June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 96-98]

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Chapter 96: At the hospital, while wearing a nurse uniform, Fujiko puts some flowers on the vase and tells Kento that it’s great that it wasn’t a huge problem since she was really shock to hear that he puked blood. Kento apologizes for that. Locking Kento in a head grip, Nezu exclaims what up with him for other than having some rib bones fractured, Kento had such a bad cold that he is already coughing blood out. Fujiko reminds Nezu that Kento is a patient. Kento looks sad then says, “..Hey, Nezu-san..I..” Nezu asks what it is. Kento smiles and says that it is nothing. Nezu says that he has a good advantage then puts Kento into a head grip again. At the sun dorm, Izumi tells Kiba that they are going. Kiba tells her that she’ll be going on her own because it is a date. Kiba then laments as to why Izumi would wear her uniform on a date. Then, irritated Claris, with Leon, meets up with her and gives her a letter from Shinnosuke. Claris is furious that she is made into a messenger to deliver a letter. Kiba wonders why Shinnosuke would send a letter when they are going to meet each other in a while. Izumi tells Kiba to read it. It is addressed to Izumi and Kiba. Shinnosuke thanks them for what they have done which he heard from Sister Rose. Flashback: Shinnosuke is surprised that Sister Rose and others won’t be pressing charges against him for taking over the academy and holding everyone hostage. Rose lamented that she wasn’t around when it happened but, all of the students, nuns, and butlers won’t be suing him. Shinnosuke asked why this had happened. Sister Rose told him that it is because of some people [Mei and Rihito, Kiba] bowed and apologize to all the people in the academy. “Be grateful, young master.” From a balcony/porch, Shinnosuke looked out, then his younger self asked him he finally become aware of it. “Even if we finally attain independence by running away but we still remained in that storage place.” Shinnosuke said that he is right. They held hands together. He wrote in the letter, “And, the one who can truly save me, isn’t others, but it’s myself..Kiba-kun, I’ve decided to go back to the Toujou house. There are many, many things that I have to learn there.. And just like you [Kiba] said, I need some kind of ability [/power]. Miss Izumi..the current me still have no right [/qualification] to date with you, so until that time comes, after some years, I’ll just once again ask you” [<- not too sure on this ^^; I’m bad at reading italics in Chinese] End flashback. Izumi turns around and says that the offer will be expired by then. Kiba smiles and holds the letter. He says that it is okay because Shinnosuke won’t sprout horns again.

At the helipad, Shinnosuke gets ready to get in the helicopter when Mei calls out to him. He gives Mei the book about the girl who became a dragon. Mei accepts it and says that she knows of the book since she read it when she was young. Shinnosuke asks her why she thinks the girl saved that village which has driven her away. Mei looks surprised then casually tells him that it is because there is someone whom she likes in the village. Shinnosuke is shock to learn that. Mei says that is what she thinks, and Izumi wants to make this country into a place where one can live comfortably and she will be in that kind of work in the future. Shinnosuke looks surprised by this. Soon, Mei watches as the helicopter flies away. Narration: “..then, I wish, that in the future, I can, more or less, also help..” Then, there is a scene of Miruku shouting at Damien that she thinks that Daimon is manlier than him. Damien shouts for her to depart from that guy [Daimon] whom he doesn’t recognizes [for some reason that I cannot quite read ^^;] Another scene is Aoyama telling somewhat bored Rika that Irrfan sent a lot of gifts and asks her to choose what she likes. Mei happily walks then meets with Tami. Tami kisses her on the forehead and gives her a small bouquet of flowers. Tami, together with Kanzaki, waves her goodbye. Mei thanks Tami for the flowers. She smells the flowers and happily sings back to the Shadow dorm. Mei calls out that she’s back. Rihito welcomes her and tells her that he has already prepared her tea. While enjoying her tea, Mei looks out the window and tells Rihito that she feels really happy right now. She stretches and says that it is time to visit Kento. She says that she heard that it turned out to be just a cold, and Kento really gave her a scare. Rihito tells her to come back early because her school vacation’s assignments had piled up like a mountain. Mei says okay and leaves. Rihito then looks sad. He then remembers Mei saying that she feels really happy right now. [<- maybe happy so want to see Kento?] Rihito then hears someone saying, “Hopefully, a part of that happiness can be put together with Hongo family’s happiness, wherein one happiness is added to happiness.” Rihito looks at the side and sees two guys in suits. Meanwhile, at the hospital, irritated Kento has to listen to Mei rave on and on about how cool and perfect Rihito is. Kento looks at Mei’s happy and satisfied face. He blushes when she looks at him. He then glances at her lips. Mei is surprised when Kento quickly hides underneath the blanket.

Mei asks him what’s up, and isn’t he feeling well. She becomes irritated when Kento tells her not to touch him, just when she is about to do so, out of concern. Mei somewhat calms down yet still concerned after Kento pleads her to not touch him. He asks, “..About that..Mei..you..what do you think..of me..?” Mei is surprised by this that she says that Kento is Kento. Kento says, “..is that so..that time..even if I kissed you..you also didn’t have any [other way of] regarding me..” Mei blushes and says that, at that time, she doesn’t have time to think of some.. Kento interrupts and says, “..but I, put all of my feelings [in it]..as if my life depended on it..” Mei just mutters his name. Kento says, “..I’ve decided..to go back..” Mei asks go back where. Kento replies, “..Shikoku. I do not want [to live] this kind of life again.. because, even without me, it seems that you are also very happy..” Mei is surprised by that. While trying to tell him that it isn’t so, Kento tells her, “It is enough for you to have only Rihito.” Mei becomes flustered and angry. She grabs the blanket and shouts, “Are you an idiot! Could it be that because you are on a sick leave, you are being difficult with?! If you really want to go, then just go on ahead and do what you want! Let me say that you are really not like a man. Look at me, then try saying that to me once again!” She is startled when Kento stands up and shouts at her, “Didn’t I told you not to touch me..! If I told it to you in your face, you would once again change the topic! *flustered-sad* It..hurts too much, for you.. I’m just one of your numerous friends.. I cannot bear it anymore.. so, I will disappear from your sight, goodbye.” Mei looks surprised by this. Back at the Shadow dorm, Rihito glares at Yang Xue and Xiao Qing, and says that every time, they are very rude or could it be that it is the Yang’s style to just come into the rooms of other people without permission. Yang tells them that they have a right to be there. Rihito asks if it is because they are candidates to be Mei’s fiance and butler. Rihito tells them if that is so then they got in the wrong door. Yang tells him that it is a lie that they are from some affluent family in China. Rihito asks them what they mean. Xiao Qing says, “We were dispatched by Hongo Kintaro-sama as the real judges in the duel/s of choosing the fiance. We are now to announce the outcome of the duel. We have determined that the one who is most suitable to be Miss Mei’s partner is Kento Shibata Redford-sama. Shibata Rihito, you are also dismissed. From today on, we will be Miss Mei’s butlers.”

Chapter 97: Somewhat bowing down and closing his eyes, Kento says, “I’ve..already had enough, I cannot bear it..only you..[treating me like] one of your many friends..so, like this, I’m saying goodbye..” [<- it is translated differently than in chapter 96 ^^;] Somewhat clenching her fist, Mei asks, “Do you really..think [you] are just a friend..?” Kento opens his eyes in surprise and asks, “..what..?” Already at the door, Mei angrily shouts, “Forget it, the kind of person you are Shibata! Whether it is Shikoku or wherever else it is, you can go wherever you want to!” Mei slams the door. At the hallway, Nezu is telling Fujiko that it seems that those people aren’t really from the Yang family. They were surprised when Mei suddenly comes out of the room and runs off without greeting them. They peek inside to see Kento bowing his head to his bended knees. The two seems to realize what had happened. Mei continues to run away while thinking Kento is an idiot. Mei arrives in her room to see Rihito with Yang and Xiao Qing who were also dressed up as butlers. The other two greet Mei. Wondering why they are there, Mei asks if they come regarding the duel. Xiao Qing smiles and apologizes for reporting late. He and Yang bow to her and says, “We were sent by Hongo Kintaro as Miss Mei’s new butlers.” Xiao Qing introduces himself as Xiang* while Yang introduces himself as Fei*. [*Those are, of course, invented names. Without the raws, I have no way of knowing how they are really called, if it is still Chinese or Japanese. There are multiple ways of calling them in Japanese using those kanji so I’ll stick to the Chinese for now since, they originally introduced themselves as from China.] Mei exclaims to Rihito as to what this is all about. Rihito tells her that it is a lie when they said that they are heirs of the Yang family and also about being candidates for her fiance. Mei asks why, and what’s this about new butlers when she already has Rihito. She is surprised when Xiang smiles and tells her that Rihito has been dismissed but of course, he is only dismissed from being Mei’s butler. Since he is very talented and outstanding, Rihito ought to be retained in Hongo Financial Group but he will be undertaking some other duty.

Mei tensely asks Rihito if this is true. Rihito says that those guys are just saying those things as they please. Xiang says no, it is Kintaro-sama’s idea. “Other than that, here is another important thing [to report], Miss Mei.. This time, regarding Miss Mei’s wedding partner, we have already decided and chosen Marquis Kento Shibata Redford. Congratulations.” Mei is surprised by this. Then, she gets angry that she shouts what this is about and it isn’t up to them to decide on her affairs so get out. Before they leave, Xiang tells her that they will go [for now], but what they said is just what is in Mei’s heart. “With regards to Miss Mei’s happiness, we thought of the situation, and with this decision, we think that it will definitely remove Miss Mei’s worries. *looking at Rihito* Besides, Shibata Rihito, you also definitely..” Then, the two left. Later on, Mei and Rihito contact Mei’s grandfather on the laptop computer via videophone. Kintaro is in bed with a fat cat on top. [That cat reminds me of some cartoon before..Inspector Gadget, iirc =P] Kintaro tells them that it is true and other than him, no one else knows about it so it is a secret. Saying that they are candidates as her fiance is a lie. Mei asks why he did that. Kintaro says that it is fair decision based on her feelings, and it is for his beloved granddaughter’s chosen husband. While staring at Rihito who looks a bit flustered and dark, Kintaro says that it is fair to this entangled love affair. Kintaro comments that it is interesting [/amusing] that those guys chose Kento. Mei exclaims that it isn’t a bit amusing. Kintaro says that she defeated all of the fiances he has chosen for her and only Kento is left. Mei tries to say that is because.. when Rihito interrupts and says that regarding the selection of Mei’s would-be husband, it should be Kintaro-sama nor should it be anyone else [who would decided] but it should be Mei herself. Also, regarding as to who she wants to be her butler, it is the same. Mei looks at him and somewhat blushes.

Kintaro says is that so, Rihito isn’t satisfied with those other two replacement butlers but that cannot be helped because if his younger brother becomes the master, there would be a lot of things that he will find hard to do. Mei exclaims at her grandfather for saying that. Kintaro says, “Then, let me ask you, Mei, do you like Rihito?” Mei blushes and is surprised by that question. Rihito looks at Mei. Kintaro asks, “If you like him, then it is also okay.” Mei couldn’t answer as she remembers Kento telling her that it is enough for her to have Rihito. Rihito looks somewhat downcast [, I think] when Kintaro continues to say, “What is it, can’t you answer? *looks angry* Since it is like this, then I won’t allow you your willfulness again..! After ten days, on the day of your birthday, it will be publicly announced on a wedding ceremony that will be held. Until that time, you bring whoever you want to participate in it and who will be your groom. You ought to have decided on it by then.” Mei tries to protest but Kintaro has already hanged up on her. In bed, Kintaro pets his cat and giggles as to what the ending would be. After a long silence, Mei is startled when Rihito calls out to her and asks her about Kento’s condition. Mei looks at him then turns away after remembering Kento saying goodbye. Rihito is surprised when Mei tells him that Kento told her that he is going back to Shikoku and he won’t be coming back. “..what’s up, with that guy.. going to England on his own.. then coming back on his own.. and this time again, on his own.. *remembers Kento telling her that he won’t see her again* On..his..” Rihito is surprised to see Mei crying. He is about to touch her to comfort her but Mei apologizes to him and asks if he can leave her by herself for a while. Rihito puts down his hand and did as he was told. Crying in bed, Mei thinks that she knows, that in truth, everyone are there, Rihito is there, and no matter how far he is yet he would still be with her later on [so], Kento is there but, that is only her happiness and it has set up a foundation which deprives others of their happiness. Rihito quietly goes to his room and remembers Xiang telling him that this can resolve Mei’s trouble as well as Rihito’s. He looks at the empty sheep bunker bed. Then, at the hospital, Kento looks surprised when Xiang and Fei congratulates him for he was chosen to become Mei’s groom.

Chapter 98: Kento asks what they are talking about for weren’t they Mei’s prospective fiance. Xiang apologizes for informing him late but they are actually Kintaro-sama secretly-dispatched judges in choosing Mei’s fiance. Kento seems to be still suspicious but Xiang tells him that among the numerous others, he is the last one there so he is the winner. Xiang congratulates him again. Kento says that he doesn’t feel a bit happy they they chose him and speaking of that, it is impossible for Mei to approve of that. Xiang smiles and says that isn’t a problem for they are basing it on for the happiness of both Mei and the Hongo family. Kento stands up and tells him to quit talking and he is going to see Mei. Somewhat sad Xiang asks isn’t this kind of ending, his wish. Kento shouts for him to shut up for if it isn’t Mei who chose him, then it doesn’t have any meaning to it. Just as Kento is about to go out of the room, Xiang tells him that he thinks that even if Kento sees Mei, he will just simply give Mei more anguish. “Because the ojousama is very nice, so she cannot say that she hates getting married with you, even if the one she really likes is Rihito.” Kento becomes sad-flustered about this. He suddenly had a coughing fit. Kento is surprised when Fei is suddenly behind him. Fei tells him that won’t do because his health is very valuable. Before they leave, Xiang tells Kento who is back in bed to leave the rest to them. He asks Kento to please properly rest before his wedding is held. [It seems that] Kento can only curse his helplessness. [<- not sure if he is the one cursing or it is the one whom] Xiang felt that someone is there a while ago but then he decides to forget about it since it ought to be no big deal. At the star dorm, Nezu tells the others that those two are not Yang people but secretly dispatched judges in the selection of Mei’s fiance. Someone asks isn’t that suppose to be Rihito’s duty. Another says that no matter how one looks at it, they were tricked. Claris comments that those two were suspicious from the start. Miruku says that no wonder there are no news of any activity from them as of late. Rika complains of the many inconveniences that they had encountered. Izumi wonders what Hongo family is thinking since she cannot make a guess on it.

Everyone goes into shock when Nezu tells them that based on the decision, the younger brother has been chosen. Claris comments that if that is the situation, it can be tiring if it is with the older brother. [<- not sure if she is referring to Mei or Kento being with Rihito but I think it is Mei since] Rika says that as a man, Rihito’s rank is much higher. Claris tells Rika that this isn’t about being a butler so the rank is of no relationship to this. Rika says that is why she said ‘as a man’. Leon asks Daimon what he thinks. Daimon says that it is hard to say. Nezu then starts a discussion on who do they feel should be chosen as Mei’s fiance wherein both ojousama-s and butlers can give their opinion. Nezu asks who are the ‘Younger brother’s team’. Claris, Leon, Miruku, Daimon, Fujiko and to Aoyama’s shock/sweatdrop, Rika raised up their hands. Nezu exclaims over the overwhelming victory of Kento. Leon says that if it is someone whom one is always with in life, then, their outlook on life [/lifestyle] is the same so the childhood friend is the best match. Miruku says that Kento is suitable to all sorts of lifestyle. [<- from classmate to butler to being a noble] Claris asks wasn’t Rika for Rihito. Rika says that it is regrettable that Kento suits Mei. “And, an ojousama cannot get married with a servant. No matter what is said, the younger brother is the heir of a duke.” The other girls become silent and dark over this fact. Nezu tries to change the mood by asking Kiba about his opinion. Kiba says that he likes both guys. Nezu sweatdrops and says that they aren’t going to be married to Kiba [/it cannot be both]. Kiba says that if it has to be done, he feels that for Rihito, if it isn’t someone like Mei beside him, then it won’t do at all. Fujiko then says that no matter which one is chosen, it will leave painful memories for Mei. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. They wonder who it could be. Nezu opens the door and is surprised to see Mei. Mei asks why everyone is there. Soon, over some tea and snacks, Mei told them that Rihito has been dismissed. Izumi wonders out loud as to how come things turned out that way. Mei sadly tells them that her grandfather says that if she got married to Kento, it will be very difficult for Rihito, as a butler, to do all sort of things. Claris says that is true. Miruku teasingly asks that in the end, which of the two guys Mei likes. Someone calls out to Miruku for asking such a blunt question. Mei looks surprised about it. Suddenly Rika exclaims that this is boring. She calls out to Aoyama that they are leaving. Before leaving, Rika gives Mei a parting shot that Mei is really lucky to be able to choose as she pleases as to who will be her would-be husband.

After Rika left, Mei looks depressed. Fujiko tells Mei not to blame Rika. Mei says that yes, because this is her mistake. Then, Miruku and Claris ask Mei again as to which one she likes, between the two brothers. They were surprised/puzzled when Mei trembles and says that she couldn’t choose. She starts crying and says that she doesn’t know. She thinks that she starts to become unable to understand her way of thinking. Fujiko hugs Mei to comfort her. Meanwhile Xiang and Fei report to Kintaro. They say that it seems that Mei is still quite shock [/has trauma] over the loss of her parents that she fears of destroying the relationships that she has already established. Her prime motive in doing things is ‘do not abandon anyone’ and just like this time, of ‘choosing only one’, they consider it as something that can bring about a huge psychological burden for Mei but of course, this also shows that Mei has charisma. Kintaro says is that so, then why did they have chosen Kento. Rihito is famous for being a S-rank butler and he will definitely choose a method wherein will not further cause pain/hurt to Mei. But, if it is Kento, he would definitely choose a ‘farewell [never to meet again] type of break up’ because he is very pure and naive. Kento will think that until then, it will give Mei the burden of thinking [about it? Not sure on this part.]. Kintaro says that he clearly knows their way of thinking but for him, it doesn’t matter at all, because it doesn’t matter whoever it is. Xiang repeats in disbelief what Kintaro just said. Looking at Xiang, Kintaro tells him that is right, for he already told Mei, ‘After ten days, on the wedding itself, come with a guy and then exchange wedding vows with that person.’ Xiang looks dark as he smiles [a bit sinister looking]. Xiang laughs and asks if he had already said it. At the hospital, Kento is lying in bed and thinking. “I want to be with Mei, and it is because of this that I came back to Japan. Someething, that I also cannot forgive as well as cannot agree to, is if anyone forces Mei to marry someone who isn’t in her heart. But right now.. haven’t I become one of those kind of people?” Kento remembers Xiang telling him that the one Mei sincerely likes is Rihito. Pulling up the blanket and hiding inside, Kento think, “Darn it.. I already know about that four years ago.. I obviously knew, [yet] I still..” Then, there is a knock on the door. Kento wonders who it is. He sits up and tells the person to come in. Kento looks surprised for it is Rihito. Kento suddenly become really tense and scared since Rihito is emitting dark killer chi [/intent]. Kento exclaims, “Wa..wait!! I’m currently sick, and very weak!” Looking away from Rihito, Kento quickly lies down on the bed and nervously hugs his pillow tight. Rihito somewhat smiles and leans near his brother. Rihito says, “I know, so, I came to VISIT you. Be grateful.” Kento sweatdrops and says, “Eh?”


  1. The love triangle is starting to become boring...

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    1. Hehe, it will drag on for a long time..

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