June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 73]

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Tsubaki felt that she has become like the frog in the well. [<-Used to describe a situation or individual who cannot or refuses to see the big picture because of being sheltered and/or closed minded (source: urban dictionary)] Her grades has always been side by side with Kyouta and even if she’s not her [<- other girls], she still feels that she is really, really close with Kyouta. But, it isn’t like that unless it is within the school. She came to know this when they went to Kyoto. Tsubaki remembers how she doesn’t know Kaminaga’s question about space elevators yet Kyouta was able to answer it easily. Tsubaki has realized that there is a huge gap between her and Kyouta’s ability based on how he can talk about a technology that isn’t capable of being achieved at this present time. In order to take his goal to the next level, Kyouta would be talking with people who are his equal and, possibly, with a lot of outstanding people like Youko. “And, if that person has fallen for someone like Tsubaki-kun..if it’s an outstanding person..” Tsubaki remembers Youko telling her that if it is a guy like Kyouta, then it isn’t bad at all, to be in love. While the couple is on their way to the shrine, Kyouta is walking ahead of Tsubaki who looks downcast. Tsubaki thinks that in the end, she isn’t a frank and straightforward person. She goes into shock when Kyouta is already kneeling in front of her when he calls her out. He says, “Hey, why are you always looking down on the ground? This is the place that you’ve chosen.” Tsubaki stammers that it is true. Then, she becomes depressed again. She thinks that it would have been better if she has chosen some other place for the one whom she wants to pray to isn’t the love god [Okuninushi-no Mikoto]. Pointing at the side, Tsubaki tells Kyouta that because they just came from Kaminaga’s lecture, they should go to the Kiyomizu shrine, which is nearby. Kyouta looks surprised and asks if it’s Kiyomizu, then does she plan on drinking the water in order for her grades to suddenly go up. [Info: Beneath the main hall of the shrine is the Otowa waterfall, where three channels of water fall into a pond. Visitors can catch and drink the waters, which are believed to have therapeutic properties. Drinking the water of the three streams is said to confer wisdom, health, and longevity. (Source: wiki)] “Could it be..that you are really bothered that you cannot answer that last question?” Tsubaki looks flustered and tense. She closes her eyes and wonders what to do since she’s always procrastinating [/being obstructive], her brain isn’t that good and she’s so foolish that Kyouta probably thinks that other girl is very intelligent. Kyouta gives Tsubaki a light chop on the head and tells her, “Stu-pid! It isn’t your field of expertise so it’s normal that you don’t know [the answer]. *smiles* Don’t be so discouraged!”

Looking at Kyouta, Tsubaki blushes. Then, a girl pushes her to Kyouta while the girl apologizing to Tsubaki asking her to please move aside. Holding on to Kyouta, Tsubaki turns around and angrily thinks what it is all about, when this is already the third time today. It turns out that they are already in Jishu shrine and that girl wanted to try to love test using the love stones. Kyouta explains to her that one’s love wish will become a reality if one goes from one stone to the other, with one’s eyes closed. Tsubaki exclaims that it is too far. Kyouta asks Tsubaki if she wants to try it. Aghast, Tsubaki says no for she absolutely won’t be able to do it. Kyouta tells her not to be afraid of being embarrassed and there’s no one watching her. Flustered Tsubaki tells him that it isn’t about that but rather, what if she did it and she wasn’t able to reach the other stone. Tsubaki thinks that she doesn’t have any self-confidence anymore. Kyouta looks at her then shoves his bag to her. He tells her to hold on that and just stay where she is [where one of the stone is] and he’s going to give it a try. Tsubaki freaks out as she tries to call out to him but Kyouta is already heading towards the other stone. Tsubaki wonders if Kyouta is still very confident even if he fails in this test. At the other stone, Kyouta shouts at Tsubaki that he’s going to start walking. Tsubaki covers her face with Kyouta’s bag as she tells herself that it is impossible. She then hears some sounds. She takes a peek and is surprised that Kyouta is walking really straight towards her with his eyes closed. Flustered Tsubaki thinks that it is like that, how Kyouta would walk straight towards her while carrying the weight of her feelings. Suddenly, a couple bumps on Kyouta. The guy apologizes to Kyouta then walks away with his girl. Unfortunately, Kyouta is already standing sideways. Tsubaki groans that because Kyouta is hit, he no longer knows which direction he should walk. Tsubaki tensely gestures for Kyouta when Kyouta is going to a different direction. In the end, Tsubaki shouts, “Tsubaki-kun, I’m here..” Kyouta changes his direction towards her. Tsubaki continues to shout for him, “That’s right..a little more towards this direction..” Then, when Kyouta reaches the other stone, Tsubaki hugs him tightly and says that he’s amazing. Somewhat irritated, Kyouta says that of course, he’ll be able to get there since he’s following her voice. “How annoying, who bump me that I lost the direction..but forget it, I was able to go back to your side.” Blushing in happiness, Tsubaki tearfully say thanks.

At the cram school, Youko looks surprised over the ‘No One Knows the Universe Story’ book that Tsubaki is reading. She exclaims if Tsubaki has become a fan of Kaminaga, too. Youko happily gushes on how amazing that lecture in Kyoto is. Tsubaki looks weird-out as she gloomily thinks that actually, she really didn’t understand the contents of that lecture. “But..[after being told by Kyouta that of course she doesn’t know since it isn’t her area of expertise, she thinks that] before [becoming] discouraged, I should first try to do my best to understand it!” Tsubaki blushes and says that book is quite interesting. “Actually, it’s really sensible that I bought it! Perhaps, I’ll know what the reason why Kikuduki and Tsubaki-kun idolizes Professor Kaminaga.” Tsubaki thinks that it feels as if she is closer a bit with Kyouta again. She is surprised when Youko says, “...what..so it’s because of your boyfriend again? *Tsubaki looks nervous* Speaking of boyfriend, *gives Tsubaki a piece of paper* here..can I trouble you into helping me in giving this to him?” Tsubaki takes the note and says okay. She asks out loud what it is when she looks surprised upon seeing what’s inside the note. It is Youko’s email address and cellphone number. Youko tells Tsubaki to say that it is the first time she has met someone like him who knows about space that she would like to talk with him again. Youko happily waves goodbye and apologizes again to Tsubaki for troubling her. Tsubaki tries to call out to her but Youko has already went out of the room while whistling a tune. Tsubaki remembers again what Youko said that if it’s a guy like Kyouta, it’s okay to be in love. Tsubaki’s heart beats loudly as she seems to want to rip the note into two. Later on, at Kyouta’s house, Kyouta looks at the note and comments that Tsubaki is unexpectedly very lenient. While Kyouta throws the note on the table, Tsubaki asks what. Kyouta tells her that he would absolutely not help any other guy in giving her any information on how to contact [the other guy]. “Tsubaki..what are you thinking?” Tsubaki says that she originally doesn’t want to give it to him but if she hides it and didn’t give it to him, she’ll feel really guilty and be in anguish. Tsubaki thinks that it is like before wherein she worries too much that she didn’t think things thoroughly. [<- when she didn’t tell him about Kyouta’s mother is waiting at the cafe.] After looking surprised, Kyouta smiles at her then pats her head. He tells her that she has learned a lot and she’s really great. He pulls her to him and gives her a kiss. Kyouta stops before kissing her again as he gently pushes her down. Tsubaki then shouts for him to wait for they should study first..teach her first. Kyouta tells her that it doesn’t matter which comes first. Tsubaki says that it matters because of time and physical strength.

Then, Kyouta spots the ‘No One Know the Universe’ book spilling out from Tsubaki’s bag. He takes the book and asks why she has it. Tsubaki tells him that she also wants to read Kaminaga’s book and it is a very interesting book. Tsubaki takes out some other books and happily tells Kyouta that she would also read the other works of Kaminaga that she borrowed them from the library. “I find it very fascinating that I carelessly kept on reading and reading that lately, I wasn’t able to get enough sleep... [Now,] I also know a lot of stuff regarding space! So..I..” Kyouta interrupts her and says, “Tsubaki-chan, is..it necessary for you to do that [as if your life depended on it]?” Tsubaki’s smile froze as she asks, “Huh?” Kyouta tells her, “Even if I’m very happy that you find Professor Kaminaga’s studies to be interesting but, there should also be moderation in reading books! What if your grades drop again, because of this?” While tensely holding the books tight, Tsubaki wonders what Kyouta is saying when she felt really happy [over what she’s doing]. Kyouta continues to say, “You already got recommended in the limited quota of that school you aspired for. Absolutely! You absolutely shouldn’t let your grades drop, understand? ..ah, from the start, you’ve always been taking note of that..what[‘s the name] elite university, right? If you go there, what are you going to do afterwards?” Stunned Tsubaki drops the books that she is holding. Tsubaki tensely mutters, “Afterwards..that..that is..” To Kyouta’s surprise, Tsubaki exclaims, “It’s a secret!” Kyouta drops the topic by saying that he’ll forget it for now because anyway, he’ll know about it sooner or later. Holding a book on classics, Kyouta tells her that they should study now. Tsubaki somewhat bows her head and thinks, “What is it that I wanted to do?”

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