June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 26-40]

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Thinking that Miju is Yuuga’s ex-girlfriend, Towako tries to show off what a wife can do by treating Yuuga extra nice with a smile plastered on her face. She doesn’t want to show that she is angry even if some other girls are talking with Yuuga since she doesn’t want to be a ‘hassle’. Himeno is going on a guilt trip over what he tried to do with Towako earlier especially since Towako snubs him when they met at the hallway. This made Himeno go complain to Miju about this. Upon learning about the deal that if Himeno’s class win, Towako will date him, Miju decides to help Himeno win. When Himeno asks why she wanted to do irritating things on Yuuga, it turns out that she finds in interesting since he is always so perfect compared to her so making him look irritated makes her happy. She muses that there is no other person who would make her happier than Yuuga whom she likes to bully. It is revealed that Miju has never fallen in love before. While in the bath, Towako tries to scrub naked Yuuga’s back but ended up falling in the water. They kiss but Yuuga senses that she is forcing herself. He left and Towako is still at a loss over ‘competing with the ex-girlfriend’ yet fear of being thought of as troublesome. During the opening ceremonies of the festival, to Yuuga and Towako’s shock, Miju is a special guest. She wants to have a special contest. The others somewhat refuse until Miju says ‘please’. She has mesmerized everyone into submission with her ‘shiny eye’ except for Yuuga, Setsuna, Kaoru, Tsubaki and Utsugi. The others are surprised that Towako is also mesmerized by Miju’s ‘shiny eye’. She orders the charmed people to bring the good looking guys in front. She also calls out to Towako. To their surprise, the guys are to ‘propose’ to Towako and the winner will be based on the approval of the audience [600 people]. Miju is extremely happy upon seeing Yuuga extremely angry. Miju then whispers to Towako to only answer Himeno’s proposal. Charmed Towako says yes. Soon, a lot of guys are proposing. Then, it is Kaoru’s turn. He holds her hair and says that when she graduates, he is going to steal her away. He got 588 points. Soon, it is Setsuna’s turn. His classmates dress him up for a Japanese dance then when he is about to propose, he blushes really red over Towako. Setsuna ends up covering his face with the fan and tells Towako to please not look at him. He got 594 points. Miju notices how he reacted and is very displeased that Setsuna didn’t have that expression when they first met. Yuuga angrily tries to tell Miju to quit it but she gets him up stage and asks him to propose to her since it isn’t fair that he and Towako are classmates. Still charmed Towako is confused but decides to just smile over it. Seeing her smile, Yuuga just mutters his confession to his sister then gives the microphone back at her Just when Yuuga is about to leave, they are all surprised to see Towako crying. Yuuga become more surprised when it is Himeno wipes Towako’s tears.

While Miju happily thinks that Himeno will win this one, Himeno apologizes to Miju that he cannot do it for even if he wants to win against Yuuga, winning this way doesn’t have any meaning for him and Towako said before that ‘love isn’t about competing [winning or losing]’. He pats Towako’s head and says that he cannot feel happy over winning this way if Towako is crying. He tells her to smile. That gave him 600 points. Miju is angry why it ended this way for Yuuga didn’t look that affected, Himeno got the highest points and the person who irritates her is also there [<- Setsuna]. Miju then says that the winner will kiss Towako. This made Tsubaki and Utsugi point their weapons at her neck and tell her not to go overboard on things. This forces Yuuga to use his ‘super shiny eye’ on everyone to scram. After everyone left, angry Yuuga dares his sister to try saying that again and she’ll really see him explode. He tells Towako that they are going home but Towako is already nosebleeding. ^^; Yuuga then happily wipes her nose. Later on, when Towako is back in her normal self, Himeno apologizes for hurting Towako just to win against Yuuga. Towako says that even if she is hurt and shocked but because of everyone’s relationship with each other, she cannot help but compete against Miju even when she was the one who said that ‘love isn’t about competing’. Miju says that Towako really likes Yuuga that she would be even jealous over her who is Yuuga’s 16 year old sister. Towako is shock to learn this. Yuuga realizes that she didn’t know. While Yuuga reprimands his sister to reflect on what she did, Towako cannot believe that she did all those things over a misunderstanding. She feels so small over it that she apologizes which making the others ask why she is apologizing but of course, Towako couldn’t tell them. The next day, at the cultural festival, their class is into making the visitors wear yukata. Yuuga is irritated that Towako always turns away from him whenever their eyes met. It is because Towako cannot get over her embarrassment over what happened. She is surprised when Yuuga is already behind her. Before she can escape, Yuuga pulls her into one of the dressing booth so that they won’t be seen. Yuuga asks if she is still angry because she cried yesterday. He feels guilty since it is the first time he saw her cry. Towako finally confesses that she thought Miju is his ex-girlfriend. Towako blushes when Yuuga asks if she thought that he would put importance to his ex-girlfriend than her. Towako kept on apologizing and Yuuga says that sorry isn’t enough for what she thought he was doing. So as punishment, he wants her to initiate kissing him. Soon, they kiss twice. She then timidly asks him what does the tongue do while kissing for she had read it in books but she doesn’t learned it yet. Yuuga sheepishly smiles and tells her not to think too much. He then kisses her. Unfortunately, their classmates are already looking for them. Yuuga kisses her one more time and says that they’ll continue later on. As Yuuga goes out, Towako feels faint for she feels like she doesn’t want to let him go and she would want him to touch her more. While Towako is freaking out over this, Reimi just looks sad as she looks at Towako. Yasumochi [afro hair classmate] wears fake funny glasses to cheer Reimi up. He asks her if she wants to go out with her afterwards but Reimi refuses. Kaoru enters the room and tells Saho that she looks nice in the yukata unlike the kimono she usually wears. Saho tells him not to talk to her in school. She then leaves. While they are having fun, some guy in a dark room is looking at Towako’s pictures that he had taken.

Soon, the winners are announced. Himeno’s class wins. To Towako’s shock, Himeno wants her to honor the agreement of going out with him for a date. Yuuga looks furious. Himeno tells her that he will try to make it up to her with that date regarding the troublesome things he had done. Towako cannot answer. Preparing to leave, Yuuga just whispers to Himeno that he will just lend Towako to him for one day. After exchanging angry glances, Himeno starts shouting out loud as to who wants to see Yuuga as a girl. Himeno puts a wig on Yuuga and tries to put a dress on him. [It seems that their class is reverse gender cosplay] Towako is happy that things turned out okay. Somewhere else, Miju has finished her photo shoot and joins the others to rest. The other girls notice that she looks unusually happy. After confirming with her manager that she is free during daytime tomorrow, she happily tells the others that a good friend is going out with her sis-in-law and she cannot wait to see her brother’s expression. The photographer overhears them. That night, Towako is wondering what to wear for the date. Tsubaki tells her that is important but what of Yuuga’s feelings. Facing away from her, Yuuga is already in bed. She wonders if he is jealous though there is no need for him to be. Yuuga is surprised when Towako sneaks into the futon/bed with him. She tells him that she is happy to see that his and Himeno’s relationship is really good and it is quite special so she wants to get along with Himeno who had apologized. Even if a lot has happened, he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy and he is Yuuga’s friend. “I want to cherish the people whom Yuuga cherishes. So, tomorrow..” She ends up sleeping. Yuuga turns to look at her and says, “It’s only for tomorrow, idiot.” The next day, Towako bids everyone goodbye. Yuuga lamely says okay that Towako wonders if he is still angry. After they left, Setsuna appears behind Yuuga and angrily shouts why Yuuga just look blankly while sending her away. He asks her if he isn’t worried. Yuuga says that it cannot be helped and what is he to do. Setsuna angrily says that they are going to follow them. At first Yuuga refuses since he thinks that nothing bad will happen but Setsuna tells him not to be naive for just being with Towako, any guy would fall for her in a short time. Yuuga blushes really red since that is what happened with him. Then, Miju appears and happily urges Yuuga to go. Soon, they forced him to go. =P At Sengoku amusement park, Towako meets up with Himeno. Himeno comments that she looks cute in her casual clothes. Towako thanks him and says that Yuuga never told her so. Himeno says that Yuuga won’t say but he is dishonest since inside his heart, thought of it. Yuuga is fuming in anger as Miju and Setsuna teases him over what Himeno said. Tsubaki and Utsugi also came along. Yuuga is flustered and angry when Himeno is holding Towako’s hand. While they were stalking the couple, they didn’t notice that behind them, someone is also looking at the couple. Himeno and Towako see the mascot and happily took pictures with it. The others wonder if they are kids since they are still doing that. Towako begins to wonder about what Himeno thinks of her but she dismisses it that they are friends. Soon, they are going to ride on a horror roller coaster. Setsuna says that they are to follow. Yuuga is reluctant but Miju forces him to ride it. The couple had fun riding it. Setsuna and others are okay except for Yuuga who looks really ill. Tsubaki asks him if he is alright and Yuuga tries to say, yes. Unfortunately for him, the couple rode a lot more thrill rides and they have to follow them.

Soon, Yuuga looks really ill while sitting on the bench. Miju is super delighted while Setsuna scowls at Yuuga for being useless. It turns out that Yuuga is afraid of heights. Yuuga is flustered when Miju just have to point it out to him that Towako and Himeno are really having fun. Setsuna also looks flustered upon seeing the two. He then offers a drink to Miju for screaming a lot in the rides. Miju takes the drink even if she claims that she is alright. She became furious when Setsuna says that from the start he thinks that she and Yuuga are the same and she is such an arrogant girl, no wonder they are siblings. Miju angrily shouts that he is the one who is arrogant since he is called ‘Setsuna-sama’ on stage. Setsuna asks if she went came to the cultural festival. Miju exclaims that she didn’t come to see him. Setsuna says that he didn’t say that. While Utsugi is watching Miju and Setsuna, Tsubaki asks if Yuuga can walk now and he says yes. Soon, the couple is in a restaurant. Towako tells Himeno that she is having a great time for even if it isn’t the first time to she go there. She says that it is the first time she rode thrill rides and she’s having fun is definitely because she is with him. Towako thanks him. Himeno starts asking Towako if she had more fun with him compared with Yuuga. He tries to jump into conclusion that she likes him more but he stops and admits that this date is to show off his assets to her but he changed his mind now. Rather than competing, what’s more important is for him to be also happy while with her. Towako is truly happy over this for it is the first time she has a male friend. Himeno then offers to tell Towako whatever she asks of him regarding Yuuga. Towako apologizes and says that even if she wanted to ask a lot of questions (but compared to his ex, family and childhood – other important stuff), she wants to wait for Yuuga to be the one to tell her all about it. Himeno is disappointed but decides to tell her one thing. Yuuga won’t talk about Towako [<- keeping her a secret?] and he is really infatuated with her so much to the degree that his ex fundamentally cannot be compared to her on equal terms. Towako blushes and asks if that is true. Himeno says it is so and he should know since he is Yuuga’s rival since birth. Towako is super happy to hear this that she cannot help but smile. Himeno pouts and says that Yuuga is irritating for he gets everything. At first, Towako is puzzled then she remembers that Yuuga got the girl whom Himeno likes that she wonders what Himeno is thinking when he said that. Himeno admits that he is jealous of Yuuga and wonders who’ll fall in love with him [Himeno]. Towako tries to comfort him that there is a girl for him but Himeno made it appear that he is teasing her. He then says that it would be nice if Towako likes him. This surprises Towako that she cannot reply.

On the second floor of the restaurant, Yuuga and others are watching the two. Looking away, Yuuga says that he wants to go home. Then, Miju screams since it seems like Himeno is kissing Towako for he was leaning to her. The others then notice that Yuuga is gone. Yuuga has gone downstairs and pushes Himeno away. He shouts what Himeno is doing. It turns out that Himeno is wiping the table over a spilled cup of tea. Outside the restaurant, Yuuga is flustered-tense as Towako angrily exclaims over how could Yuuga thought that they were kissing and he is stalking them. Yuuga tries to say that he isn’t alone but the others are already hiding. Towako asks if Yuuga doesn’t trust her. Yuuga timidly says that it isn’t so. Towako thinks that he must be jealous to see how happy she is while having fun with Himeno but she cannot stop herself from feeling happy over it. To Yuuga’s horror and Towako’s delight, Himeno tells the two to ride on a ferris wheel alone together. Yuuga tensely mutters that it is so high. Overhearing them, Miju and Setsuna cannot help but laugh over this. Yuuga is angry at Himeno but Himeno pretends to be innocent over Yuuga’s fear of heights. Himeno taunts Yuuga that isn’t it pitiful that coming to the amusement park yet he cannot ride the ferris wheel with the person he likes. “If it’s me, no matter what, I’ll ride--” Yuuga is totally furious but he cannot refuse happy Towako telling him that they should go. Soon, Yuuga hold hands with her and heads toward the ferris wheel. Himeno looks at them and says, “Yuuga, cherish Towako-chan really well.” He laments about wanting to have a girlfriend, too. He then notices that someone is watching from the bushes. It is the mascot. He goes to the mascot and wants another picture but the mascot pulls his hand away and runs off. Himeno falls down and notices a small shed. Later on, Miju is amazed that Yuuga went with Towako to the ferris wheel on his own initiative. Setsuna doesn’t look that happy over it. Utsugi then suggests that Setsuna and Miju ride together to stalk over the other two. Setsuna says that he’ll ride with Utsugi. Tsubaki tells Setsuna that it looks unnatural if it is two guys so he should ride with Miju and she’ll ride with Utsugi. Soon, those two are also forced to ride. In the ferris wheel, Towako happily tells Yuuga over how nice the scenery is. She then notices that Yuuga looks really ill. She asks what happened to him but he just says that it is nothing. Towako wonders when she saw him like that before. She then realizes that it was when they ride the helicopter home. She apologizes for not noticing that he is afraid of heights. Flustered Yuuga tells her to be quiet because right now, he is in a bad situation and he’s embarrassed about it. Towako holds his arm and says but right now, she is really happy and doesn’t being like this [holding him] make him less afraid. Yuuga then holds her closer to him.

In the other carriage, Miju exclaims over how lovey-dovey the married couple are. She shouts at Setsuna who is looking at the side that they are doing this yet he isn’t looking. Irritated Setsuna says that she is like a housefly that has a great degree of brother complex. Miju exclaims how come she has a brother complex. Setsuna calls her childish for doing irritating things just for Yuuga to notice her. Flustered and embarrassed, Miju shouts that he was the one who has a sister complex for always saying ‘sister, sister’. Miju becomes tense when Setsuna didn’t reply. Miju glances at him and wonders if he is angry. Without looking at her, Setsuna says, “..she isn’t my ‘sister’. I would rather that we are real siblings, that way, I can just give up..” Miju looks sadly at him then blushes. At another carriage, Utsugi laments that Setsuna is always looking at the side and he should at least talk with Miju. Tsubaki reprimands him for being meddlesome. Utsugi exclaims that Miju has some feelings for Setsuna and he wants Setsuna to find happiness. He then thanks Tsubaki for helping him carry out this idea. Tsubaki tells him to at least be more conscious about this love stuff regarding his own self. Utsugi doesn’t understand what she meant so Tsubaku just tells him that he’s stupid. After the ride, ill Yuuga sits on the bench. Towako offers to buy him a drink. She meets up with the mascot. She asks him where to buy some drinks but he lures her to a secluded area. Then, the mascot put a cloth with chloroform on her nose-mouth that soon, she fell unconscious. The mascot takes off the outfit and it is the photographer earlier. Soon, Towako is late that Setsuna argues over Yuuga for letting Towako go alone. Miju says that she has work so she is leaving. Setsuna tells Utsugi to go with Miju since it is dangerous for a girl to walk alone. Miju is happy about this until Utsugi tells Setsuna to go with them but Setsuna is more worried about his sister. Flustered, Miju says that there is no need and she’ll get her manager to bring her to work. Her phone starts ringing and it is her manager telling her that the photographer cannot be contacted so the shoot is postponed. Tsubaki calls out to them and says that she found Towako’s bag as well as the mascot’s costume beside it. Himeno calls Yuuga and tells him about finding the real ‘man in the mascot’ being tied up in the shed. They begin to think that this is related with the missing Towako. Towako wakes up and finds herself in a room filled with her pictures. She recalls what happened and wonders if she has been kidnapped. She freaks out over this since even if this isn’t the first time she was kidnapped but it is the first time for her to see so many pictures of herself in the room. She notices that she isn’t tied up and wonders who did this to her.

The photographer enters the room and calls her by name. He asks if she is awake. The man opens the lights and apologizes for doing that to her. She wonders if she has seen this man before. Then she remembers him to be Miju’s photographer. The photographer is happy over this for ever since he saw her, he has always been thinking of her. Towako looks aghast and wonders if he is a stalker. She decides to refuse him by saying that she has a husband. He tells her that she is just with some other guy. He also says that he thought she is the type of girl who is beautiful while thinking of only one man. Towako tries to protest that she only thinks of Yuuga but the man exclaims that before she is dirtied, he would.. Suddenly, her little monkey jumps out from her chest and hits the man’s face. The man grabs it. Towako exclaims for him not to be violent with it but it turns out that the man just gives the monkey a banana. The man tells Towako to listen to what he says else something will happen to the monkey. He tells her to first strip off her clothes. Soon, using modern technology, [probably satellites] Utsugi and others look for Towako. Yuuga asks worriedly if they can find Towako. Setsuna says that is how they tend to look for Towako when she is kidnapped. Soon, Utsugi exclaims that he has found some place that looks suspicious. They all rush to go ride the car but Tsubaki says that is too slow, they are going to fly via helicopter. She asks if Yuuga is okay with that. Yuuga nervously smiles and says that it is fine. While the monkey is sleeping after eating, the photographer looks at a photograph of a woman in a bridal dress with a groom who isn’t shown. He says that he never thought that this day will finally happen. He calls the woman in the picture as his goddess. Towako looks at the bridal gown that she is made to wear. She doesn’t want to wear it for someone else other than Yuuga yet she doesn’t know how to escape from that predicament. Her bag is missing and her cellphone is in it. While looking at the bridal gown, she notices some books on the shelves. She starts looking at them that the photographer is furious that she is looking at those. He tells her to quickly change. Towako mentions about the pictures looking nice. He says that even if the outfit and make-up are perfect, but they aren’t the ones whom he wanted to take pictures of. Towako says that she isn’t the one whom he wanted to take a picture of, either. Towako says that based on the pictures wherein there is a certain hairstyle and wearing of kimono, the one he is looking for is-- Just then, they were interrupted by a loud noise. Towako runs out and opens the window. It is a helicopter hovering above. Yuuga [who screams while jumping with Tsubaki] and others jump down with parachutes. Towako is happy that everyone came. Setsuna immediately grabs the photographer for daring to kidnap Towako. Towako tries to stop him and says that person is.. Miju tells them that it is Kondou-san, her photographer and in their field, he is known as Kondou Sadao. Setsuna mutters as to where he heard that name before. Towako removes Sadao’s glasses and tells them that it is their uncle. Yuuga says that he is like Towako’s father but only younger. Setsuna says that he heard their father has a younger brother but why would he do this kind of thing. Sadao admits that he is their uncle, Nobu’s younger brother. [Nobu got married into the Gokurakuin family so he adopts his wife’s surname.]

He apologizes for looking sloppy. Yuuga and Setsuna think that isn’t the issue here. Sadao tells them that he ran away 13 years ago in order not to have anything to do with the Gokurakuin family. They ask why he kidnapped Towako. Sadao says that it is because she looks very much like.. Towako finishes the sentence that she looks like her mother. She tells them that the compilation of kimono pictures that he took were the same ones that her mother gave to her. He missed her mother that is why he is chasing after her mother through Towako. Sadao admits that her mother, Tokiko, is his first love. He was 19 while Tokiko was 18. When they first met, he thought she was a goddess for there is no such beautiful woman like her again. She looked so radiant when she wore the white bridal gown. Yuuga and Setsuna are shock when they learned that Sadao wanted Towako to wear the gown. Sadao laments that the first time he met Tokiko is also the day when she got married to his brother. He can no longer watch them since everyday, they progress and get along with each other [probably more lovey-dovey]. Setsuna somewhat scowls over this as Miju looks at him. Sadao tells them that he ran away but he couldn’t forget about Tokiko. While he is depressed over this, Sadao saw Towako so he wanted to take her picture in place of Tokiko in a bridal dress. Yuuga angrily voices out his displeasure over using Towako just for his own selfishness and doing this kind of method to do so. Towako holds his arm for him not to be too harsh. Sadao exclaims that Yuuga won’t understand because he attained love just because his birthday is the same with [Towako]. He had always cursed his birthday as to why he didn’t have the same birthday as Tokiko or even at least be born in the same year. “..why does it have to be brother? Even if we weren’t born in the same day, I still love her very much..” That made everyone quiet. It seems that what he said had affected Yuuga and Setsuna. Towako angrily tells him not to be unreasonable. “Do you think that what’s different between you and my father is only because of the birthday? I had asked my parents. From the start, my mother didn’t want to get married to my father, but father really did his best [to woo her]! Father is the same with you, he fell for mother at first sight..but uncle, what have you done? You didn’t convey your feelings. You didn’t do your best to try to make mother like you. And moreover, you didn’t forget for their sake. [<- not sure on the last one but it is like forget and move on, I guess.] You didn’t do anything.” There is a silence in the room. Towako clears her throat and says that Sadao is now going to her house together with them. Everyone sweatdrops and Sadao freaks out that he isn’t prepared. Towako tells Tsubaki and Utsugi to help Sadao prepare. While they are busy over Sadao, Towako didn’t notice that Yuuga and Setsuna look flustered over what she said earlier. At that time, Towako didn’t know that something will happen in the future [because of her and her uncle’s conversation].

Yuuga dreams of the time when Towako proposed to him and how close Towako is with his other rivals (Setsuna, Kaoru and Himeno)/how they profess their love to her. While Towako is with the other guys, she says that with Yuuga, they only have the same birthday so is it really the right thing for her to marry him. Yuuga wakes up then sees Towako looking down at him and touching his forehead. Towako says that he is frowning so she thought that by touching him,it would make him feel comfortable. She asks if he is having a nightmare. Yuuga sits up and holds on to her. He tells her that it is a depressing dream. Towako finds him really cute doing that so she hugs him back and tells him that it is alright, she is there for him. Towako is puzzled when he pulls away from her then looks at her. He asks what time it is. Towako says that it is 8 o’ clock and everyone went to sleep upon returning home. Yuuga gets out of his futon to get up. Towako thinks that Yuuga is acting strange since yesterday. She assumes that he is tired since he did jump out in a parachute even if he is scared of heights. While she tries to tell him to rest a while if he is tired, they met Sadao, who looks neat and clean now, at the hallway. He tells them that he wants to greet them before going home because he hasn’t been working for a long time. Sadao apologizes for the trouble he caused and thanks them for bringing him to the house. Towako happily says that it is alright and she is honored to be of help. He says that it was like a dream for him to meet Tokiko again. Flashback on last night, Tokiko happily greeted Sago that it has been a long time. With puppy eyes, Sadao looked utterly happy. Tokiko told him that she heard he became a well-known photographer and it is nice to see him looking well that she would like for them to spend time together like before. Sadao happily said yes. Then looking like medusa, Tokiko told Sadao that for him to suddenly do that to her beloved daughter, there better be no next time. Sadao freaked out and said yes. Sadao started professing how beautiful Tokiko is and he only has eyes for her. Tokiko laughed and said ‘not really’ but for her, her husband and daughter is more important. While Nobu looked gloomy at the side, Sadao exclaimed that it is alright, for he had re-confirmed his feelings once again and from then on, he will depend on that love to live on, even if it will never be returned. “So, with that, I shall return again!” End flashback. Sadao apologizes to Yuuga for saying such cruel words to him. Yuuga looks sad but says that it is nothing. Sadao says that even if he has seen them for a short while but he is really envious for he knows that they mutually like each other so he cannot forgive if the other goes out with some other person. Towako timidly apologizes for that. Looking at Yuuga, Sadao smiles and tells them that the two of them will definitely have no problems. Yuuga seriously says that Sadao did think that if it isn’t for the family rule, it won’t be him [Yuuga] who is there. Towako is surprised that Yuuga is asking this. Sadao says that he can say that but this world is governed by rules so it is useless to even hypothesize about ‘what if’ and moreover, Yuuga is conforming with the condition. They were interrupted when Tokiko happily calls out to Sadao and tells him to wear a necktie if he is going out. After Tokiko put the necktie, *poof* Sadao becomes chibi, too like Towako’s father. Tokiko happily says that he is like Nobu - so cute. While Nobu doesn’t look happy over that, Yuuga wonders if the chibi thing is inherited and Towako didn’t notice anything about it.

Tsubaki calls the couple and apologizes for failing to protect Towako when she is with them so she should be punished. Towako says that no, Tsubaki and others saved her and she is safe so she should rather thank her. She then asks about Setsuna who didn’t return to the main house yesterday. Tsubaki tells her that Setsuna is lying in bed though he said that ‘I’m fine so please don’t worry.’ At the other house, Utsugi urges Setsuna who is lying down to please eat something. Setsuna refuses. Utsugi continues to urge him to eat else his immune system fails and his illness would recur. He also urges him not to keep on lying down when he isn’t sick. Setsuna says that it is alright if he is going to end up like Sadao. Utsugi assumes that he is talking about Sadao’s appearance but Setsuna corrects him and says that Sadao is the future him. “Holding on a dream throughout my life that cannot come true and cursing my fate. ..before, I even thought of using some underhanded ways to get sister in my hand, but not even once had I tried to tell my thoughts [/feelings] to her. It’s because I’m afraid. If sister realize that I’m no longer her ‘younger brother’ but rather as ‘me’, she will definitely be perplexed and distressed [by it], then afterwards, afraid. I’m really afraid for things to progress to that..but on the other hand, as early as possible, I wanted to tear off this ‘younger brother’ mask. I’ve always wanted to. [I’m] Such a failure.” Later on, Himeno and Miju are wearing kimono. Himeno happily poses about and says that it is the first time he wore one. Miju says that it is the same with her and this is of different style from the one she wears for her New Year picture. While Yuuga tries to tell them to go home already, the two happily tell each other that it suits them. They ask Towako if it is so but Towako is absentminded. She snaps out of it and says that it suits them. Yuuga asks if she is still worried about Setsuna. She tells them about why would Setsuna tell her not to go and maybe his condition is really bad since he didn’t talk at all after they returned yesterday. She fretfully says out loud about the possibility of his illness recurring. Yuuga tells her to leave Setsuna alone for there should be times when he wants to be alone. Towako is somewhat irritated when Miju tells her that she is overprotecting Setsuna that is why Setsuna couldn’t leave her. Towako shouts back that they are siblings so it is only natural for her to worry. While remembering Setuna telling her that they aren’t siblings, Miju angrily exclaims that so-called siblings should be more honest, annoying and makes one infuriated. “If the other one is sick, you should be saying ‘Hey, you better not infect me with it’.” Yuuga gets angry about that while Towako and Himeno sweatdrop. Miju continues to shout that it is abnormal to be that deeply worried when they aren’t even going steady. Himeno teases flustered Miju that she really likes Yuuga that any other guy won’t do for her, and she wanted Yuuga to be deeply worried about her. Miju exclaims for him to shut up for those are two different things. Towako begins to wonder if her relationship with Setsuna isn’t normal. They were not of the same blood and weren’t together since birth but she knows that her relationship with Setsuna isn’t the same with Yuuga and Miju’s. Even if she never thought of what a ‘real brother-sister’ is like so is it wrong to want to be ‘always be together’.

That night, Yuuga has just finished taking a bath. He goes to the room and sees that Towako is writing a message on her cellphone. Yuuga takes the phone and reads the message of ‘Are you feeling okay? I’m very worried, tomorrow..’. He coldly looks at Towako and asks if she is that worried about Setsuna. Towako tells him that it is because no matter what is said, Setsuna is her younger brother. Yuuga puts the cellphone on the table and starts kissing Towako passionately. She wonders what’s going on when suddenly Yuuga pushes her down on the floor. He looks seriously at her then says, “..I want you..to become mine..” She says yes then they kiss again. Towako wonders why Yuuga would say that while looking like that, when she already belonged to him. She thinks that Yuuga is caressing her passionately yet gently that she felt she couldn’t breath and what he said still echoes in her ear. Towako starts to freak out as she wonders what to do and is this the so-called thing. She wonders why Yuuga would suddenly become rough. She’s losing strength and her mind is going blank. If this continues.. Holding his face, she mutters his name. Flustered Yuuga asks if she doesn’t want to. Towako is puzzled for there is no reason for her to not want to. She tells him it’s okay for they are a married couple. “So..” The phone rings and Towako suddenly sits up and exclaims, “Setsuna!!” She answers the phone and asks if he is alright. Setsuna apologizes to her for not contacting or emailing her. Towako says that it is alright and is he feeling well. Setsuna tells her that he is fine but he isn’t going to school tomorrow. Towako tells him then don’t go, she’ll see him tomorrow. Setsuna tells her that there is no need and she shouldn’t come. Towako is surprised by that. Setsuna assures her that he is fine. Towako just says okay. Setsuna bids her goodbye then hangs up. Towako looks at the phone and thinks that it is the first time for her to hear Setsuna’s voice sounding so cold. Towako turns to Yuuga to tell him about Setsuna but Yuuga looks extremely depressed. Towako freaks out that they were in the middle of lovey-dovey when she-- She apologizes and tells him that they should continue. Yuuga exclaims how they can continue. This surprises Towako. Looking away, Yuuga asks her as to what is he to her. Towako asks what he is saying for of course, he is her husband. Yuuga exclaims that is what he is asking, what is a husband to her. He knows that she really treasures her family member like how he dotes on Miju but in his heart, the one whom he’ll prioritize will be her. Flustered, Towako asks if he is saying that she doesn’t prioritize him. Yuuga is walking away so Towako grabs his back and asks if it is because she took Setsuna’s call. She tells him that Setsuna is her younger brother and his body is weak when he was young so she’s very worried about him. Yuuga takes her hand off him and tells her that for her, that is something normal. He understands that is something that cannot be helped. He isn’t the same with her. “Even if I understand..but still..I usually would feel very impatient.”

After Yuuga leaves the room, Towako wonders if she is the one making him feel impatient and does he felt that way from the start. It is obvious that they are closer to each other than compared to anyone else and their feelings always interwine. Of course, Yuuga is the one whom she’ll first prioritize but then, Setsuna is also important to her so can’t she do that. Is that strange? Towako starts to cry for the most important person to her just left her. She doesn’t want him to say that ‘it cannot be helped’. She wants him to get angry and say that it is her fault. She doesn’t want him to be stingy with his words and he shouldn’t feel that this is something ‘that cannot be helped’. “Do not just leave me behind.” While cooking, Towako asks Tsubaki if she and Setsuna are strange. Since Tsubaki didn’t understand, Towako clarifies if they aren’t like a normal brother-sister. Tsubaki says that they are normal. Towako asks what Tsubaki’s relationship with her younger sister is like. Tsubaki tells her that her family is always fighting and putting traps so for her, her younger sister is a ‘cannot be trusted’ enemy. Towako exclaims that isn’t normal. Tsubaki corrects her that is what’s ‘normal’ in her family. Towako says that she is right. She apologizes to Tsubaki. Tsubaki wisely tells her that everyone has their own definition of ‘normal’ so she can understand if how Towako only treats Setsuna is like that of an ordinary brother-sister [in her perspective, I guess]. Towako is delighted to hear this that she says that no matter what others say, they are a normal brother-sister. Tsubaki thinks that Setsuna doesn’t think that way though. Towako continues to say that it cannot be helped even if others would say it is strange. She remembers what Yuuga just said. She wonders if Yuuga plans to endure it by himself because she isn’t ‘normal’. Towako angrily shouts what’s with that for how is she to know if Yuuga doesn’t tell her. Tsubaki tells her that in her house, there is a teaching that says if one wants to know about the truth of something, one should investigate it by oneself. In bed, Yuuga wakes up and sees that it is already 7 o’clock. He wonders if Towako will come wake him up or not. The door opens. Sitting in seiza position and all dressed up in a kimono, Towako tells him to get up and get ready. Yuuga sits up and asks what she meant by get ready. Carrying a tray of food, Towako tells him to hurry eat and dress up. While Tsubaki is already undressing him, Yuuga tells her to wait and what’s going on, aren’t they going to school. Towako tells him that this is more important than school for they are going to deepen their bonds as a married couple. Yuuga asks where they are going. Towako says that they are going to his house. Yuuga freaks out over this as to why it ended up this way. Towako tells him to come for they are going.

Meanwhile, Setsuna is still lying in bed. He gets an email from Towako telling him that she is going out for a while and if there is any problem, he should quickly contact her. He continues to lie down when the peace and quiet is shattered by Miju who comes in with Utsugi. Miju exclaims what he is doing that he is shutting himself in the house. Setsuna angrily asks what of it. Miju says that there is a change of plans at work so right now, she is free that is why she came. He tells her to go to school. She says that Yuuga and others aren’t at school and Setsuna is just sleeping at home so get up. Setsuna tells her that he isn’t feeling well so he doesn’t have time to accompany her. Miju tells him that he’s lying for she has heard from Utsugi that he is faking his illness. Miju quickly pulls away Setsuna’s blanket and tells him to be quick and accompany her in having some fun. Aghast, Setsuna shouts that he doesn’t want to. Miju ignores him and tells him to be quick. To Setsuna’s irritation, Utsugi also tells him to go with Miju. Later on, Towako is nervous that she is going to Yuuga’s home. Also in formal Japanese attire, Yuuga still wonders why things turned out this way. Towako says that even if she had called to talk with Yuuga’s mother before to exchange ‘I’ll be under your care’ after the wedding, it will be her first time to meet his mother. While Towako wonders if she is dressed right, Yuuga says that it doesn’t matter but rather, his mother might not be at home since she’s working. Towako tells him that she has already scheduled this with her. Yuuga’s phone rings. Yuuga gets a message from his mother telling there are two emergency patients so she might not be able to see them today. Towako gloomily thinks that it cannot be helped and it is hard work for a nurse. Yuuga asks Towako really want to see his mother that she would sudden come here. Towako says that it is because she thinks that this cannot go on [and not see her?] Yuuga asks if it is about last night. He apologizes and says that what he said is too much though staying here won’t resolve anything so they should go home. Towako exclaims that she doesn’t want to because what Yuuga said yesterday is what’s really in his heart. She also exclaims that he thinks that he isn’t ‘the same with her’ and she makes him feel impatient. “I don’t like that! Yuuga is always the one who is enduring..and I only understanding my side of things, if I know the kind of surroundings and how you grew up in..perhaps, I can understand more of your feelings..” Yuuga somewhat blushes over this. Towako feels ashamed that Yuuga is always understanding her and she has to be ‘awakened’ for her to notice this. She always thought that she should ‘wait for you to tell me’ but some important and basic things, she should be the one go and try to understand and for this, today she..

Noticing that some women are looking at them and whispering as to what’s up with them for wearing kimono and shouldn’t they be in school, Yuuga tells Towako that they should go in his house to talk. Inside, Towako is shock to see how messy Yuuga’s house is. Yuuga angrily thinks that it is all because of Miju. Towako says that when she came before, it is quite tidy so could it be that their servant is on a break. Picking up things, Yuuga tells her that they don’t have maids so if he is at home, he’ll be the one who’ll do the housework. Towako freaks out over this and asks if he meant cooking, laundry, cleaning as housework. Yuuga says yes. She asks if he does everything. He tells her that only the rich people have servants and they do their own housework which is common knowledge. Towako is totally shock by this and why does it feel as if their lifestyle isn’t the same. She finds him amazing to be doing the things which she usually let others do for her. While Yuuga complains about why he came home to do this, Towako happily tells him that she’ll help him tidy things up. She wants to try out the things that Yuuga usually does. Yuuga tries to stop her when she offers to do the laundry. Then, there is a sound of something falling down. Yuuga then tells her to first change her clothes. Soon, Towako is wearing Yuuga’s shirt and pants. Yuuga asks if that is okay for she can wear Miju’s. Towako says that it is okay. Towako is happy about it since it is different from the ones she usually wears. Yuuga sweatdrops when Towako also thanks him for the underwear. [I think she felt down in the water so she is wet and has to change everything.] Yuuga tells her that her hair must be heavy styled so sit on the bed and he’ll fix it. Yuuga combs her hair. Towako happily thinks that it is like the time before they got married. Towako thinks of her fear about the future of Yuuga no longer gently touching her but she will do her best in order for that not to happen. Towako asks him what they usually eat at home. Yuuga says that it is nothing special just fry or boil since he is the one who is cooking. Towako asks if there is any special food that his mother makes that is his favorite. While braiding her hair, Yuuga says it’s stewed pumpkin. Towako exclaims that she is going to make that. He tells her that there is no need to and there is no pumpkin in their house. Towako says that they’ll go buy one. She tells him to teach her how to cook it. Yuuga then remembers Towako telling his uncle that he didn’t do anything to make her mother like him whereas her father did his best. Towako asks if he is finished and can she move now. Yuuga says no then he hugs her. He tells her that he will also cook something for her. They look at each other. Towako thinks that there would definitely be hardships while they are together forever so they should both do their best for it won’t do if it is only one who is working on it. The two smile at each other then they kiss. Towako thinks that even if it is a light kiss, it still sends her heart aflutter. Yuuga smiles and tells her that after they tidy things up, they’ll go shopping. Towako smiles back and says that they should do their best for a lot of rooms need cleaning. Yuuga has to tell her that their house is only room 206 and not the whole apartment. Towako goes into shock over this.

Meanwhile, Setsuna is furious as to why he has to wear those casual clothes that Miju picked for him at a store. Miju just exclaims that it really suits him. Miju urges him to buy some more but Setsuna refuses. While walking in the streets, Miju tells him to buy more since he has the money. She tells him that store is not bad but Setsuna stubbornly says that he doesn’t want to. Miju tells him that shopping can be relaxing. Setsuna turns around to her and asks if she is worried about him. Miju blushes then angrily denies it and says that she is just free so she accompanied him to have fun and she brought him to Shibuya to show him how amazing she is [as a model] since everywhere, there are posters and advertisements of her. She asks doesn’t he feel lucky to be shopping with someone like her. Setsuna sighs and says that it is inevitable then he’ll accompany her in passing time. Miju angrily exclaims that is her line. Setsuna smiles and asks where they are going next. He also asks her what else is she amazing at and teach him about it. Miju is blushing yet irritated that she lost to him. She exclaims that looking at him infuriates her. To her irritation, he tells her that it is mutual. Towako narrates that what two people feels and likes are quite different. In the supermarket, Towako tells Yuuga that she likes broccoli. Yuuga says that he doesn’t like it because it doesn’t taste good. Towako says that it is delicious so should they buy it. He tells her to buy what she wants. Towako decides to buy her share of it and not Yuuga’s since he doesn’t like it. Towako narrates that they just have to hold on to each other, mutually understand each other and do their best..and things will definitely be alright. Somewhere else, Saho had just returned home. A servant welcomes her with the title of ojousama. Saho tells her that she already said not to address her like that. Saho then notices a light haired young man asking where this place is. Saho asks what he just said. The man is holding his chest. The maid tells her that it is dangerous so she must get away from the man. Suddenly, the man faints. Towako narrates that she firmly believes that they can be together forever. At a bowling alley, Setsuna has scored a strike. Miju muses that he is really the type who can do everything which makes one feel irritated. The ball he used is an 8 pound ball. Then, they hear a couple of girls saying if it is Miju but then, is that other guy her boyfriend, an actor perhaps but they cannot see the face. They wonder if it is a love scandal. Before they can spread the news, Miju gives them a shiny eye and tells them that they are only just friends so please don’t spread rumors. The charmed girls say okay. Miju says that it is now her turn to bowl. Later, at the overpass, Setsuna asks if it is okay for her parents that she is having fun until it is late at night. Miju tells him how it could be late when it is just 6pm. [I think] Setsuna tells her that his house has a curfew of 5pm. Miju tells him that even if Yuuga is nagging about it but right now, he isn’t at home. Setsuna asks if she is thinking that even if she goes home, she feels lonely since her ‘beloved’ brother has already married. Flustered Miju shouts for him not to say that and he’s annoying. Setsuna smiles and says, “Sure enough, compared to being flirty a moment ago, right now, for you to say whatever you want to say, is more like your style.” This made Miju blush really red. Miju exclaims if he is being sarcastic and she doesn’t want him to talk like that. She then kept shouting that he’s strange. Turning away, Setsuna says that she’s the one who is strange. He tells her that he lived in a world different from her and he didn’t think that outside of the Gokurakuin’s doors, there is unexpectedly still another world there. Miju says that he’s exaggerating. Setsuna turns to her and smiles. He tells her, “No, regarding this, I want to specially thank you for today.” This made Miju blush that she puts on her sunglasses. Surprised, Setsuna says that there is no need to wear that and no one is looking at them. Miju looks away and says that the sun hurts his eyes. Setsuna tells her that it is already sunset. Looking at the sunset, Setsuna says, “My option, is no longer just that one..”

At Yuuga’s place, they had just finished eating dinner. Towako happily says that the pumpkin is delicious and she would want to do it again at home. While clearing the dishes, Yuuga says okay. Towako offers to be the one to wash the dishes since it was Yuuga who made most of the food. Yuuga refuses since she’ll just break the dishes. Towako whines and insists that she wants to do it. Yuuga holds her head and tells her to just prepare the coffee and wait. Towako blushes upon looking at him. While making coffee, she wonders what’s with his calmness and he’s wearing his glasses. She finds guys strange since he would become jealous then suddenly make the things that she knows into something she isn’t good at. In a lot of areas, he obviously is like a kid since he was in bad mood this morning yet suddenly, he would act like an adult whom she can’t win against him. After drinking a cup of coffee, she goes into Yuuga’s room and begins to observe the things in it which are ‘chosen’ by Yuuga in contrast to the things in his room at her house. She then happily imagines the two of them having a toast in the room. She notices a school yearbook on the shelf. She takes the yearbook when Yuuga is at the door, telling her not to look at things on her own. Towako protests that she hasn’t opened it yet. He tells her that it is nothing, just a yearbook. Soon, the two are looking at Yuuga’s junior high year book. Thinking that this is a lucky find, Towako says that Yuuga looks cute in the pictures. When they saw a picture of Himeno, Towako nervously remembers that Yuuga’s ex-girlfriend might also be in there. She has a pained smile look at Yuuga as she wonders which of the female friends of Yuuga the ex-girlfriend is, since they all look nice. Yuuga tells her that he told her before that he gives out a feeling of being frivolous so a lot of girls would get close to him. To Towako’s shock, Yuuga points to the pictures of many girls whom he has gone steady with. Towako is aghast for there were many of them and they look gorgeous. Pointing to a plain looking black haired girl, Yuuga says that she is the last one whom he has gone steady. Towako wonders why does this person feel different and why Yuuga has become quiet. She then notices that Yuuga looks really serious. He sadly says that he doesn’t quite understand love and has hurt a lot of people. Towako realizes that this is the girl whom Himeno also liked. Towako tries to cheer him up and says that thing is something that is inevitable. Yuuga says that even so, he cannot just treat it as something that didn’t happen. Why did he hurt someone to that degree. It is only now he realized that it is because he is originally like that. And right now, towards Towako, he also always hurt her. When Towako tries to say ‘about that’, Yuuga says, “But, I want to use my own way of cherishing you..from today on, I would persevere even more..”

Towako happily holds on him and thinks that Yuuga is doing his best to cherish her and she has always been doted on. “I’m sorry, I also ought to persevere more..” They were shock when Miju sees them and says, “What--” Miju tells them that it is rare for her to see that the light is on that she wondered what’s up. She reminds them that this isn’t their house. Yuuga asks her why she is dressed up like that. Did she come from work or school. Miju tells him that she went out today with Setsuna. Towako worriedly exclaims that Setsuna said that he isn’t feeling well so is that okay [for him to go out]. Miju tells her that there is no problem with Setsuna at all since they played bowling and he got a high score. Towako looks sad for Setsuna won’t see her but even if she is bothered by it, she couldn’t say so else be told of being overprotective. Miju asks Towako if she is going to stay over. While Towako wonders what to say, Miju smiles and says that they take a bath together. In the bathroom, Towako is shock over how small the bathroom is. Miju tells her to shut up. Towako calms down and thinks that this is what’s ‘normal’ for them. While Yuuga is folding the clothes, he can overhear the girls comparing breast size, etc. He wonders why things end up this way. While Miju is washing Towako’s back, Towako complains why Yuuga didn’t tell her about Miju who is a model. Miju says that it is probably because she has a criminal record. Towako is shock to hear this. Miju says that she deliberately made Yuuga’s ex-girlfriend angry, pretend to be Yuuga’s girlfriend, use shiny eye to control and check out their email (without permission). Towako thinks that even she was controlled. Miju says that it is only with Towako that Yuuga had become particularly angry at her that she won’t be a nuisance again. Towako smiles and says that she really thinks of Yuuga.. Miju tells her not to finish that sentence for isn’t it the same with her and Setsuna. Towako thinks that Miju has a cute side even if she did a lot of cruel things but it is because she’s concerned. Towako happily asks if that is like with a younger sister. Miju asks if it isn’t like that with Setsuna. Towako thinks then says that she doesn’t know. They were together since they were young and she thought that is something natural but for the first time she met him, she felt quite happy. It isn’t because she had a ‘younger brother’ but rather, there is someone who can be with her. Miju asks if the one she likes is Yuuga and if she really likes him. Puzzled, Towako says yes. Miju looks somewhat sad [probably for Setsuna]. Later on, Miju suggests that they all play a game. While they are playing, Towako thinks that she learned a lot of things today – the place where Yuuga lived, what kind of girls he went steady with, what kind of lifestyle he and Miju has, and of those two’s relationship wherein they don’t get along yet it is natural. She felt that this is what a so-called family is that it makes her feel envious for it makes her wonder what she should do to make Setsuna become her family. Soon, the girls have fallen asleep. Yuuga is reading a book while sitting by the bed. Yuuga’s mother [face not shown] enters the room and says that she hurriedly came home and suddenly, she finds that she has two daughters. Yuuga welcomes her home. She looks at Towako’s smiling sleeping face and says, so that is Yuuga’s wife and she looked cuter than in the pictures. She apologizes that she wasn’t able to come earlier. Yuuga says that it is inevitable because she has work and it is no big deal. His mother lightly pats his face and says that he’s quite cold. She asks if that is alright when he is obviously newly married. She tells him that just using his face, a lot of girls would come to him but then, it isn’t a guarantee that they would always stay by his side. Yuuga tells her that he knows and compared before, he thought of things a lot more. His mother then gestures for him to follow him.

At the kitchen[?], his mother shows him an album of young Towako’s pictures. He is surprised to see this. His mother tells him that those pictures of Towako are from 1 year old to 17 year old which her family has sent every year. Yuuga cannot believe that his mother knew all about this. Yuuga asks if she was thinking that she suddenly has a relationship through marriage with a rich family. His mother exclaims, and he suddenly got married [on his own] but she thought that since he decided to get married, that is also okay for she brought him up as a man who can decide on things for himself. “Do you regret it?” Yuuga looks straight at her mother and says, “I won’t.” Her mother smiles and playfully pats his head. She says that’s good for with that expression, he is more confident for an insecure guy is pathetic. Towako still smiles in her sleep as she thinks that it is a good decision to come here for she also wants to be a close family member to Yuuga. At the Gokurakuin house, Towako’s parents are looking at a picture of a pretty looking long-haired girl. They say that time flies so fast and next year, Setsuna will also be 18 years old that it is almost time to start preparing. In Kyoto, the girl in the picture is blushing as she looks at a man wearing glasses writing on the table. Turning to her, the man calls her Mioko and asks what it is. Mioko goes in the room and timidly says that she heard some noise in the room that she thought he, Kyousuke is already awake. Kyousuke asks if that is so for he thought that she is crying again because she has been reprimanded by her grandmother [father’s side] that she would want him to comfort her. Flustered Mioko tells him not to treat her like a kid though for him who is a college student, perhaps she looks a kid to him. “But I..would be of marrying age soon.” Kyousuke asks if she meant a miai [arrange marriage]. Mioko looks surprised then sad. She says that she thinks people from Tokyo are scary but Kyousuke is very nice so it would good if that person is as nice as Kyousuke. Kyousuke seems to look sad about that. At Yuuga’s place, Towako is shock that Yuuga’s mother already came. Yuuga says yes, his mother and Miju are still sleeping. [I guess Yuuga is those type of people who doesn’t need a lot of hours sleep.] Towako starts to cry that she has fallen asleep after being tired from playing so her mother-in-law probably thinks badly of her. Yuuga tries to tell her that his mother doesn’t think that way. Towako wants to go and at least greet her today. Yuuga says that there is no need for that because she needs to sleep for her night shift. Towako cries that she’ll wait for her to wake up. Yuuga tells her that they have to go to school. Towako protests that they came there for this reason. Yuuga sighs. He holds her hands and leans his forehead to hers. He tells her that it is already alright. He smiles at her then she blushes. She says okay. Towako wonders what happened for she calmed down when he smiled and told her that it is alright. Yuuga says that his glasses are a hindrance. He removes it. Blushing Towako tries to protest that his mother and sister are there. Yuuga tells her that it is alright. While Towako exclaims if that ‘it is alright’ meant.., Yuuga is already kissing her. She thinks that her uneasiness yesterday is all gone now.

While Yuuga hugs her, Towako thinks that his body warmth makes her confident and it expresses that ‘forever by your side’ feeling. He whispers if they don’t have to her house to get their uniforms.. She says yes. He then kisses her ear. Soon, Towako is asking what he is doing and he says that they are changing clothes. In the end, Towako hits him on the head for him to know where they are and not to do that. Towako leaves a note for Yuuga’s mother and two gifts for his mother and sister. Towako bid Miju goodbye and Miju just moans yes while sleeping. Yuuga is looking again at Towako’s kid pictures album when Towako says that the car is there so they should go. She notices that Yuuga quickly closes the album. She asks him what it is but Yuuga just says it is nothing. Carrying the album, Yuuga says that they should go. In the car, while holding hands, Towako sadly says that she feels that she doesn’t have that much concern for Setsuna. Yuuga tells her not to mind him about it. Towako says that Setsuna still doesn’t feel well and maybe Setsuna feels that she is very horrid. Yuuga looks at her and says that maybe it is for the best to just let it be [I think he meant naturally resolve]. In school, Towako greets everyone with an alibi that she was sick yesterday. She is surprised to see that Reimi got a new short haircut. [The text here is small but it seems that] according to Saho, after the cultural festival, Reimi and Yasumochi, went out. Yasumochi urged her to get a haircut but it turned out to be too short so he also got a short haircut for her. Reimi blushes and says that Yasumochi is an idiot. Towako smiles and thinks that maybe Reimi thinks of him.. Then, Yasumochi comes in and greets everyone. The girls were in shock for Yasumochi’s short straight hair has become curly again..so he is an afro again. The guys are laughing over this as they pat Yasumochi’s curly hair. Reimi just furiously shouts that he’s an idiot. While Towako is giggling over this, Saho gets a message on her cellphone. She tells Towako that she’ll go out for a while. Towako looks at her as she left and thinks that Saho doesn’t seem to talk about this topic and does she have a lover. Outside the school building, Saho calls out to a guy as Ritsu, the one who fainted in front of her house. Saho tells him that she told him not to come so quickly go back home. “Why did you come?” Ritsu smiles and says that he came to see her and it is boring to wait for her at the house. Saho angrily asks if he really lost his memories for if she realizes that he is just acting, she is going to kick him out of her house. She also tells him to quit saying that stuff for she cannot be deceived. Ritsu laughs and says that she’s quite cold but he is really thankful to her for taking him in even if his background is unknown. Pushing him out, Saho tells him that it is because she is hiding it [/allowed by her father; not sure since the word is blurry] temporarily so he shouldn’t cause any trouble and just go home. Ritsu asks why so fast when it isn’t easy to get in the school. He looks into the school building and sees Kaoru talking with another teacher. Ritsu muses that there is such a young teacher in their school. Saho looks tense. Kaoru notices them and looks at them. Saho knit her eyebrows while looking at Kaoru before urging Ritsu to go home again. Towako narrates that no matter who, would face all sorts of situations and there will be some that are unavoidable huge things. Even they have those but if she’s with Yuuga, she can definitely overcome.

Towako and Yuuga return home but was told by Tsubaki to go to the main house since they are called by Towako’s parents. In a room, Setsuna looks surprised after being told that he is going to be set up for a miai. The other party is the ojousama of the Yachiougi family who is 17 years old like Setsuna and her name is Mioko. Yuuga asks if the Yachiougi is one of the five main families. Towako says it is so and they are one of the famous in Kyoto and they seem to be into silks.. She gets interrupted when Tokiko tells Setsuna that they feel a refined girl suits him and the other party is also interested in him that they want him to go to them as a ‘son-in-law’ [marry into her family]. Towako and Setsuna look surprised. Towako asks if that meant Setsuna will go stay in Kyoto after the marriage. Tokiko says that’s right, they would be lonely then though the wedding will be until Setsuna becomes 18 years old. Towako is flustered that Setsuna is going to some place far away. She wonders why she is unnerved by it when she already decided not to meddle into Setsuna’s.. While Setsuna looks at the picture of Mioko, they tell him that the miai will be held on Saturday. Setsuna just says, understood. Setsuna, together with Utsugi, starts to walk back to his place. Towako is worried as she looks at his direction. Yuuga pats her shoulder and gently pushes her to Setsuna’s direction. Towako realizes that he is telling her to go after Setsuna. Yuuga tells her that he’s going ahead. Towako smiles at him and thanks him. Towako runs after Setsuna and calls out to him. Without looking back, Setsuna asks what it is. Towako thinks that he is still using that cold voice and she feels that if this continues, Setsuna will really go to a far away place but she couldn’t tell him, ‘don’t go’. Putting on a smile, Towako tells him that it’s great for the girl is very cute. “She really..is a match with you..” She is surprised when he says, “Yes. But, only from you, I do not want to hear those words.” Setsuna turns around and hugs her. Towako is puzzled. Setsuna then says, “Goodbye.” Towako remembers the past. Flashback: Tokiko called out to young Towako and told her that she will have a younger brother. He is the son of a family that is of the same world they are in and by chance, he will become part of their family. Towako thought that this means that he would be with her forever. She smiled when young Setsuna called her ‘sister’. There are scenes of playing with Setsuna, taking care of him when he is sick and going to school together. She had thought that because he is her younger brother, he absolutely won’t leave her so saying words of leaving, shouldn’t exist. End flashback. After Setsuna hugged and told her goodbye, he pulls away and walks away. In the brink of crying, Towako asks him what she did that made him hate her. “What did I do?” Without looking at her, Setsuna says, “..before you always say ‘Even if I don’t have Yuuga, but I have you [Setsuna] so I won’t be a little bit lonely’. But right now, ‘Yuuga’ will always stay by your side..for you, I’m no longer wanted.” This surprised Towako that soon, tears fall down from her eyes. A bit teary-eyed, Setsuna continues to walk away.

In the room, Yuuga thinks that he cannot keep calm. Then, a servant tells him that Towako has returned. Yuuga is speechless upon seeing Towako with her hair covering her face. Yuuga asks if she’s Sadako [from the Ring] and what’s with that. He pulls her hair off and he sees that Towako’s face is reddish from crying..she’s still crying. He asks what happened. She tells him that Setsuna told her ‘goodbye’ and that because she has Yuuga, he isn’t needed anymore. She had always spoiled Setsuna by always telling him that she is his sister, she will be with him, and those types of words but actually, she is the one who needs him and Setsuna knows this that so until now, he would quietly always stay by her side. “I’m the one..who left from his side..” She wonders why she just did that wherein when she is lonely, she would bind him to her but when she isn’t lonely, she would just leave him by himself. Towako starts crying again. Yuuga goes to her and hugs her. He got angry when Towako pushed him away. He asks her what she is doing. Towako tells him that she cannot let him pamper her like that right now. He hugs her again and tells her that it is alright for he wanted to do that because she is his, so let him do what he wants to do. Towako continues to cry. Towako thinks that she has been gently protected a lot. She wonders what she had given Setsuna back for the gentleness that he has given to her until now. She fears that it is just a little bit [that she gave him]. Even if things have now ended like this, yet she still has that kind of thoughts [of repaying?]. “I already..cannot give Setsuna that happiness..” On the way to school, Utsugi lets out a long heavy sigh. Tsubaki just looks at him as he walked into a post. Tsubaki tells him that it is dangerous to be lost in thought. Holding his head, he tells her to warn him about it if she has seen it. While some students were thinking that Tsubaki is bullying Utsugi again, Tsubaki asks Utsugi if this is all about Setsuna. Utsugi says that he knew that the madam [Tokiko] is in contact with Yachiougi but he didn’t expect for things to turn out this way and what’s really important is he doesn’t know what to do to cheer Setsuna up when he is obviously his caretaker and he is the closest to him. He starts crying over his helplessness. He is shock when Tsubaki pinches his cheeks with a hand then slams him to the post. Tsubaki tells him that he’s rea~~lly stupid and not only that, he is also meddlesome. He is unbelievably disappointing that he would cry just because he cannot bear his duty. She tells him not to cry. “Do you think that as a caretaker, you should be able to do everything, then, you are fundamentally mistaken...if you cannot do anything then don’t do anything! It is okay to just quietly stand by your master’s side. That is our duty.” Teary-eyed, Utsugi says yes. [I think Tsubaki finds him cute that] she looks at him quietly then hits him on the head. He shouts that it hurts and why did she hit him. Tsubaki says that it is because she is very angry and if he cries again, she’ll hit him again. Following after her, Utsugi smiles and thanks her.

Finally, it is Saturday. Towako kept on moving from one place to another that Yuuga has to hold her steady in one place. At the Yachiougi residence, Setsuna and his parents are greeted by the old Yachiougi couple. The man introduces himself as Yachiougi Zenzou and the one beside him is his wife, Kinuyo. Their son and daughter-in-law had passed away five years ago. So when people say ‘the old, sick, and disabled’, that would mean them. “We’ll be under your care.” Tokiko says no, but rather, they should be the one who should say that. She then introduces herself and her husband. Tokiko then tells Setsuna to greet them. Setsuna introduces himself and greets the other couple. While the old couple are heaping praises to Setsuna for being a bishounen [beautiful guy], Kyousuke is standing outside the room, eavesdropping on them. Then, they tell Mioko to say her greeting. Blushing, Mioko timidly introduces herself in a very soft voice. While Setsuna looks somewhat surprised, Kinuyo reprimands her for talking to softly that she cannot be heard. She then apologizes for Mioko. They explain that since she is an orphan of their son and daughter-in-law so they doted on her too much that she has become a bit stubborn and shy with strangers. Tokiko says that Mioko’s cute and she will dote on her like a daughter. The adults say that the more they look at them, the more they seem to be a match. Zenzou says that he hopes that the Gokurakuin would definitely have a relationship with them forever from then on.


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