June 13, 2011

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi [Chapters 46-47]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on November 11, 2009

After Hanabi said, “Why...is Uno Chikai here?”, Chikai turns around and asks, “---..huh?” At the shopping mall, at some seats near the escalator, Sasa asks Atsumi if she knew everything since before. Atsumi says she did. Atsumi blushes when Sasa said that he feels that she is really awesome. [For being able to keep the secret?] Still forcing himself to smile, Sasa tells her, “Do not worry, I’m alright! Originally...I totally didn’t expect it to progress, and I never thought of conveying my feelings to him. It’s like after putting down the saved treasure box, one can’t get the treasure anymore!” Flustered, Atsumi says, “The one who is ‘awesome’ is Sasa-kun..for being able to still smile like that it’s really..‘awesome’! You’re amazing, Sasa-kun.” Sasa looks at her in surprise as Atsumi is a bit teary eyed. Sasa seems to break down a bit that Atsumi starts to bawling out loud, “I want to hug you--! I want to hug you and that should make you feel better...” This made Sasa smile and laugh. At Ami’s knitting store, Ami is talking with her husband, Gengen-chan, then she asks why he sounds so down. [I think the boss is younger than Ami.] Gengen tells her he is, a little bit but then how did she know. Ami angrily tells him that it is thanks to love and age. Gengen tells her that he has hurt someone [Sasa]. Ami says if that is so, then he should go apologize. Gengen says yes but aren’t there times wherein if one apologizes, the other party would be more hurt. Back at the park, Chikai asks Hanabi what she meant by what she said. He angrily pulls her scarf and says that isn’t he there because he is helping her carry her bag. Hanabi shouts that she didn’t mean why he is there right now but rather, what happened earlier. Thinking of Sasa, Atsumi and Kareshi, she says, “Perhaps one wasn’t able to convey [couldn’t reach the other person], perhaps the original thing, that one is suppose to convey has changed that one unable to convey it. So like that...other people’s hurt also makes me feel really hurt[/upset].”

Chikai asks, “So what has that got to do with me? Why would you say, ‘Why is Uno Chikai here’?” Hanabi tries to say that there is something else as she remembers what Kareshi told her about not being able to understand the feelings of someone whose boyfriend is stolen. Hanabi also remembers Chikai and Yukine together. She says, “Perhaps..because of me that one couldn’t convey [couldn’t reach the other]..and there’s no way of conveying.” After a pause, Chikai lets go of Hanabi’s scarf. He says, “—That..you’re talking about my and Yukine’s situation? Why are you raising up that topic now?” Hanabi looks surprised as she thinks that, “I know that there are things that I’m powerless. If there is a bright place..then definitely, there is also a shadow.” Chikai asks, “You, didn’t you like me?” Flustered, Hanabi answers, “Li..like..of course, I like, but..” She thinks, “Uno Chikai is in front of me, this kind of miracle, gave me incomparable happiness. “It’s obviously a miracle, but..” Chikai asks, “Before, weren’t you still happy?” Flustered Hanabi replies, “...that is true, but..” Hanabi is stunned when Chikai drops her bag on the ground and says, “ ‘But but’ I don’t know what you are trying to say-- You're really annoying..quite troublesome.” Chikai walks away. Hanabi picks up her bag and walks home. She thinks, “I obviously want to protect the injury yet, I will use it to carry this heavy bag. I obviously know that there is a shadow, yet I still carry on with that heavy love..” At home, Hanabi hugs Nanpa. “Am I annoying? It’s true, I’m very annoying~~ I know, I’m very sorry that I’m very annoying! I’m very sorry I’m that annoying!” Nanpa ‘tells’ her according to the television, a young girl’s love will become troublesome/annoying. Chikai arrives home and Cleo happily greets him. [I don’t know which of the two says it but most probably] Chikai says, “..obviously things are going well like this, but..”

At school, the girls are busy gossiping about Chikai going out with that ordinary looking girl and they don’t look like they are a match. They wonder if it is just a rumor but it was confirmed by Chikai’s friend, the glasses guy. Later on, Mii looks really angry at Shinichi who looks scared just from seeing her looming over him. Mii says, “I heard you are spreading rumors, you big-mouthed scoundrel.” Shinichi protests that it is alright because it seems that the relationship of those two are really good. Mii asks, “Only ‘seems’ ‘good’, right? Then, let me ask you, a bluish color green, is it blue?” Shinichi exclaims that it is still green. Looking a bit sad, Shinichi asks why she is angry. Mii says that it is because he is recklessly telling it all over the place when the people involved haven’t announced it yet. Shinichi asks, “Is it really only because of that? Perhaps..you still like Chikai.” This made Mii angry. She grabs his necktie and shouts, “I have already said it! You are the one I like!” This surprises Shinichi and made him blush. He becomes an ‘flower’ and sweetly calls her name. Mii is angry that he has to make her say that. “Why..can’t you understand.” At section 1-L, Hanabi looks surprised that all of her classmates are looking at her and doing all sort of cute/flirting poses. They all become disappointed because Hanabi is alone for they thought that they would attract Chikai by making themselves pretty. Hanabi tells them that she already told him that they aren’t lovers and he won’t be always carrying her bag. Hanabi is sad upon remembering Chikai telling her that she’s annoying. “It isn’t even a simple relationship of simply carrying my bag now.” She is surprised when someone tells her that her backpack looks cute. Hanabi turns around to see that it is Kareshi. She thinks that Kareshi finally came to school. Hanabi tells Kareshi that she is using that so that the pressure won’t be that great on her hand. Kareshi says that she should just get Chikai to help her carry it. Hanabi is surprised and remembers what she told Chikai that she will also feel pain from other people’s pain. Hanabi tells Kareshi that their relationship isn’t really like that. Kareshi says that Hanabi is also saying the same alibi that she is telling others. Hanabi looks surprised. Kareshi then apologizes. “I’m the one who caused you to say that alibi..I’m sorry, Hanabi.” [Hanabi is covering up her relationship with Chikai so that Kareshi won’t be hurt and Kareshi seems to realize that.] Hanabi thinks, “Perhaps, I’m feeling that..if I’m unhappy, I can somehow comfort other people’s sadness.”

It seems that there will be some sort of party for the third year students so everyone is busy preparing/decorating the auditorium/gym. Most probably graduation since it is going to be March soon. Kareshi gives something to Masato. [I couldn’t figure out what it is but it seems like a tool or something.] Masato asks how she knew that he wants to use that. Nearby, a couple of girls are telling each other how cute Masato is. Masato takes it and calls Kareshi’s name but Kareshi just looks away. This made the girls realize that the cute guy is Kareshi’s boyfriend. They exclaim that it is much better for him not to wear glasses and was he just wearing glasses with no grade. They are envious of Kareshi. Kareshi says, “Don’t wear glasses anymore, Masato-kun. Right, anyway, you aren’t my boyfriend anymore.” The two are flustered as Kareshi quickly runs off. The two girls wonder what happened. At the balcony [second floor overlooking the gym], two girls tell Hanabi that it’s alright for her not to help in putting up the banner. Hanabi thanks them and apologizes for not being able to help. A girl says that it can’t be helped because she is injured. The girl then exclaims that Hanabi looks sideways to see Chikai carrying a ladder. Chikai just passes by her. The two girls are shock why he just passed by. While holding her injured hand, Hanabi thinks, “I unexpectedly thought, if the world only has me and Chikai, can we then easily be together? Simply be together, will treasure the things a bit too much.” [Sorry, I think that last sentence is wrong and too literal ^^; But maybe it is about being possessive if they are just alone or there are still many other precious things to consider because there are pictures of everyone in the background.] While helping Chikai carry the ladder, Shinichi happily says, “Chikai..that..Mii said that she loves me.” ← A note says that she didn’t say it to that degree. [Ah, for Japanese, ‘like’ is a lighter love while ‘love’ is really deep love usually marriage.] Chikai lamely says, “Ah—Isn’t that great. Why are you telling me?” Shinichi says, “I’m really sorry but compared to you guys, our progress is much faster ♡ You should call me sempai.” Chikai looks at him and says that there’s no need for him to feel sorry. Shinichi asks, “Ah, spilling the beans?” After a pause, Chikai says, “You and Hanakou*, I thought before that both of you have some similarities in that aspect.” [*Haha, finally, I confirmed Chikai’s nickname for Hanabi. It’s a pun from ‘Hana’ = flower. ‘kou’ = duke/companion/sometimes used for (male) dogs. It turns to be just reading the kanji ^^;;] Shinichi protests that it isn’t true. Looking somewhat sad, Chikai says, “It seems not.”

At the arcades, Masato is playing UFO catcher as Chidori cheers him on. He fails to get the prize. Chidori happily says that it is really fun. Her smile disappears when she notices that Masato has that somewhat sad look. Chidori asks how he usually dates [Kareshi]. Masato tells her that they go to houseware stores and hardware stores. “I..like the types of screws..Kareshi likes the samples of cloths..It’s really fun, that kind of date.” Chidori is flustered. Chidori quickly grabs Masato’s hand and tells him that this kind of date isn’t bad either. She leads him to a purikura/photo-stickers booth. Putting coins inside, Chidori asks, “Is it your first time? You should choose this! ‘Natural’ Choose the picture quality— Just like this!” Chidori happily poses with v-sign and Masato just looks surprised. The machine says that the picture is really good and now, another shoot, so get ready. Chidori says, “In the course of one’s life, you can gradually forget about your girlfriend. Forget about her.” Masato notices that Chidori is leaning to kiss him. After the count of three, Chidori is pictured alone since Masato has quickly moved out of the booth to evade her kiss. The machine is now praising that picture and is about take another picture. Masato exclaims, “I’m sorry..I’m sorry, Miss Chidori! I, couldn’t forget Kareshi!” Masato runs off. The machine then says to show that nice smile. Chidori’s face isn’t shown. [It’s probably that scary, creepy look again]. Masato goes to Kareshi’s house and sees Rino, Kareshi’s younger sister. He asks her if Kareshi is at home. Rino happily says that she isn’t. “She really isn’t. She went to work.” Masato waves goodbye and says, “Ah, went to work! Okay! I’ll be coming back!” Rino waves and says, “Bye-bye.”

Then, someone calls out to Rino, “Hey..little girl, are you a child of this house?” Nanpa’s narration: “Humans, always and easily makes mistakes. Geez, they are such troublesome creatures.” Hanabi’s mother is walking Nanpa when a kid shouts, “Ah! It’s a doggy! So cute!” Hanabi’s mother turns around and asks the kid if she likes doggies. The kid says, “I like doggies, doggy taking a stroll?” Hanabi’s mother says, “Yes, taking a stroll ♡ little miss are you taking a stroll, too? Taking a stroll with your mother?” The kid turns out to be Rino walking together with Chidori. [*shock* kidnapper?!] Rino replies, “Not my mom.” Smiling, Chidori says that she is a relative. Hanabi’s mother apologizes for the mistake. Rino says, “Rino is going to ride a bus with sis*.” [*as respect; not necessarily blood related] Still smiling, Chidori says, “Rino, let’s go quickly, doggy is still taking a stroll.” While being lead away, Rino exclaims, “Bye-bye, doggy!” Jiu-jiu, Rino’s shoes squeak. Hanabi’s mother tells Nanpa that she thought it is a young mother. Nanpa just looks at the two and thinks that the smell of those two isn’t the same. Nanpa’s narration: “Humans always err. Since they aren’t honest [/open], they always make things complicated.” Hanabi sees her mother and Nanpa walking along. She happily greets them. Nanpa’s narration: “—Hey, Hanabi..what gives these troublesome creatures, [to have] a bit of redemption, I’m afraid it’s a little bit of..gambatte! Gambatte!” [Gambatte = do your best; perseverance] Hanabi happily [about to] hold Nanpa who is greeting her. Then, there are various scenes: Chikai looking sad-serious, Shinichi happily bringing ice cream [one cone has too many scoops of ice cream] to snobbish Mii, Atsumi working, Sasa staring at some place, Masato going to where Kareshi is working and lastly, the sound of ‘jiu-jiu’ from Rino’s squeaky shoes.


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