June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 44-45]

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*Crash* Chikai falls down along with some bento boxes. Hanabi is also on the floor. Chikai sits up and angrily calls Hanabi stupid for suddenly coming out when he could have landed safely on his own. He is still going to reprimand her when his expression softens upon seeing Hanabi in pain as she mutters that it hurts. She is pointing to her hand which Chikai seemed to have pinned down upon falling. Just then, a teacher comes in and asks what happened. After seeing Hanabi, the teacher tells her to go to the clinic. Later on, the teacher comments that Hanabi’s cooking is exceptionally good. While putting the food in the bento box, Chikai grumbles why he has to do this. The teacher who is washing the dishes laughs and says that he’s Hanabi’s boyfriend, so he should do this kind of thing when his girlfriend is injured. The teacher tells him that Hanabi fervently begged her to lend that place to her. Chikai just says that is basically Hanabi’s nature to give it all of her best, that idiot. Walking at the hallway, Hanabi looks at her bandaged left hand. She decides to email Chikai. She says that he was the one who helped her tidy up after the ‘accident’, thanks, she just came from the clinic and it’s a sprain. Outside the building, doing some woodwork, Chikai got her message. To Hanabi’s surprise, he wrote, “Idiot.” She thinks that it’s too short. Hanabi repeats her thanks and tells him that today, they are going to Kareshi’s house so they can’t go home together after school today. From the building above, Hanabi shows Chikai her bandaged hand. Chikai just ‘mouths’, idiot. Hanabi happily smiles at him as Chikai had answered her in email, is that so. Hanabi thinks that for her, this injury is like a medal. [Hehe, she is such a M[asochist] ^^;;]

Flashback: Chidori invited Masato to her house. Holding his hand, she happily told him to come in. Masato protested and pulled his hand away from her. Chidori’s smile disappeared. Masato grappled for words to decline her offer since it seems that he isn’t ready/it isn’t the proper time. Chidori looked flustered and apologized for making things hard on him. She said that she has no other intention but just for them to have tea and chat. Masato told her that there is no need for her to apologize since he should be the one apologizing. He called himself stupid as to what was he thinking. Chidori then said that she’ll go prepare tea. End flashback. Masato is standing in front of Kareshi’s house. Three of Kareshi’s younger siblings [two boys and 1 girl] are outside. One of the siblings calls out to Masato. Masato asks where Kareshi is. The girl says, “She told me to tell you that she’s not here.” The older boy reprimands the girl for adding, ‘she told me to tell you’ The girl apologizes for that. Masato is teary-eyed and gloomy upon hearing that. Masato looks up the house and shouts if Kareshi can hear him. “I..” At the same time, Masato’s cellphone in his bag which is on the floor starts ringing. The kids take his cellphone and read the message out loud just when Masato is saying something. “It’s an email from Miss Chidori? Yesterday? Tha-thank you, come again to my house [for fun].” Masato nervously exclaims that’s not it and it’s absolutely not that strange [kind of thing].. The window on the second floor opens and Kareshi tells her siblings to return the cellphone to Masato. The kids are scared so the older kid gives the phone back to Masato. Kareshi emails Masato a message. Masato takes off his eyeglasses. The kids ask him if he’s going home. Kareshi has emailed him, “Let’s break up.” Masato sadly walks away and just left the eyeglasses on the ground. Kareshi is crying.

Later on, Kareshi’s friends come to visit. They ask if she is alright. Kareshi thanks them for visiting. Kareshi is sitting up from her futon [so I guess she is crying-sleeping most of the time]. Kareshi thanks them for coming to see her. Hanabi says that they are worried since she isn’t replying to their emails. Hanabi asks if she is feeling better now. After seeing Hanabi’s bandaged hand, Kareshi asks what happened to Hanabi’s hand. Hanabi laughs and exclaims that she has been too enthusiastic with her love attack plan that, this had happened. Kareshi then looks down and tells them that she and Masato have broken up. Her friends are stunned then exclaims why and when did it happen. Kareshi says that he was stolen by some girl. Touching Kareshi’s shoulder, Hanabi asks if this is okay and did she talk properly with Masato. Everyone especially Hanabi is stunned when Kareshi says, “The feeling of having one’s boyfriend stolen, Hanabi can’t understand it, right?” Hanabi takes her hand away from Kareshi. Kareshi then bends down to cry as she apologizes [for that remark]. Hanabi narrates that what comes to her mind, every time she says she likes Chikai, is Kareshi’s expression, before she always thought that it was because Kareshi was worried about her. Ding-dong. Chikai has arrived to walk Hanabi to school. Chikai asks her to give him her school bag. She asks why. He says just says, ‘hand’ → her hand is injured. While carrying both their bags, Chikai walks ahead and looks back to see Hanabi crying. He asks if she is so happy that she’s crying. Hanabi shouts that it isn’t so. Then, tears kept on falling. Narration: “Uno Chikai only asked once why I’m crying. I didn’t answer, I couldn’t answer.”

At the street, Hanabi pulls the bag from Chikai and tells him that it’s okay for him to walk her up to there. Chikai insists that he’ll bring her bag up to her classroom. Hanabi is surprised by this. She exclaims that there is no need for that because it will be too much of a hassle to explain and it will just lead to a misunderstanding. It might be peculiarly noticed that they are eating in an empty classroom. Hanabi says that it is only in the morning when they walk together and she can say that they occasionally meet each other but if he is carrying her bag. “This ‘temporary’ thing, won’t everyone notice it?” Hanabi is also tense that Kareshi might see them. Chikai didn’t listen to her as he keeps on walking ahead that Hanabi lost her grip on her bag. In Hanabi’s classroom, all of the girls are looking at Hanabi’s direction as Chikai puts her bag on her desk. Hanabi nervously looks at Kareshi’s desk. It’s empty. Chikai hits her forehead and says, “See ya.” Hanabi thanks him. After Chikai left, the other girls go to Hanabi to interrogate her about it since it seems that their relationship is quite good. Hanabi just says that she is injured. They ask about her injury and if Chikai helped her carry her bag just because she is injured. Hanabi wonders what she should do next as she tries to explain that isn’t up to that degree yet [their relationship]. The other girls are already saying that Hanabi is really great and they are frustrated [since she got Chikai first]. Atsumi, together with Mii, tells the others that they just happen to be on the same way [thus they meet coincidentally]. The other girls ask if that is true. Later on, at the hallway, Hanabi thanks Atsumi and Mii for their help since she can’t properly explain this ‘temporary time’. Hanabi asks about Kareshi. Atsumi says that she will be absent for another day. Hanabi looks sad. Atsumi tells Hanabi that even if Kareshi said that –Hanabi couldn’t understand the feelings of someone whose boyfriend was stolen– but she thinks that Kareshi isn’t criticizing Hanabi for stealing Chikai from his girlfriend. Hanabi doesn’t seem to believe that. Atsumi tells her that didn’t Chikai told her that Christmas night that it has nothing to do with her. Hanabi just laughs since she knows that it is just cold comfort. “According to Uno Chikai, I basically don’t have the strength to steal him away. This is the truth that I knew deeply that night. But, what if, I’m not around..” There is a scene of Chikai together with Yukine.

Four girls look stunned upon seeing Masato without his glasses. He still looks sad. They whisper if that guy is really from their school, he’s so cute. After he walks away, they say that since he is wearing overalls, he is probably from the work craft section. One girl says that among the work craft section, she still thinks that Chikai is more handsome. Another girl says that it seems that Chikai is already together with the freshman from their section. A girl says that she felt a bit disappointed even if it is just Chikai carrying the bag of that girl this morning. Another girl says that her kouhai said that the girl [Hanabi] denied it. Smiling, Shinichi muses out loud that up to here it has already spread and that those two lovers are really noticeable. The girls exclaim, so it is true that they are lovers since Shinichi is the guy who’s always with Chikai. At the restaurant where they work, Chidori is stunned upon seeing Masato without the glasses. Masato tells her ‘good work’. Chidori exclaims what happened to his eyeglasses. Masato just laughs-sad, and says he doesn’t need it anymore because those eyeglasses are a pair. Chidori has a clownish-smile. [Totally reminds me of SB! Shou’s smile after he did ‘that’ to Kyouko.] She pats his head and tells him that next time, they’ll go to a happier place to have fun in order to help him forget. At the place where Hanabi works, the boss greets Atsumi whom he calls ‘gummy*’ and Chikai whom he calls a good-looking guy. [*- like gummy bears but in Chinese it is ‘soft candy’ like gummies, gumdrops, jellybean. I think it’s cuter to call her gummy instead of ‘soft candy’ ^^; I don’t know what the exact term in Japanese. Hm..I wonder if he calls her that as a different way for calling chubby or because she’s always smiling = sweet? ] Hanabi went there with the two of them. Gesturing towards Chikai, the boss asks him that since Hanabi is able to stay with him does it mean that he’s a girl. Chikai tells him no because he has that [thing]. Hanabi shouts for them to quit talking about that. Embarrassed, Hanabi tells the boss that she wants to take a leave of absence for a few days because she has injured her hand. The boss says that is a huge issue. He teases Hanabi that the feeling of being wrapped in bandage is very obscene. [I think he means ‘bondage’] Aghast, Hanabi angrily tells him that it isn’t so and calls him an obscene guy.

The boss notices that Chikai is looking at him. He smiles at Chikai and tells him that he’s just joking and he doesn’t have that kind of desire towards Hanabi. “There’s no need for you to worry, handsome boy.” Hanabi blushes and exclaims in shock. Chikai asks him what he meant by that. The boss just says that he is talking to himself. He asks Atsumi if she’s going to work today. Atsumi says she will later on. Hanabi thinks, “What is he saying worry! It’s impossible! Totally impossible..” Chikai looks away and says, “..ah.” They look at the side to see Sasa. Sasa says that he was surprised that everyone is there. Wondering what to do/explain to Atsumi, Hanabi just tells her that Sasa is a regular customer there. Atsumi whispers to her that it is alright, she knows everything. This surprises Hanabi. The boss asks why Sasa is also there. Sasa says that he just happen to pass by there. The boss comments that the youngsters’ cultural festival is so fun. Just then, his cellphone is ringing so he tries to answer it but it falls down on the floor. Hanabi’s eyes widen upon seeing the cellphone as the boss picks it up. Hanabi tries to ask something after seeing the picture of Princess Ami-sensei is on his cellphone. The boss holds up his phone and says that she [Ami] is his wife. Sasa is stunned. The boss says, “Gummy knows about it.” Atsumi looks flustered and almost teary-eyed as Sasa probably looks at her, still stunned. Not much expression from Chikai. Hanabi’s expression isn’t shown. Atsumi is holding tight on Hanabi’s sleeve. Later on, Chikai is walking ahead followed by Hanabi at a park, I think. They aren’t talking. Chikai looks back and holds out his hand to her. He pulls her scarf and shouts, “Doggie, you’re too slow—” Hanabi barks. Chikai looks at her being depressed then he walks ahead still holding her scarf. Hanabi then says, “Why…is Uno Chikai here?”

Hmm..it seems that they won’t even make it to the deadline because Hanabi is guilt-ridden over stealing Chikai from Yukine as Kareshi, intentionally or not, implied. It seems the thing with Sasa has also bothered her but I guess that will be explained in the next chapter. Too bad, it’s just when she now has Chikai’s full attention because he’s ‘caring’ for her because of her injury that was somehow caused by him. I wonder if Chikai is doing all of that because he is just a gentleman in nature or as the boss mentioned, Chikai actually has feelings for Hanabi. Maybe Chikai just doesn’t know/isn’t conscious of it. If the boss is right then, I guess Hanabi really did cause the break-up of Chikai and Yukine. Hanabi is right though that if she isn’t there, those two might not have broken up. I wonder what desperate things Shinichi will do if those two ‘breaks up’ since he seems to be actively spreading the news that Chikai and Hanabi are lovers. I wonder if Kareshi would actually look pretty, too without the glasses. She seems to be plain because of her family background. Anyway, Kareshi is really hurting but her remark to Hanabi is really unnecessary. It’s like she’s venting her frustration on the ‘other girl’/Chidori on Hanabi when Hanabi is just comforting her. Actually, what Hanabi said is good advice about the two talking about it properly but Kareshi just thinks the worse of Masato and think that he is already two-timing. Pretty much what Yukine thinks, I guess. Well, it can’t be helped because Kareshi has already some family problems and she couldn’t handle anymore stress from her love life. It seems that they are doomed to split up because Kareshi isn’t allowing Masato to explain and she easily gives up on him. Well, it is also because of her answer to Masato’s proposal before. Masato doesn’t seem to be trying hard and he should stay away from Chidori. That’s pretty much the things that Chikai did. ^^;;

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