June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 62]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on April 23, 2009

In the study room with a sign - guys forbidden to enter, the girls are talking to Mei. They ask Mei if she is okay. Mei says she is and she apologizes for making them worried. Fujiko asks if it is okay for Mei not to be with her grandfather. Mei says that her grandfather says that even if she stays with him, there is nothing she can do. Rika says that he is being sensible. Miruku asks what about Rihito. Mei sadly says that Rihito is the same as before, acting normal. She thinks that he is like that even if her grandfather said that a butler is no enough. Fujiko imitates what Rihito said about not giving Mei to the others if they can't defeat him. Fujiko gushes that she also would want Nezu to say that. Rika, Miruku and girly-prince said that their butlers will definitely say that. They then look at Izumi and think that if it was her, she will be the one who'll say that to protect Kiba. ^^; Girly-prince tells Mei not to be worried because her butler is strong. Mei sadly tells them that her grandfather told Rihito that as a son-in-law, a butler isn't enough. This somewhat saddens the ladies. In the music room, Kiba is looking a bit nervous that Daimon asks him what's up. Kiba says that it seems that he has seen that idol guy's manager somewhere before. Daimon then asks where is that idol for he haven't seen him lately. Girly-prince's butler says that it is the manager who is applying to be the son-in-law. Aoyama tells them to quit talking nonsense since he is already finished tuning up his instrument. Kiba's violin's strings snapped. Rihito offers to fix it for him. To Aoyama's irritation, girly-prince's butler says that it is like that why girls fall for Rihito. Aoyama exclaims that it won't play well if he didn't fix it right. Rihito just looks at him then plays the violin. Everyone is shock for a somewhat expensive violin + class S butler = Stradivari [famous kind] violin.

Rihito returns the violin to Kiba and says that it seems fine now. Looking at Rihito, Kiba asks him if he is hesitating about something. This surprises everyone including Rihito. Rihito then sadly says yes but just a little bit. Kiba tells him that if there is any problem, he can just talk to them about it for they will forever stand by his and Mei's side. Rihito smiles and thanks him. Aoyama is frustrated that a class C managed to 'win' against a S butler/him. Girly-prince's butler asks where is Nezu is. Daimon says that it seems he went out for a while with Kento. Elsewhere, winking at Kento, Nezu says, “Then, what is your command, young master Kento?” Shaking in embarrassment[?], Kento asks Nezu to forgive him already. Nezu laughs and asks him what's up. Kento asks if something happened between those two, while he isn't around for four years. Nezu teases him if he is really curious. Kento denies he is curious but no matter what happened, he isn't going to give up. Nezu lights up a cigarette and says that nothing happened between those two because just by looking at Mei, she is still quite 'pure' and he can even bet that nothing happened. Kento sighs in relief. Nezu tells him that he doesn't know 'inside' for maybe their feelings are quite deep. Kento looks surprised. Nezu says that he should forgive his brother for he has 'maintain' [didn't touch Mei] for four years. Kento says that it is the same with him [Kento], too. To Kento's surprise, Nezu says that it seems that [he] is always waiting for him to return. Kento is surprised and asks who. Nezu says his brother. Nezu tells Kento that he thinks that Rihito's pride won't allow him make a move on Mei while his rival isn't around so there is no progress in their situation. Nezu says that Rihito would most likely want Mei to choose him out in the open [with Kento there]. Kento is all fired up and angrily says that is good. Nezu tells him that he is going but Kento tells him that he has another favor to ask. Holding a pair of scissors, Kento asks, “Can you give me a little haircut?”

That night, Rihito gives Mei her night uniform [skirt is longer]. Mei blushes as Rihito unzips the zipper at the back of her uniform. She thinks that uniform is made deliberately in a way that one can't dress by oneself. Rihito then stares at Mei's back as he remembers Kiba asking him why he is hesitating. He snaps out of it when Mei calls out his name. Rihito apologizes and quickly turns around as Mei sadly looks at him. She puts on her night uniform and asks Rihito to close the zipper. Mei blushes as he does his job. She thinks that the shoes Rihito gave her for her birthday is early by a month and in the end, after a month, would they.. Walking at the hallway, Fujiko asks Mei where is Rihito. Mei says that he is helping in the kitchen. Then, Arabian prince calls out to Mei that they have already decided on how to defeat her butler. He is with Chinese guy and nerdy guy. Mei gets angry and shouts if they are really, really serious about wanting to marry her. Arabian prince hugs her that he really wants to marry her. Mei exclaims for him to get away from her. Chinese guy says that only those who stayed there are serious. Nerdy guy says that high school guy and manager guy have left. Mei tells them that even if they have a duel, they will just lose so while they aren't injured, how about they go back to their own country. Arabian prince says how would one know who will lose or win if they didn't try it first. Mei shouts that she already knows because Rihito will absolutely not lose because he is the world's number one [insert characteristics like handsome, strong, intelligent, etc] class S butler. She didn't realize that Rihito is behind her who bows to her and says that is really frightening. Mei blushes and thought that is quite embarrassing for Rihito overheard her.

One of Arabian prince's butler tells them that class S butler has a record of losing a duel four years ago. Mei is surprised that they know this. Kento scratches his head and says that is true since even he didn't expect that his brother would lose. Mei comments about his haircut and she thinks that he looks the same as the Kento before. Kento asks her if she still remembered when that Hongo old geezer asked her which one of the Shibata would she wanted to be her butler, she said 'Both of them'. He tells her that he has asked the head about it and he was told that he should just apply and it will be put into effect. “So, I'll continue on becoming your butler.” Mei is surprised and she asks him what about the license. Kento shows her his class A pin and says that he wasn't idle the last four years. Mei and Fujiko are surprised by it. He puts the pin on his coat and says that even if it is still silver, but this is the only thing that he can do for her and one day, it will be definitely become that color. He looks at Rihito. Rihito smiles and says that it seems the reputation of Shibata isn't just some decoration. “Very interesting. Try to get this medal from me, that will be our duel. Can you chase after me?” Challenged, Kento glares back at him and angrily says, “That's a piece of cake!” Pointing to her wannabe fiancés, Mei shouts that before that, they should defeat those guys first. Chinese guy says that they won't easily lose. Nerdy guy just blows a bubble gum. Arabian guy says that they don't have any reason to lose. Looking enthusiastic, Mei, with her butlers behind her, points at them and shouts, “I return those words back to you!” Together with the other girls, Miruku asks if this school will be okay. [because of the duel?] Fujiko says she doesn't know. Tami is surprised and I think Kanzaki says that there is progress.

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