June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 88-89]

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In the Moon dorm, Fujiko pulls up the blanket on to a sleeping student. She then thinks that it’s good that everyone has finally fallen asleep. Fujiko also thinks that she doesn’t know if Nezu is okay or not but then, she has to get out of there in order to get in touch with him. She peeks out the door and sees that there are 5 uniformed men outside. She thinks that it is a bit lot but she ought to be able to handle them. She is surprised when a uniformed man appeared behind her and calls out to her as a maid [since she is wearing a maid uniform] to ask her what she is doing there. While she wonders when that person appeared there, Fujiko quickly says that she couldn’t sleep. The uniformed man orders her to bring some coffee to the others. She sweatdrops but she says okay. While carrying the tray of coffee, the man says, “Don’t drink it, Fujiko.” Fujiko goes out and calls to the other uniformed men if they want to drink some coffee. One of the men says, of course but the other guy hits him on the head and says that they are ordered not to. Then, they notice that other uniformed man whom Fujiko talked with earlier. They ask who he is and as to what group he belongs to. The man couldn’t answer. Fujiko screams to get the attention of the five uniformed men. She gives them a wink while putting a really cutie-cutie pose. She tells them that it’s just a joke ♡ The first uniformed man tells them that it would have been better if they just drank the coffee and fall asleep. He proceeds to beat up the five guys. Then, another uniformed man appears and asks what happened. The first uniformed man is surprised that there is still one more. Fujiko quickly takes out a gun that is tied on her leg and fires a paint bullet on the new guy. It was a direct hit on the helmet. The first uniformed man then chokes the other man unconscious so that they won’t be exposed. He removes his helmet and asks Fujiko where she got that dangerous toy – bullet shaped like a lipstick. Fujiko happily hugs the guy and says that of course, it is he, Nezu who gave it to her as a birthday gift. Fujiko tells him that she was really scared. Nezu apologizes for not saving her sooner. Fujiko becomes surprised when she hears some noise. It turns out to be Izumi and Daimon who were glad to see that Fujiko is alright. Fujiko exclaims that they came. Izumi informs her that it is thanks to Nezu’s guidance. Izumi asks about the other students. Fujiko tells her that they are all okay and are currently asleep now. Nezu asks Daimon if they still haven’t found Miruku. Daimon sadly says no. Fujiko asks what’s going on. Izumi goes to explain it to her.

While running outside the building, Fujiko exclaims in disbelief that this disturbance is because of a duel against Tou but then, that guy looks really sincere. Fujiko is surprised when Izumi tells her that he is the son of Prime Minister Toujou. Izumi angrily comments that the people from that family are really detestable. Nezu tells Fujiko that they will win just by finding the room where Miruku and Kiba are kept and the condition is only the ojousama-s should do the rescuing. The scary part is over and even if they got the butler students and the butlers in looking for the two, they still couldn’t find them. Daimon looks dismayed over this. They meet up with Claris, together with Leon and Aoyama, who informs them that they cannot find the two either. Aoyama cries as he says that he couldn’t find Rika, too. They wonder what to do since there are only 30 minutes left. Someone tells them that this isn’t the time to just stand around and be lost in thought. The Shibata brothers have arrived. Claris asks Kento if he isn’t with Mei. Kento sadly says yes. She then asks him if he is alright since he looks awful. Aoyama starts narrating the places where they went to yet they weren’t able to find the two hostages. To everyone’s surprise, Fujiko asks them if they searched at the Shadow dorm. From their expressions, it is obvious that they didn’t search there. It seems that there are only two students who stayed in that place where light couldn’t reach it, the Shadow dorm. Looking out the window from what seems to be Mei’s room, Shinnosuke says that this is the reason why he chose that place and he never thought that no one really came there to look so it won’t be long and he’ll win the duel. Shinnosuke notices that Kiba just looks at him silently. Shinnosuke asks Kiba if he is angry because he did this but then, one day, he and Izumi would thank him for this. They would understand why he did this. Shinnosuke is somewhat irked when Kiba just closed his eyes and didn’t answer him. He holds Kiba’s shoulder and shouts why he won’t look at him straight. He is puzzled-surprised when Kiba sadly asks him if he can see it. Kiba timidly says, “Just now, you also started to grow out..Gyuumaoh’s horns.” Shinnosuke looks at the mirror and to his horror, he looks like a demon with horns growing on top of his head.

He is interrupted when his cellphone starts ringing. Shinnosuke answers the phone. One of his men reports to him that some unknown [<- don’t know if or if not] ojousama-s are going towards their direction. The man then got kicked unconscious by Tami who is with Kanzaki. Leon sweatdrops when Claris angrily shouts at Tami that one is her prey. Fujiko says that a lot of guards are around the Shadow dorm so it’s most probable that the two hostages are there. While Kento is punching a soldier away, he urges everyone to hurry for they have only ten minutes left. Someone asks why the butlers are there. It is Shinnosuke. He tells them that he did told them that he won’t guarantee everyone’s safety if the butlers are also there. Nezu muses that the final boss has arrived. Fujiko tells Shinnosuke that it is okay if he won’t guarantee it because the ojousama-s and the nuns are all protected by the butlers. Shinnosuke tells them that he won’t allow them to advance further. Daimon tells everyone that he’ll deal with Shinnosuke and they should all hurry and save Miruku. To Shinnosuke’s surprise, Izumi says, “No, Daimon, This man..Toujou, please let me be the one to beat him up..” While holding one bokken [Japanese wooden sword like what Gin uses in Gintama], Izumi throws the other one on the ground and tells Shinnosuke to grab that sword. Shinnosuke looks surprised when Izumi shouts that it is because of his greed that he won’t choose any [ethical] method and, at first they targeted her family and then, it’s the Hongo family. Right now, it is her beloved St. Lucia Academy. “You of Toujou clan, is really dirty and really despicable!” Shinnosuke remembers Kiba telling him that he grew horns. Izumi angrily says, “And..you actually dare [to do that] to my very important Kiba..” Shinnosuke just looks sad. Izumi angrily shouts for him to pick up the sword so that she can peel his despicable skin off.

After a long pause, Shinnosuke bends to get the sword but someone shouts for him not to get it. The surprised Shibata brothers look at the direction of the voice. Shinnosuke and Izumi also look surprised. It turns out to be Mei who is breathing hard from running. She tells Shinnosuke, “If you take that sword now, if you raise that sword against Izumi..then that Shin-chan..won’t be Shin-chan anymore.” Shinnosuke looks surprised at Mei. The Shibata brothers call out to Mei. Mei happily calls out to Rihito and exclaims that she’s glad that Kento is alright. Kento angrily asks Mei why he is calling Tou as Shin-chan as if they are quite close to each other. Mei just tells him that Kanata called. Aoyama tells the others that there is only five minutes left so they should hurry. Before they can go, Mei shouts, “Wait--! I won’t let you guys pass through here!” Surprised Shibata brothers ask, “What?” while the rest sweatdrops. And so, the final boss, Hongo Mei has come onstage. Mei shouts, “If you want to pass through here then you’ll have to do it over my dead body!” [<- I think she just wants to say that =P since Fujiko seems to be saying that they won’t go that far.] Izumi calls out her name in surprise. Kento shouts what kind of things is Mei saying for she should know that if she loses then she would have to marry that man [Shinnosuke] and even if it is so..is it really alright for her to marry Shinnosuke. He is surprised when Rihito says that for Mei to act arbitrarily can cause trouble to others. He asks Mei if ‘this thing’ is currently an ‘important thing’ for her. Mei exclaims that it is. Rihito says, “Then..I’m going to be with you on this.” Rihito stands by Mei and starts cracking his knuckles. Kento looks left and right as he sees everyone else starts backing away. Fujiko and Nezu says that this iss after all, Mei’s duel so it’s okay if Mei is the one who decides on it. Daimon sweatdrops and says that Miruku is not in imminent danger. Aoyama says that for them, as long as the hostages are safe then it’s okay with them. Claris says that they aren’t idiots to fight against Rihito. Kento shouts for Tami but Tami is currently divided on not wanting Mei to marry Shinnosuke and wanting to help Mei [..or Mei wanting to help those she want to help that Tami cannot go against her]. Kanzaki tells Kento that Tami is current in a ‘frozen state’. Holding up her fist while in a fighting mood, Mei tells Kento, “Come on, Shibata!” Kento just looks weird-out over this.

Then, the church bell rings. Izumi says that it’s already time’s up. Mei smiles over this. Pushing up his glasses, Shinnosuke says that he never thought that Mei would actually help him. “I won this duel. So with that, you ought to abandon any opposition against me in..” The Shibata brothers just look serious. Mei interrupts by asking, “Let me hear Shin-chan’s ‘real wish’. I’ve lost so in accordance to the agreement, I’m going to make your wish into a reality.” Shinnosuke is puzzled. Mei looks at him and says, “That is, if you tell a lie, I’m going to cut your tongue off and throw it away.” Shinnosuke looks a bit surprised. He tells her what is she talking about real or not, for his wish is to get married with Hongo Mei.. Mei interrupts him by screams out loud, “AH AH AH Ah, Geez— Then, let me tell you the truth, Shin-chan wants to replace my grandfather.. That is absolutely impossible! Because Hongo family’s social network, connections, and also influence, all belongs to one person, my grandpa. As for money, if there is five or six economic crisis, he can make it into a bubble! *pointing at Izumi* Speaking of that, even without your protection, Izumi, she...compared to you or even my grandpa-- is a lot stronger and more reliable!” Izumi looks surprised while the others sweatdrops as they wonder what Mei is talking about. Looking down, Shinnosuke tells Mei that she fundamentally doesn’t understand this world so she can easily say such beautiful words. Mei shouts back, “So what if they are beautiful words. Hey-- I don’t understand, [and] I also do not want to understand! Shin-chan’s wish is basically very simple [and pure]..! ..If you don’t tell the truth now, then Shin-chan..Shin-chan will change..into a one-skin covered disgusting creature.” Shinnosuke feels that his horns are growing that he holds his head and bends down on his knees. Kento turns to Rihito to ask him what’s going on but he ends up sweatdropping since Rihito looks really happy. Mei touches Shinnosuke’s shoulder and tells him that this is a limited time good opportunity. “No matter what your wish is, I’ll help you make it come true, so tell me, what is your real wish...(Not [that] lie, but what you are really thinking of)” Shinnosuke looks a bit flustered. He mutters, “My..true..wish..”

He stands up and calls out to surprised Izumi. Blushing, he bows to her and says, “Please go steady with me..!” Kento and everyone else goes into shock as they sweatdrop. Still blushing, Shinnosuke stutters, “Ah..no..not tha..that..it..isn’t going steady..ah..what I should..rather say is..yes! Da..date! I guess that even once ought to be okay, I wish that you would go out on a date with me!” Izumi looks surprised. Mei also pleads with Izumi for Shinnosuke is actually doing this to help Ryuoniji or rather help Izumi. Mei says that she knows that Shinnosuke’s nature is twisted, tend to be hesitant and sloppy which Izumi doesn’t like [isn’t her type] but she asks Izumi to help with this request. “Only this once, is also fine! Please go on a date with him..!” Fujiko and Claris sweatdrop as they wonder if Mei is helping or not helping Shinnosuke. Someone shouts for Izumi not to agree to it. Mei and Aoyama look surprised for it is Rika. Rika tells Izumi that there is no need for her to pay attention to Shinnosuke’s request since thanks to her, they won that duel. Mei and everyone sweatdrops and asks, “Ha?” A simple explanation is.. Flashback: Rika is shock when Kento said that they are going up the fourth floor of the building. Rika walked away and thought what kind of joke is that, she won’t do it. [<- too strenuous for her] She yawned and felt very sleepy. She thought that if she goes to sleep in Mei’s room in Shadow dorm, then, definitely, there won’t be anyone going in there since it’s very shabby. Inside, Rika commented that it is really simple and crude but she’ll just bear with it. She is surprised when she hears some noise. She quickly hid in the cabinet. She overheard Kiba telling Shinnosuke to reconsider things a bit. Then, while Rika deliberates over the opportune time to jump down, she fell fast asleep. End flashback.

Aoyama gloomily tells her that if she just gone out during that time then in a flash, they could have won the duel. Glittering Rika scolds him not to interrupt while she’s talking. Mei thinks that it is because Rika never thought of that. A bit dizzy, Shinnosuke asks if that means he lost and he confessed in vain. Mei tells him that it isn’t true because in this world, there is a lot of ‘testing in saying it’. She asks Rihito if this is true. Rihito smiles and says yes. Kento just sweatdrops. Izumi is surprised when Kiba is also pleading to her regarding that request. While kneeling on the floor, Kiba exclaims, “Right now, the one who can save Shin-chan..no, Shinnosuke-sama..is only you, Miss Izumi!” Izumi asks Kiba if this is his request. Kiba exclaims that it is. Shinnosuke blushes a bit over what Kiba is doing. Izumi drops the bokken and declares, “Then, I’ll make it into a reality, your wish.” Shinnosuke looks surprised. Mei happily tells Shinnosuke that it is great and it’s good that he actually said it. Izumi points at the two and angrily shouts that she agreed to it all because Kiba asked her to. Shinnosuke and Mei sweatdrop and think that Izumi is still angry. Blushing a bit, Kiba says, “Taking care of two dragons..I’ll become quite busy..” Mei asks, “Dragon?” Kiba laughs and says that it is nothing. Fujiko yawns and says that since she’s relaxed, she suddenly feels sleepy. Rika yawns and says that is true. Claris yawns and says that Rika already had enough sleep. Daimon asks Kiba about Miruku. Kiba tells him not to worry for Miruku is sound asleep. “On the cute butlers’ bunker bed” The Shibata brothers look shock over this. [Well, Rihito doesn’t have much reaction but Kento looks embarrassed over it.] [Then, it seems that] Kento is asking Kiba where Miruku is sleeping..on top or below. He is then hit on the head [by most probable by Rihito or Mei]. Kiba nervously asks Kento if he is alright. Mei asks if it’s important whether one is on top or the bottom. Rihito tells her that it is very important.


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