June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 79-82]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 6, 2010

Let’s move the story backwards a bit. In Japan, at St. Lucia’s Sun building, Fujiko, together with Nezu, talked with Mei via videophone [using the computer]. Fujiko is relieved that she is fine. Mei sheepishly apologizes for making them worry. She asked if Miruku is okay for she heard that Kiba substituted for Daimon. “Are they getting along?” Somewhat nervous Fujiko hesitated before assuring Mei that of course, they are. Tense Nezu verified it. Then, there is a loud crashing sound. Mei worriedly asked what it was but Fujiko just bade her goodbye and she’ll be waiting for their souvenirs. Mei still wanted to talk but Fujiko already closed the laptop. Nezu asked what could have happened. Fujiko hopes that it is something easy to repair. They checked it out. The scene is Kiba bowing as he apologizes to Miruku who is still holding the game controller. It seemed that Kiba tripped and spilled the tea served on a tray on the flat-screen tv that has fallen over as well as the console. Dark Miruku started mutter what’s with that guy for he just made her wasted the three hours that she spent playing. [Miruku, I can feel your pain =P] Fujiko tried to calm her down. After a long pause, stoned Miruku told her that she will calm down because she is an adult. Thinking that Miruku is about to fall apart, Fujiko took her away and told Nezu that she’ll leave the rest to him. While comforting crying Kiba, Nezu told them that he’ll help Kiba repair it. Kiba started to lament that he had once again caused trouble to Miruku when Izumi obviously asked this favor of him. He wonders if he isn’t suitable for this job. Nezu assured him that it isn’t so for among their level [/batch], there is no one suitable to be a butler but Kiba. At a living room, Fujiko tried to pacify Miruku with some of her special fruit tea. After staying with Kiba for three days, Miruku muttered that Izumi is really amazing and no wonder Izumi is the most mature of them all [thanks to Kiba =P]. Fujiko noticed her hairstyle and asked if that cute hairstyle was done by Kiba. Miruku admits that it was indeed him and she also thinks that it is cute. Fujiko mentions about Kiba being known for his green thumb but Miruku thought she meant ‘green men’ because she thought that Kiba is an alien. Fujiko explained to it meant ‘being an expert in breeding plants’ and that is why the flower field that Kiba tends is always beautiful. Miruku asked if it isn’t because he diligently takes care of them. Fujiko said that it isn’t only that since there are people who like to care for plants yet they die but for someone who has a green thumb, it is like the person taking care of the plants and the plants get along with each other.

When Fujiko is about to tell her about talking with Mei, she notices that Miruku is no longer sitting in the chair. Miruku went back to the room and asks where Kiba is. Nezu told her that he went to tend to the plants. Miruku thought that is very convenient. She happily went to the field with thoughts of researching this entity called ‘green thumb’. At the flower field, Kiba is called out by Miruku. Kiba sweatdropped upon seeing a lot of video cameras that are filming him. He asked if there is any problem. Miruku exclaimed that there is none and he should just be like that, continue on his work. He asked about the cameras but she told her to not mind them. He then went to her and told her that there is a rip on her skirt. He took out his sewing kit and mended it. To Kiba’s horror, Miruku commented that he is like a mother. Kiba cried that he would at least want it to be father, not mother. Miruku apologized and said that it is because she never saw her parents so she wasn’t sure. Kiba looked surprised and said that he heard that her mother works in Switzerland. Miruku said that is true and she calls once every three days but she never saw the actual person, not even once, so her mother hadn’t mend her clothes like what he did just now. When she is telling him that Daimon would also do that, she noticed that Kiba is smiling at her. He told her about a hole where there is a wild rabbit. Miruku is thrilled to hear since she wanted to see one. Narration: “In the end..a butler doesn’t do anything much..just be remain committed and lean on the ojou-sama’s own capability. A butler believes only this, with one heart and one thought, only believing in this..” While walking back to the school, Kiba said that they walked a lot so she ought to be tired. Miruku said that she had fun and she isn’t tired. When she is saying that they will all go [and do something] when Mei returns, she noticed that Kiba stopped walking. Kiba said that it is strange for the school is too quiet. Then, they see a heavily military geared man by the forest who had disturbed a crow/raven. Kiba quickly carried her and ran off to escape. Miruku exclaimed in disbelief that Kiba can actually carry an ojousama. Kiba shouted back that it is because he is a butler.

The military geared guy informed the others about Miruku and Kiba. He gave directions on where they are spotted and told the others to chase after them. Miruku exclaimed who those people are and where are Fujiko and Nezu..also the rest. Kiba said that they could be terrorists. He planned to bring her to a shelter in the basement of the sun building that Izumi made. In front of a huge door, Kiba shouts who he is. After his identity is verified, the door opened. It turns out to be some control room wherein one can see what is happening within the school through cameras. Kiba said that he thought that Miruku would be able to use the control center there. Miruku declared that of course she can, since who else could have established the system. From the monitors, they notice that Fujiko is caught with the rest of the ojousama-s in the moon building’s holding area while the butlers are in the star building’s holding area. Miruku thought that the ojousama-s were captured first and made hostages in order to subdue the butlers. She tried to contact outside quickly but to her surprise, she encountered an error. She wondered who could have changed it then she suspected that it is that nerdy guy, Damien. She noticed on the monitor that some of the terrorists are heading their way. She shouted for Kiba to quickly to come to her for she is closing the door. To her surprise, shaking Kiba with a big stick insisted on protecting the room to the death by guarding the door. Miruku insisted that he get in for this is also a way of evading them. It turns out that Miruku couldn’t close the door because Kiba, the hindrance, is standing at the door. Soon, the terrorists came and subdued Kiba. ^^; End flashback. Tied up Miruku can only smile and sheepishly think that it is thoroughly amazing..unbelievable. Tied up Kiba asks Izumi to save them through the videophone on the laptop computer. Miruku is surprised when Kiba exclaimed that it doesn’t matter what happens to him but they must do whatever they can to save Miruku. The connection is then cut off. Izumi can only shout Kiba’s name.

One of the terrorists takes the laptop computer and says that they already said a lot. Kiba apologizes to Miruku. With a cheerful face, Miruku tells him that this isn’t the time to cry for Izumi, Daimon and the others will come and save them so they just have to do the best they can regarding the things that they can do. Miruku tells the terrorists that even if she doesn’t know their goal but their timing is all wrong because their school’s most valuable ojousama-s are out of the country. Someone comes in and says that it is alright for they are hostages to be used to trade with the ojousama-s who are outside. Miruku looks surprised and mutters, “You..you are..” Back in Arabia country, Izumi tells everyone that the school had been taken over. She couldn’t contact Sister Rose nor Fujiko, and she can only verify that the hostage takers got Miruku and Kiba. Izumi apologizes to Daimon and says that if she knew that this will happen, she would have Miruku come with them. Daimon is quiet. Kento is surprised when he starts walking away. Kento asks where he is going. Daimon says that he is going to the academy to save Miruku. Kento calls out for him to wait. Rihito stops Daimon at the door. He asks what Daimon plans to do upon arriving there. Daimon tells him to move. Kento tries to calm Daimon down. Kanzaki tells Daimon that if he returns now, he will just be walking into a trap. Tami calls him stupid. Daimon is frustrated as to what he ought to do. Mei tells them that there is nothing they can do if they stay in that place. “Do you want to go to Hongo’s residence?!” Rihito thinks that it is a good idea while Kento is shock that they are going there. Later on, Irrfan [formerly Irufan, Arabian prince] is shock that everyone went home without even saying anything to him. Someone says that it seems that there was an emergency but they can quickly prepare and give chase. Irrfan tells them to forget it since he had lost that duel. Irrfan says that it is regretful that he wasn’t able to show them to Mei. Behind Irrfan, his two [traitor] butlers kneeling before him. Zaki asks Irrfan why they are working as his butlers again. Irrfan says that they, as butlers, betrayed him and they owe him, as the master, a lot. He thinks that he wants to be like Mei, a person who protects by not demanding the life of a butler, but rather make him compensate it throughout his life. The butlers were touched when Irrfan says that in that whole country, aside from them, there are no one else who suits to stand beside beautiful him. He then looks at a box with a huge diamond ring. There is a note: ‘To Rika’ inside. He closes the box and tells the butlers to let Mei go for he have a feeling that they’ll meet again soon.

In Japan, at Hongo residence, Mei happily greets Maria, the brothers’ mother. Maria hugs her tightly and says that it’s good that she is alright. Puzzled Kento points at himself and asks that shouldn’t she be doing that to her own children, after all, she hasn’t seen him for four years. There is a note pointing to the brothers that the two almost died multiple times. Rihito asks Kento, wasn’t that their mother’s style. Kento stutters as he says is that so. They are speechless when Maria just coldly tells them, ‘Good work’. Mei tries to tell Maria something but Maria tells her that she already knows about it all. Izumi, together with everyone else, apologizes for the intrusion. [<- being polite] Maria, along with her maids, welcomes everyone to the mansion and tells them to properly rest [<- make yourself at home]. One of the maids tells them that they will take care of their luggages. Leon [formerly Ryan, Claris/Kraus’ butler] muses that aside from butlers, the Hongo has a lot of maids. He comments about Maria being the Shibata brothers’ mother. Claris comments that she is totally different from her mother. Leon laughs as Claris tells him not to laugh. Mei asks Maria where her grandfather is. She tells him that he is recuperating at a hot spring together with her husband [the brothers’ father]. Mei is surprised by this. Maria tells her until the last day, he plans to do whatever he wants [<- I think]. She asks Mei if there is anything she wants for her to tell her grandfather. After a pause, Mei says that there is no need and this is okay for she doesn’t want her grandfather to worry too much. She tells Maria that after everyone has rested, everyone is to congregate at the peach reception hall where they will discuss matters. Kento happily muses out loud that Mei has become very capable. Rihito just keeps silent. At the peach reception hall, Mei blankly asks what they should do now. Kento sweatdrops and exclaims that it turns out that she has no plan. Rihito thinks that it is as he suspected. He asks Izumi if she was able to contact with Kiba or the spokesman from the terrorists. Mei starts to wonder out loud as to who could have messed up with the system that Miruku made which enabled those people to trespass into the school. Rihito says that there is a possibility that it is an inside job. While Mei is muttering ‘inside job’, Kento stands closer to her and exclaims if it is someone who is related to the school. Mei suddenly blushes and sweatdrops as she reprimands Kento, “Ah, stupid, you’re too close!” Kento is puzzled while Rihito looks somewhat surprised as he looks at them.

Everyone is surprised when Izumi suddenly shouts that Kiba emailed back. It turns out to be from the one who took over the school. That person challenges them to a duel. Aoyama comments that confirms that the person is related to the school. The duel is they will win by subduing them [terrorists] and, rescuing Miruku and Kiba within 24 hours but if they lose, they are to grant a request. The condition is that those who will save them should only be the ojousama-s. They cannot guarantee the safety of the hostages if they discover that the butlers are with them. Kento protests over that condition. Daimon thinks that it is unfair. Claris finds it strange since they already have the hostages yet why do they have to do this special duel. Rika says that the culprit is one of Mei’s fiance since this method is pretty much like what that stupid prince [Irrfan] did and there is only one person who can mess up Miruku’s system. Mei immediately suspects it to be Damien. Kento says but Damien doesn’t give him the impression of someone who’ll do something of this magnitude. Izumi says that according to rumors, he is raw genius and he along with Miruku had wrote a computer virus that has almost paralyzed a country. [That is during Claris’ arc; hehe, it is such a long time that I don’t remember if I mentioned it before. It is in chapter 57]. Daimon thinks that Damien is hiding something. While Mei is wonder what it is, Kento holds Mei’s shoulder and tells her that speaking of that, that guy Damien was telling him something about the white butler. Rihito and the other butlers are surprised when Mei suddenly shouts, “Stupid!” then slaps Kento hard. Kento is stunned by that as he sweatdrops and asks, “What?” Shaking yet not looking at Kento, Mei points at him and shouts, “Shibata, you’re fired..!” [ired..ired..ired..hehe, wanted to do that echo thing here =P ] Claris shouts if she is serious. Izumi mutters about Mei doing that when they have an emergency. Rika says that Mei is really a girl who cannot be understood. While Kento is still petrified, Rihito tells him that even if it is just a short period of time but good job. “I will be taking your [butler] badge for safekeeping because you are NO longer a BUTLER.” Rihito takes off Kento’s badge and tosses him out of the room. Rihito tells Mei that he has already took Kento out of the room. Mei didn’t reply. He calls out to her again. Mei turns around to show her blushing really red face. She shouts her thanks to him. Rihito quietly looks at her then turns around to say, “You’re welcome.” Mei wonders if Rihito is angry. After thinking a long time, Mei blames it all on Kento. [Ah, Kento, I don’t know if I ought to be happy for you or to pity you ^^;] Lying flat on the floor, wide-eyed Kento thinks that he was slapped, thrown out of the room and fired by Mei. He remembers Rihito smiling to say that he is no longer a butler. Kento sits up and mutters, “..no..longer..a butler..not a butler..anymore?”

Then, there is another email which says, “Start”. Flashing a v-sign, Tami exclaims that preparation is done. They remembered that Tami is considered an ‘ojousama’. Izumi and Claris want to go, too. Mei also wants to go. She asks Rika if she is going. Rika angrily exclaims why she has to go. Aoyama butts in by saying that of course, Rika isn’t going for she won’t, absolutely won’t do. [<- useless] This made Rika declare that she will be going after hitting Aoyama’s head. ^^; Izumi and Claris sweatdrops for they are really worried about those two [Mei and Rika]. Mei tells Rihito that she wants to help everyone so can she go. Rihito says that even if he prevents her, she’ll still go. Mei happily says yes. Gesturing at the side, Rihito tells her to bring ‘that’ along and it should be made as some sort of shield. Mei goes into shock upon seeing ojousama Kenko [female name of Kento] in a female uniform and, of course, complete with school bag. Kento declares, “It’s because I’m no longer a butler!” [<- Rihito gave him a hint earlier =P] As usual, Daimon is smitten by Kento. ^^; Kento does the wink pose and shouts, “Leave it to me!” Mei punches him away and exclaims what the heck he is doing for didn’t she fired him already. Kento answers back that he is now an ojousama and not a butler. Mei argues that what Kento is doing doesn’t have any significance. To her surprise, Claris and Rika that no matter how much, shields aren’t enough and Mei doesn’t know about the danger that awaits them so shields are very important. Izumi agrees with them for Kento’s fighting skills would be a great help to them. She reminds Mei that this is a duel that they should absolutely not lose. Claris is all excited as she goes with Leon to prepare. Rika tells Aoyama to shut up as he tries to dissuade her from going. Izumi tells disappointed Daimon that she can prepare things herself. Rihito tells Mei that they should go prepare, too. Kento can only look sad as he watches the two leave. Kanzaki then tells Kento and Tami about the battle plan and they should execute it perfectly. Daimon tells Kento that he’ll leave Miruku up to him. Kento smiles and tells him to relax [he’ll take care of it]. In her room, Rihito tells Mei that she is going to wear her uniform because they talked about it and decided that it is best to blend in with the other students though they will be wearing long stockings in order to protect their legs but regretfully, after thinking this and that, the long stockings can also be used to attract the enemy. Mei doesn’t quite understand what he meant but assumes that the stockings are a hassle in the battle. While Rihito is dressing her up, Mei calls out to him and asks if he is angry because she fired Kento. Rihito looks sideways then denies it. Mei exclaims that he’s lying for he is angry. She thinks that he definitely is but she doesn’t know the reason why. After a pause, Rihito says that if she feels that he looks unhappy, it is definitely that Mei considers [/give thoughts to] him too much. Mei looks surprised. He tells her to please do things according to her own thoughts then leave the rest to the butlers. He also tells her to be like she usually is, wherein she’ll choose the ‘most important’ route and go towards it without hesitation. “Right now is a very important thing..so the Mei-chan who does her ultimate best [as if her life depended on it], I consider that as the best..way to make one love [/be fond of you].”

Mei looks at him in surprise. She blushes and exclaims what did he just said. After a pause, Rihito says, “......make one love..” While her heart is beating fast, Mei apologizes for the trouble but can he please say that one more time but louder this time. Rihito turns around and says that he won’t say it that many times. Mei sweatdrops and pouts over it. While Rihito is looking thoughtful, Mei calls out to him. Holding out her hand, Mei asks him to at least shake her hand. Rihito seems puzzled as Mei nods that she does want to shake hands. Blushing, Mei says what if this is their last farewell. Mei thinks that she actually wants a hug but then, Rihito won’t do that. Mei is delighted when Rihito holds out his hand to shake her hand. Rihito is surprised when she holds her hand tightly. She thinks that it is as she thought, his hand is very cold just like what her mother said before that if the hand is cold, their hearts are burning/passionate. Holding his hand with both hands near her face, Mei thinks, “Yes, it is indeed like that, mama..” Rihito blushes a bit while looking at her. He drops the clothes he is holding and gives her a hug. This surprises Mei and made her blush. Rihito pulls away and wishes her a triumphant return. Mei smiles and says, “Yes!” The tactic seems to be to play hide and seek then retreat if found so that they won’t be caught. It is enough for them to just keep on escaping until they find Miruku. In order for them not to be noticed, they will be using ‘Stealth helicopter Mei3’ and for the rest of what to do, just listen to Kento’s instructions. The ojousama-s prepare to board the helicopter. Rika muses out loud that she is at ease wearing their uniform. Mei teases embarrassed Claris that she suits wearing a skirt. Kento and Tami are already waiting by the helicopter. Kento asks Mei if they are already prepared. Mei says that they are. The butlers look up as the helicopter left. They wish for the girls’ success. Daimon wonders if it is really okay. Daimon is surprised when Rihito asks if he actually planned to depend everything on the ojousama-s. Rihito says that they should show that they are worthy of the salaries given to them. Kanzaki says that he is worried about the enemy’s ‘condition’. He wonders what that person’s request could be, after winning this duel. Aoyama and Leon share the same sentiments. Rihito just looks serious and quiet. At the sun building, someone asks if there is anything that ought to be prepared. Miruku is surrounded by dolls and on the table, are a lot of food and desserts. Kiba who is standing nearby says that there is nothing else. Looking at the other ojousama-s on the tables and it seems food are also served to them, Miruku says that compared to what they thought, the others are alright and if they weren’t, she won’t forgive these terrorists. The man answers that he got the nuns to prepare the food and rooms for rest though he will only give the butlers some water to drink since they have more physical strength though Kiba is more than welcome to eat if he wants to. [Because he’s a weakling =P It seems that Kiba is the only butler there.] Kiba is puzzled as to why but Miruku agrees with that suggestion. Kiba wonders out loud as to why Tou-san [Toujou Shinnosuke (real name), the manager of the idol, Kashiwagi Kei] would do this kind of thing and Kiba finds it really unbelievable.

At St. Lucia Academy’s star building’s men’s room, Nezu wakes up from his sleep in the toilet. He goes into shock that it is already 7pm and the bell had already rang while he is sleeping soundly. There is a note that seems to be saying that lately Nezu is scolded the girls for smoking outside so he is doing this secretly in the toilet. He then hears someone exclaiming that he has finally found it. After the terrorist relieves himself, he goes out and complains out loud that since it is an all girls school, there are few men’s room. He sweatdrops upon seeing Nezu who tells that he is right. Nezu promptly beats him up then wonders what’s going on. At the star building, the terrorists warn the tied up butlers not to try anything suspicious else they won’t guarantee the ojousama-s’ safety. Xiao Qing [Chinese butler] comments that Damien is too easy-going since he is sound asleep. His butler apologizes. The terrorist then calls out the two exchange students to go to the next room to eat dinner. Xiao Qing tells Yang Xue [his master] to go on ahead. Yang Xue hesitantly takes Damien’s hand and tells him that they are going. Damien wakes up upon hearing that it is time to eat. Xiao Qing comments that there are actually terrorists who are gentlemen. Damien’s butler comments that since Tou-san isn’t there, it means that he is... Xiao Qing happily says that there is a possibility that Tou-san is the one behind this. Damien’s butler comments that it seems that he is quite happy. Xiao Qing says that it isn’t so, but rather he’s quite terrified, for it is a wild goose chase for the whole day. “Compared to that, what I’m more interested is.. *Damien’s butler looks at him* We had been getting along for a long time already, and I still do not know your name so can you please tell me..Who..are you?” Damien’s butler smiles back and asks, “..about that, aren’t we the same?” [<- hiding true self?] The two smile at each other. At the other room, Yang Xue is worried about something happening with those two butlers alone. Damien is still sound asleep. At the moon building, some ojousama-s are depressed and terrified that they couldn’t eat. They are surprised to see Fujiko happily eating her fried fish and exclaiming that it is really good though she has to control herself else she’ll become fat. She winks at the others and tells them to eat and sleep without a care. They tell her that they don’t know what’s going to happen and they don’t know about Miruku’s whereabouts. Fujiko tells them to think about it – the terrorists even prepared food for them so they ought not to harm them [/cause trouble] further and there is also Mei and the others who will absolutely not abandon them without a care. The girls remember that four years ago, Mei is the one who saved Lucia from the witch’s hand and her butlers are the Shibata brothers. Fujiko tells them that right now, they only have to become ‘healthy and cheerful’ hostages so that they won’t make the butlers worry too much about them. The girls happily agree with her. Fujiko adds that they only have to wait. Fujiko then sweatdrops as she wonders what Nezu has been doing since he isn’t around at this critical time.

At the helicopter, Mei and Rika freaks out over the need for them to jump down with a parachute. “Absolutely cannot do that!” Kento tells them that he knows so no one is expecting them to do that. Tami will be holding Rika while Kento will be holding Mei. While Mei blushes over the possibility that Kento will be holding/embracing her, she asks about Izumi and Claris. The two girls tell Mei that they totally have no problem at all. Mei thinks that it is a waste that these two girls are ojousama-s. [<- since they aren’t spoiled, helpless like most ojousama but rather quite independent] Izumi asks how they are going to get in when the whole place is scanned/viewed by the system. Kento tells them that there is a blind spot and it is at the ruins of Lucia Palace. Tami says that when ‘she’ goes to that place, ‘she’ becomes dizzy because Kanzaki told ‘her’ that there is a high magnetic waves in that place and that is why the alarm there is useless but they have to go down within that 10 meter diameter space else, things will be quite troublesome. Izumi and Claris tell Kento that it is a piece of cake for them. Kento starts thinking, like Mei, that it is a waste that those two are ojousama-s. The pilot says that they are now above Lucia Palace. Kento tells everyone to put on the parachutes and prepare to jump. After they have all geared up, Rika starts getting scared that she tensely says that she cannot do it. Kento tells her that it will be okay, and she will be fine by just following the explanation and just believe in Tami. Kento tells Izumi and Claris to jump first. Claris asks what the goggles are for. Kento says that it will help them see the scanning/infrared rays and right now, it is a good opportunity to jump since the wind’s direction is northwest. While Kento is explaining, blushing Mei looks at him and thinks that obviously, Kento is also quite capable. Mei is surprised when Kento calls out to her. He then asks if she is feeling okay because her face is really red. Mei tensely tells him that she is alright. Kento then says that he is going to tie her together with him. Mei blushes and becomes uneasy as Kento uses a belt-like strap to tie them together. It is near her chest. Kento also slightly blushes while doing that. The silence is interrupted when Mei says that she wants to say something. Kento quickly holds up his hands and asks what. Mei just keep saying, “...tha..that..” She then puts on her goggles and exclaims that she won’t say it but rather, they ought to hurry for the others are waiting for them. Kento wonders if she was afraid. He then shouts for her to be very attentive. “Jump!” While they are free falling, Kento tells her that it will be okay, for she has him to protect her. Mei thinks that she wanted to apologize for hitting him and thank him for always being with her. “Why..why, cannot say out what I wanted to say..why is it that I..”


  1. where did you read this online??

    1. I read it in Chinese here: http://www.17kk.cc/intro/13833.htm