yuuga says that rather angry at her, it is more on being angry at himself because he wasn’t able to do anything for her aside from being angry and impatient. Generally, Yuuga is infuriated with himself. Towako smiles and wonders if she tells him what he just said made her happy, would he be angry again. Towako happily holds Sawatari who took care of her ring by putting it on its tail’s end. She is surprised when someone calls out, “Sister..” She turns towards the voice and asks if it is Setsuna. “It has been a long time, how are you?” With Utsugi beside him, Setsuna tensely tells her that there is something he has to tell her. Tokiko tells them that since everyone has something to say, why don’t they go and talk at the dinner table. “There is big news today. We got an invitation to an urgent gathering! It’s an invitation to the assembly of the Five Main Families!” The others look surprised especially Setsuna.

Yuuga says that of the Five Main Families, he only knows of Gokurakuin family, Renjou family and Yachiougi family. Towako says the other two are the most powerful Takadono [couple] and the last one is Kanmitsuki [couple + kid]. After hearing that surname, Setsuna looks startled. Yuuga notices that the mood is strange [<- gloomy sad] between the others except for Tokiko. Towako says that the interval for the meeting is quite small this time so could it be that something happened. Yuuga asks if there is a rule/tradition regarding the time when they meet. Tokiko says yes. The Five Main Families usually meet every May 5th of the year to report the year’s happenings and discuss about their prospects about Japan’s economy. Yuuga sighs and says that it seems to be quite troublesome. To the two’s surprise, Tokiko tells them that they will also be joining in this gathering for they should report about their marriage. “And, two years after August 20th, the day of your birthday, you two will become the head of this family so starting right now, the two of you should get to learn how things are done.” The two blushes. Tokiko calls out to Yuuga that made Yuuga stands straight and exclaims, “Here.” With Nobu nodding, Tokiko happily says that he had also become a remarkable member of the Gokurakuin family. “And, together with Towako, this family will become more prosperous.” Setsuna looks sad as he looks at how happily the foursome were especially as the couple are blushing and smiling over what Tokiko said. [<- wah, he’s being left out.] Tokiko says that is enough, they shouldn’t stand there but rather, quickly go in and eat. Utsugi notices the change in Setsuna’s mood that he quickly tells Tokiko that Setsuna isn’t feeling really well so he would want to eat in his [recuperating] room. Tokiko is a bit sad to hear that but it cannot be helped. Towako remembers something that she asks leaving Setsuna as to what he wanted to tell her. Without turning around, Setsuna just says that no, it is nothing. Towako becomes a bit worried over him. Tokiko urges Towako that they go eat together but to her shock, Towako politely declines by saying that she wants to eat in their [adjoining] house. After they left, Tokiko tearfully cries over how she really anticipated over eating together with them again. Nobu just pats her head to comfort her.

While clinging on to Yuuga, Towako says that if they eat together, her mother will realize that she cannot see. Since it will heal soon, she doesn’t want to unnecessarily worry her mother and if her mother knew, it can be quite troublesome. Imagination: Tokiko grabbing Towako’s shoulder and exclaiming that Towako cannot see so they should quickly go see the doctor. Towako should be admitted to the hospital. End imagination. While Yuuga is telling Towako as to where to turn as they head to their room, Towako thinks that she would want for them to eat together but sorry mama, right now, she wants to be with Yuuga more. Towako happily snuggles to Yuuga and thinks that she actually doesn’t have to be lead around since she knows her way around her house, but she won’t tell this to Yuuga. After a pause, Yuuga asks if she also sticks like that with Kaoru. Shocked Towako exclaims that is impossible for how could she do that. Irritated, Towako moves away and pouts that she won’t go with him. Yuuga pulls her to him again and darkly asks Towako as to how she spent her time with Kaoru. Sweatdropping Towako says that it is nothing and it isn’t something that could make him angry. Yuuga angrily shouts that he isn’t angry but rather, he is quite displeased. Teary-eyed Towako pouts again. She exclaims that is being angry. Thinking that it wasn’t easy for them to be together, Towako blurts out that Kaoru is quite a nice gentleman and if Yuuga minds it so much, why don’t he do it like how Kaoru did it. With a sinister smile, Yuuga says, “I understand, ojousama. Before your eyes heal, I’ll take care of you properly.” [<- hehe, S-mode] While wondering where Tsubaki is, Towako is surprised-aghast by that. At the dinning table, Yuuga holds up a chopstick with food and tells Towako to eat it. Towako tensely says that she can eat by herself for Kaoru would let her do so and he will just give the bowl to.. Towako blushes really red when Yuuga puts his arm around her and says, “How about opening your mouth quickly? *whispers to her ear* Say ah--” Towako is freaking out over this since he whispered to her in a sparkling way. Towako eats it and is embarrassed to be watched while eating. Yuuga looks at her and thinks that she’s like a little bird. While Yuuga lovingly smiles at Towako, Towako wonders if Yuuga harboring bad intention [<-teasing her] or is he still jealous. She thinks that he’s like a kid.

In front of the bathroom, embarrassed and tense Towako exclaims that Kaoru would leave the clothes and then, he would just leave. Yuuga tells her that Kaoru might be peeking in and if it’s Kaoru, he’ll do it. Towako asks what he is implying and if it’s Yuuga, would he do that. Towako is speechless when Yuuga says that if it’s him, he’ll go in with her. With water sounds and hearts around, Towako exclaims that she can take a bath by herself but Yuuga insists on doing it. Soon, Towako is in the open [hot spring] bath. She keeps on mentally calling Yuuga an idiot [for embarrassing her like that] but she stops when Yuuga sits beside her and pulls her to him. While he starts to kiss her, Towako thinks, “I would also want to ask how Yuuga and Mizuno-chan spent their time together everyday, but.. I think.. that kind of thing doesn’t matter anymore. [I’m] feeling Yuuga’s warmth..” Soon, Yuuga says that he has finished blow-drying her hair. He stretches and says that he’s going to sleep. He quickly pulls the blanket to him and lies on the futon. This surprises blushing Towako. She calls out to him and asks him what time it is. Yuuga says that it is 8:40pm. After a long pause, Towako asks if they aren’t going to do it. After another long pause, Yuuga suddenly sits up. Blushing, he tells her that he is always enduring it. Towako timidly asks why. Yuuga exclaims that it is because she is tired, and it hurts and she also cannot see so he cannot just think only of himself. Blushing Towako wonders if Yuuga is angry or embarrassed since she cannot see his face. “It seems that I still do not know.. but.. *goes near to Yuuga* ..you are obviously at my side. In this darkness, do not leave me all alone..” Narration: “Please, do not depart from me.” Yuuga goes to her and touches her face. Meanwhile, while Setsuna is looking at the moon, Utsugi worriedly looks at him and takes out a tray. Utsugi meets with Tsubaki at the hallway. She seriously asks Utsugi what he is hiding. While Towako and Yuuga make love, Towako thinks, “And just being with you, no matter what happens, I will fearlessly continue walking forward, no matter how dark it is.”

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