June 13, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 29]

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Yokuto tells Mutsuki, “Mutsuki-, this is your new collar.” Anis touches her mouth and thinks, “That was my first kiss.” Idel shouting, “Rose Princess..! Please save Yakoh-” Punishment 29: keep the faith? Holding up his arms, Yokuto is on a monologue. “..Finally..! [We] can release that detestable seal and release the ‘devil’. We can attain our clan’s long cherished wish. And my love- comes back..! [<- not sure on that one ^^;] Rose..oh reiner Widerspruch, [/Rose, oh pure contradiction] utterly destroyed!” Yokuto is with Ella [/Mikage], Shiden and two other shadowed people. Ella tells him not to add to the saying for it is a waste. Yokuto let out a laugh and say kids like to re-arrange the song. Holding a rose, Schwartz says, “The Judas bud dyed in fresh blood [will] then be in full bloom. In deep slumber within the forest is a human sacrifice--..” Narration: “Beloved Anis. Until when will you notice that this world is filled with worthless things, [and] fragile illusions? Will you wait until you lose everything before you’ll understand?” At the school’s library, Idel tells them that Yakoh, who is sleeping on a bed, is like that since this morning, and there is no reaction from him at all. He tells Anis that if it’s her, she should know where Schwartz is. Thinking that she doesn’t know what her father has been doing nor his whereabouts, Anis says that she doesn’t know. Tenjoh gets in between them and tells Idel to calm down for even if Anis is Schwartz’s relative but right now, they are enemies and he also ought to know that. “For you to come here and beg of us [to save him] is going against common sense. Do you know of the saying, ‘Reaping what you sow’? – Fake. Originally, it was that kind of contract- was it not?” Idel admits that it is true that for them to attain the power as Fake Knights, they allowed Schwartz to make them into guinea pigs [/test subjects]. Idel thinks that even if they are injured, they do not need a doctor to cure them and if they do not make a contract with the ‘Dominion’ as the price for this strength, they will be injured/harmed.

While she is asking why they would allow themselves to be harmed cruelly like that, Anis stops midway because she remembers that they told her that there is something important that they want. Idel tells them that it is because of him, Yakoh’s health hasn’t always been good. Flashback: Homeless Idel has always been sick while being treated in some health facility. From the time he was born, he is sickly. Young Yakoh told him that it will be alright and just wait for him to grow old so that he can earn lots of money for Idel’s operation. “Anyway, I have two so I’ll give one to you.” Always smiling Yakoh is Idel’s redeemer. Then, one day, while they are singing together, they were asked by a talent scout if they want to go in showbiz. From the start, they thought it is a miracle. Soon, they learned that they are compatible so they can do the transplant. Idel is glad to hear that since he can become healthy. They used the money from their showbiz work to pay for the surgery. Everything is going smoothly until Yakoh has a hard time with practicing for the dance because he easily gets tired. Soon, Yakoh weakened and succumbed to illness. The doctor refused to admit that there is a mistake about the surgery. Their talent scout told them that the debut date has already been set so if Yakoh is sick, he should just get better. Idel is in despair because no one cares and they are in a dead end. He is really worried as to what will happen to Yakoh if this continues. That is until Schwartz appears before them and asks, “Do you want ‘power’? A ‘power’ that surpasses human knowledge.” Idel wanted to show those people who had betrayed them this power, that can enable them to live on. Idel exclaimed that he wants it. End flashback. Idel tells them that at start, they only have to make a ‘contract’ with the fake Dominion and get the magic to stabilize within them but they weren’t able to finish the ‘contract’ and they are failures. At that time, it would have been better if they just renounce the fake knights’ power and Schwartz also proposed that they do that but they have no choice since Yakoh’s illness will come back to eat him away. Idel says that they [Anis and others] said that getting the Arcana cards is to become closer in becoming a true knight but that thing is already meaningless. Idel takes some cards and throws them on the floor. Idel laments that if this continues, Yakoh won’t wake up again. “If Yakoh isn’t around, I also do not want to live.”

Itsushi appears and says that Yakoh is sleeping because his power has violently surged. The power is released too much or rather, the ‘smell’ has decomposed to ion stage. In Anis’ words, it is a ‘super ferocious smell’. Isn’t too happy over that, Anis says that since he said ‘power too strong’, does that mean Yakoh’s strength isn’t weak. Itsushi says that is why it ‘violently surged’ and Yakoh wasn’t able to control that hidden strong ‘power’. Schwartz has also anticipated that it will turn out like this. He used the Green Rose’s surge of power and possibly, right now, he would want the entire city to sleep. He is going to put up a special ‘barrier’ in order to collect the Arcana cards. Schwartz’s last goal is to utterly destroy the devil’s seal and for the Grey Rose to attain the devil’s power. Idel cannot believe this is done to Yakoh for that reason. Tenjoh says that it seems that Itsushi has heard all this from Schwartz himself. Itsushi admits that it is true for it is Schwartz who told him. Everyone is shock and nervous upon hearing that. Itsushi falls on the floor and confesses that Schwartz is his master when the association[?] is being formed. Anis is shock that it is such a dark past. Itsushi is muttering about how he hates Schwartz and how Schwartz would ask him to help him one more time yet most of the time, he is being played around. Itsushi tells them that his plan is actually to try to persuade Schwartz from what he is doing. Seiran hugs Itsushi and exclaims that he thought that he won’t be coming back. Itsushi pats his head and tells them to forget about what happened before. He tells Anis and the knights about wanting to become their strength. Anis thinks that this is the bond of trust.

Anis shouts at Idel who is trying to secretly leave. Idel tells her that he is going to see Schwartz and ask him to wake Yakoh up. He shouts at her not to stop him. Anis smiles and says that she isn’t, they’ll go together for he won’t be able to find Schwartz if he has that state of mind. She tells him that as the Rose Princess, she cannot let the Arcana cards be taken. Anis thinks that Idel and Yakoh didn’t know of the mistake that they have done and she doesn’t know whether what her father is doing, is good or bad but it seems that he is messing around with them. Holding Idel’s shoulder, Anis says that they cannot let her papa do whatever he pleases. She pouts and thinks that actually, her brain is still confused over her first kiss but seeing someone who used to be quite arrogant to become like this – drenched wet in the heavy rain just to bring this guy, who won’t wake up, there. “I won’t treat this with one eye open and one eye closed. As the Rose Princess, this is how one would shout--!! Because one is fake or failure-whatever, I don’t want that that person to give up just because of being labeled as such.” Anis holds on to Idel and some magic is happening. Idel is surprised and asks her what she is doing. Anis tells him not to be afraid and feel it. Anis thinks that it isn’t necessary for him to hurt himself from today on. “Connect each other’s hearts and turn it into bonds.” Soon, from the magic circle between them, a new Rose card is created. Itsushi says that it is a ‘temporary contract’. Seiran exclaims in surprise since traditionally Anis can only have four people in contract yet now, she was able to temporarily add another one Rose Knight. Itsushi looks thoughtful and says that ancient contract magic is really strange since even if it is a temporary contract, and she should be able to do it only with the Four Rose Knights and right now, obviously the contract has been sealed with four people. Tenjoh and Mutsuki look thoughtful and suspiciously quiet. [<- As if they know something.] Seiran praises Anis for being amazing. Anis blushes and asks, really. Idel is in a daze and mutters that it feels as if he had a share of power. Holding out a card, Anis smiles and tells Idel that since he wants to help his comrade, this is one way [/idea] so they are linked together.

Holding a book, Itsushi warns Anis to be careful because making a temporary contract will bring about a contradictory situation. For example, if Idel is to use his powers as a Knight, Anis’ blood burden will be ten times heavier as compared to if Kaede uses his power. Thinking that 10x must be serious, Anis just says okay. Idel asks Anis if this is no problem. Anis scratches her head and says him not to mind it since it cannot be hindered, then she won’t hinder it. Idel smiles and says, “..Thank you.” Anis then asks if he is going to stop or consider it. Idel points to a rose on his uniform and says, as much as possible. [I think they are talking about using his power.] Tenjoh interrupts and asks if they are to use their full power against Schwartz. Anis says yes for they are to use their utmost strength to stop him. Flustered a bit, Anis looks at Mutsuki and says, “Right now, my heart and mind is in turmoil that I would want to run amok a bit.” Anis then looks away with Mutsuki who just quietly looks at her. Anis looks at sleeping Yakoh and thinks, “Just wait a while- I’ll definitely bring back your morning.” Anis looks serious and kisses her Rose cards. While swirls of rose petals float around her knights, the knights swear their allegiance by saying that until their soul passes away, they as her Rose Knights will be her servants. “Rose Princess, your order, please-” While touching the cards near her lips, Anis smiles and says, “Come with me--!”

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