June 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 44-47]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 22, 2011

Towako is surprised by Yuuga’s question about having his baby. After recovering from the shock, Towako becomes puppy-eyed and tells Yuuga but, of course. This made Yuuga blush and look at the side. He looks at her again and asks her if she knows how to make a baby. Towako exclaims that of course, she does. Within the female reproductive organ, the semen and the egg unite, and because of love, a baby is born. Yuuga comments that it is a bookish explanation. Then, he blushes at how happy Towako looked as she says that it could be really painful but she’ll do her best because it is for her and Yuuga’s precious baby. Towako is a bit puzzled over Yuuga’s silence but she believes that deep down inside, his feelings are the same as hers. At school, during a volleyball game in PE class, some guys are ogling over Towako especially her huge chest size. They were interrupted when a flying volleyball flies through them, missing them in a few inches. Angry and dark Yuuga claims that his hand slipped but they don’t believe him. They quickly cower away and left. Yuuga’s friends tell him not to be that jealous and they understand his feelings but then, they should have already done it. Gloomy Yuuga looks dark at him. Yuuga is flustered and angry that they were teasing him about it. He becomes embarrassed when they told him that he really treasures Towako and they never imagined that there would be a person who could captivate Yuuga like that. Yuuga just tells them to shut up. After class, Reimi invites Saho to go out with her but Saho apologizes since she has practice/training. Reimi asks what about tomorrow. Saho points at Reimi’s back and asks her about trying to invite ‘her’. Reimi isn’t too thrilled to invite puppy eyed Towako but it seems she is forced to. After Saho left, Towako comments about Saho going home immediately after school lately. Reimi says that Saho is training to be an ojousama because it seems that her father is running for office.
At home, on the television, a man is campaigning over what he’ll do if he wins. Saho promptly closes the television which made Ritsu complain about it and it is Saho’s father. Saho says that she wishes that guy wasn’t her father for he would just think of his own benefit, and keeping up appearances the whole day. She also thinks that in that election, her father is doing some dirty shady business behind. She plans to run away from home after graduating from first year high school. Ritsu tells her that she cannot survive alone. She was able to live this way because of her father’s dirty money. Even if she rebels and specially chose a bad school, she would still accept the money given to her for her school expenses. If she runs away, what about the rental money, and her guardian, and doesn’t she still want to go to college. Saho looks surprised at him. Ritsu smiles and asks her what’s so bad about depending on her father and using the dirty money. Opening the television again to the program about Saho’s father’s campaign, Ritsu tells her, that it isn’t good to rebel. “Being born to a rich and powerful family, for you, Saho, that is a kind of ‘power’. You should learn to use that kind of ‘power’ .” Saho seems to be shock about what Ritsu is saying. Noticing the time, Ritsu tells Saho to hurry and go or else, Renjou-sensei would get angry. During dinner, Tokiko tells the others that Setsuna wants to eat at the recuperating area so he won’t be joining them. [It is blurry but it seems that Towako and her parents houses are joined with a hallway then at the side of Towako’s building is Setsuna’s.] Tokiko laments about Setsuna becoming depressed over the failed miai. Towako realizes that her mother didn’t know that it was Setsuna who helped Mioko’s elopement. She tells her mother that it ought to be alright, regarding Setsuna. Towako clams up when her mother asks if she knew something. Towako nervously changes the topic and says that the pickled [in vinegar] vegetables are quite delicious. Tokiko is surprised that she asks, if Towako used to like it before. Towako just says that it is specially delicious now. To Yuuga’s shock, Towako suddenly tells her mother that there is something she wants to ask her about the baby. Towako plans to ask things regarding childbirth when she suddenly chokes on her food. She excuses herself and goes to the toilet, accompanied by Tsubaki. Tokiko looks somewhat surprised over this while Yuuga wonders if Towako is alright. In the toilet, Towako couldn’t believe that she has to choke on food after eating so fast when she is going to ask something important. Shaking near the doorway, Tokiko goes to her daughter and grabs her shoulder. She happily shouts, “Are you..pregnant!?” Towako is shock by that. Tokiko happily congratulates her and she’ll be preparing red bean rice to celebrate. Towako tries to tell her mother that they haven’t did it yet, but Tokiko dismisses that and says that Towako likes to eat sour food, she is showing signs of pregnancy [<- vomiting] and weren’t they [Towako and Yuuga] always together at night. Towako thinks that they do sleep together in one room and sometimes in one bed but..
Towako tells her mother that she hasn’t done any painful thing. Tokiko happily tells her daughter that there are also situations wherein it doesn’t hurt at all and their love has given birth to a new life. While Tsubaki just watch quietly at the side and Tokiko happily clapping, Towako starts to believe that she is really pregnant. =P Soon, Yuuga, togther with Nobu, peeks in and asks what is going on since they are very noisy. Yuuga suddenly had ‘twilight zone/out of this world’ type of feeling when Tokiko congratulates him for being a father. While Yuuga is still in a state of shock, Tokiko looks at the family scroll and says that if one is pregnant, according to so and so rule, they are to go to some Inu[dog] island to pray. It is located in an island near Hokkaido. Soon, the couple are facing some dog-inspired shrine. While Towako is happily musing about everything being dog decorated, Yuuga angrily calls out to her and says that he doesn’t recall that thing ever happening. After a pause, Towako says that is so, she got carried away by what her mother said and to protest is futile. There is a scene of Tokiko immediately sending the two off. Yuuga calls her stupid. Towako angrily shouts why she is stupid when she also thought that it was possible and he shouldn’t have also come. Yuuga shouts back that an ordinary person cannot resist the actions of her family and they should go back. They go to the port and it turns out that there is no ship. Towako tells him that it is one ship trip per day and there is no signal on her cellphone. Yuuga gloomily mutters that her family really likes to be in isolated places. Thinking that Yuuga also wants a baby, Towako happily tells him that it isn’t bad for they can just pray for a smooth birth. She thinks that they will be doing that as well as going sightseeing, and this time, they can definitely make a baby. She is really hopeful that things will turn out okay since they were nervous before on their honeymoon but right now, their love for each other is deeper. She happily holds his hands and tells puzzed Yuuga, ‘gambatte’.
Then, a shrine kid apologizes for making them wait and escorts them to the ceremony that was prepared for them. Towako wonders if it is alright not to tell the kid that she isn’t pregnant. The kid then tells them that the vicious looking dog with a baby bib is their ‘dog god’. The kid tells them to lower their head to the dog in prayer. They refuse since it seems that they are going to be bitten by it. The kid tries to assure them it is alright even if the dog is already biting his hand. ^^; While they were wondering what to do and Towako thinking that the dog is angry at her, Towako’s monkey jumps out and faces the dog. The dog runs away and the monkey goes back to Towako. Towako apologizes to him. Yuuga comments that it ought to be alright since dogs have an instinct on how to get back home. [<- as mentioned by Nanpa from Koibana!; this is a comment by the author not mine.] The kid gets angry at them for bringing an animal in the shrine and it is a monkey, the nemesis of their god dog. He shouts that they no longer have any right to do the ceremony there. Towako is flustered about this but Yuuga is okay with this and they would help find the dog for it cannot really go that far since this place is an island. He tells the kid that Towako isn’t pregnant anyway. Towako is shock when Yuuga mutters that he also doesn’t want to have a kid. Towako confronts him about this since he told her that he wants a baby. Yuuga tells her that he meant that other thing. Blushing really red, Yuuga finally confesses to her that it isn’t about making a baby but doing that erotic/lewd stuff and guys are like that. This made Towako blush really red, too. She is totally disappointed with him that she exclaims that she cannot believe that he would dare say that in this place. While Yuuga is shouting back at her, the kid shouts for them to shut up for bringing in their quarrel in the shrine. He tells them that they won’t be leaving the island unless they find the dog. While they were searching for the dog, Towako cries for she wants to go sightseeing and at night.. She blushes upon remembering Yuuga telling her that he wants to do erotic stuff. She thinks that he is quite impure for thinking of that kind of thing while they were in the shrine. Suddenly, they see the dog in front of them. They quickly chase after it. It is running into the cave when it suddenly stopped. Towako couldn’t suddenly stop [probably because she had a hard time walking in her geta, wooden clogs] that she falls right into the cave. Yuuga grabs her but he ends up being pulled down. Looking up the hole, Towako is happy that the dog is alright while Yuuga comments that it is quite a deep cave.
Catching the dog, the kid tells them that they are useless for he went there after hearing the dog bark. Yuuga tells them not to talk about that and just help them out. They are surprise when the kid tells them that there are no other people in that place except for him and he cannot do it alone. He starts to leave them since it is already feeding time for the doggie. He then tells them that he’ll get help from the others who will come during the night shift and there is supposedly ‘something’ that comes out of there. Towako got scared about it. After the kid left, they wonder if they should go through the tunnel there but they might get lost if they recklessly go in. Yuuga sits and leans on the wall. He says that they should just sleep. Towako goes to him but she trips again and falls on him. Yuuga helps clean up her dirty face then they look at each other. Yuuga hugs her and asks if she thinks that doing that is obscene. Yuuga tells her that he only simply wanted to touch her more and is it strange for him to want to do that. Towako is flustered over this. She asks if he always hasn’t thought of having a baby. Yuuga confesses that it isn’t about not wanting to, but more on being very afraid since he doesn’t have any memories regarding his father. He doesn’t understand about ‘becoming a father’ so he doesn’t have confidence about having a child, and he doesn’t know what to do when that time comes. Towako tells him not to say that because of course he doesn’t know since he isn’t a father yet. Yuuga sweatdrops and tells her that isn’t what he meant to say. Towako tells him that she also doesn’t know if she will be a good mother, and she doesn’t have confidence either, so she thinks that everyone are like that. Yuuga just mutters that perhaps, that is so. Towako says it is true and they definitely have no problem. Yuuga seems mesmerized by her that he comments that she is really so easy-going. Yuuga decides to drop the topic and says that they should go to sleep. Towako looks at Yuuga and thinks that Yuuga has always been thinking about this but then, they shouldn’t hurry since they are still studying. She plans to wait for Yuuga. She looks at sleeping Yuuga then kisses him on the cheek.
Outside the cave, the kid comments that the dog is always bothered about the cave even before those two fell in it. After kissing Yuuga, Towako couldn’t believe what she did and she also wants to touch him a lot more. She begins to realize what Yuuga has been feeling. Suddenly, there is something barking from the tunnel. Yuuga is awake when Towako becomes afraid. They got scared because it might be the something the kid mentioned. Then, they see a dirty dog with a baby bib. They think it isn’t scary, but rather, it looks pitiful. They comment that it is like the dog in the shrine but older. The dog angrily barks and grabs Towako’s bag. It runs off so they have to chase after it. Then, they find a ruined altar and it seems the dog is digging nearby. Then, it slightly collapses and reveals a lot of ema [wooden plates] with wishes of couples for their babies. Towako praises the dog for guarding it even if it has collapsed. Holding some of the ema-s, Towako happily tells Yuuga to look at them for no matter how far people lived and no matter when, they all wished for their babies’ happiness. Yuuga looks at the tokens and sees the wishes of some guys about wanting to do their best to become a good father and have a happy family. Just then, the kid, with some adults, their dog and Towako’s monkey, has found them. The kid is surprise that there are two similar dog gods. Soon, they learn that older dog is the dog’s father. It turns out that the older dog is guarding over the ema-s that where put on that shrine but half a year ago, it collapsed that they made a new one. One month later, the older dog disappeared and they didn’t know where it went. It turns out that it went to that cave to watch over those ema-s that had collapsed below. The father[?] of the kid thinks that the dog is just after those ema-s. Towako corrects them that it isn’t just those ema-s for what’s important for it are the wishes/prayers written on those ema-s.
At night, in their room, Towako says that she is tired from all the running around today but it is great that they found those ema-s and they were forgiven so they can pray in that shrine again. She then feels that it is regretful that they can’t pray yet until the ema-s/altar is fully restored again and they have to return home tomorrow. She then remembers that Yuuga isn’t interested in that. She begins to feel depressed that it seems that they aren’t thinking of the same future but she shakes her head and tells herself that Yuuga did smile at her in the afternoon and not wanting a child is probably what he thinks only for now. While she is hoping that one day Yuuga would want to have a child, Towako is surprised when he tells her that it is okay for them to come back there when she is really with child. Yuuga says that a lot of things that can be a big deal [now] yet it can become nothing at all [later on] but since they are still studying, they cannot have a child right now. He smiles at her and says one day, they will. Towako is teary-eyed and happy over this since he was thinking of her feelings. Yuuga asks Towako if they are going to sleep now. Towako says that it is still 8 o’ clock. Yuuga teasingly asks her if she wants to continue from afternoon. To Towako’s embarrassment, Yuuga knows that she has kissed him while he is supposedly sleeping. She quickly hides in the blanket. Yuuga then says that he is only kidding but he is really happy that she took the initiative to touch him. “Even if I really want.. to do a lot more things with you, but like this is already enough. I can wait, always until you say that it is okay..” Yuuga closes the light and says that they should sleep now for they are going for sight-seeing tomorrow. Then, blushing Towako sits up and says that there is no need for him to wait, he can do it [now] since their feelings are mutual. Then, within herself, Towako cannot believe that she just said that and won’t Yuuga think that she is some loose girl. She is shock when Yuuga yawns and tells her not to force herself since he can endure it. He explains that he said a lot of strange things today and even if it is what he really feels but there is no need for Towako to think too much about it. He kept on saying about wanting to endure even if Towako tries to help him that she is already saying that it is okay.
In the end, Yuuga lies down and says that he is tired so good night. Towako becomes furious over his reaction for she was going dokidoki already and he just falls asleep. Towako is going on a tantrum with her pillow when she notices that Yuuga is really sleeping. She realizes that maybe he is really very tired for suddenly being whisk to that place. She then laments why she is always like that, being rash on something she has decided on and she is giving Yuuga problems. She begins to wonder if she has been saying all those stuff because of what Yuuga said during the day. She is grateful that Yuuga wasn’t serious with the stuff that she said and she decides to be cautious in being blunt with her words. The next day, Yuuga asks Towako if she wants some kakigori [shaved ice dessert]. Towako is moping at the side that Yuuga asks what she is depressed about. She just mutters that she is trying her best not to talk too much. Thinking that she doesn’t want any, Yuuga goes to the store to buy himself a kakigori. Looking at him, Towako wonders if Yuuga was sleepy and forgot all about yesterday since he is acting normally. She then overhears a couple of girls gossiping about how gorgeous Yuuga looks. As Towako quickly goes to Yuuga, the girls laments that even so, most of the people there already have wives. Towako suddenly grabs Yuuga’s sleeve that it surprised Yuuga. Yuuga asks if she wants some kakigori but she declines. Towako is surprised over what she did unconsciously. Towako finds herself staring at Yuuga’s lips and thinks that they haven’t kissed yesterday. Yuuga once again assumes that she wants the dessert that Towako exclaims why he kept on bringing that up. Towako starts to become confused over what she is thinking. Yuuga then starts to complain that it is actually hot now, compared to yesterday and he should remove his t-shirt from the yukata. Remembering those two girls complimenting Yuuga’s nice body, Towako exclaims for him not to remove it. Yuuga asks why. Blushing Towako blurts out, “Because your body built is good, I don’t want other people to see it..” Towako is then embarrassed over this since Yuuga and the other couples are looking at her. The other couples then comment that they were newly married. Yuuga is also embarrassed that he asks her what she is saying. Towako also wonders what she is saying. Yuuga mutters that he is going to be moved [dokidoki] when he sees her like that, but he assures her that he’ll comply with what he said before – will wait for her. Towako is flustered for she already told him that there is no need for that since she wants to be with him, hold his hair, caress it down to his shoulder, hug him and kiss him..hold his hand. She is about to hold his hand but she hesitated. Soon, it is time for them to go home. The father of the shrine kid assures them of fixing everything by the time they come back. Towako wishes them ‘gambatte’ and hopes to go back there soon. Towako thinks that she wanted to deepen her feelings with Yuuga there but she ended up acting really strange that she did a lot of embarrassing things.
Yuuga asks her to hold out her hand. She did so and he gives her a phone strap with an ema on it. She asks why and he tells her that he just bought it from the souvenir shop because it seems that she is listless today and they weren’t able to pray at the shrine. It is also an apology for not doing anything to her yesterday. Towako blushes for he actually remembered. Towako tells him that they should also buy one for him. Yuuga says that he knows that she is going to say that. He shows his cellphone to her and attached to it is a phone strap similar to hers. Towako is really touched by what he did. She wonders what he thinks of her for going all those embarrassing things. Yuuga asks her if she has already cheered up. Towako happily says of course, and she is also going to put it on her cellphone. She thanks him and says that she will treasure it. She felt that her troubles had gone away. They arrive and to the disappointment of her parents, who bought lots of toys, Towako isn’t pregnant. Because Yuuga said that he wants to wait, Towako decides to act normally but she ends up avoiding him in order not to think of doing those things to him. She believes that it will be more lovey-dovey later on if she does this. Then, in class, Reimi is irritated as to why Towako seems to be troubled when she has a gorgeous husband, went on a trip with him and stayed in a lovers’ suite. Towako couldn’t tell them that she is controlling herself not to touch Yuuga. Reimi whines about wanting to go on a trip and tells Saho that where Towako brought her before isn’t considered a trip. Yuuga’s friends say that is a good idea and how about they all go on a trip. They suggest about going to Saho’s mountain villa. Towako is overjoyed over this and volunteers to lend her plane to go there. Yuuga is happy that Towako is happy. Yona [<- invented name based on kanji, it is either that or something like Yina], the light haired friend of Yuuga, says that he would want to invite his girlfriend else it will be quite troublesome. They realize that they will have an excess of one girl. Towako suggests about inviting Himeno or Setsuna but Yuuga refuses since it will be quite troublesome. Reimi asks Saho about inviting some guy she is on into. Saho says that there is none. Yasumochi asks Reimi to make some bento. Saho then looks at Towako and Yuuga who were talking with each other. She looks at Towako then looks flustered [<- something like jealous] Towako happily thinks that she can deepen her relationship with Yuuga and everyone else, and she can be natural with Yuuga even if everyone else are there. “So, I fundamentally never thought, never imagined that it would suddenly become our important day.”


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