June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 70-73]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on November 4, 2009

It starts with a flashback before Rihito arrived at the harem palace. The brothers were in their SUV and they could see the palace up front. Rihito said that is where Irufan is and he did go back to his own country. Looking out the window, Kento told him that if anything happened to Mei, it will be Rihito’s fault because he didn’t promptly deal with those fiances that things have become quite troublesome. Rihito didn’t reply. Kento exclaimed, “You should know, right, Mei’s feelings..” Rihito sadly said that butlers and ojousama-s are forbidden to love. Kento just said, “You’re still saying that.” Rihito asked him if he knows why. Rihito explained that if an ojousama had some sort of feelings for the butler, it is just a fake love. “The relationship of a butler and an ojousama..is very special. For an opposite sex to stay by one’s side from day to night and serving her loyally, an ojousama who doesn’t have much experience in life will easily misunderstood it as love. It’s also the same for the butler. Protecting her life and she depends 100% on the butler,..one will also mistake his responsibility for love..” Kento looked surprised as he muttered, “Rihito..you..could it be..” Rihito suddenly stepped on the breaks that Kento bumped his head on the window. ^^; Rihito told him to go down for they are now going to walk towards the palace. Kento asked why. He told him that if they are discovered by the enemy, they might use Mei as a hostage. Rihito walked ahead then Kento said, “..hey.” No response. Kento shouted, “Hey..! Whether it is a false love or a misunderstanding, it doesn’t matter..I..I like Mei, and that is all there is to it.” Rihito looked back and just said that Kento isn’t a bit confused that is why he is able to say that. Kento seemed to notice something as Rihito turned away again. He just thought that Rihito is really detestable as he shouted Rihito’s name. Looking at Rihito, Kento wondered what Rihito is thinking. “That guy..why..just like this is enough..Mei..” [I think Kento is irritated because Rihito seems superior since he analyzes his feelings and he wonders why it is okay for Rihito to maintain this kind of relationship with Mei.]

At the palace, Kento wanted to continue what they were talking about earlier but Rihito hushed him and told him that something is strange because it is too quiet. Kento asked if it’s possible that Irufan didn’t go there. Rihito says that the helicopter is here [at the helipad] so Irufan is definitely here. Kento thought that Mei is definitely here. He then noticed something and pointed to a half-naked statue with a heart shaped note stick on one of its breast. Kento exclaimed what that is. He took the note and there is a note in front, ‘Mei’. Rihito asked him to give it to him. He flipped the note and there is a message at the back. “♥Rihito-San♥ I believe that if it’s Rihito-san, you’ll definitely find this.” Kento angrily shouted that he was the one who found it. “Irufan’s butlers have betrayed him and they are after our lives...so, the two of us decided to escape into the desert-- I'll be waiting for you-- Mei" Kento is shock that Irufan’s butlers would try to assassinate Irufan. Rihito seems to be thinking. Then, to Kento’s shock, Rihito told him to go find Mei in the desert. Kento asked what about him. Rihito told him that the Irufan’s butlers are a hindrance so he’ll ‘dispose’ of them first. Kento said that if that’s how it is, then he’ll go with him. Rihito told him not to because Mei is already in the desert and every moment counts since with only Mei and Irufan, they cannot survive in the desert. Preparing to leave, Rihito told him that for all to be alright, it’s really important to save Mei. “I’ll leave it up to you.” Kento protested that Irufan had two butlers and there’s only one of him. Rihito turned around and said, “Who do you think I am, don’t worry, having a class A butler around will just be a HINDRANCE.” Kento is furious as he can only curse Rihito to just go die. Kento headed back to the car as he remembered everything that Rihito told him afterwards. Rihito told him that he’ll catch up with Kento after he finished off what he has to do there. Rihito let him use the car but warned him of the dangerous sandstorms which can easily cause machine-driven vehicles to malfunction so Kento shouldn’t depend too much on it. [I can’t quite read it but] it seems that Rihito is informing Kento that within 50km range from the palace, they can’t communicate using ordinary phones so they can’t communicate with the school and the Hongo family so Kento should remember that.

Sitting at the car, Kento is looking at the map and thought that he can only depend on his intuition and luck. “If I were to escape, I would go to the west where there is a town and since it is very near..” After some driving, Kento hears someone say, “Ah, Shibata’s way of thinking is way too simple!” Kento stepped on the break. It turned out to be a cute little Mei fairy. Fairy Mei told him that if he can think of that then those who are after them can also think of that. “If that’s how it is, then we’ll quickly be discovered – that will be quite stupid --♪” Kento replied, “Then go to the opposite direction, at the east.” Sitting on his shoulder, fairy Mei tapped his ear and said that they don’t have much water and Irufan should more or less know about this place. Kento looked at the map again and said that at the north, there is a mountain area. Fairy Mei happily said that compared to the east which is only desert, it is much easier to pass through the mountain area and there might be some vegetation around it. Holding the steering wheel, Kento shouted, “Okay, towards the north! Wait for me, Mei! I’m going to rescue you right now!” The car won’t start. Kento kicked the car at the side and angrily shouted that it already malfunctioned. “Really useless..!” Just then, he noticed something on the car’s floor. It is Rihito’s S butler pin. Kento thought that Rihito valued it more than his life yet unexpectedly he dropped it. After a pause, Kento suddenly become anxious and worried about Rihito. Hiding in the palace, Rihito noticed that he had lost his pin. He wondered where and when he lost it. He noticed that surveillance camera moving so he realized that the butlers are still looking for Mei and Irufan. Rihito smiled a bit. At the inner palace, Rihito overheard Zin telling Zaki that some equipment is missing so Irufan and Mei could have left the place. Zin then shouted what Zaki is implying when Zaki can only order him around. Rihito entered and asked if they have an internal dispute. The two butlers are shock to see Rihito. End flashback. In the monitor room, Zaki can’t believe it because the surveillance cameras didn’t pick up anything and maybe Rihito just passed through the blind spots. He didn’t notice a small ticking bomb stick on the wall behind him. Boom!

Zin is shock to hear Zaki shouting out loud. Zin shouts what happened to Zaki. Rihito tells him that stupid prince is irritating but for a butler to betray one’s own master, it’s more disgusting. Taking out his dagger, Zin shouts for Rihito to shut up for what does a mediocre butler, who serves an ojousama, knows. Rihito sidesteps and easily beats up Zin. Rihito steps on the head of fallen Zin and says, “What do you know? The happiness of a butler serving an ojousama.. Stand up! My (younger) brother has already went to save Miss Mei and that stupid prince, for you two, who have committed a grave crime, I’m going to give you to the royal..” Injured Zaki comes in and tells him to wait. He says that they have lost and even if they returned, it’s all over for them. Rihito says that he doesn’t care about that. Zaki asks him to let go of Zin since he is his only (younger) brother. Rihito refuses. After a pause, Zaki tells him that they have Mei with them. Rihito says he’s lying. Zaki says that he isn’t because Mei and Irufan planned to escape and they captured them but Irufan managed to escape. “I’ll give Hongo Mei to you so, my brother and I..no..even if it’s just my brother, please let him go..I beg of you!” After a pause, Rihito tells him to let Mei go first. Zaki tells him to follow him. Still holding on to Zin, Rihito follows Zaki downstairs. Zaki asks if Rihito will really let Zin go. Rihito says that he’ll just see what Zaki does. Inside a room, Rihito sees Mei tied up at the back of the room. Her face is bend down and looking away from him. Zaki tells Rihito that they used drugs to put Mei to sleep. Rihito immediately lets go of Zin and rushes to Mei. Zaki is smiling. When Rihito touches Mei, the head jumped up. It is just a mannequin toy. He looks behind to see the door is closed then smoke is coming out of the vent. Rihito tries to cover his nose as he is bending down. There is a loud laugh. Zin tells Zaki that luckily he thought of it and suddenly saying, that they are brothers. Zaki says, “Isn’t it interesting? Shibata Rihito, do not worry, we will be responsible in settling the dispute with your (younger) brother by getting rid of him and of course, that includes your most precious ojousama.” Rihito has fallen unconscious on the floor.

It has been 30 hours since Mei has been kidnapped. Riding on a camel with Mei as the sun is blazing hot, Irufan looks at his watch. It seems to be a timer with 42:00 on it. He sweatdrops and thinks that there is still 42 hours left and why did he said the time limit will be 72 hours. “But, I’ll just wait for this thing to be over, and Mei will be mine. ♡” Mei asks Irufan if the mountain is really at the north because they still haven’t seen it. Irufan tells her that they should just keep on going and they will see it. Looking tired, Mei says that it seems that she is in a daze. Irufan is surprised and says that she is always in a daze. He thinks that normally, this would be the time to ‘attack’. Suddenly, Mei falls down from the camel. Later on, Mei wakes up to find herself leaning on the camel and a wet cloth on her forehead. She hears Irufan calling her and asking if she is alright. Seems to be a bit confused, Mei asks where she is. Irufan tells her that she has passed out in the middle of their journey. He asks if she can drink some water. Then, Irufan tells Mei to stay and rest at the shadow of the camel and he’ll go dig a hole for there might be some cool water. [It seems that one can find water underneath the sand from dry stream beds] After a pause, Mei calls out to him and sweetly smiles to thank him. Irufan is surprised by that then he turns away to say that for someone who grew up in the desert, he should at least know that kind of thing. Mei then falls asleep. Walking away, Irufan thinks that she’s so cute and if it isn’t because of the circumstances, he might not be able to stop himself. [Ah, that part is blurry so I assume that is what he thought ^^;] Irufan curses the heat because if he can’t find more water then Mei’s body won’t be able to support itself. He curses again that there are still 41 hours left. He sees someone riding a motorcycle. He becomes excited that it would be someone who’ll save them but he quickly hides back down upon realizing who it is. Mei is walking towards him to ask what it is. Irufan quickly pushes her down and shouts, ‘sh!’. He happily tells her not to look down on fainting spells and she should be a nice girl and go sleep. Mei looks at him and asks why he said ‘sh!’ Irufan sweatdrops and just says that he meant that the surrounding should be quiet. Irufan wonders why Shibata is in this place. He had seen Kento driving on a motorcycle which can run on sand. It’s called ‘Mei 2’. Irufan wonders if Kento has figured out that they are there and how did Kento figured it out. He also wonders what kind of people are Mei’s butlers. Looking at sleeping Mei, he thinks that if he called that Shibata, they would be rescued but if he did that, the game will end and he lost. “I..I’ll just look on helplessly, as Mei becomes some other guy’s possession.”

Mei wakes up and asks if Irufan is not feeling well because he has been silent for some time. Irufan tells her that he is fine and she should just go to sleep. Mei then says, “Let’s sleep together.” Mei meant that he rest but Irufan totally misunderstood what she meant. Before he can go near her, the camel snorts out to keep him away. Irufan is gloomy as he thinks that he will inherit this whole place, half of the world’s oil will belong to him and he is the richest man in the world so why does he have to encounter this kind of situation. He has decided to continue on with the duel. He won’t give up Mei to any guy or even to that camel. Somewhere in the desert, Kento stops and says that he didn’t see anything. He looks at Rihito’s S pin. He drives again to look for Mei as he shouts for his stupid brother to quickly catch up. Back to Mei, Irufan peeks out again and thinks that Kento has already gone far away. He sees another figure and wonders if it is the older Shibata. As the man approaches, he realizes that it is just a wanderer because of his Arabian clothes. Mei wakes up and asks what Irufan is looking at. Mei has seen the man that she quickly waves her hands to call the man’s attention. Irufan stops her and tells her what she plans from calling out that guy. The man has collapsed. Mei decides to give some water for the man. Irufan protests that they barely have enough water for the two of them so they can’t afford to give some to that guy. Mei lamely protests but Irufan tells her to pretend that she didn’t see that guy and they should just leave. Mei protests that she cannot bear to just abandon and let a man die in front of her eyes. Irufan shouts, so what since they might be the one who’ll end up dead. “You’re doing that impulsively that you’re not even analyzing the situation. Doing that isn’t kind-hearted but rather, it’s only hypocritical!” After a pause, Irufan tells her that it’s that man’s fate to die there. Looking determined, Mei tells him that there’s no such thing as fate and since she doesn’t want to trouble Irufan, she’ll just give the man her share of the water. She doesn’t want to feel guilty of letting that man die when she is able to at least help him live with what she has. Irufan can only look at Mei who gives the man some water and the man thanks her. It seems that the man has a halo on his head. Mei happily smiles then she faints.

Irufan quickly goes to her and gives her some water to drink. It seems that he is giving her his share of the water since her water is all used up. Mei apologizes for saying big words yet here she is, giving him trouble. Irufan exclaims that she’s not, for the one who is stupid is him. He admits that he has seen Shibata but he doesn’t want to lose the duel and doesn’t want her to leave him so.. Mei stands up and quickly shouts when Irufan has seen him/Shibata and might can give chase using the camel. They then heard some sound. They turn around to see the man whom Mei helped has taken the camel and rode away. Mei shouts for the man to wait and where he is going. Irufan shouts that man stole their camel and supplies. Back at the palace, Rihito is unconscious on the floor. Peeking inside, Zin asks if he’s dead. Zaki says that he just made him sleep. Zin says that it would have been better to just kill him. Zaki tells him not to say that. He says that a S-ranked butler is very rare in the world and he will definitely be a very good gift [to someone?] so just let Rihito just sleep there and not mind him. “We’ll deal with him after we return. The most important thing right now is that younger Shibata who is looking for the prince.” Zin says that he is still pissed off so he’ll just finish something and Zaki should go ahead. Zin opens the door. Zaki shouts that the gas will leak out and if he wants to beat up Rihito, he has time to do it later. Zin didn’t listen as he kicks unconscious Rihito. He pulls him up and says that he doesn’t care if he’s S or what not but he seems very delicate. Zin punches Rihito in the face. Zin is very pleased as Zaki tells him that they should leave. Zin says that he wants one last hit. He grabs Rihito’s hair and [since this part is blurry, I think he] says that he wants to bash in/ruin Rihito’s pretty face so that it won’t be recognizable. Before he can punch, Rihito has already grabbed him and pin his arm. Rihito thanks him since it is because of Zin, that he was able to wake up. The door closes and Zin realizes that Zaki has abandoned him. Rihito tells Zin, “Don’t mind him. Whatever happens, he also won’t be able to escape this place.” Zin asks him what he meant by that. After looking somewhat sad, Rihito looks serious and says, “Since you guys aren’t willing to hand over Miss Mei..then, I’ll use your lives as substitutes!” Kaboom! The palace explodes. Narration: “Even at the cost of my life, I will still protect you. My one and only ojousama.”

In Japan, at St. Lucia Academy, everyone is doing what they usually do when girly prince/Claris* announces that 24 hours have already passed. [*I invented the name and maybe her male name is Claus. I’ll try using all of the names instead of ‘descriptive names’ but I’m not really sure about their actual name so if anyone knows the real names of the fiance-s/butlers, please, tell me.] Someone asks, “What then?” Claris tells them that it has already been 24 hours and none of the Shibata brothers contact them so shouldn’t they do something afterwards. Nezu laughs and says that Claris is still quite hot-blooded. Ryan, her butler, agrees. Claris is embarrassed as she tells them to shut up. All of the other girls tell her not to worry because Izumi has already thought of things. Izumi then tells Rika that they are going. This surprises Rika and asks what she meant by that. Izumi says that they are going to Arabia and luckily, there’s no school tomorrow. Rika protests why she has to go, too. Izumi says that she has already contacted with Hongo Kintaro and she was informed that Hongo family will not meddle with the duel. Miruku says that is quite a predictable response. Claris exclaims how he could say such things when his own granddaughter is kidnapped. Fujiko says that if that’s how Hongo family replied then the school can’t take action either. Izumi says that Fujiko is right and now, the only ones who can help Mei and the Shibata brothers are them. Rika says, so what, she really hates going to a hot country. Izumi says that she considers this situation as a good opportunity because Rika’s future husband will be from that country. Everyone is shock. Aoyama tries to asks Rika about it but Rika tells him to not to interrupt. Rika tells Izumi that she likes how Izumi said that. Rika tells Aoyama to prepare her most beautiful formal wear for she is going to use her beauty’s brilliance to blind the eyes of those Arabian guys. Aoyama just obeys. Nezu tells Kiba it’s quite complicated and also that guy/person. [? Not sure if they meant Rika and Aoyama’s relationship]

Miruku tells Daimon that they will be going, too. Izumi tells Miruku that she’s staying behind. Miruku protests why and is it because she’s a child. Izumi tells her that if something bad happens, she wants her to ask help from the school. Because if Miruku isn’t here, there will be no sole/sun rank student around there and she wants Miruku to help them in intelligence/information-gathering. Fujiko tells Miruku that she’s staying too and they should give support from Japan. Miruku finally agrees with the plan. Izumi asks another favor from Miruku and that is, for the meantime, Miruku’s Daimon will be exchanged with her Kiba. The butlers are surprised by that. Miruku agrees that it is a good idea. Daimon tries to protest but Miruku says that her Daimon is really great. Daimon agrees when Miruku tells him that he will be of great help and he’ll be able to help Mei. With pride, Daimon says yes. Ryan made Claris go, too. They then notice that Tami and Kanzaki are missing lately. Izumi tells Kiba that she’ll leave the rest to him. Kiba says yes, and wishes them a safe journey. As the airplane is getting ready to fly, Shinnosuke is watching from the window. Xiao Qing [the Chinese butler; interestingly, his name is a female character in the Chinese story, White Snake] asks him if he’s worried about Izumi. Shinnosuke says that it is none of his business. Looking out the window, Xiao Qing wonders out loud if that person is really still alive. Shinnosuke says that it will be pretty brutal of Irufan to kill Mei. Xiao Qing says, “No..I’m not talking about Miss Mei..” Then, there is a scene of ruined structures in the palace with the head of the doll Mei. At the desert, Mei’s eyes look blank. The temperature is 48C, no camel, no equipment, and very little water. The two are taking shelter from the sun over a large sand dune. Irufan is cursing that guy for being ungrateful and he’ll kill him if he ever sees that guy again. Mei apologizes to Irufan that things turned out that way. After a pause, Irufan is frustrated to have encountered such an ordeal when he is the royal prince of that country. “So, didn’t I tell you not to care about that scoundrel, compared to thinking of helping others, you should think of yourself first..!” Mei quietly says, “..Yes..what you’ve said is true..it would have been okay..if only I didn’t mind those other things..” A bit worried, Irufan asks if she is alright. After a pause, Mei asks, “..what?” Irufan says, “Your brilliance, has become more and more dim.” Mei just says, is that so. Irufan stands up and faces Mei.

To her surprise, Irufan says that he won’t allow it. He exclaims that she was quite proud a while ago and now, she’s regretting it after encountering this situation. “The number 1 ojousama of St. Lucia isn’t like this..! …. Only you..only you..shouldn’t lose your brilliance. Even if you are in a difficult situation, and it’s ‘dark’ like this, you’ll be calm and relaxed no matter what kind of situation is in front [of you], like that, making you’ll make others jealous of your proactive attitude of perseverance and optimism. An ojou-sama who has lost her light will only be an ordinary girl. I’ve unexpectedly have become infatuated with that kind [of girl]..I will not acknowledge this kind of thing!” Mei suddenly realizes something and says, “Light..” She quickly looks in her pocket to see a small compact mirror. Mei starts climbing up the sand dune as Irufan asks what it is. Mei asks him which direction he saw him. Irufan says if he is talking about Shibata, it’s that direction. Mei starts using the mirror to reflect the sun to send a signal. Mei becomes faint that Irufan offers to be the one to do that. He offers her some water even if it’s the last of their water supply. Holding up the mirror, Irufan shouts, “Damn! It’s okay, no matter who notice this..pay attention here!” Both are hoping that someone would notice their signal. After a while, Irufan says that it’s no good. Mei starts looking at a direction in the desert. To her surprise, she sees the camel going back to their direction. She happily goes to the camel and exclaims that it came back. Irufan asks if it is the same camel since the luggage isn’t the same. Mei asks the camel if it is indeed Camel-kun. It happily greets her. She then notices a sheep [picture] insignia on the luggage. “Could it be..” She looks back at the desert to see a figure of a guy walking towards them. Frustrated and feeling hot, Kento angrily shouts for the stupid camel to wait and why would it suddenly rush off. [I think the note says that Kento has fallen off the camel] Kento is surprised to see them and he asks, “Mei..?” Looking at him, Mei kneels on the ground that Kento quickly rushes to her. Holding her, Kento shouts at Irufan to get the water and cool pack from the luggage. Kento asks Mei if she is alright and tells her to quickly put the cool pack on her neck and armpits. Mei mutters, “..why..” Kento asks, “What did you say?” Mei starts crying as she exclaims, “Why isn’t it Rihito-san~~~!!!”

Kento sweatdrops and is puzzled. Mei goes to Irufan and exclaims, “Didn’t you say that you’ve seen Rihito passed by here!” Irufan says, “Huh? I obviously said Shibata.” Mei exclaims that he’s lying. A note said that Irufan is saying the truth. Angry, Kento says, “I came to save you, yet it seems you’re not happy..” Mei angrily says, “That’s right, you..two-timing fickle guy!” Irufan says that Kento already has some other girl yet he still wants to be a fiance [of Mei]. Kento shouts what they are talking about. Mei darkly mutters, “…phone..the one who called you on the phone..” While there is some ruffling sound, Kento asks, “..phone..? ah..when?” Kento has already made a small tent and tells Mei to go inside first. The two are surprised. Mei goes in and says that it is quite cool inside. Kento explains that it’s because of the insulation material. He tells her to rest inside before the sun sets. He then calls Irufan. Kento gives Irufan a punch in the face that Irufan falls down on the ground. Mei goes out and shouts at Kento. Kento shouts, “Stand up, stupid majesty! Things aren’t over yet! Thanks to that foolish game, you have endangered Mei’s life..do you know what you are doing!” Mei tries to tell Kento that Irufan has his own troubles. “And look, I’m also fine now.” To Mei’s surprise, Kento says, “..it’s not only you..” Mei asks what he meant. Kento didn’t reply. A bit worried, Mei asks, “Where’s Rihito-san? Why isn’t he with you...” Kento gives Mei Rihito’s S pin. Mei is shock to see it. She becomes worried when Kento says, “I couldn’t..contact him..he went alone in Irufan’s harem..____”

There is a scene of Rihito telling Kento to find Mei in the desert. Mei is shock as she couldn’t believe that Rihito went to face the two butlers alone. After a pause, Kento apologizes for saying it to her that way. He casually says that since it’s that guy, things should have resolved smoothly. Mei tries to protest. Kento tells her that she isn’t okay yet, so she should just drink lots of water, eat and then, rest for a while. When Mei is going to protest again, he just says, “Even if you can go, what can you do...if he’s all alone, he can give it his all out in resolving things, ..but, if you are there, his number one priority will be to protect you, even if he’ll sacrifice himself. Because we are your butlers.” Mei cannot answer back. He tells her to go to sleep then they head west for the town. Mei says, okay. She then asks him if he has seen a guy riding on Camel-kun when he found it. Puzzled, Kento says that when he found it, it is only the camel. Mei says, is that so. Kento tells her to quickly go to sleep. She obeys. After looking at the tent, he looks at Irufan and tells him to go get some water and food for himself. Irufan asks if Kento actually prepared his share. Kento tells him that regrettably, there were rations only for three people. Kento thinks that originally, they didn’t plan on being with the stupid prince so there are only enough rations for Mei, him and Rihito. He is frustrated that Rihito is being ‘cool’ because he has thought of this and this is the reason why Kento alone should be the one to look for Mei. Irufan is looking at Kento. That night, Irufan goes to Camel-kun and asks a sincere favor from it. The camel is silent. He asks it to bring him back to the palace. Camel looks away. Irufan says that he would want to lend Mei a hand. “I beg of you..” Camel seems to be thinking about it. Irufan grabs on to the camel’s neck and shouts for it to please help him become a man.

With arms folded, Kento tells him not to do unnecessary things. Irufan asks what he meant by that when he has totally decided on this. Kento says that is why he told him not to do unnecessary things and there is something he would ask him to do. “Instead of me, I want you to be the one who’ll bring Mei back safely to Japan.” Irufan asks what about him. “Could it be..” He tells Kento that they are currently on a duel so how could he just easily bring Mei back. To his surprise, Kento says, “No, you will. You’ve already decided not to do anything that will hurt Mei,...right?” Irufan sits down and looks away from Kento. He asks Kento why he still plans on saving his brother. “I..because of my brother’s command, my butlers attempted to kill me. Why..is there such a difference..” Kento is surprised to learn that it was Irufan’s brother who tried to kill him. Irufan asks, “Aren’t you the same, too..if your brother is dead, then it is advantageous to you..could it be that you didn’t realize this? Don’t say such beautiful words.” Kento says, “Ah..I did thought of, what if Rihito is no more..no, perhaps I still think about it..but, if I just abandon him and not care about him, I won’t feel good about it..I don’t want to have this kind of feeling while being Mei’s butler. Because that will make me feel ashamed.” Irufan sweatdrops and asks, “So you’re saying that you wants to act cool in front of Mei.” Kento says that he can say it like that. Irufan is shock then angrily shouts at Kento that he won’t give way to Kento, he’ll be the one who’ll go back to the palace. Kento exclaims back what a stupid prince can do. Irufan shouts that Kento is just a butler while he is the country’s crown prince. Kento calls him stupid because compared to a crown prince, a butler is a million times cooler. Someone says then it would be better if all of them just go back. The two freeze from fighting when they see Mei telling them that they should quickly leave. Kento nervously asks if what she meant is. Wearing a windbreaker jacket, Mei goes to the camel and asks wasn’t Kento going back to the palace. She had already had sufficient sleep and she’s fine now. Kento tries to protest by telling her to quit saying foolish things but Mei says, “What I’m saying is, in order for you to not be distracted and worried about me, I’ll be going along with you guys!” Kento is really gloomy because he can’t answer back. Irufan says that things turn out that way and that girl is really stubborn. Kento mutters that he knows and her stubbornness is troublesome for him. Mei is worried about Rihito and hopes that he is fine. “There’s nothing wrong with an ojousama saving her own butler..”

Outside the imperial palace of Arabia, Izumi + Daimon and Claris + Ryan find themselves being snubbed because everyone is busy since there is an explosion in Irufan’s palace and and they couldn’t contact Irufan and his two butlers. Ryan comments that they can’t get in if everyone is busy. Claris tries to call someone’s attention but she was just being told to leave since they are all busy. Claris introduces herself and threatens them with something [can’t quite read it ^^;] so they are now inside and being treated with food and refreshments. Claris comments that if she wants to do something, she can actually do it. Izumi muses that no wonder she’s a royalty and has that kind of confidence. The two butlers think that they estimate that the characters like bread type of guy. A note says that bread type of guy is Salamu, Irufan’s brother. [If it’s a joke, I don’t get it ^^; I think bread type of man is like Anpanman ^^;;] Salamu apologizes to them because they are currently in the midst of chaos so what he can do for their honored guests. Izumi says that they are looking for their friend, Hongo Mei and they should know about her. Salamu and others’ mood become dark. Salamu says of course, they do and they have a very deep impression [of her]. Izumi and Claris sweatdrop as they wonder if it is their imagination but it seems that the feeling is like Salamu and others are emitting some sort of malice feeling than normal. Salamu shouts what Hongo family is thinking for sending those two fiends [butlers =P] but because his father and the old head of Hongo family are friends so they close their eyes this time around, about this incident. Izumi tells them to relax for they will properly explain things. Daimon happily exclaims to leave it to Izumi’s brilliant ways of diplomacy. To their surprise and Ryan can only motion for her to stop, Claris exclaims for them to shut up because this incident was caused by their stupid prince. They shout whom Claris is calling a stupid prince and no matter what, Irufan is the one who’s going to inherit the country. Ryan tries to make Claris stop making things worse but Claris exclaims that Irufan is an idiot. Someone shouts for the two of them to be quiet. Someone arrives and says, “Negotiating with these unknown people is a waste of time, Izumi.” Dressed up in an elegant Japanese dress and carrying a fan, Rika declares, “Call out your king and tell him that Kayama Rika has arrived.” Aoyama is standing behind her. All of the Arabian soldiers are blushing at how beautiful Rika is. A soldier tries to tell Salamu who she is but Salamu says that he already knows. Salamu says that Rika has inherited some ancient country’s blood and will fill the number 8 crown princess vacancy of Irufan’s harem. They have heard rumors about her but they didn’t expect her to show up there. Daimon comments to Izumi that Rika’s beauty today has this cold magnificent feel to it that can ‘force’ people [to do what she wants]. Izumi says that Rika wouldn’t want to hear it being said like that. “She is a genius in baffling men..”

Salamu says that this is the first time they’ve met. “Because the king is advanced in years, I’m the king’s representative..” She looks at him then covers her face with her fan while looking away. “I do not talk with minions.” The Arabian guys are shock by her behavior. Claris asks if that is way too excessive/really bad. Everyone is tense but Izumi assures them that it is alright because Aoyama, a class A butler, will protect her and she doesn’t think that things will turn for the worse. Suddenly, an old man is carried out on a chair with many servants behind him. Everyone there prostrates down upon seeing the king. The chair is carried in front of Rika. Ryan is surprised that the king actually appeared. Rika and the king look at each other. Bowing, Rika says, “It’s the first time I’ve come to see you, father-in-law.” The Arabian guys blush as they are entranced by Rika. Izumi and Claris seem a bit worried about Rika. The king then says, “So alike..” Salamu is puzzled. Blushing, the king shouts that Rika is such a beautiful gem so enchanting that only their mother [his wife] could surpass and with that strong temperament with a touch of melancholy, both are a match. “I really like, really fascinated ♡♡♡♡ Everyone! Whatever darling Rika ♡ says, all of you will totally obey her!” Everyone is silent as Rika’s friends sweatdrops. Someone nervously mutters, “Rika..darling?” Narration: “Rika has easily taken control of the king.” Back to Mei and others, Mei is riding on the camel while the guys are walking because there are too many luggages. Irufan asks for how long are they going to walk until they arrive. Kento says that if they don’t take a break, they will approximately reach it by 12 hours. Irufan exclaims in shock about having to walk for 12 hours. Mei offers to let Irufan ride the camel. Irufan refuses. Mei sneezes. Irufan asks if she is alright. Mei says that she is. Kento looks thoughtful then he stops the camel. He says that the two of them won’t do. “I’ll just go back to the palace on my own.” This surprises Mei. She goes down the camel and tells Kento to quit joking at this time. Kento says that he isn’t joking. Holding her shoulders, Kento says, “I will definitely bring Rihito back. Believe in me.” Mei shouts that she doesn’t believe a two-timing guy like him. Kento asks what’s with that two-timing stuff. Mei shouts for him not to play innocent. Irufan is with the camel. He wonders if he can rest after walking for such a long time. He tells camel to put down the luggage so they can rest. He notices that the camel isn’t moving. While angry Mei is grabbing Kento’s shoulder and shouting about the phone call, Kento looks back and asks if she hears something. Kento walks a little further and observes something ahead of the desert. Mei is a bit worried. Kento turns towards them and shouts, “Quickly, hide at the back of the camel’s hump..! A sandstorm is coming..!” Mei is surprised to hear this.

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