June 13, 2011

Papillon -Hana to Chou- [Chapters 31-33]

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Chapter 31: Awakening At the corner of the hallway, Hana looks at Hayato as he runs through the hospital’s hallway after being told that Rena has fallen down the stairs and has become unconscious but she is okay. After he passed through, Hana left. In the hospital room, Rena is already awake. She asked surprised Hayato if the one who is holding his sister’s hand on that fateful day is her and not Hayato. Hayato couldn’t answer back. At home, Ageha is happily preparing for the trip. The door bell keeps ringing that Ageha answers it since no one did. She is surprised to see angry Hayato. She is puzzled when he asked for Hana. Still puzzled, Ageha calls out to Hana who is shocked to see Hayato there. Hayato asks Hana what she did to Rena and how did she know about the accident. Hana admitted that it was his sister who told them. Unremorseful, Hana says that she didn’t do anything wrong for she only told Rena the truth. Hayato is so angry that he hits door with his fist. This surprises the twins. He shouts for Hana not to get close to Rena gain. Back in the hospital, Hayato learns that Rena has already been released from the hospital. This made him call her on her cellphone. Rena picks it up. Hayato asks her where she is. Standing at her sister’s grave, Rena just asks him if what Hana told her is the truth. She says that before the fall,, she had somewhat remembered some scenes of the accident and she was holding someone’s hand. Hayato tries to tell her that they should see each other and talk. He asks again where she is. Rena shouts at him that if it is the truth, she wants him to tell her so with his own mouth. She pleads him to tell her if it is really her, and not him, who was holding her sister’s hand. Hayato finally admitted that it is true. He is shock when she hangs up on him. Back at the twins’ house, Ageha is totally shock over what Hana did as she learned why Hayato is really angry. Ageha is freaking out over how Hana should apologize but then, she worries if Hayato is going to forgive her. Still unrepentant, Hana starts to head out of the room. She stops when Ageha’s cellphone starts ringing. It is Hayato who tells Ageha that he couldn’t contact Rena and it isn’t good for her to be alone right now. Hayato will go to Rena’s house to check on her. He asks if Ageha can go to his house to check if Rena is there. Ageha immediately agrees. She also gets Hana to go with her. At Hayato’s place, the twins didn’t see Rena. Hana asks what they should do know. Ageha says that they will wait for Hayato to call them. To Ageha’s shock, Hana complains why she has to be dragged along in looking for Rena. Ageha shouts at her that it is her fault so she should bear bit responsible for it. Ageha shouts as to why Hana told it to Rena. Hana just pouts and won’t tell her. Ageha just mentally calls Hana stupid and feels that she ought to apologize to Ran.

Hayato calls and tells Ageha that Rena isn’t there. Ageha says that Rena isn’t at his house either. Ageha asks if Rena is close with Ran and she might be with Ran. Hayato says that he called and she didn’t go to Ran’s. He also tells her that Ran is also helping in looking for Rena. Hayato says that he’ll look around near the hospital. [<- scans are chopped so that is a guess] Hana starts wondering where else could Rena go. She then thinks of something. Ageha shouts to her twin to wait there in case Rena goes there. Hana asks where she is going. Ageha says to the cemetery. She arrives at the cemetery but to her dismay, Rena isn’t there. She is surprised to see a butterfly. She wonders why there is a butterfly in the middle of the night. She follows it and looks up. She then sees Rena on top of a pedestrian bridge. Ageha felt that the butterfly guided her. Ageha quickly calls Hayato to inform him about it. Hayato tells her that he will be heading over. Sitting down by the stairs of the pedestrian bridge, Ageha thinks that it is better not to disturb Rena. She prays that Hayato will arrive quickly. She goes into shock when Rena climbs up the railing. She comes out and shouts for Rena to stop. Rena stops and asks if it is Hana. Ageha shouts that she is the older sister. Aghast and tense, Ageha tells her that Hayato will be arriving soon so how about they have a good talk. Rena says no for she doesn’t have the face to see him for not only she didn’t save her sister, she even treated Hayato badly. She wishes that it was she who died on that day. Cannot think of something else to say, Ageha shouts for her that isn’t true. Ageha freaks out when Rena starts to climb over the railing again. Rena tells her to please apologize to Hayato for her. Ageha shouts for her to stop because if she dies, Hayato will be hurt because he wasn’t able to save Arisa before so if he couldn’t save Rena, too, Hayato’s heart will definitely die. “So, you cannot die--!!” Flustered, Rena mutters about Hayato’s heart dying. Ageha immediately realizes that this is her chance. She quickly rushes forward and pushes Rena back to the bridge. Relieved, Ageha leans on the railing but somehow, her butterfly necklace has unfastened. She quickly grabs it before it falls to the street below but she finds herself losing balance. She ends up falling off the bridge. Rena is surprise to see that Ageha is no longer at the bridge. Some people are freaking out when Hayato realizes that it is Ageha hanging on to the bridge’s edge. Hayato quickly runs to the bridge. Rena holds out her hand and tells Ageha to grab her. Ageha says that she cannot for if she moved a bit, she’ll fall. Rena tries to call for help when she realizes that this is the same situation with her sister before. Rena is shock when Ageha has lost her grip. Before Ageha falls, Rena grabs Ageha’s hands. Her shoulder is hit on the railing but she won’t let go this time. And somehow they are saved. [Why do I feel that some pages are missing ^^; Maybe the author skipped it.]

Chapter 32: Flapping Wing/s Rena’s right shoulder has dislocated because she had to bear Ageha’s full weight. Ageha, together with Hayato, apologize to injured Rena. Rena smiles and tells her that it is alright as long as she is safe. Ageha bows again and thanks her. Rena tries to tell Ageha that she should be the one who ought to thank her. When she winces in pain, Hayato asks if she is alright. Rena says that pain is nothing. She then apologizes to Hayato for changing what happened in the accident and blaming him for it. She doesn’t know how to make it up to Hayato for her sister’s death which is both a shock for both of them. Hayato says that he is the same with her since he wasn’t able to save Arisa and he should have saved Arisa first. He apologizes to Rena. Later, the two comfort each other. Ageha thinks that Rena has finally acknowledge the truth and she wonders what will happen afterwards. She thinks that Rena keeps on her progress in this direction then she will be alright. Soon, the couple sees Rena off as she left on a taxi. As Hayato walks Ageha home, he thanks her for saving Rena. Ageha timidly says that in the end, it turns out that it was Rena who saved her. He flicks her forehead and says that it is by a strand of hair and if there was any mistake, then she would undoubtedly have died. Holding her forehead and the necklace, Ageha tells him that it is because the necklace fell. He shouts for her not to exchange her life for a thing and how is he to live on if she had died. The two look flustered then Hayato hugs her. Ageha apologizes for making him worried. They look at each other and Hayato kisses her forehead. Later on, Ageha thinks that it seems she is forgetting something. She then remembers Hana. They head back to Hayato’s place. Ageha apologizes to Hana. Hana screams her head off as to up to when they plan to make her wait since the neighbors are already looking oddly at her and mosquitoes are biting her. Hayato smiles and says that, but still, she waited. Hana finally admitted that she is partly to blame for what happened. She says that she is shock to hear that Rena tried to commit suicide since she didn’t think that Rena would go that far. Hana also admitted that she thought that if something happened to Rena, then they won’t be able to go to the trip.

While Ageha realizes that Hana knew about the trip, Hana bows and apologizes to Hayato/them. Looking serious, Hayato says to forget it since even if she said the truth and made him worry of the worst thing that could happen, but he never thought that Rena would accept the truth. He admits that he didn’t know what to do either and this is for the best. He feared that if Rena knew of the truth, her reaction would be very intense so he always didn’t tell her and endured everything until now. Speaking of running away, he is also doing that and for things to turn out like that, on contrary, he thinks that it is for the best. Hana looks somewhat sad about this. Ageha narrates that the stone that Hana threw [into the water] had started to cause ripples. At the hospital, Rena talks with a doctor and says that they are going to meet at 8pm. After the doctor left, Rena freaks out when Hayato asks if it is a date. Blushing, Rena shouts he came again. Hayato asks who that guy is and if they are going steady. Rena denies it. Hayato teases her about going to dinner with a guy [even if not going steady? Not sure- blurry] Rena says that it is alright. While Hayato muses that this is a good thing, Rena tells him that he shouldn’t look after her anymore. There is no need for him to visit her everyday for she won’t go thinking of suicide again. She tells him that while holding on to Ageha, she remembered that she wanted to save her sister from the bottom of her heart even if she hated her sister because of what happened with them and Hayato. But, that thing doesn’t matter for she wanted her sister to live on. Even if it hurts, she won’t run away from this feeling of guilt. She can compensate for it by how she lives from now on. She wants to become a person whom her sister will approve of. Hayato looks surprised over this. Rena bids him goodbye and says that she still has work. Later on, Hayato cleans Arisa’s grave. He tells her that Rena is now moving forward. He then sees a butterfly flying. I think he calls Ageha’s nickname [or it is the butterfly; scans chopped off ^^;] and asks what she did to Rena since he wasted four years and still wasn’t able to do anything but she only did it for one night. Narration: “ The fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can change the world.” [<- butterfly effect if you still remember.] Finally, it is the day when Ageha is going on a two days and one night trip with Hayato. Before she left, Hana curses her [in jest?] about something happening to the Shinkansen. Ageha thinks that even if Hana just let her go, she really thought that Hana will still ruin things for her. Ageha wonders if Hana has given up on Hayato. She thinks that it could be because of the introspection that Hana did because of what happened with Rena. Hana is looking at an album with a picture of [Hm..I think it is Hana and Shinobu]. At the train station, Ageha is freaking out that Hayato is late. She begins to wonder if this is from Hana’s curse. Then, Hayato, who is breathing hard from running, finally arrives. Ageha exclaims why he is late. Hayato says that he isn’t feeling well. Upon seeing Ageha’s somewhat disappointed face, Hayato leans to her and tells her to relax for he would do his best to reserve his energy for tonight. While flustered Ageha shouts that isn’t what she meant, Hayato says that they are leaving.

At the Shinkansen, Ageha asks him how Rena is. Hayato tells her that she is now stable and she now has a positive outlook that he feels a bit at a complete loss over it. Ageha is delighted to hear this but she wonders out loud what brought about Rena’s positive outlook. Hayato tells her that it is when Rena saved Ageha that made her re-live that accident before. Because Rena saved Ageha, it made her feelings of regret about not saving Arisa disappear. Rena had even said that she thought that she left go of her sister’s hand because she really wished for Arisa to die. Since she cannot accept that guilt, she blamed it on Hayato. But, when she saved Ageha, she remembered that it isn’t what she earlier thought because she didn’t want her sister to die. This made her realize that the accident didn’t happen because she was thinking that way. Ageha is super happy that she was of help even in a little bit. Hayato somewhat smiles at her. Ageha is puzzled when Hayato mutters that it is regrettable that it wasn’t him who helped Rena. She looks at him to find him closing his eyes. She calls out to him. He says that he’s tired so let him sleep a bit. Seeing that the sun is directly on his face, Ageha pulls the curtains. She is glad that things are okay with Rena. Soon, they are at the beach. Ageha asks if Hayato is still tired. He teases her that he got a bit of energy after seeing her in her swimsuit. Ageha covers her chest in embarrassment over what he is saying. Suddenly, there is a huge wave that engulfs them. Hayato manages to surface after coughing out the water. He calls out to Ageha but she is nowhere to be found. Hayato immediately become pale. Suddenly, Ageha stands up over the water and complains about that huge wave. Ageha then notices that Hayato’s face looks awful. Hayato says that he doesn’t feel well. Ageha suggests that they go back to the hotel. Lying in bed, Hayato apologizes for this since it is rare for them to go out on a trip. Ageha says that it is okay. They agreed to eat dinner first before going to the hot springs. At the hot spring, Ageha thinks that it seems that Hayato is really not feeling well. She then tries to calm herself about what he said regarding having the energy for tonight. Soon, Ageha returns to the room to see that Hayato is already sitting up, waiting for her. Hayato comments that she looks cute. Flustered Ageha thinks that he looks good in the yukata, too. After some casual comments about how the yukata suits Ageha and Ageha picked the color, they soon hug each other and fall together on the futon. Ageha’s heart is beating loudly and fast. She feels that it is like a dream and his embrace makes her feel calm. Ageha then says about being envious of Hana before when her parents would always hug Hana while sleeping. She couldn’t say it out loud about wanting someone to hug her. They kiss and Hayato pulls off her obi [/sash]. To Hayato’s shock, he sees Arisa in place of Ageha saying that she likes him. Hayato quickly pulls away and looks really stunned. Ageha is puzzled. Facing away from her, Hayato keeps on holding his mouth as he apologizes to her.

Chapter 33: Heartache [/Innermost pain]: They arrive back. Hayato bids her goodbye and tells her to be careful on her way home. Ageha is really disappointed over how their trip ended. She is then surprised to see Inoue who asks if she came from a trip and is it with Hayato. Ageha freaks out and apologizes for not telling Inoue about it. Inoue says that it is alright. To Ageha’s surprise, she apologizes for the mean things she said before. Inoue says that she is really happy to be friends with her. She is friends with Bibi and Meiji during junior high and they have boyfriends so when she learned that Ageha had a boyfriend, she practically freaked out that she is the only one who doesn’t have one that she felt Ageha betrayed her. That is until she also had a boyfriend on her own. She shows the picture of her boyfriend to Ageha from her cellphone. Ageha is happy for Inoue. Inoue apologizes again to Ageha for what she said before for it is only because she was lonely. Ageha happily says that she is glad to be able to understand her feelings. She thanks Inoue for telling her. They hug and made up. Inoue asks her that they went on a two day and one night trip yet how come Ageha doesn’t have that kind of smell. Ageha goes into shock and mopes at the side. Later on, her friends are in shock that nothing happened since Hayato is a lot older. Ageha tearfully says that things are going smoothly until the time when he apologized and she still totally doesn’t know why. Hayato won’t tell her anything and looks quite embarrassed. While her friends feel sad for Ageha, Ageha wonders out loud as to what she did wrong. Meiji says that Hayato said that he wasn’t feeling well so maybe it didn’t stand up. Ageha is clueless as to what they mean that they have to tell her that it is ‘the sign’ of a man so no wonder Hayato is embarrassed. Ageha is totally shock about this that she exclaims what she should do. Meanwhile, Hayato has sought Marui’s help on what to do for Arisa has already died four years ago so why would he suddenly ‘see’ her. Marui asks him if it is only now when he is feeling the pain of losing Arisa. He says that Hayato has been suppressing his feelings of pain and it seems that it is already flowing out. [Sorry, the part here is blurry but I think that is what’s said.] Marui asks what the reason could be. It seems that Hayato gave Arisa a yukata before and she looked nice in it just like how Ageha looked nice in hers that he suddenly thought of Arisa. He then thought that Arisa cannot wear that yukata again. Marui looks sad for Hayato. He tells Hayato that the feelings that he always doesn’t want to show has come out of the box. Hayato asks what he should do. Marui tells him to just experience those feelings and totally let it go. He felt that Hayato hasn’t really come to sort out his own feelings after he lost Arisa so it is only now that it is gradually manifesting. He tells Hayato that if he totally doesn’t feel/let it out, then the pain won’t disappear.

At the cafe, Shinobu is shock to see that Hana has come in. After serving her some drink, Shinobu asks what she wants. Hana points to him = ‘you’. Shinobu sweatdrops as Hana explains that after they broke up, she wasn’t able to get along with any of her boyfriends and it always won’t go smoothly no matter who it is. So, she wants to go steady with him again. Shinobu blushes and says that for her to ask him like that, it is hard to accept. Hana exclaims why and is it because he still Ageha. Shinobu seriously asks Hana if she really likes him. Hana looks flustered but she didn’t reply. Shinobu smiles and tells her to decide on this first then call him again. Later on, Ageha looks determined in front of Hayato’s house. Her friends call to cheer their support, wish her good luck and will wait for news as to what happened. Ageha rings the door bell. There is no answer. Hayato has been looking through his pictures with Arisa. After multiple door bells, Hayato keeps the pictures in the box, then wipes his eyes. After he opened the door, Ageha asks if he was sleeping. Hayato tells her that he is just lost in thought. Going inside, Ageha says that she brought a snack. Hayato thanks her. Ageha makes short talk about it being rare for Hayato to be lost in thought. Ageha mistook this that Hayato is still depressed over the almost H and her friends were right about telling her to comfort him in order for him not to be hurt [over what happened.] Looking somewhat tired, Hayato is sitting on the sofa. Hayato is surprised when she offers to give him a foot massage since he looks tired. In the end, Hayato lets her do it. While holding his foot, she then looks at him and asks if he feels comfortable <- just like what her friends told her. Hayato starts to complain that she doesn’t put any strength in it so how could it feel comfortable. After some fussing about, the two looks surprised when Ageha is already on top of Hayato. I think that he asks her if she has done her school work. Ageha says no. He tells her that isn’t good and she shouldn’t be wasting time there. Ageha wonders if he is sending her away. Outside his apartment, she is shock that she has been rejected. Walking home, she starts to cry thinking that she doesn’t have enough charisma. She thinks that everything is okay on the way to the trip so what did she say that made things end up this way. She starts to feel angry that she is very worried about him yet that is his reaction to it. She decides to confront him and know what he is really thinking. Meanwhile, Hayato is lying on the sofa when his phone rings. It is Rena. Rena tells him that things are going smoothly and she is feeling positive that she is already working but suddenly, her feelings.. Hayato tells her that they should meet. She starts crying and Hayato hears it from outside his apartment. He heads out to see Rena crying. She takes out an album and tells him that her sister really liked her. In the picture of both sisters, there is a heart memo saying that Arisa really like Rena. Rena starts crying and says that upon seeing it, she felt deep down inside, the pain of no longer being able to see her sister anymore. She apologizes for intruding on to Hayato but he is the only one who could understand that kind of feeling. Hayato looks at the picture. Then, he also starts crying. Ageha runs back to Hayato’s apartment and is shock to see Hayato and Rena hugging each other. She wonders what is going on.

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