June 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 40]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 2, 2010

Narration: “On the second matsuri[/festival] date, it seems like it is the first time we held hands for we were both nervous and excited...” Kotori and Yukito are clad in yukata as they walk while holding hands. Kotori keeps on staring at Yukito’s black dyed hair that Yukito becomes conscious and tells her not to keep on looking at him. Blushing, Kotori tells him that it is because it is the first time she has seen him in a yukata. She thinks, “And your hair..has changed back to how it was, before we had a quarrel...” Blushing a bit, Yukito asks if he looks strange in that get-up since he feels that everyone are looking at him since from the very start. While looking at him, Kotori thinks that it is because he looks really handsome and those who are looking at him are mostly girls. Yukito covers her eyes and tells her not to look at him anymore since it is embarrassing him. Wide-eyed Kotori holds his arm and apologizes for she really wants to keep on looking at him since he is very handsome. Yukito is speechless and he couldn’t object. Then, Kotori tells him that they ought to thank Natsume. At first, Yukito is puzzled then he remembers that it is because their yukata are from Natsume’s place. Kotori is really happy as she remembers Natsume winking and saying that she’ll pay for the rental of the outfits to commemorate their reconciliation. “Congratulations on your reconciliation ♡” Yukito remembers a gloomy Natsume telling him, “If you..do something to make her cry..I won’t care anymore..” [= you are on your own] Kotori notices Yukito looking somewhat tense that she calls out to him. He just tells her that it is nothing. He then tells her that they should go to that vendor’s booth. Kotori looks somewhat sad as she thinks that he just left her. While Yukito is walking ahead, she thinks, “Was it just my imagination? From the very start..Yukito wasn’t looking at me..he doesn’t have any reaction nor expressed any thoughts about it, upon seeing me wearing a yukata. Is it because it doesn’t suit me?”

She calls out to him. Yukito asks her if there is any booth that she wants to check out. “Because it has been a long time since I played, I want to go goldfish scooping.” [<-is a Japanese traditional game in which a player scoops goldfish with a special scooper. Source: wiki] Someone calls his name while grabbing his sleeve. Yukito turns out to see an alien masked Kotori. Yukito looks aghast. Yukito turns the mask to the side of her head and tells her what’s with that mask. “I was so shock that I felt my heart is going to stop. Where did you find that.” After a pause, Kotori says, “You finally looked at me. Doesn’t the yukata..suit me?” After looking surprised, blushing Yukito looks at the side and asks what she is saying out of the blue. Somewhat sad Kotori says that it is because he won’t look at her so she feels that maybe he doesn’t like it. Flustered Yukito says, “Stu[pid]..it isn’t so..*blushes* It’s because it has been a long time..I don’t know what to do..for us two to be dating like this, it totally feels..you..are also so cute..cuter than you normally are..I also have my own awkwardness..” Blushing Yukito looks at blushing Kotori. He then holds Kotori’s hand tightly. Kotori looks down then turns away as she tells him that maybe it is good for him not to look at her. Kotori is surprised when he said that it is too late. He made her look at him. He tells her, “I want to look! Always and always look at you.” This made Kotori flustered. She then looks somewhat surprised when he smiles at her. Kotori thinks that look on his face. “He is teasing me. He is absolutely playing around with me!” Kotori tells Yukito that a while ago, he just smiled. Yukito denies it. Kotori says his eyes were smiling. Yukito denies it again. Kotori angrily says it is true. Yukito laughs. A guy asks another guy if he just saw that. The other guy says yes. With sparkles, Abe and Ryosuke happily exclaim, “The birth of foolish lovers!” The couple looks at the two guys. Aghast, Yukito mutters in disbelief that they actually came. Abe sheepishly smiles and flashes a v-sign. Looking at the side, Ryosuke says that tragically, they have too much free time. [<- no girlfriends =P ]

Putting his arm around Kotori, Yukito says is that so, then they can stroll around as they please. The two guys exclaim in disbelief as they say that Yukito is too cruel. Yukito has already turned around with Kotori and starts to walk away with her. The two guys can only call out to the foolish lovers. Blushing Yukito mutters that Ryosuke is such a troublesome guy. Kotori looks at him and wonders if he is shy. She looks somewhat sad then suddenly thinks what now, she feels a bit light. “Just now, I felt a bit depressed. But I’ll quickly cheer up because of some words that Yukito said. ..With just Yukito’s touch, I felt really happy, my heart is beating fast..it feels that my body is feeling really hot. *Kotori and Yukito happily look at each other* I feel a bit light..whether it’s my feelings or my body, really, it feels a bit light..” At Kotori’s home, with a dark aura around her, Kotori is lying on her bed. Kotori mutters that she feels dizzy, light-headed and it’s hot. She sits up and checks her temperature on the thermometer. It is 39.2øC. Kotori mutters that those numbers seems to be the same as the grades she got in the term exams. Her mother went to attend to their father who was working elsewhere [ like other parts of the country or overseas but I think it is the former] so temporarily she isn’t at home. “The only one home is only my brother..a really unreliable guy. *facing down the bed* Natsume has work. Yukito.. Ah..no, my room is messy. I’m bothered about that.” At the restaurant, Yukito sees on the bulletin board that Kotori is on sick leave. Yukito thinks that she is quite energetic yesterday so could it be that she is just enduring it. Just then the door opens and Keigo comes in. He exclaims, “Ah, Hi-” A bit flustered, Yukito greets him back. Keigo then asks, “Who are you?” Yukito didn’t reply. With a deadpan expression, Keigo continues to say, “Ah? Ah ah, you dyed your hair, right? I totally didn’t recognize you.”

Yukito thinks that it seems that Keigo is doing that deliberately. Yukito says yes and he also got his hair cut shorter. The two then turns about face as they busy themselves about going to work. Before Yukito leaves the room, he turns around to tell Keigo, “About that..regarding Kotori, thank you.” Keigo looks at him in surprise. Somewhat puzzled-annoyed, Keigo says that he didn’t help them reunite. Somewhat smiling, Yukito says that it isn’t about that but rather, it is when Kotori is being followed by that stalker. “Didn’t I ask you to walk her home? Thanks to you accompanying her, Kotori doesn’t have much scary memories and enabled [me/us] to capture that stalker. So, I want to thank you. But, from some other implication, you are also part of the danger.” This made Keigo smile. He says, “That’s also true so if you are negligent and careless, it might be really dangerous, right?” Yukito replies, “Indeed, but because I failed once, so it won’t be easily be destroyed by [others] again.” As the two guys smile at each other, Keigo muses that Yukito is quite calm [/confident about that]. Back at Kotori’s house, Kotori’s brother asks if she is alright. Lying on the bed, Kotori mutters no. Looking at the thermometer, her brother says that her fever won’t leave. He tells her that he bought a lot of cooling gel sheets so she ought to remember to stick them. Kotori lamely says ya. She wonders out loud if it is because she got wet in the rain last Saturday. Her brother says it is probable. He tells her to just call him if she needs anything. Kotori calls out to her brother. She apologizes for he is supposed to go on a trip with his girlfriend today. “I..just have to sleep a bit and I’ll be fine.” Her brother calls her stupid and tells her not to mind it for how could he just leave her without a care when she is in that kind of condition. Kotori mutters why it feels that he is nicer than he usually is. He then says that he has a call so he’ll go downstairs. Kotori says okay. After he left, Kotori thinks that it is too quiet. She can faintly hear the sounds outside. “With it being like this, it totally feels as if I alone was cast away in some place..it feels, a bit..lonely and helpless..so hot..I cannot..cannot take it..cooling gel..cooling gel..*sits up and puts one of the sheets on her forehead* Is Kenken out in the yard..right now, he should be sunbathing. I wish that Kenken would at least be at my side..*falls on the bed again* Ugh..*pause* Not only is it hot, it’s too quiet..ah, that’s right..I’ll watch a story program, *takes her cellphone* with this, maybe it will lessen the hotness of my body and the quietness a bit..”

The show is – “That year, it was the summer break of my first year in high school. One day, because I’m not feeling well, I was sleeping alone in the house.. Because I have a hard time sleeping, I always would wake up. At that time, I heard someone walking up the stairs.. That day, I was all alone at home. Everyone else should be out on a trip. After some time, the sound of footsteps stops at my doorstep-” Gloomy Kotori closes her cellphone as she tensely wonders if it is talking about her. Putting her cellphone on the table, she feels cool already so she thinks that she is getting well already. She tries to sleep but still feels unwell. “Originally..at this time, I should be at work and will meet up with Yukito..I plan to go on a date at some place on the way home, we had obviously talked about passing the remainder of the break together..not good, I feel weak and increasingly unwell..Yukito..” Downstairs, Kotori’s brother is sitting on the sofa while talking on his cellphone with his girlfriend, Mamiri. He apologizes to Mamiri that he cannot do anything for his younger sister had a high fever and there no one else is at home. Mamiri accuses him of using an alibi for he is actually being fickle. “The younger sister you are talking about is some other girl, right?” Kotori’s brother tensely asks, “What? I told you already~~ She is really my younger sister, right now, she is sleeping upstairs.” Mamiri says that this is a rare trip. “I won’t cancel it, idiot!” Kotori’s brother asks, “Ha?” Mamiri just says that she doesn’t care about him. Then, she hangs up the phone. Kotori’s brother becomes gloomy when the door bell rings. Outside the gate, Yukito rings the doorbell again. He wonders if no one is at home. Holding up a bag of something [= visit gift], he thinks that he ought to have emailed her first to verify if she is at home. “I just suddenly went to Kotori’s house. Ah, but I’m really worried, maybe she really got sick. Ah, could it she’s really sick? That’s right, if she is all alone in the house..maybe she cannot get up and open the door?” Just then, Kotori’s brother gloomily opens the door and asks who it is. A bit flustered, Yukito stutters, “That, I’m Kotori’s..ah, Kotori-chan’s..’s..” He starts thinking, “Is..is it alright for me to say I’m her boyfriend? In this kind of situation, can I say it? Can I?” Kotori’s brother looks at him in silence. He then asks Yukito, “Kotori’s..ah? Could it be...boyfriend? Something?” This made Yukito blush even redder. He slightly bows and admits it. Kotori’s brother goes into shock and exclaims if it is true. Yukito is puzzled when Kotori’s brother starts muttering if it is actually true, he’s a real person and not some guy whom Kotori just fantasized about.

Kotori’s brother thinks for a moment then holds surprise Yukito’s shoulders. He says, “Good, it’s good that you came, real boyfriend. Your timing is really good. My younger sister is currently lying down and couldn’t get up but I should get back my beloved girlfriend and go on a trip. By the way, my parents aren’t at home either. Even if I’m very uneasy about this but, that girl would definitely be happy..I’ll leave the rest up to you!” Yukito just looks surprised and asks, “Eh?” Kotori’s brother tells him that before anyone comes home, he’ll leave it up to him. Yukito still looks surprised. Taking his bag, Kotori’s brother winks and waves goodbye at Yukito. He tells Yukito that Kotori is on the second floor in the room at the left side. “Please favor and, goodbye!” Still looking surprised, Yukito just holds up his hand to wave back and mutters, “Ya..goodbye.” After it has sunk in his head, Yukito exclaims, “What?!” Yukito opens the door and peeks in the house. “It seems that there is no other person here..” He thinks that Kotori’s brother is at par with his own brother. Yukito wonders, “Is this is really okay..just go in like that..it shouldn’t be okay, in any aspect I look at it. But, she couldn’t get up.” Yukito calls out that he’ll be intruding. [<- being polite]. He walks inside and tries to find the stairs. While he walks in the hallway, Kenken is watching him from the glass window that faces the yard. =P Soon, Yukito stands in front of the door which he assumes to be Kotori’s bedroom. He knocks and calls out her name but there is no answer. He decides to go in. To his surprise, he sees Kotori lying on the floor. He quickly goes to her and helps her up. “Hey, are you alright..” Yukito becomes scared upon seeing Kotori covered with cooling sheets all over her eyes, face, neck and shoulders. Yukito somewhat backs away and mutters, “Mum..*tense* mummy?” Kotori groans and asks if that voice is Yukito’s. Yukito starts removing the sheets off her face and asks what she is doing. “You--really startled me, let me say, you stuck too many sheets.” Kotori tells him that it is because it is so hot that one sheet isn’t enough. Kotori looks at him intently and asks if it is really Yukito. Yukito says that it is. Kotori asks why he is there. “Am I dreaming? Per..perhaps it is because of the fever that I have become a bit strange..” Yukito kisses her foreheard and says, “I’m truly here.” Kotori looks at him. Yukito suddenly blushes really red and apologizes for he wasn’t able to restrain himself. “What am I doing to a sick person.” Kotori calls out his name and quickly hugs him. “I’m really helpless.” Yukito holds on to her and says, “Ya..it’s alright. You have me by your side.” Hugging her, Yukito thinks, “Uh-oh..this is really bad..it seems that the one..who has a problem is me..if this keeps up..”

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