June 14, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 84]

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Cover page: “Even if I’ve resolved on this.. temporarily separating so that we’ll be together in the future” At home, Tsubaki is helping her mother wash the dishes. She remembers Sakura’s words about not visiting her injured boyfriend and as a girlfriend, Tsubaki is a failure and she’ll definitely be dumped. Tsubaki is surprised when her mother comments that in the end, Tsubaki is such an intelligent girl. Closing the faucet, her mother commends her for not letting her feelings at this time to get it into her head [/act irrationally] that she would consider her future first, and like this, she would even distance herself from him [/Kyouta]. “Mama can now relax!” Somewhat surprised, Tsubaki calls her mother. Shaking in irritation, her mother tells her that when Tsubaki goes out early and returns home late, then she would talk about boyfriend and her skirt is getting shorter and shorter, did Tsubaki know how angry she was that she felt she’s going to faint. “But for the current Tsubaki-chan, there is no longer any reason to take it. *opens drawer and gives Tsubaki’s cellphone back* Here.. *Tsubaki looks surprised* Today, it seems that you have encountered something scary. [Referring to meeting the suspicious guy] In order to be on your guard, you should have this cellphone. Next time, do not make mama be disappointed again..” To her mother’s surprise, Tsubaki exclaims, “Even so.. no.. I don’t want it.” Seeing her mother’s reaction, Tsubaki tries to cover her outburst by saying that she unexpectedly does not want it since normally, she also doesn’t use her cellphone much. Tsubaki quickly finishes putting the dishes in the cabinet. Before leaving, she tells her mother to just cancel the number or she [mother] can just go ahead use it instead. Her mother looks quite surprise-tense by Tsubaki’s reaction.
Tsubaki quickly heads to her room and closes the door. She thinks that having this cellphone and yet, she cannot get Kyouta’s calls or texts [sms], it will only make her think and misses Kyouta even more. She looks at her bracelet and remembers her own confident answer to Sakura that it is alright for she and Kyouta had decided on this. Holding her bracelet, Tsubaki bends down on the floor and thinks that was a lie. “It is as Sakura said, I’m a failure as a girlfriend. But still, Tsubaki-kun told me that he’ll wait for me. *teary-eyed* Really want.. really want.. to quickly return to his side.” Later on, probably on a no school day, Tsubaki is walking at the street while carrying two three heavy paperbags. With blank eyes, Tsubaki thinks that she still hasn’t found her goal after today’s public lecture [/class] and she barely managed to go to all three schools. “These [school] materials are quite heavy.. But, today, a student from a school said..” A girl told Tsubaki that during third year high school, only a few had prudently decided on what their goal is. “I also acted before thinking when I was taking my undergraduate studies. It isn’t too late even if one uses up one’s four years of college to slowly think about it.” Tsubaki thinks that perhaps it is like that and she should just focus on getting into a good university. “Then, at the university, I’ll slowly look for my own path to follow. Then, I would need 4 to 5 years before being able to get back to Tsubaki-kun’s side. If I put up with work.. I still shouldn’t do it like this for this time around, I’m holding on to the consciousness of separating from Tsubaki-kun. *looking determined* So, no matter what, I should not.. should not give up.. Okay! Next weekend, I’m going to listen to even more public lectures..!!” She suddenly grabs one of the paper bags up and to her surprise, the handle broke. The papers spill into the road and a car passes over it. Tsubaki is horrified then, she can only look down in dismay.
She is surprised when she hears something screeching [/car honking]. She looks up to see a guy with a hat stopping traffic and picking up her papers on the street. Holding the messed up papers to Tsubaki, the man says that they have met again. “From that time, I’ve always haven’t been able to forget about you.. *smiles* Finally, I’ve found you.” Tsubaki looks at him and remembers him as the cheating businessman who wants her to become his model. Looking away and trembling, Tsubaki tries to get the papers from him. She thanks him for picking them up. The man tells her not to be so much on guard against him and he won’t force her to become his model. Tsubaki is somewhat relieved that she asks, “Really..” The man says, “Ya, because your hair right now isn’t that beautiful.” Tsubaki looks surprised. While glancing at frightened Tsubaki from left and right, the man says, “This isn’t the hair that made me unconsciously touch it. What ruthless thing did you do to that beautiful hair before?” Tsubaki exclaims what he is saying for her hair is her one and only confidence.. She stops when she touches her hair and felt that it is very coarse. She thinks, “How many days has it been when I have used up the hair conditioner? Every morning, I blow dry my hair but then, I only always blow dry my messy bed hair and..” Tsubaki tells the man that lately, she has some trouble worries that she didn’t pay attention to her hair during this time. Thinking of Kyouta, she adds that the girl who takes care of her looks isn’t here right now either. [<-ah, probably means that there is no need to pretty herself since Kyouta isn’t around to see it anyway.] He kindly smiles and tells her, “Then.. after you didn’t properly take care of your hair, did you make any progress with your main problem [/proper business]?” Tsubaki is about to says, “About that..” when she stops and thinks, “Actually, it didn’t progress at all..” The man quickly turns around and exclaims, “Oh no.. I should more or less return back to the store.” Tsubaki thinks, “I’ve been running around so many public lectures.. and all day long, I’m constantly on the move..” Holding a pen, the man turns to her and says, “Ah, that’s right! This.. you dropped this before.” Not reacting to the man, Tsubaki thinks, “Abandoning the thing that I like to do and also losing the one and only thing that I’m confident about.” The man waves her pen in front of Tsubaki and says, “Hey..” He is surprised when a tear falls on the pen. Tsubaki is already crying bitterly as she thinks, “Even if it is like this, I still didn’t succeed in any single thing. I’m already.. at a complete loss...” Blurb: “Seeing Tsubaki cry, what will the man’s course of action? Until that time, what will Kyouta do? Please anticipate the next chapter!”
Scans by 新漫漢化組制作.

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