June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 14-17]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 4, 2009

Towako is forced to go shopping with Kaoru. She wears all sorts of nice cute dresses which Kaoru says Yuuga would like. She ends up buying them. She tells him that if he wants to marry someone at least choose the one he is genuinely interested. To her surprise, Kaoru says that he did. Meanwhile, Reimi manages to trick Yuuga to go into his house by faking that she has a stomachache. Yuuga is about to change clothes when Reimi ‘attacks’ him and even put him in handcuffs courtesy of Kaoru. =P She confronted him about the marriage and that Towako doesn’t love him. She even showed him divorce papers. She then starts to seduce him. Back to Towako, she learns that Yuuga is with Reimi when Reimi answered Yuuga’s phone. Reimi tells her that Yuuga isn’t coming home for the night and they are going to have some fun. Towako is furious. Back at the house, Yuuga tells Reimi not to say such things to Towako. While the two are trying to grab the phone, Towako slams open the door to find them in such a..inappropriate position. The girls have a screaming match. Reimi is defeated when Towako tells her what happens between her is her and Yuuga’s business, not hers. Towako’s ninja-s then grabbed Reimi and left. =P Then, Yuuga and Towako sort out their problem. Yuuga promises to keep on trusting her. While they are kissing and making lovey-dovey, Tsubaki interrupts them and tells them that there are new problems regarding Towako’s family had arise.

When they arrive home, Towako’s parents tell them about the financial ruin they are going to be in and it seems to be caused by somebody. Setuna confronts Towako about it since he has asked Utsugi to research about Kaoru. Setsuna knows that Kaoru is after Towako because he doesn’t want to become the head of his family. That night, Yuuga assures Towako that everything will be alright. The next day in school, people start accusing Yuuga of doing something bad with Reimi who is absent from school. He stands to lose his scholarship and gets kick out of school if it proves to be true. There is even a picture of him chained together with Reimi. Towako looks at the divorce papers as Kaoru is sure that Towako will be going to see him soon. Yuuga then looks for Setsuna. Towako calls up Tsubaki and tells her that she will be going to see Kaoru. She tells Tsubaki not to tell the others about it. After hanging up, Tsubaki calls up Utsugi. =P

At Kaoru’s house, Kaoru’s father is reprimanding Kaoru about something when Towako came to see him. In some room, Towako notices a beautiful made flower arrangement. Kaoru comments if she likes it. He also notes that she even wore her kimono. Towako tells him that she usually wears her formal wear when visiting other people’s houses. He asks if she has finally decided to be his. Towako starts to berate Kaoru for what he is doing and that there might be no one to inherit his family’s name. Kaoru tells her that he isn’t interested in his family. It seems that Kaoru doesn’t like it being too strict that he doesn’t want to protect it but rather he wants to destroy it. Kaoru’s father is listening to them outside the room. Towako decides to burn a scroll that would make her inherit her family line. She tells him that she is willing to discard herself just for her family. Kaoru remembers all the time that everyone keeps on telling him about what he should and not do.

To his surprise, Towako asks him for some water because she doesn’t plan on getting herself burned. Kaoru takes his flower arrangement to use it to put out the fire but Towako shouts that he can’t since he likes that. They are interrupted by Kaoru’s father who enters with a fire extinguisher. Afterwards, the fire is put out. Kaoru’s father’s head are filled with flowers. He introduces himself to Towako. Kaoru shouts at him for eavesdropping and entering when he has a guest. His father shouted that he is worried about his son. To Kaoru’s shock, Towako likes Kaoru’s father’s hairstyle. Kaoru’s father starts putting flowers on delighted Towako’s hair. He tells her that it is their rule that the family head wear flowers on one’s head. Kaoru exclaims his displeasure about that. To his shock, Towako starts putting some flowers on his head. She says it suits him and they are cute. She also tells him that he really likes flowers. Putting the father and son’s hands together, Towako tells them to just create a modern ‘Hasujou’ [Kaoru’s surname] family. Kaoru pulls his hand away and says he doesn’t want to. They are interrupted when a servant tells them that they have other guests. At the hills, complete with tanks and battle gear, Towako’s family including Setsuna and Yuuga are ready to save Towako.

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