June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 78]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on January 9, 2011

It seems that Sakura and her mother are going to go out of the house when they were startled since Tsubaki suddenly rushes in. Their mother asks out to Tsubaki if the public lecture is over but Tsubaki has already hurried went upstairs to her room. Sakura and their mother can only look at each other in puzzlement. Upon reaching her room, Tsubaki quickly jumps into the bed and starts to lament that in the end, her future cannot catch up with Kyouta’s pace. “Tsubaki-kun was really looking forward to that professor’s recommendation and I single-handedly ruined it.” She takes her cellphone from her pocket and begins to wonder what Kyouta had thought regarding her outburst -> it is better for her not to be with him. Earlier, she had closed her cellphone and ran away because she feared of Kyouta’s reaction. She then thinks carefully that despite having no face to see Kyouta, it isn’t good to just abandon Kyouta when he specially went to that university for her. She decides that rather than just writing a short message, it is better for her to apologize. With one of her eyes closed in fear of what’s inside, she starts to open her cellphone. She thinks that it is quite odd since it seems that there is no message and maybe he didn’t receive it yet. Her eyes widen upon noticing that her cellphone says that she has no message. Shaking from that discovery, Tsubaki puts down her cellphone and thinks that she is an idiot for obviously, she was the one who ran away yet she is so shock that she has no message. “This won’t do. What should I do to make it okay? What should I do afterwards? I ought to call Tsubaki-kun and talk properly with him...” Tsubaki starts writing a message to apologize for coming home all of a sudden and she would want to talk with him. “Are you free during lunch on Monday?” Just when she is sending the message, her phone suddenly rings. She panics since she pressed the answer button without seeing as to who had called. She nervously says hello. The other party says that they are from some Hinayama hospital and does she know a certain Mr. Tsubaki Kyouta. Tsubaki’s eyes widen in surprise. Grabbing her bag, she suddenly rushes out and rides on the train. Tsubaki was told that there is no proof of identity except for the cellphone so they decided to contact her since she was the last one whom Kyouta contacted with. They also asked her on how to contact Kyouta’s family since Kyouta got into a car accident two hours ago. [<- Does this mean that Kyouta doesn’t keep his father’s contact number or is it because it is a new cellphone?]

At the hospital, Tsubaki is still breathing hard, from running, when she reaches the operating room. She wonders if Kyouta is really inside. Flustered and nervous, she wonders if the injuries are really that severe since an emergency operation was needed. She hopes an irritated Kyouta with a bandaged arm, would come out of the operating room and he would complain that those people exaggerated his injury. The door opens. Tsubaki is shock that contrary to what she thought, sleeping Kyouta is wheeled out into the hallway by a nurse. Kyouta looks bruised with a bandage on the left side of his forehead and a cast on his left arm. He had an IV and an oxygen mask attached to him. Before she can recover, Tsubaki hears a guy shouting that it isn’t his fault. The policeman is interviewing the driver who exclaims that guy [Kyouta] suddenly jumps and runs through the street then he suddenly stops midway. “It seems that he was shaken while talking on the phone!” Tsubaki becomes really tense as she remembers the call earlier saying that she was the last one whom Kyouta is talking with. She suddenly grabs the back of the driver’s shirt and asks what time the accident happened. The driver says that it is around 10am. Tsubaki thinks that it is her fault. Soon, Kyouta wakes up and asks where he is. Tsubaki answers that he is in the hospital. Kyouta is disoriented that Tsubaki explains that he got into a car accident and afterwards, he was taken to that place. Kyouta looks at Tsubaki and asks why she is standing so far away from him. While standing at the end of his bed, Tsubaki is tightly clinging on the curtain of Kyouta’s ward room. Kyouta gestures with his IV-ed arm for her to come to him. Tsubaki shakes her head in refusal and starts to apologize that it is all her fault that he got into an accident. Kyouta asks what kind of stupid stuff she is talking about, when it is because he was lazy in going up the pedestrian bridge. “I’m to blame for crossing the street and it’s really bad luck.” To teary-eyed Tsubaki’s shock, Kyouta sits up and throws away his oxygen mask. [I think Tsubaki rushes to him so] Kyouta pulls her to him and asks what the heck is she talking about it is better for them to break up. Shaking and crying, Tsubaki says that because of her, that day, he lost Professor Kaminaga’s recommendation. “I..do not want to be always your stumbling block.. I do not want to continue on giving you trouble..”

Tsubaki is surprised when Kyouta says that it is indeed troublesome. When Tsubaki is going to apologize, Kyouta shouts, “It’s obviously not your fault yet you one-sidedly feel downcast [about it]! Are you abnormally stubborn? Hey, ten thousand years second Showa girl! You don’t have enough qualifications to become my stumbling block!” Suddenly, Kyouta becomes dizzy and out of breath that he falls back on the bed. [It seems that Kyouta also has a broken leg.] Aghast, Tsubaki tells him to wear the oxygen mask. She tells him to let her go so that she can help her put it on. Instead, Kyouta holds on to her wrist tightly and says, “Next time, when you encounter some trouble, you ought to talk it out clearly with me. Don’t say such stupid stuff again! Do not leave.. *weak smile* Accompany..me..” He lets go of her and falls asleep. Tsubaki holds his hand and starts crying while smiling. Then, the nurse comes in and asks if Kyouta is wake since it is quite lively [/noisy] there. The nurse is surprised that Kyouta is sleeping again. She complains that even the oxygen mask and the pulse oximeter are thrown on the floor. After attaching those things back on Kyouta, the nurse is checking on the IV. Gripping her arm tight to stop herself from shaking, Tsubaki asks if Kyouta will be okay. The nurse informs her that the abdomen surgery is a success in stopping Kyouta’s internal hemorrhage though unfortunately, he fractured some bones [<- right arm and leg] but since he is young, he ought to quickly recover. Exhausted Tsubaki sighs in relief and says that’s good. The nurse tells her that even if she is really worried about him, it is already late so she should go home. Holding the metal bed post tight, Tsubaki says that Kyouta’s father hasn’t arrived yet. The nurse tells her that she heard that his father has some official matters to attend to so he’ll come tomorrow morning. Not wanting to leave, Tsubaki bows and begs the nurse to let her stay with Kyouta until tomorrow morning. The nurse looks a bit perplexed but she agrees. The nurse tells her that she will go and get a blanket for Tsubaki. Tsubaki thanks the nurse. The nurse asks her if she can contact his family again. Tsubaki hurriedly opens her cellphone to call but the nurse informs her that it is against the doctor’s rules to use a cellphone at the patients ward so please make the call at the ground floor. After the nurse left, Tsubaki mutters, “Ground floor..” Tsubaki then closes the flip of her cellphone. She sits down on the chair next to Kyouta then, puts her cellphone inside her pocket. She smiles and pats sleeping Kyouta’s head. “Tsubaki-kun..I will always stay by your side!”

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