June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 71]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 4, 2010

At the library, Tsubaki is busy thinking which university she plans to go to. She wonders out loud as to what school would be her first choice. Kyouta, who is reading a magazine, tells her to take it easy since they are still in their second year’s third semester. Tsubaki exclaims that of course, she cannot because what if she wasn’t able to get a recommendation. She won’t repeat that disastrous mistake again [<- entering high school] and she will definitely get a recommendation. She says that it is very good for him to have no worries at all since he only wants to get in Todai [Tokyo University]. Kyouta is surprised and he asks if he didn’t tell her. “I won’t be taking exams to get in Todai.” Tsubaki laughs and tells him that he has finally seen reality because for someone from their school, to aim for Todai, is really overestimating one’s capabilities too much. Kyouta angrily puts the magazine on her head and tells her that it isn’t like that. Tsubaki removes the magazine from her head and asks him what his problem is. Kyouta tells her that he wanted to go to Todai is because of that professor. In the magazine, there is a feature of a professor named Kaminaga Takeshi [invented name based on the kanji.] Kyouta tells Tsubaki that last year, that professor has already left to a different university so he is going to take the entrance test to that school. Tsubaki asks which school. She then sees on the article that Takeshi is currently teaching in Aomiya University. She looks surprised then asks if Aomiya University is the one in Kyoto. Kyouta smiles and says yes. Tsubaki looks at him in disbelief as she wonders how he could even smile like that when they would obviously might separate after graduation. While Kyouta is looking away while leaning on the table, he asks, “..Tsubaki, you don’t want me to go to Kyoto, right?”

While thinking that of course she doesn’t want him to, flustered Tsubaki exclaims, “Stop joking around..” Kyouta happily pats surprised Tsubaki’s head and says, “You’re not the type of person who would say those kind of nonsense things, right? That’s what I like about you!” Tsubaki immediately says that of course, compared to love, the future outlook is more important. She stands up and continues to say, “On the contrary, if you say that you are going to change your aspiration because of me, then, I would feel that I was wrong about you. And, are you really going to Kyoto? *pushes the magazine back to him* Isn’t Aomiya a difficult school just like Todai so even if it’s you, it going to be very hard to get in, right?” Kyouta angrily says, “Why you..” Tsubaki tells him that she has to go to her cram class. Looking at the clock [4:13pm], Kyouta says that there is still time. Tsubaki tells him that it is her first day so she wants to go early. “So, see you tomorrow!” Tsubaki walks away while Kyouta looks at her. While walking at the hallway, Tsubaki thinks that it is obvious that their entrance exam won’t be at the same time, and of course, the first choice will be Todai. What she just said isn’t nonsense either -‘future outlook is more important’-, so it is inevitable if their aspirations aren’t the same. “Honestly, I already know this but even if it is like that, I also do not want to separate from Tsubaki-kun..” Tsubaki drops her shoes from the shoe lockers and starts to cry [/feel really frustrated]. “Doesn’t Tsubaki-kun..have this kind of feeling, too..?”

Walking inside the cram school, Tsubaki gloomily thinks that she was so much in shock that she actually said that even if it’s Tsubaki-kun, he won’t be able pass the entrance exam but actually, it is because it’s Tsubaki-kun, he’ll definitely be able to get in. She wonders how long the travel time to Kyoto is. While looking at the bulletin board, she is surprised to see a poster about a lecture about the course of aeronautics and space science in Aomiya University by Kaminaga Takeshi. She thinks that person Kyouta is talking about will have a lecture this weekend. She quickly tries to get a pen from her bag to write it down and tell Kyouta about it. She hesitates when she remembers him saying about it being nonsense [<-asking him to stay]. She walks past the bulletin board while holding her pen and notebook. She then turns around and thinks that she ought to still write it down. Just when she is about to write it down, a glasses guy suddenly tears off the poster and walks away. Tsubaki shouts for him to stop when a girl shouts, “Stop, that glasses guy over there!!” The glasses guy turns around and asks what. The girl shouts at him that poster isn’t meant for him to take it away. “Before going to a cram school, you should learn some common sense first!” The girl manages to get the poster back as the irritated looking glasses guy left. While the girl is sticking the poster back on the bulletin board, Tsubaki looks at her and thinks that uniform is from Nariyoshi High, her first choice for high school but she wasn’t able to get in. She blushes when the girl looks at her and smiles. The girl happily asks if she is also interested in professor Kaminagi and is her aspiration also in the field of aeronautics. Tsubaki says no, it isn’t. Blushing, she tells the girl that it is the interest of her friend so if she told him about it, he’ll definitely be happy. The girl asks if it’s a boyfriend. Surprised, Tsubaki admits that it is. The girl sighs and asks isn’t that thing [romance] just utter nonsense. She takes a picture of the flyer on her cellphone [<- why take notes when you can take a picture of it =P] and asks shouldn’t one be more serious in concentrating in one’s studies in order to pass the entrance exam. While walking away, she says, “If one is so much immerse in love, then one won’t be able to smoothly pass the exam--”

Tsubaki is shaking in anger as she clenches her fist tight. She remembers again what Kyouta said that it is nonsense to ask him to stay. Tsubaki shouts that it isn’t nonsense. “I have changed because I have met Tsubaki-kun. I didn’t, in the least bit, thought that liking Tsubaki-kun is a waste of time..!!” The girl tries to say, “Ah..that..also who is Tsubaki-kun.” Tsubaki turns to face her and shouts, “And..during junior high, I also did my very best by myself but [the dream of] going to the dream school is still totally extinguished. Failing in the exam is absolutely not someone else’s fault!” With that, Tsubaki angrily walks away. The others are talking what’s with that and she even said the history of her past failure. The girl just looks at Tsubaki’s direction and says, “Eh--..” In the classroom, Tsubaki is about to take something from her folder when someone presses it down. She looks up to see that it is the girl earlier. The girl asks, “What’s your name?” Tsubaki looks nervous since that girl went after her. Tsubaki timidly says, “Hi..Hibino..” The girl looks down at her and says, “Hey, Hibino, to a person who’ll directly refute me like that, I absolutely admire!! *smiles with sparkles and holds out her hand* My name is Kikuduki Youko [invented name based on the kanji]. Please be my friend.” Tsubaki looks surprised at her and she blurts out, “Ha?” The scene changes back to school. During lunch break, Tsubaki tells Kyouta about what happened. Kyouta laughs out loud and exclaims isn’t that good because it is like a miracle for her to get a friend on the first day. Tsubaki asks if that can be called a friend. Kyouta buys a packaged drink. While he is putting the straw in, Tsubaki gives him a piece of paper and tells him that she saw that poster in her cram school. She tells him that the lecture will be held at Kyoto and she doesn’t know if it is useful or not. [The note says the lecture is on Jan 26th. This is for an idea of the timeline ^^]

She exclaims in surprised when Kyouta drops the drink he is holding. Kyouta happily hugs her and says that he’ll definitely go. “[Or rather,] I should say, ah..you are really great.” Tsubaki blushes and tries to tell him that everyone is looking at them. Kyouta tells her that he is actually quite startled. Tsubaki is puzzled. He tells her that it is because she is acting strange after he told her that he was going to study college in Kyoto. Holding her shoulder, he says that he never imagined that she would help him to that extent and what she did really made him happy. “I’m really thankful [to you].” Tsubaki puts on a smile and holds his hand that was holding his shoulder. She tells him that the choice of helping one’s boyfriend is inevitable as a girlfriend. “So, as a boyfriend, Tsubaki-kun..regarding the issue of separating, even a little bit is okay..[I] hope that you’ll also feel a bit lonely. That way..I can feel like supporting you more from the bottom of my heart. Then..let’s do our best for the [entrance] exams..” Tsubaki turns around to leave with a tear in her eye. She stops when Kyouta asks what’s with that separation thing. “Is Tokyo that far from Kyoto?” Shaking in shock, Tsubaki tells him that Kyoto is in Kansai. Kyouta says that isn’t the issue. “Even if I went to a Kyoto university, if I wanted to see you, then I’ll quickly go and see you so I totally won’t feel lonely at all. So, I feel that it is nonsense to be troubled about this issue of me going to Kyoto..” Flustered Tsubaki tells him that he is the only one who thinks that way for any normal person would think that Kyoto is really far away. Kyouta casually says that it isn’t far. Tsubaki exclaims that it is. Kyouta tells her that they go verify it then. While holding up the note she gave him, Kyouta asks, “How about you go with me to Kyoto?” So, it has been decided that they will go on a trip to Kyoto on Saturday. 

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