June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 32 -33]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on March 31, 2009

During lunch, Atsumi is happily eating while crying about wanting to be happy. Hanabi tells her not to talk while eating. A girl asks what happened with Atsumi. Kareshi just tell her that Atsumi isn’t feeling well. Atsumi says that since the person she likes doesn’t have her happiness, she is going to give up. She urges her friends to eat in celebration of the new Atsumi. They make a toast with bread. Meanwhile, a couple of girls are walking together with Chikai to get some requirements for their project but Chikai doesn’t want to go. They insist that he should since they are grouped together. Chikai uses two fingers to slap their hands from grabbing his coat and smiles while telling them to keep their distance. The two girls are really happy about this and it seems that they are M. ^^; Holding the papers, Chikai says that he will be the one who’ll bring it to the others. In section I-B, Chikai tells a guy that is their group’s product and requirements. The other guy tell him that he will talk with others on how to make that product and will just give it to them when they are finished. The guy then asks Chikai what he thinks about the latest gossip regarding Sasa. Sasa is in that classroom. Chikai didn’t know it so the other guy whispers that Sasa is a gay. The other guy is shock that Chikai is quite calm about it as if it is no big deal. The guy tells Chikai about a girl named Hanabi, who was good friends with Sasa, went there this morning. Chikai is a bit surprised that Hanabi went there. Just then, Sasa’s friend is telling Sasa that Hanabi must absolutely like Sasa that she tries to protect him. Sasa tries to say that it isn’t true then he sees Chikai. The guy with Chikai looks away. To Sasa’s surprise, Chikai greets him with a hi. Chikai is a puzzled that Sasa didn’t reply back. After a pause, Sasa greets him back.

Walking at the hallway, Sasa’s friend ask Sasa if he thought of Chikai as ‘good looking’ and if Sasa also thinks of him that way. Sasa tells him to quit talking about that. To Sasa’s surprise, his friend says that he can tolerate that because he wants to be Sasa's friend always. His friend laughs as he says that he likes girls. Then someone calls out to Sasa. He sees Atsumi with the others going up the stairs. Atsumi smiles at him then waves. Hanabi sees Sasa so she also smiles and waves back. Sasa just looks at them. Hanabi remembers what Ami said about all sorts of love and love is the heart’s ‘discipline’ that can make one stronger. After dismissal, Sasa sees a crumpled note in his shoes at the shoe locker. It says, ‘Disgusting’ with a freak out expression. Sasa just crumples it again. When he takes out his shoes, another note falls down. He picks it up and it says, ‘You are not alone! Gambatte! Anonymous <- sorry, I’m not brave’. Then, Sasa breaks down and cries. On the way home, Chikai tells Hanabi that he has heard that she went to class B. Hanabi asks how he knew. Chikai says that he doesn’t want to know but he just coincidentally heard about it. Hanabi blushes when Chikai says that she has fought hard but he doesn’t have a reward for her. Hanabi is embarrassed by that as she shouts she knows. Then, from the corner, Mii and Shinichi come out. The foursome are now walking together in the same direction after they exchanged greetings. Shinichi tells Chikai for them to walk on ahead. Chikai answers back that they be the ones to walk ahead. Shinichi angrily calls him stupid for this is his precious time with Mii and he can do it only once a day. Hanabi pulls Chikai’s sleeve and tells him that they walk ahead and not bother those two. Chikai gives in and tells Shinichi that he owes him a treat next time. Just as he is going ahead, Shinichi stops Chikai and tells him to walk around his side and not Mii’s side. This made Chikai angry that he shouts what’s up with him lately. “I’m not interested in your girl!” Shinichi shouts back, “What did you say! You shouldn’t say that! Mii obviously likes you!” Then, we have four priceless shock expressions with Shinichi all blacked out – Opps.

Shinichi then tries to hang himself using a rope on a tree and a garbage can to stand on. He starts to bid everyone goodbye and tells Mii not to stop him. Mii is walking away. Hanabi quickly holds her arm and asks her if it is true. Mii denies it. To her irritation, Shinichi apologizes for not being careful and exposing her secret. Hanabi is about to call out to Mii again but she is already walking away. Shinichi is going to run after Mii but Chikai tells him to wait for he doesn’t understand what’s going on for wasn’t Mii his girl. Shinichi shouts that it is just ‘formally’. He is shaking as he shouts, “..Mii..just went steady with me so that he can forget about you!” Hanabi and Chikai are surprised. Shinichi then runs off to chase after Mii. Chikai looks away and calls Shinichi stupid. Hanabi is a bit stunned over this as she wonders that if it is true, what Mii is thinking when she was encouraging her to be with Chikai and not being able to tell anyone about it. In section 1-I, Shinichi put his head on the table. He wonders out loud if he still exists and asks if he is still there. Arashi and Soutarou are looking at him. Soutarou tells him that he is still there. He says it is quite strange. There is a flashback of Shinichi calling out to Mii to apologize for he can’t bear what Chikai said since he knows of her feelings. He kept on apologizing and asked what he should do to make it up to her. Mii just walked ahead and snubbed him. End flashback. Shinichi starts crying. He then shouts to his classmates if they see him. Coming into class, Chikai calls out to him and tells him that he likes his girl. This shocks Shinichi. Chikai asks him if it will be okay if he said that. After a pause, Shinichi shouts that he can’t but then, it’s too cruel if he said that he isn’t interested. Chikai tells him that he really isn’t interested. Shinichi cries that right now, that isn’t the problem and he is definitely hated when he likes Mii so much.

At home, Nanpa is howling out loud. Hanabi’s mother and older sister are talking what it means since it isn’t the usual bark. Hanabi’s mother says that maybe he is calling his friends and it means, ‘Hey, I’m here--” In school, Hanabi asks Atsumi and Kareshi if they know whom Mii likes. Atsumi thinks that it is Shinichi. Kareshi says that for her, she thinks that Mii didn’t go steady with Shinichi because she likes him. Hanabi realizes that Mii didn’t tell anyone and she also thought the same way as Kareshi but she didn’t realize that she and Mii like the same guy. She wonders when did Mii start to like Chikai and since when she has been hurting. During group work for the project, she looks at Mii while Chikai is looking either at Hanabi or at Mii. At a side of the classroom, while getting some things, Chikai tells Hanabi that Mii is quite calm while he is there and Shinichi didn’t come to work. Hanabi is surprised when Chikai says that it is really hard to understand a girl’s heart. Chikai looks down and walks away. Hanabi looks sad. [I guess he remembered Yukine.] At the workshop, Shinichi asks Chikai what Mii said. Chikai asks what about. Shinichi says like she is worried about him and why that glasses guy isn’t there. Chikai says that she didn’t say anything. Shinichi just says is that so. Chikai tells him his stupid for no matter what reason they've gone steady, it has been for some time already so she might already be ‘bias/attached’ to him. This changes Shinichi’s color back to normal. He happily tells Chikai that he had felt that for a moment because Mii smiled at him. Then, Shinichi slips on some oil and falls over to an operating drill machine behind. In the dressmaking classroom, the girls are complaining about the siren noise which is quite near them. Looking out the window, a girl shouts that the ambulance is in their school. At the same time, Hanabi reads an email from Chikai on her cellphone to inform her that Shinichi is injured. Hanabi informs Mii about this and tells her that the ambulance is going to get Shinichi so she should go to him. Mii just looks away and says that she doesn’t know him. Hanabi looks surprised. Nanpa is still howling as he tells Hanabi that at times, he wanted to call out and say, “I’m here..I’m here.” Shinichi is then unconscious and probably wheeled into the ambulance.

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