June 13, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 27]

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Punishment 27: Wuthering Heights. [<- not sure but it is 嵐之丘 in Chinese which is what it meant. Literally, it means Storm/mist’s hill. I’m not sure if it is a play on words since the ‘storm’ kanji is part of Seiran’s name.] While shouting that he won’t let Seiran get the card especially since water is his forte, Shiden attacks surprised Seiran. Anis shouts for Seiran. Before Seiran can get hurt, Anis has whisked him to safety by kissing Seiran’s Rose card. Seiran looks back as Anis smiles and says that he’s saved by a hair's breadth. Seiran exclaims why she is there. Holding her hands together, Anis apologizes for following him because she’s worried about him. Seiran is dismayed upon learning that since it implies that he’s an existence who causes Anis to worry. Holding her other Rose cards, Anis says that she didn’t expect the enemy to come out so she’ll call Kaede and the others. A splash of water made Anis drop the cards. Shiden tells her that he won’t let her call their other comrades. While Anis is picking her cards up, Seiran shouts for Anis to go to some place safe. Confronting Shiden while taking something from his coat, Seiran tells her that the opponent is only one fake knight and even if he’s alone, it ought to be alright. Seiran takes out his potions in test tubes and thinks that in any case, he is one of the Rose knights. Seiran throws the tubes at Shiden who destroys them using his water. Shidan scoffs off at Seiran’s attacks to be only up to that degree yet Seiran would think of him as his opponent. Seiran asks isn’t his field of expertise is using water then with his potions, he is going to make them ineffective. Shidan is surprised when Seiran made his water disappear. Angered, Shidan says that he’ll see up to when Seiran can keep on doing that. Seiran is surprised that Shidan is going to use all of the water in the swimming pool but for Anis, he decided not to lose to the enemy. Seiran lost his concentration when he sees the Arcana card floating from the swimming pool. He thinks that if he gets that card, he can be considered as a Rose knight who is doing his task. So, Seiran goes to get the card. Shidan comments that Seiran is too naive. He uses his water to attack Seiran who managed to get the card. Seiran becomes aware of the water pursuing him when Anis shouts his name. To his shock, Anis tries to protect him by placing herself in between the water and Seiran hence, Anis is the one who got hit. Seiran seems to have dropped the card as he shouts for Anis.

Later on, Anis wakes up. She wonders where she is. Someone asks her if she is already awake. While Mitsuru is asking if she’s in pain anywhere, Anis sees Mitsuru’s face right in front of her own. On instinct, Anis immediately gives him a headbutt. Holding his head, somewhat dizzy Mitsuru comments that there is a super nova in his head. In a bad mood, Anis says that the person who likes to exaggerate about beauty is not allowed to stay close to her. She is surprised when Mutsuki pushes her down on the bed and tells her not to move recklessly. “It seems that Mitsuru’s ‘magic’ is a success.” At first, Anis is disoriented about what this magic of Mitsuru that Mutsuki is talking about, and then she remembers that they met an enemy by the swimming pool. Kaede, who is standing by the canopy bed, says that by the time he arrived, it is already too late. “I’m sorry for causing you to be injured..” He tells her that the Violet Rose just retreated like that and in the end, they weren’t able to get the Arcana card. Anis suddenly exclaims about the cards. Mitsuru says that if she is talking about the Rose cards then he had helped her in carefully collecting them. He gives the cards to very eager Anis. Anis spreads out the cards and happily tells them to look at the cards. They are surprised upon seeing the Arcana card is in between the cards. Anis proudly says that even if a lot of blood is flowing out from her, she still cannot just let not that Arcana card get away from her. “Fourth card GET!!” Mitsuru wonders if he should say it is Anis is a model Dominion or.. Kaede sweatdrops and says, “You..” Anis says that it is all thanks to Seiran. She then notices that Seiran is not around. They tell her that Seiran is sleeping in the other room. Anis exclaims if Seiran is also injured. Kaede didn’t reply as he just looks at the side. Anis says that she’ll go and see Seiran. While Mitsuru and Mutsuki hold defiant Anis down on the bed, Mitsuru says that she cannot. “Even if the ‘magic’ has been successful, but still, you received serious injuries-- so you should quietly..” Anis scowls then kisses the cards. A rose vine restrain the knights. Anis smiles and says, “See! Doesn’t that mean that I’m alright?”

Dressed up in her uniform, Anis heads to the other room. She is surprised upon seeing Seiran heavily bandaged and is hooked up on some respiration and other medical machines. Anis wonders why it turned out like that. Looking away, Kaede says that in order to heal her, Seiran substituted for her. Flashback: Unconscious and bloodied Anis is breathing hard while lying down on what seems to be like an operating table. Seiran cried in anguish beside her as he blamed himself that Anis became like that because of him. He held on to Mitsuru and asked him to please heal Anis. Mitsuru told him that the ‘Dominion’ had attained life-threatening injuries so how could he use a magic wherein one needs to use her blood. Except for that, they can only depend on medical equipment to treat her. Seiran answered that he knows that the White Rose ought to be able to use the ‘magic of exchange’. “Please transfer all of Miss Anis’ injuries onto me.” Mitsuru looked at him and told him that it isn’t just a simple transfer of Anis’ injuries on to him for along with it, Seiran will experience a thousand times of pain compared to the original injuries. “If your willpower is not enough, there’s a chance that you’ll die.” Looking serious with his eyes really clear, Seiran tells Mitsuru that it doesn’t matter. End flashback. Anis is flustered upon learning this that she exclaims why Seiran did such a dangerous thing. Seiran wakes up and calls her name. Seiran removes his gas mask and says that it’s great to see Anis looking quite lively. Anis asks him again as to why he did that thing. Seiran smiles and tells her that he is okay with it since he is just a man-made human. “I’m not the same..with really important Miss Anis..because I can be REPLACED...” Everyone is surprised when Anis shouts that she really hates that. She shouts that she really hates people who say except for Seiran, there won’t be a second Seiran. “I, feel that Seiran is very important..! I won’t deny this kind of feeling..” She thinks that if she doesn’t cherish herself then, her [feeling of] ‘cherish’ cannot be conveyed to the other. While thinking that no one can replace Seiran, teary-eyed and flustered Anis exclaims, “You are my Blue Rose Knight--!!”

Seiran looks flustered as he mutters Anis’ name. While his injuries are gradually disappearing, Seiran thinks that he was mistaken again. He doesn’t want to be left behind by the others nor do not want to become alone. He has no confidence that he wants to run away from himself who is like that. The sound of these feelings is blocking his ears that he made himself become alone by isolating himself. Seiran calls out to Anis and apologizes to her. Seiran thinks that Anis has made him realize that if he doesn’t love himself, he won’t be able to love others. Seiran says, “I am your Blue Rose Knight. My soul and my body, (pain, love and as well as my everything) I once again vow my loyalty and devotion to you, the one whom I really like..Miss Anis..” And that is the Blue Rose’s first awakening. After looking surprised, Anis smiles and tells him that she also really likes him. She rubs his nose with her finger and tells him, “So, you cannot just do as you please and do reckless things! This is a command ☆” Seiran smiles back and says yes. He thinks that even if the ‘like/love’ between him and Anis doesn’t seem to be the same but even so, he is satisfied just by seeing the world’s most amazing smile. While the two are talking, Mitsuru comments that the transferred injuries are completely healed and the Blue Rose has also awakened. Mutsuki asks Mitsuru that didn’t he [Mitsuru] fundamentally used that unconventional magic in order to make Seiran attain the identity of being [/be recognized as] a Rose Knight. Mitsuru smiles and says that if Seiran cannot endure it up to that degree then the future would be very worrisome. Then, Mitsuru leaves the room. Kaede looks thoughtful and thinks, “..I’m--the last one....” The scene changes to a room. Idel opens the curtains and greets Yakoh a good morning. He asks Yakoh if he would want to go to school before they go to work today. Since Yakoh doesn’t look well, Idel goes to him and asks if he is alright. While sitting on the bed, Yakoh holds his head and says that he feels very sleepy. He smile then apologizes to Idel for always causing him trouble. Idel laughs it off and calls him stupid for what is he talking about trouble when the two of them.. Yakoh says, “Ah..Idel..until today..I’m really grateful..to you...” To Idel’s surprise, Yakoh falls unconscious on the bed. Narration: “From that day on, early morning won’t descend to this world again.”

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