June 13, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapter 24]

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Cover: Shun helps Chitose get a book from the top shelf. “So, during this time, you should call me [to help you].” In the clubroom, Shun is busy typing something on the laptop computer while Chitose is writing something. She tells Shun that today, everyone is late. Shun says that’s for sure. Chitose then looks at him. She blushes really red when she remembers her brother’s suggestion that to make her like Shun better, she should try out H [/sex]. She shakes her head and thinks, “No, no! That is something that I cannot do unless I totally like [/love] the guy! I shouldn’t mess up the sequence. It is a mistake to ask brother an opinion regarding love. I should give back those [hotspring/] onsen’s lovers’ tickets to him. Yes, I should do that then think of some other way. *glances at Shun* Speaking of that, Akaishi-kun lately hasn’t mentioned again about wanting to kiss me kind of stuff. Even if I don’t let him do that kind of thing, it seems that he has some sort of anguish [from not doing it], is he already used to it or it doesn’t matter anymore?” Chitose asks Shun if it is alright with him not to do those kiss stuff anymore. Shun looks surprised at her. He asks her, “You want to? Can I?” Aghast, Chitose holds up her hand and exclaims no, and that isn’t what she meant. Shun sweatdrops and asks what that is, for her to fully deny it. Chitose nervously tells him that isn’t so and she only thinks that lately, he hasn’t been mentioning it. Shun says that it is because if he does more than that, she will definitely NG [/blooper/stop] him, and only getting a kiss then stopping is more agonizing. Chitose blushes and says is that so. Shun bluntly tells her, “But, if you say it is okay then I can go for it at any time, fundamentally, I want it at any time.” Blushing Chitose holds up her hand to stop him and exclaims, “No! If we don’t do it, then it is also okay. Let’s leave it at that. *bright smile* Sorry, let’s end this topic! Okay. Sorry. Sorry.”

Chitose sweatdrops and looks nervous since displeased Shun is looking at her. She freaks out when Shun grabs her arm and tells her to be responsible for bring up that topic and making him think of it. Chitose tries to run away while screaming for him not to be like that. “I’m sorry!” Holding her to him, Shun says that she only wants to tease him. Blushing Chitose exclaims that isn’t true for she is really serious [when she asked that]. While Shun tries to kiss her and Chitose shouting no, they hear someone exclaiming in surprise. They look at the door and see flustered Saaya looking at them. Saaya bows down and runs away. Chitose tries to call Saaya but she stops when she looks at Shun who is slightly flustered while looking at the door. Chitose tells him that Saaya seems to be really upset and regarding Shun, she is still.. Looking away, Shun says that even so, Saaya still chose Yuki. “Even if they have already wavered because of other people but in the end, they still cannot break up. So, we should truly and seriously become lovers to make them give up. This way, everything will go smoothly.” Chitose just looks at Shun. Meanwhile, Yuki and Midoriko are walking together to the club room. They meet up with flustered-looking Saaya that Midoriko asks what happened. Saaya apologizes and says that something urgent happened that she has to go home first. Midoriko says okay then see her tomorrow. While Saaya continues to walk away, Yuki calls out to her twice before getting her attention. She apologizes and asks him what it is. Yuki asks if she is free this weekend since his sister wanted to see her and Yuka hoped that Saaya can make plans [to meet her] that day. Saaya says okay, she’ll leave that day open. Then, after saying goodbye, she sadly walks away. It made Yuki puzzled as he looks at her direction.

At home, tired Chitose lays on bed. She thinks that it is hard doing the club activities since Saaya went home ahead. “Even if Yuki is acting normally, it is still quite awkward. Should I just leave the club? Ah, if there is a decrease of people, it will just give more trouble to the others! Everyone is sincerely working, so it is a must that I also do my best! *thoughtful* Saaya likes Akaishi-kun, but she loves Yuki-kun, so she chose Yuki-kun. Can’t ‘like’ and ‘love’ be integrated into one? How complicated.. *remembering Shun’s look earlier* Akaishi-kun has also not forgotten about Saaya. Me, too. The feelings of ‘liking Yuki-kun’ have also not been erased. Even if I rejected him and knew that he has a girlfriend, I still like him, but..” She remembers Shun telling her that they have to seriously become lovers in order for those two to give up and things will go smoothly. Chitose sits up then goes to her table. She takes the envelope and looks inside it while looking slightly flustered. At school, in the classroom, Shun asks Chitose what the matter is, since she called him there so early in the morning. Holding an envelope, Chitose tells him that this is given to her by her brother. It is lovers’ tickets to the onsen. “..Let’s go together.” Shun exclaims in surprise, “Ha?! What did you say?! I won’t go! *sweatdrops and holds out his hand to gesture no* Also, I cannot lay a hand on you, so going to an onsen trip is out of the question! It’s simply a ruthless torture so you just go with your brother.” Surprised-flustered Chitose says that isn’t so. “I know that! So, I agreed to it.” Shun looks surprised and asks if she is serious. “Why is it so sudden..” Chitose tells him that she has decided to seriously become lovers with Shun. “Just like what you said, for everyone, the best choice is for us to become real lovers. So, it isn’t like before wherein I would just divert my feelings and go steady with you. This time, it will be for us to become lovers for real. *Shun looks surprised* I..still like Yuki-kun, and you still like Saaya, right?”

Still looking surprised, Shun admits, ya. Chitose looks at him and says, “I always wanted to like you more than Yuki-kun so I’ve decided at that time for us to be temporary lovers. But, right now, I think that even if [our] ‘like’ isn’t the deepest, it is also okay. You said before, about wanting to ‘create a relationship wherein one would really cherish the other’. We chose each other to become that ‘partner’, so I think that for us together, to do our best, is also important. *blushing a bit* You chose me and I also chose you.” Shun blushes and holds his hand to the back of his neck. Somewhat bowing, Shun says, “..even if I’m really happy.. but is it really okay? You’ve always refused before, and you also firmly..” Chitose blushes and exclaims, “It is alright! That is the past me! When my brother gave this to me, it is to proceed to one step further to deepen our relationship. I want to deepen my relationship with you.” Shun slightly smiles and says, “I understand. Then, let’s go.” Narration: “I want to do something with Akaishi-kun that I haven’t done with Yuki-kun in order for Akaishi-kun to become someone special to me. A special lover.” At the train station, Chitose and Shun meet up with each other. Shun pauses for a while then asks her, “Is it really okay? Doing it halfway, even if you don’t want it, I won’t be able to stop, okay?” Chitose looks at him in surprise then she begins to look scared. Shaking in fear, Chitose tells him, “About..that.., I ought to re-consider it a bit..” Shun sweatdrops and tells her to wait. Scratching his head, Shun says, “Sorry, what I said is wrong. I didn’t mean to frighten you, I only want a last verification..” Shun seriously look at Chitose then hugs her to him. Chitose is surprised by this. Shun tells her, “It’s alright. I’ll be very gentle.” Blushing, Chitose just says, ya.

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