June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 91-95]

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At the shadow dorm, Daimon opens the door to the Shibatas’ room and happily says that he has come to pick Miruku up but there is only a black rabbit stuffed toy on the bed. Mei is surprised that Miruku is nowhere to be found. Kento exclaims in disbelief since Kiba said that Miruku is sleeping on the bed. They are at a loss as to what happened. Kento wonders out loud if Miruku went out by herself but Rihito says that is impossible because if she did, she should go to where they are and not elsewhere. While Mei is also wondering where Miruku is, Xiao Qing [Chinese butler] informs them that Damien Adams and his butler are also missing so could all of this be just a coincidence. Kento shouts at him for suddenly intruding. Xiao Qing apologizes for it and says that he would have wanted to schedule their duel but it seems that Damien has beaten him to it. He suggests that Miruku was taken by Damien as a way of declaring a duel. The brothers tell him not to jump into conclusion like that. Xiao Qing says that it is of no consequence to him if they treat it only as a theory. Mei starts to apologize to Daimon since it could be possible but to their surprise, Daimon looks upbeat and says that maybe Miruku is just playing in the woods so there is no need for Mei to worry, he’ll just look for Miruku. Before leaving, Daimon tells them to keep this a secret from everyone. To Kento’s surprise, Rihito easily says yes. After Daimon left, they knew that Daimon lied to them. Mei exclaims that they are going to look for Miruku. To her surprise, Kento says that of course. Rihito can only quietly watch and listen as Mei and Kento starts to argue. Mei protests that he is injured and he ought to be really tired. Kento shouts back that her eyes are reddish from lack of sleep and she kind of stinks. Mei denies that. Rihito stops it by ordering Kento to go to the hospital and he isn’t Mei’s butler anymore. While Rihito is flipping Kento’s butler pin, Kento falls on the ground for he has totally forgotten about it. Mei then serious tells him, “Please, Shibata..you ought to treasure yourself..if you don’t..I will be very worried...” Rihito somewhat look sad over this. Xiao Qing smiles and calls Kento as Redford-sama which irritates Kento that he’ll accompany him. Before leaving, Kento tells Mei that during the time when they were in chaos, Daimon asked him to save Miruku so.. Mei smiles and tells him that she will use his share and do her best. Outside, irritated Kento shouts for Xiao Qing to quit following for he can go to the hospital on his own. Xiao Qing muses that Kento is very pure and frank person unlike his brother. Kento looks at him suspiciously and says that he makes him feel uncomfortable. Xiao Qing smiles and apologizes for that. Back inside, Mei tells Rihito that they should quickly go. Rihito tells her to drink a ‘Mei energy drink’ first. Thinking that it would strengthen her, she drinks all of it then starts to become sleepy. Rihito catches her as she falls fast asleep.

At the car, Miruku wakes up in shock as she doesn’t recognizes Damien until he wears his glasses and fixes his hair like a nerd. Miruku is surprised when Damien asks her if she wants to see her mother. Miruku tells him that she always gets in touch with her mother on the phone. When Damien asks what about lately, Miruku confesses that it has been two months since then and they weren’t able to talk for a long time anymore since it seems that she is busy with research. Damien tells her that her mother is actually in seclusion since she locked herself up in some research facility in Switzerland wherein she won’t respond no matter who called her. Damien asks if Miruku is worried about her, if so, there is a way to contact her mother and that is through ‘Hallelujah’. Miruku knows about that game which she played before until she became too fascinated with other new games that she didn’t play it anymore. When she asks if her mother is really there, Damien gives her a laptop computer and asks her if she wants to go and verify it. As they register into the game, Damien asks if Miruku is really Mamahara Kurumi’s ‘daughter’. Miruku says that she is, but she cannot answer when he asks her about her father. Soon, Mei wakes up to find herself feeling fresh [<- doesn’t stink anymore] and with a fresh change of clothes. Rihito tells her that she is in Miruku’s room. Mei peeks out of the room to see Daimon in full military uniform reporting to someone on the laptop computer. Daimon was told that Miruku possesses the brain which they are very proud of and she is a top secret of their country so Daimon is to retrieve her immediately. Daimon is also ordered to eliminate Miruku if ever she falls into the hands of another country. To Mei’s shock, Daimon just says, ‘understood’. Mei comes out of the room and says that Miruku has indeed been taken away and could he tell her that it isn’t true about eradicating Miruku. Mei exclaims at him when he couldn’t answer her. Rihito reminds Mei that Daimon has his own position. Mei asks isn’t Daimon suppose to protect Miruku as her butler. Daimon confesses that aside from being a butler, he is also part of the country’s safe-keeping troops. He is also tasked to hinder anyone who plans to use Miruku’s brain for evil deeds as part of his government position. Mei doesn’t want to hear that. Her outburst is stopped by Rihito who reminds her that what is important right now is to find Miruku. Rihito asks about Miruku’s GPS and whatever bugs they have on her. Daimon says that because the school’s system, which can find someone within 300km, has been broken, they cannot use those to find her. They weren’t able to find her in any sea or air ports. The butlers sweatdrop when Mei is making ‘chu chu’ sounds and tells them that she doesn’t understand any of those stuff since she is just an ordinary person. Then, Rihito gets a message from MiruMiru telling Meimei and others that she will be waiting for them at the crab village. Mei immediately borrows a laptop computer and starts doing something on it. It is only then Rihito finds out that Mei and Miruku are playing online games with those usernames. Mei tells them that Miruku is currently in ‘Hallelujah’.

In Hallelujah, at crab village, to Daimen’s irritation, Miruku is busy shopping for all sorts of weapons. Since he doesn’t want to buy her stuff, Miruku starts throwing a tantrum that her papa doesn’t want to buy her something and does it mean that he hates her. Daimen blushes really red over this especially since that everyone starts saying that he’s the father so in the end, Daimen bought it for her. Miruku continues to call him ‘father’ as she thanks him for buying her the gun. Miruku is somewhat surprised when Daimen tells him to quit calling him father else he’ll kill her. Miruku ends up calling him ‘papa’ again that Michael has to stop Damien from killing Miruku as he reminds him that killing someone in Hallelujah is a grave crime. Miruku starts to think that she hasn’t really thought of her father but then, perhaps it is because she has Daimon. She begins to wonder if everyone at school is safe but then, she is worried about her mother. Then, she wonders how Daimen and his butler got out of the school. Suddenly, there is bright light and poof, appears Mei who made a mistake in how to operate the game since it has been a long time. The two friends are re-united. When Miruku asks how she knew they were there. Mei tells her that they got her message on Rihito’s iphone. Miruku tells her that she didn’t send that message. They are puzzled as to who send that message when they realize that Rihito is in pixel form and in overalls. [<- think Mario brothers] Mei complains about his old fashioned outfit and wants him to wear something cool. Mei says that she would lend him some money to update himself. She asks it from Miruku who in turn asks it from Damien. =P When Mei confirms that guy as Damien, she starts her long speech of how despicable he is for kidnapping Miruku for their duel and he is garbage among all humans. Mei is surprised when Damien says that he wasn’t interested in the duel and Miruku says that she wasn’t kidnapped. Miruku clarifies that she wants to see her mother and Damien is going to guide her there. At a side, Miruku talks privately with Mei about her mother being in seclusion though she shouldn’t bother her mother but she is worried about her health. Mei still finds Damien and his butler suspicious that she doesn’t know if they ought to trust them. Miruku then learns that everyone is okay at school. Damien then says that they ought to be going. Then, upgraded into coolness, Rihito also tells Mei that they should go. [He looks like FF8’s Squall but long hair =P Maybe it is the jacket. ^^;] While Mei confirms if he is really Rihito, Miruku and Damien freak out over how much money that upgrade would have cost.

They arrive at a Chinese gate with two rabbit-faced lion guardians on both sides. Mei comments about the crowd of people standing outside. They all wonder how to get through the gate and if it is true that inside contains the outcome of Dr. Mamahara’s research. Damien calls out to everyone that Miruku is the key to open the gate. Damien tells Miruku to touch the gate. Even if she is a bit apprehensive about it, Miruku did as told. The gate opens and the people rush inside in the hopes of getting that research. After they pass through the gate, those people disappeared. Then, there is a sexy cowgirl who tells them how they could easily let people in and what are they going to do afterwards. Mei tells Miruku that it might be dangerous inside. Damien says that he will go for this is the only connection with Kurumi. Damien orders Michael to become a magical beast and drive away those people who are near the gate. Michael changes into an eagle and says that it will do as ordered. Miruku shouts at Damien as to who those other people were and what they plan with her mother’s research. Miruku is surprised when Damien tells her that those are people who wanted to use the research for their own aspirations whether for good advantage for themselves or killing others and that is why humans cannot be trusted. Damien warns Miruku to be extra careful especially with her butler, Daimon. Damien tells Miruku that it is good work and she can return back with her friend. Mei angrily asks if he only brought Miruku there to open the gate. Damien sadly says, “Before I..perhaps I was mistaken..even if your physical appearance is very similar, but you are not ‘Kurumi’..so, it is fine that it is up to here, goodbye.” Damien turns to leave and something inside Miruku seems to have snapped that she looks serious and determined. She grabs his scarf and tells Damien to quit joking around for that isn’t their agreement – for her to see her mother. Mei holds Miruku’s hand and says that if she’s going, she’ll go, too. Rihito holds Mei’s hand and says that if she’s going, he’ll go, too. Damien sweatdrops at the human chain that he formed. Miruku says that they might also disappear. Mei tells her that if they did, then they would just have to find another way of seeing her mother. And, they go in together. Mei is overjoyed that they didn’t disappear like the others. Mei turns around and notices that the cowgirl is gone. Rihito says that maybe that woman was the one who sent that message to them. In a roadway through a field of flowers, Miruku asks if her mother is really there. Damien says yes. They were surprised when they see a small black pirate rabbit says that isn’t really true. Damien quickly asks if it is Kurumi. The rabbit calls him stupid for how could it be. While Damien is infuriated over that, the black rabbit calls out to the others if they are going with it or not.

As they follow the black rabbit, Mei wonders if they should trust the rabbit. Sparkling Rihito tells him that since ancient time until the present, chasing rabbits has been humanity’s karma. Mei happily tells him that right now, she’ll believe whatever he says because she is really awed by his looks. Miruku asks Damien about what he said about being careful of Daimon. Mei is about to tell her that Daimon is a bit suspicious when Rihito covers her mouth to stop her. Instead, Rihito asks Damien as to what his relationship with Kurumi. Mei exclaims in shock and asks if Damien is Miruku’s father. Blushing really red, Damien nervously denies it because he hasn’t even met Kurumi in real life. Suddenly, there is a hole behind him and he fell down. Mei and others decides to follow and save him. The black rabbit became huge and welcomes them to its lair. It produces a huge octopus to attack them and the guys cannot interfere. Rihito and Damien notice that they cannot move. Miruku whisks out the gun that she made papa Damien buy for her and she promptly shrinks the octopus. Next is some ancient puzzle that is supposedly hard to crack but Miruku easily solves it. Everyone becomes tense because the next question is for Mei. The question is some math riddle question. After some encouragement from Rihito and Miruku, Mei calms down and manages to solve the riddle. Damien comments that it is such a childish question. Rihito asks if that question would be asked if it wasn’t Miruku or Mei. When Damien asks what he meant, Rihito just says that when he was young, he also received a similar type of training. Finally, there is one last question. Two kids are drowning. The girl has a brilliant mind yet sickly while the boy is healthy and strong but not that brilliant. Which one would they save? Miruku exclaims all life is equal. The rabbit asks if it is so for each person has a different advantage and contribution to society so how can she say that they are all equal. To everyone’s shock except for Rihito, Mei saves the two children. Miruku is horrified for they are supposed to save only one and they would be purged if they violate the condition in Hallelujah. Mei happily tells her that no matter what the condition is, when one sees two children drowning, they just have to help save them so this should be the correct answer to this.

The children become birds and someone says that it is great that Miruku got a really amazing friend. The birds flew to the hand of Kurumi who is standing under some sakura trees. Miruku is happily reunited with her mother. Miruku tells her how worried she is and she would have immediately gone to Hallelujah if she knew she is there. Miruku is puzzled when her mother won’t answer her as to why she is in seclusion. Damien tells Kurumi that as with their agreement, she is to give to him the ‘World’s Secret’ that she found. Miruku wonders if this is the research that her mother is doing. Kurumi produces a small box and asks Miruku to give it to Damien. Miruku holds the box and asks if she can look inside, too. Kurumi says she can. Miruku happily gives the box to Damien and they should look inside together. Damien snatches the box away so that he can monopolize it. After attempts to open it, Damien shouts at Kurumi that he couldn’t open it. Kurumi smiles and says that didn’t she told him that the small her is the key. Damien realizes that he is in a trouble for he made Miruku angry. Miruku shouts that she doesn’t care about it anymore and she’ll just look into it from her mother’s side. Mei agrees with her and angrily shouts at Damien that they cannot let it be seen by a guy like him. Kurumi smiles and tells Damien, “..you, haven’t changed a bit, you still do not understand..a woman’s heart [and thoughts]..” Damien looks sad about this that he calls out to her and asks what she meant by that. Kurumi is about to leave with Miruku when Damien holds out the box to them and apologizes that he was wrong so please help him open the box. Mei angrily shouts that it is useless to apologize now. Rihito tells Mei that Damien ought to have a reason for it. Mei can only protest. Miruku asks Damien what he plans to do with her mother’s research after he sees it, would he do some bad things with it. Damien shouts of course not. Miruku tells him what it is for he cannot lie now. Damien says that it depends on the situation and he might perhaps destroy it. Miruku shouts how she could give him her mother’s precious data. Damien looks serious and says, “Then, let me tell you of a ‘World’s Secret’ that I know. The one here isn’t ‘Kurumi’, for the real Kurumi has already passed away two months ago.” Miruku is shock to hear this.

Mei shouts what nonsense he is saying for Kurumi is there. Kurumi isn’t responding that Rihito says that she froze. They ask what they should do. Damien tells them to open the box. Mei angrily shouts that he is still thinking of his own selfish goals. Damien shouts back if she has any other ideas for if they didn’t open the box. If they didn’t open it, the game won’t progress. Miruku asks for the box. She opens the box and there is a huge button inside. Since there is nothing they can do, they let Miruku press it. Then, there is a wind and Miruku notices that her mother is glowing. Kurumi says that she is Mamahara Kurumi. Damien shouts that she is lying for she is just an AI [artificial intelligence] made from Kurumi’s feelings and memories. Kurumi finally admits that what Damien said is true and she died 72 days 14 hours 3 minutes ago. The girls are surprise about this. Kurumi tells them that she knew that she will die soon from the moment of her birth and compared to others, her time is progressing really fast. Rihito explains to Mei that it could be an illness that makes one’s body grow old in a rapid pace. Kurumi has been told that she will die at around the age of 20. Perhaps, it is because of this, her comprehension is better than anyone else that she is known as the history’s best prodigy. This made her research more about her illness and no matter how she resisted and battled it, there is no cure. She obviously still loves toys and everything but her body looks like that of an old woman’s. So, even if she has only a little time left, she wanted to do everything that she wanted to do so that she would have no regrets. She manages to get into St. Lucia Academy. And because she won’t be look at with prying eyes from the outside world, she can idly do whatever research she wants there but..in reality, she still wants to be just like everyone else. One day, she is chatting with that cowgirl named ‘Kin’ [Kin as in gold as in Kintaro, Mei’s grandfather. I think it is indeed Mei’s grandfather.] Kin tells her to make her own beautiful kind of new world and if money is the problem, she can lend her some. Kurumi eliminates the unwanted parts of her DNA and fused it with Damien’s healthy DNA and thus, Miruku is born. Mei asks if that means Miruku is Kurumi and Damien’s child. Rihito says that it is really hard to discuss in detail but generally, it is like that.

Kurumi apologizes to crying Miruku for not being with her. She tells Kurumi that she’ll leave Damien to her and even if he is really, really useless guy, he has his good points and if it’s Miruku, she definitely can understand. Kurumi tells Damien that she would have wanted to see him but she couldn’t drum up enough courage to do so because she heard a lot of things regarding his mother. Damien starts crying and asks why she is still concerned about that when that isn’t her style, since obviously, it doesn’t matter to him what she looks like. Kurumi happily tells Damien that she’ll leave Miruku to him. Damien says, okay. Kurumi starts to vanish that Miruku shouts for her not to go. Kurumi says that she is only an AI based from Kurumi’s memories and the program is over. Damien shouts that they haven’t finished talking for didn’t she promise to let him see her data on ‘World’s Secret’. Kurumi somewhat smiles at him and says that he is so slow-witted. She then tells him that this is the result of her 23 years of research. “One day when you have someone whom you treasure, the world in your eyes would become miraculous beautiful. It is so beautiful that no technology could rival against it. Thank you, because of the two of you, you made Kurumi’s everyday to be filled with love, goodbye..” At some fastfood restaurant, Miruku and Damien wipe their tears as they close their laptop computers. Damien asks what Miruku wants to do, will she go with him. She asks go where. Damien says go anywhere for they can live wherever place. “Anyway, I won’t leave you alone in Japan. I promised Kurumi, I will..protect you..!” He tells her that they cannot stay there and they cannot let others possess their brains. He says that if she is to stay beside that Daimon guy, she will be the country’s slave throughout her whole life. While Miruku is pondering on this, Daimon appears and tells her that he can let her go. Damien angrily shouts at Michael as to why he didn’t inform him about this. Michael just says that he was told to drive people away from the gate. Before Miruku can go to Daimon, Damien holds her back and exclaims that he won’t give Miruku to him. He calls Daimon as the government’s dog and told him not to get close. After looking surprised, Daimon agrees with him and happily tells Miruku that it’s great that she can finally see her father. Daimon says that now that she has her father’s company, then his duty is only up to now.. Mei tries to interrupt but Rihito stops her for it is rude to do so. Daimon tells them to leave things to him and he’ll help them safely out of the country. He bows to Miruku and wishes for her happiness.

They didn’t notice that a sniper is aiming at Miruku’s head. The soldiers say that it is expected, Daimon will help Miruku escape out of the country so they are to do what they are order to do. The shot hits the wall. It turns out that Daimon protects Miruku, Rihito protects Mei and Michael protects Damien. Miruku is shock to see that Daimon is bleeding. Rihito tells Mei to hide there as he goes out to look for the culprits. Rihito evades the bullets while Michael catches it with his bare hands. Mei wonders if the ones doing that are the government who are out to get Mei. A lot of uniformed men come in and exclaim if the sniper failed since the butlers are still alive. Rihito calls to Mei who angrily gives the order to get rid of those guys. Rihito, with the help of Michael, immediately beats up all those guys. Miruku calls to Daimon who tells her to quickly run away together to a far, far away place, with her father. Mei tells Daimon not to move for Rihito went to get the medicine kit. Daimon sadly laments over not being able to answer Mei’s question before. Mei tells him what he did already answer it since for her, he is still the last shield who’ll protect Miruku, no matter when, because he is one and only important butler. Daimon smiles over this, and then he says that he’ll leave things to Mei as to whatever Miruku decides to do. Then, they freak out since he faints. Soon, Daimon wakes up and wonders if he is in heaven. Rihito tells him that it was just an anesthesia gun. While Mei tries to stop him, Rihito starts to reprimand Daimon on how he could let himself be shot when he could have evaded it, if he died, who is going to take care of Miruku and he made Miruku cry which in turn started to make Mei act recklessly and they have to seal off the restaurant. [<- hehe, he became talkative. Mei’s influence?] Mei comments about Daimon’s actions being watched. Rihito says that Daimon’s bosses feared that Daimon’s private feelings would betray them especially since Daimon is Miruku’s most trusted person. Daimon says what of his feelings when he is just prioritizing Miruku’s healthy growth. Mei asks what will happen to Daimon and others later on.

Miruku comes in and tells them that she has already talked with those people. After being told that Miruku is their precious treasure, Miruku threatens them not to do anything again to Daimon and others else, she will definitely destroy the whole country. So, Daimon is fired and regretfully, he won’t be getting his retirement fees and benefits. But, Miruku herself will use him as her butler though his salary will be very low. Daimon is surprised then he happily smiles and says that it is honor to be so. Damien comes in and asks if that is her decision and if she stays in that country, she will be used. Miruku says that it has already been settled. Damien insists for her to come with him since it is easy to fall out with those guys. Miruku tells him not to talk about her for a while, what about him, does he plan on hiding throughout his life and who would have a fake existence towards himself and everyone around him. Then, Mei says how about Damien also stays there. Mei asks Rihito about this suggestion and Rihito says that the school is looking for a school doctor. Mei says that is great and he can stay with Miruku. Damien shouts as to how can they just decide on his life. It seems that even Michael approves of it that he contacted Sister Rose, who is in vacation, about it. Then, they learn that Hallelujah is going to disappear with a 110 second countdown. They were surprise by this since it was okay a moment ago. They wonder if it is set up by Kurumi but they have to quickly download the data first. Miruku exclaims for Damien and Michael to quickly help. Damien just looks surprise and remembers Kurumi saying goodbye. Damien holds Miruku’s shoulder and tells her to let it go. Miruku angrily shouts that it is her mother’s treasure and her precious world is going to disappear. Damien says but for them, it is no longer needed. “You, and also me, our important people..aren’t everything already here in reality?” He bends down and holds her face to tell her, “This is the place (Hallelujah) that what we dreamed of.” Miruku cries and exclaims, “Yes..Papa..” Mei is teary-eyed that Rihito offers his handkerchief to her. After the ten second countdown, they look at the laptop and there are the words ‘Thank You’ on the screen. Then, Mei and Miruku hear someone singing. Miruku says that it is her mother. Rihito and Damien didn’t hear it. Michael is just quiet then tells everyone that it is in a pitch wherein only those who are not above the 10+ years old can hear since their hearing haven’t deteriorated. Of course, Rihito and Damien have passed that age. The girls continue to listen to it. Mei says that it is such an amazing voice. Miruku is teary-eyed. In some open field with blue skies above, Kurumi is singing Hallelujah.

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