June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 41]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 9, 2010

Narration: “This kind of situation isn’t a bit reassuring.” Yukito is blushing really red as Kotori hugs him tight and mutters that he is actually there. He tells her to wait a minute for she is hugging him too tight. He calls out her name but there is no answer. Yukito wonders if it is alright since Kotori is a bit proactive [= making the first move]. “No, right now, she is sick, but then, she’s hugging me really tight. Relax! We just reconciled! This won’t do. *looking at Kotori’s shoulder* Ah, I know, but with her like this, and even hugging me really tight..darn it..” He pulls Kotori away from him and calls her name. He is surprised to see that Kotori has passed out. Yukito nervously asks if she is alright and for her to hang in there. Soon, Kotori is on bed. While holding his hand, Kotori kept on muttering that Yukito is actually there. Yukito assures her that he is indeed there. Yukito begins to wonder if Kotori is really alright for she has been saying the same thing over and over again for many times already. While putting a new gel cooling sheet on her forehead, he asks if she really doesn’t need to go to the clinic. “I can carry you there..” Kotori says that there’s no need, she’s okay and it will be okay after some sleep. She suddenly sits up and says that she didn’t clean up her room. Yukito calls her stupid and she should just lie down on the bed. Kotori insists that she doesn’t want him to see her messy room. Yukito says that she’s too late in saying that. Kotori nervously asks if her room is very dirty and messy. Yukito says that he doesn’t think so but on contrary, it is very neat. “I ought to say that it is very much like a girl’s..makes my heart beat quicker..” Kotori looks at him and says, “Ah..” Yukito slightly pushes her head and tells her to just quickly go to sleep. Lying in bed again, Kotori says that she didn’t even make tea for him. Yukito tells her that there is no need. “Cooling sheet alien should just be nice and go to sleep.”

Looking at Yukito, Kotori thinks that if she is quiet, she cannot keep still. Yukito tells her to close her eyes. Kotori did as ordered. He looks at her then away. He looks around her room then glances at Kotori. He thinks that he couldn’t keep still. “Even if her brother asked me to look after her..but always just staring at her isn’t good, right..” While keeping her eyes closed, Kotori asks him if she fell asleep, would he be going home. “I’m sorry, my brother gave you trouble..or rather, I ought to say that I’m giving you trouble..but, for you to look after me like this, I still feel very happy about it..that..might be a bit petty..I’m sorry..” She then feels Yukito’s hand on her head. He smiles and tells her that he did say that he’ll be by her side. Kotori closes her eyes and says that his hand is like the comfort of ice. That made Yukito blush. He then remembers his [visiting] gift for her. Holding a small bag, Yukito happily says that his brother said that if it’s gelatin, it is much easier to eat. “Do you want some? If you do not have appetite to eat now, then I’ll put it first in the refrigerator. Do want to see it first?” As he is showing it to her, Kotori mutters, “Yukito’s..is fine.” Yukito is puzzled. She repeats, “Yukito’s is fine.” Yukito blushes when Kotori takes his hand and says, “Yukito’s hand..so comfortable..” This made Yukito blush. He looks away and asks what she is saying about his [hand] is fine. “The things..this girl say..is very dangerous..I..I obviously restraining..or I should say have always been restaining..for you to say that, I..” Yukito is speechless gloomy when Kotori starts groaning. He then notices that Kotori has fallen asleep. He sighs then pats her head. This made Kotori mutter, ‘ya..’ Yukito blushes again then looks away before sighing. “This is more than reassuring..really..Why is it that [you’re] proactive at this time, it just makes me misunderstand..” Later on, Kotori looks unwell. Yukito checks her temperature and her fever is still very high. Looking at Kotori, he thinks that she had already perspired a lot and that will make her body cooler. He decides to find some towels to wipe her perspiration. He goes to the toilet and finds the towels in the cabinet above the sink. Just when he is about to go back, he hears a scratching sound. It is made by Kenken who is scratching on the window. Yukito looks back and wonders if he heard a sound or it is just his imagination. He goes back to Kotori’s room. Kenken continues to scratch by the window pane.

In Kotori’s room, Yukito gets Kotori to sit up as he tells her that he is going to wipe her perspiration so bear with it for a bit. Yukito then looks at sleeping Kotori’s bare shoulder. Yukito blushes and looks away. “Why would I suddenly think that she’s really sexy, that’s too weird, she’s sick, I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it. I shouldn’t let my imagination go wild, I..relax!” Kotori groans again. Tense Yukito thinks, “Don’t make that kind of sound--forget it, I should look away while wiping, do not look! Although right now, I’m just thinking how she ought to look..” [<- because he’s not looking] While Yukito is wiping her while looking away, Kotori wakes up. Yukito apologizes and asks if he woke her up. Kotori holds his collar and mutters, “Ken..Ken..ken? You..came to accompany me..” Yukito looks surprised- [Eh look]. Yukito thinks, “Ken..Kenken? That Kenken..it seems that I heard it before on the phone, that wild childhood friend..could it be..he would open the window at the opposite room, then would go in through the window?” Imagination: Kotori reprimands naked human Kenken to wear some clothes. “Is it like that? Is it that kind of childhood friend..? She would even unexpectedly mistaken me with that guy..darn..how could she mistook me. This is bad..I’m feeling depressed.” Kotori starts groaning again. Yukito goes to her to wipe her perspiration. He thinks that his brother knew that if someone isn’t feeling well, he ought to give an easy to swallow gelatin as a gift. “Even if I’m not that clever who thinks meticulously like him..but yesterday..you said you like me, so I should have self-confidence, right? ..I, because of this little thing, would become depressed, although it’s very embarrassing--but, even if that is so, I..” Yukito grips his fist. His thoughts are interrupted when Kotori calls out to him. He asks her, what it is and how she is feeling. Kotori says that she feels a little better. Yukito asks her if she wants him to fix her some food. “Is there anything that you would want to eat..” Kotori seems to be thinking.

To Yukito’s surprise, Kotori says that she ought to feed Kenken. “Yukito..sorry, but can you help prepare his food for me..?” Yukito still looks shock as he thinks, “Fo..food? Is it already a relationship wherein she’ll make food for him..!” Kotori continues to tell him, “It should be prepared at the first floor’s kitchen..you’ll know when you see it..Kenken’s name is written on top..you only have to bring it to the yard and he’ll come eat it..Yukito?” Putting on a smile, Yukito says, “Ah..yes..I understand, there’s no need for you to worry.” Gloomy Yukito stands outside the door. He thinks, “Prepared, and also name written, up to what degree are those two intimate with each other?! *flustered* Darn..unexpectedly calling Kenken. Isn’t that like a dog’s name. Even if it’s like this, I would properly verify as to what kind of person that guy is! Properly verify..!” In the kitchen, he sees a bag of dog food on the counter. Beside it is a dog dish with the name Kenken. Yukito stares at it. He holds the two items. He looks at the bag of dog food then at the dog dish. Silence. “Then..that..Kenken..is actually a dog! *vein pop*” =P In bed, Kotori mutters Kenken’s name. Yukito comes in holding the dog dish with some food in it. Yukito says, “Kotori, are you awake? The dog isn’t in the ya..rd..” He then sees Kenken sitting beside Kotori on the bed. “Ah..you..were did you..how did you get in here? Why are you in the room..” Kenken slightly smiles at him. A bit puzzled, Yukito thinks, “Eh..did it just smile? Hey..aren’t you staying too close? Get away a bit from Kotori.” Kenken smiles bigger. Yukito becomes gloomy. Putting the dish on the floor, Yukito says, “Look, food, come here and eat.” Yukito thinks that if he left it there, Kenken would get away from Kotori. Yukito slightly blushes as he thinks that he would unexpectedly compete with a dog. He is surprised when Kenken suddenly stands up. He then freaks out when Kenken with fangs and claws out, jumps towards Yukito. [Lol, too bad the author didn’t show us Yukito’s expression.]

Later on, Kotori wakes up from her sleep. She notices Yukito sleeping while sitting on the floor..with arms crossed. She is speechless to see Yukito sitting near yet far from Kenken. Kotori crawls to Yukito and mutters that he really did accompany her all throughout. Kenken just sits beside the bed. Still looking at Yukito, Kotori muses that he is smiling. Then, Yukito talks in his sleep. “Ah..Ken..Ken..don’t look down on me..Kotori..cooling sheet..” Kotori smiles then kisses Yukito on the cheek while saying, “I really like you..” Narration: “I, because..of this small thing, would become depressed, although it’s embarrassing, but, even if that is so, I still really like you.”

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