June 13, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 66-69]

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Mei hopes that Rihito can hit the ball and he did. Kento shouts for Mei to run. Shinnosuke shouts to guard the bases but American guy is sleeping so Rihito easily walks to that base. Someone shouts to Irufan [Arabian guy] to touch Mei in order to defend the base. Irufan thinks of it maliciously since he is acting like a pervert. ^^; Mei flirts with him the quickly slides to the second base. Everyone is cheering. Rihito comments that it is now Kento’s turn to show what he is capable because this is the duel that he chose. Kento thinks that there is no need for Rihito to tell him about it because he already knows. Kanata tells Kento that he can’t win against him because he is now serious. Kento strikes out the first try. Izumi comments that Kanata isn’t the same before. Kento is pressured that if he lost, Mei will go with Kanata. Then, Kento strikes out again. Kento begins to lose confidence and wonders if he can’t win because this guy is Mei’s soulmate. He snaps out of it when Mei calls out to him and gives him an encouraging pose. He realizes that Mei didn’t falter at all. He remembers that before, they still continue to fight even if the situation is really bad. In the end, Kento manages to hit the ball..home run? Mei and Kento are at the airport to bid Kanata goodbye. Kento tells him to continue on playing baseball but Kento says he can’t because he is already a third year student. Kanata asks Mei again that it isn’t too late to leave the school and he is worried about her. Mei seems to see her former self beside Kanata as Kanata and her former self say, “Go back. Back to your life before.” Her former self tells her that she is suddenly made into an ojou-sama and she can’t do it because there are too many dangers and things that she hate. Mei agrees with her but then, there are things that she can only do while she is that position so she won’t just abandon it half-way [after the duel before with Shiori for the position]. Kanata protests that it is dangerous there. Mei tells him not to worry because she has really ‘strong’ butlers. Mei asks, “Right?” Kento says, “Ah..yes.” Kanata doesn’t seem to believe that as he glances at Kento and asks, “Really..?”

Kento exclaims not to look down at a butler has undergone a lot of training. Kanata starts laughing. Kento angrily asks why he is laughing. Kanata says that it is because he heard before that Kento really hates butlers. This surprises Kento that he asks where he heard that from. Kanata says that he is envious of them who have found what they wanted to do that they are willing to discard other things like school/normal life for it. He tells them to take care. Mei shouts that he’ll definitely find his ‘purpose’, too. Kanata, together with former Mei, rides in the helicopter and thanks her. After the helicopter left, Kento asks if this is okay. Mei asks what he meant by that. Kento says that this might be the last chance for her to go back to her former life. Mei just smiles and asks Kento, what about him, does he want to go back to a normal high school life. Kento says that he finds this kind of life more interesting. Mei says, “Me, too.” Kento turns around to see Rihito standing nearby. Kento asks when he is there. Rihito tells him to cherish his school day memories because it is something that he didn’t have. Mei wonders out loud about hoping their hometown to have a professional baseball team so that Kanata can join. Her butlers look at her and Rihito is smiling. At her hometown, Kanata is walking at a field with a girl who asks him what happened after he took a break from school. Kanata can’t answer because Sister Rose threatened him not to tell anyone or else. Then, they met a man who is going to recruit him to play professional baseball. Kanata tries to protest but he realizes that this is Mei’s doing so in the end, he seems to accept it because the girl with him reminds him of her friend who is always grabbing opportunities. He also remembers Mei telling him that she wanted to be the number 1 oujousama that Rihito wants her to be. Kanata mutters the word, opportunity. In the last scene, Chinese butler is playing tarot cards and says about leaving the past and thinking of the future. While holding a death card, he says “Hongo Mei is really interesting. Just like what that white butler said.”

In Mei’s room, Kento crosses the picture of Kanata. He says that with four fiances left, if they dispose one per three days, then things will finish within two weeks. He notices that Mei looks depressed. Kento asks why she is like that and she shouldn’t worry. Rihito calls out to Kento then tells Mei that they will check up on her grandfather’s condition if they have an opportunity. Mei cheers up. Kento is a bit depressed since Rihito understand Mei that much. Kento’s cellphone suddenly rings. He apologizes to Mei and says that he’ll go out to answer the phone. Mei is a bit surprised by this and the other ojousama-s tell her that is really suspicious. They say that judging from Kento’s reaction, it is definitely that <- his girlfriend. Mei tells them that it is impossible for who would want that kind of guy. They start telling her of Kento’s good qualities. This seems to have troubled Mei a bit but she is angry that Kento wants to be her fiance when he already has a girlfriend. She tries to convince herself that there’s nothing bad about it. Rihito is looking at her in a way that the other butlers find interesting. Outside, Kento answers the phone and it turns out to be his grandfather whom he didn’t get to talk with for four years already. His grandfather says that it seems that Kento is lively. Kento apologizes for not contacting him because things aren’t finished there yet. His grandfather comments about the baseball game which he heard from Kanata. Grandfather is staying at their hometown. He asks how Mei is. Kento says that she is still lively. His grandfather says that with Rihito there, he can relax. Kento exclaims that he is also currently class A. His grandfather reminds him that it isn’t all about ranking but rather, who is the butler that is irreplaceable for the ojou-sama. While Kento says he knows that, he sadly thinks that even if he knows that. His grandfather asks him why he chose to be a butler rather than be a fiance. Kento says that he thinks that currently, he can be of more help to Mei if he is a butler. His grandfather just says, is that so. Kento tells him that first thing to do is for him and Rihito to drive those fiances away. To his surprise, his grandfather tells him that he doesn’t think that things will be that simple. Kento exclaims what he meant by that. After hanging up, Kento wonders what it meant by things aren’t the same as before. Kento suddenly turns around to see nerd guy nearby with his butler. Kento is surprised and puzzled when the nerd guy asks, “Do..you know the white butler?”

Daimon arrives and calls out to Kento that Sister Rose is looking for him and it seems like there is an emergency. Kento just shouts for nerd guy that they talk about that later on. He rushes off to Sister Rose’s office and sees Rihito standing in front of the door, too. Rihito asks Kento if he is called, too. Kento asks if something happened to Mei’s grandfather. Rihito didn’t reply. They knock and enter the office. Sister Rose is eating a snack and to their surprise, she didn’t call them. Elsewhere, Mei wakes up and is surprised to see Irufan looking at her. Mei asks why she has fallen asleep. Irufan happily says, “Ah, but of course—because I made you drink some sleeping pill at my tea party.” Mei exclaims in shock then realizes that she is wearing some cat costume. Irufan laughs and says that finally, the day has come for her to wear it. Mei sweatdrops and thinks that she already knew that guy is really awful but she didn’t expect it to be this awful to this extent. Mei says that she is going. Irufan says that she can but she should be careful. Mei freaks out for it turns out that she is in an airplane. Irufan asks his butlers how the progress is. They say that it is going smoothly. Irufan says that he wanted those Chinese people to be surprised. Back at the school, Daimon says that he just did what Irufan’s butlers told him. It seems that he wasn’t suspicious of them. Rihito asks them if Mei is with the other ojou-samas. After asking around, they learn from Tami and Kanzaki that Mei went to have tea with Irufan. Kento asks if she was ‘attracted’ by the cakes. Girlie prince and butler came to give them a note that they have found nearby. It’s a letter of challenge from Irufan for the Shibata brothers. It says that Mei is currently with him. “If you want to have her back, you have to search for her in this whole world. If within 72 hours, you found her, I’ll consider it as your victory. If you can’t find her, then I’ll make her as my first/crown princess.” Back at the plane, Mei is now wearing a maid uniform. Mei angrily shouts that this is kidnapping. Irufan just laughs and doesn’t take her seriously. Mei is furious about this kind of duel but Irufan just says that he finds a baseball game wherein one hits a small ball to be too annoying. Mei tells him that she won’t marry him for doing this kind of thing. He then pulls her to the bed/sofa. He tells her that he isn’t asking her to marry him because even if they aren’t married, he can still leave the impression of loving her dearly throughout her life. Mei is tense as Irufan starts to put his hand under her skirt. To Irufan’s surprise, she shouts, no. Irufan asks if she is a virgin since he thought that she does it with Rihito every night. Mei shouts that Rihito isn’t that kind of person. Irufan says who knows. Mei angrily shouts what he meant by that. He drops the subject and just says that the other party is just restraining himself.

They arrive at Irufan’s harem which is located in the middle of the desert. Mei is amazed at how beautiful the place is but she denies liking it when Irufan asks her about it. In the palace, Mei thinks that it is more gorgeous inside. Mei asks why there no one inside. Irufan tells him that when he reaches the age of 18 and formally becomes an adult, that place will be his and until then, it will be filled by beautiful women from around the world. Irufan tells her to relax because she is his first princess so he is going to prepare a more beautiful palace for her. Mei shouts that she doesn’t need it. Irufan asks why she isn’t satisfied for if it is her, he will give her everything that she wants and if there is anything that she wishes, he will help her fulfill it. Mei shouts for him to bring her back to Japan so that she can be with Rihito. He carries her and whispers that he’ll have her body obey him. Mei is surprised that his finger is touching her breast. Irufan orders his butlers to fix up the peacock room and prepare some scented oil. Mei shouts for him to let her go. Irufan says that no wonder she is an ojousama of the Hongo family because she won’t surrender because of force and money. “But what about being [sexually] aroused?” Irufan plans to arouse her in order to break her firm resolution to keep herself a virgin for Rihito. He throws her to the bed and ties her hands up. Irufan says that he feels sorry for Rihito who is with Mei all day and night yet wasn’t able to touch her or maybe that is Rihito’s interest. Irufan starts pouring the scented oil on her that Mei shouts for him to stop and calls him a pervert. Irufan touches her face and says that he isn’t the same for if he loves a woman, he’ll definitely ‘get her’. Mei tries to say stop while Irufan kisses her on the lips. Mei seems to have snapped that she kicks him away and shouts, “No!!” She unties her hands and wipes her mouth where he kissed her. She thinks that the first thing she should do is to contact Rihito. Irufan’s butlers enter the room because they have heard some noise. After checking it out, Zin [white haired butler] says that they should find Mei. Zaki [black haired butler] says that they should finish off Irufan first. Hiding near the curtain and a vase, Mei is surprised to hear that and to see Zin preparing to stab unconscious [from Mei’s kick] Irufan with a knife.

Back at St. Lucia Academy, Kento is furious about what that stupid Irufan did and it isn’t a duel, it is kidnapping. Kento tells Rihito to report this to the Hongo family but to his surprise, that they might be late if they do that. “I will bring Miss Mei back with my own hands. That’s right..when that time comes, it would mean that, that majesty’s time of death has also arrived.” Kento is a bit surprised at how dark Rihito has become [dark as in dark mood] and it is the first time he saw him like that. Rihito tells Kento to check out the GPRS on Mei’s clothes. Looking at a gadge, Kento realizes that it is still in school so he decides to check it out since there might be a clue even if she might not be there anymore as Nezu said. Rihito calls up someone from probably surveillance division of the Hongo family and learns that Irufan used an A390 plane from airos company. The man tells him that those who uses that kind of plane is limited. [There is a part which I don’t quite understand but something about spy intelligence and according to Chinese butler, Irufan’s butler, Zaki, is an expert in it.] Rihito darkly asks the man to prepare ‘Me-1’ for take-off and prepare enough firepower which can easily make a country disappear. He then laughs and says that he is kidding. The others think that he was really serious. [Hehe, Dark Rihito is fun =P] Izumi and others want to help them but Rihito turns down their offer by saying that this is their fight. They try to protest so Rihito tells them contact the Hongo family and the government if they have no news from him and his brother after 24 hours but until that time, they are to keep all of this a secret. Rihito prepares to go out. Chinese butler asks where he is going. Rihito says but of course to go to Mei’s side. Chinese butler says that is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Rihito says that the one who can find that needle in the haystack is a butler. Chinese butler wishes him luck. Rihito is a bit suspicious of Chinese butler. Kento calls Rihito and tells him that at Irufan’s room, there is a Mei-looking mannequin which is wearing Mei’s uniform at the door. Rihito asks if the GPRS is discovered. Kento shouts that even so, there is no need to strip Mei of her clothes. Kento is about to say something but Rihito has to answer a call.

The man from the surveillance division will be sending data about Irufan and the images their satellite has captured. Daimon apologizes to Kento and says if only he used his brain, this wouldn’t happen. Kento says that it isn’t his fault but that Irufan. His phone rings again. Rihito asks Kento what he is saying earlier. Kento asks about the possibility of Irufan going back to his home country. Rihito asks why he thought of that. Kento exclaims that if he is Irufan, the place where he would bring the girl would definitely be his harem. Rihito is speechless then laughs that he forgot that Kento and Irufan’s [pervert] nature are the same. This made Kento furious. He asks if Rihito knows where Mei is. On Rihito’s phone, there is a message wherein Mei is probably in Arabia. Rihito tells Kento to go to the dorm to prepare some summer clothes. Rihito hopes that Mei is safe and sound until he rescues her. Back at the harem, before Irufan is stabbed, he manages to hit the sword away. He asks what they are doing. The butlers tell him that they are just following the orders of Kalafu. Irufan realizes that it is all his brother’s doing. There is a ruckus and smoke as a vase is thrown at the direction of the butlers. Mei calls out to Irufan to quickly go to her. Zin tries to run after them but Zaki tells him that there is no rush because there is no place for them to run since that is in the middle of the desert and the one who knows the in and out of that palace isn’t Irufan but them, the butlers. In some place in the harem, Mei asks why the butlers want to kill him. Irufan says that it seems that they have betrayed him and sided with his older brother. Mei is surprised that he isn’t the oldest son. Irufan tells her that is the royal family’s implementation of ‘the last son succeeds the throne’ rule. That means the youngest son will inherit the family estate. As long as a younger brother is born [among the brothers], the heir will continue to change and the basis of this way of thinking is to prevent the heir from having too much power = cannot threaten the father’s position. Irufan tells Mei that his father is already 80 years old so he can’t bore any more children and it’s most definite that he’ll be the heir but then if he’s dead, his brothers will have a chance. He laments that the butlers who were tasked to protect him has betrayed him.

He seems to have given up hope that they’ll survive. Mei protests for they should get those butlers first before they get trashed by those butlers. Irufan says that it is useless because even if those two are just A class, Zin has ‘strength’ and Zaki has ‘intelligence’ so together, they are equivalent to a S class butler. The two butlers are currently looking for the two and have pinpointed the place in the harem where they would most probably be. Mei tells Irufan that they should call for help. She exclaims if he has a phone. Irufan says that there is no signal there. Mei wonders what to do when Irufan suddenly holds her hand. She is about to protest when Irufan says that there is no escape and they can’t fight back. He sadly tells her that if the butlers want to kill them, they won’t be able to resist so if they are going to die there, he hopes to [do it] with Mei before the end. He hugs her. Mei slaps him hard and shouts that he should easily say ‘death’/about dying. Irufan shouts that if he dies, people will only be happy and no one will grieve/sad. Mei says if there is no one then she will grieve for him. Irufan is surprised to see teary-eyed Mei. Now smiling, Irufan stands up and tells her to call him by his name just like his mother did. [She tends to call him ‘oil prince’.] Irufan’s butlers are puzzled as to why they aren’t there and they don’t think Irufan and Mei would risk going to the desert. Irufan packed some rations and tells her which direction to go in order to reach a city in a day’s travel. Mei asks where the camel is because deserts always have them. Irufan says there is one but it hasn’t been saddled before. Mei says that she is going to negotiate. Mei goes to the camel and does a cute Japanese girl way of asking it to let them ride. The camel blushes and negotiation is a success. [I don’t know if it is an in-joke or something but I think it is presumed that camels are ‘easily woo-ed by girls’. This has happened in One Piece, too.] Riding on a camel, Mei tells Irufan to ride on but Irufan says that he prepared stuff only for one person. Mei exclaims that they should prepare more, then. Irufan says that the butlers are only after him so if he stays there, then maybe they will let her go. Mei exclaims what foolish things he is talking about. Irufan holds her face and says, “If you die, then there is no one who’ll cry for me, right?” Irufan hits the camel for it to ride off with Mei who is shouting for him. Irufan just watches her go off but to his surprise, Mei is heading back. Mei kicks him and shouts, “Stop trying to act cool, you’re also coming!” =P While riding on the camel, Irufan shouts that they are going to the opposite way from the city. Mei says that if they head to the city, they will quickly be caught. Irufan protests that they will be heading to the desert and they only have water for one person. With a confident look, Mei says that it is alright. She hopes that Rihito would definitely find them.

Riding on a SUV through the highway in a desert, Kento asks his brother who is driving why didn’t they go directly to Arabia to find Irufan in ‘ME-1’ since it is faster than Irufan’s plane. Calling Kento stupid, Rihito tells him that if they did that then they will be discovered and the other party might change location so they are going to Arabia through the neighboring country. [Okay, it seems that the time of Rihito and Kento is a bit delayed because it seems that they are still chasing after Mei while they are in the plane in this part so Rihito mentioned that the direction might still change.] When Rihito says that he knows the final destination of Irufan, Kento exclaims if he knows where Irufan’s harem is located. Rihito darkly tells him that they are going to ask around. Kento sweatdrops and asks ask who. Rihito stops the car in front of a palace. Kento exclaims about it but Rihito calmly hopes that they aren’t too rude. Guards appear and tell them that it is forbidden to enter there. Kento knows this but he goes along with Rihito who charges inside while beating some people up. While running inside, Rihito gives Kento a push button switch. Kento wonders what it is for. Then, some guards aim guns at them and tell them to stop. Before they can fire, the man in charge named Salamu appears who welcomes them as butlers of the Hongo family and apologizes for their rudeness. [I don’t know if the translators changed the name of Kalafu to Salamu or both guys are entirely different persons but I think they are the same person.] Rihito apologizes for the rudeness but they are there for something important. Salamu says that his father is old and as the oldest son, he is currently holding two positions. Rihito decides to get to the point and asks him where is Irufan’s other villa. After a pause, Salamu apologizes and says that things regarding the royal family are a private matter and it is a top secret especially since Irufan is the next in line to the throne. He says that even if they are brothers, he isn’t quite sure where that place is. He offers them to rest a while from their long and tiring travel there. With a smile, Rihito whispers to Kento to ‘press’. Kento did as told by pressing the switch and wonders what it is for. Rihito is just darkly laughing. Something explodes in the desert. A man rushes in and tells Salamu about the explosion. Salamu asks if Rihito is the one who did that. Rihito just keeps on smiling and innocently denies it. He asks again where Irufan’s other villa is. Salamu shouts that he doesn’t know. Rihito whispers, ‘press’. Kento sweatdrops but still did as told. A man shouts that 13 oil fields have exploded. While Salamu and his men are frantic, Rihito keeps smiling and says, “I’m going to ask again, where is His majesty Irufan’s other villa?” Salamu is stuttering. Rihito darkly says, “Say it.” Soon, the siblings are riding the SUV again. Rihito says that it would have been best if Salamu just told them earlier about it. Kento nervously asks if Rihito just blew up some oil fields. Rihito plays innocent by asking what he is talking about when the one who pressed the button is Kento. Kento becomes nervous and speechless. Rihito then says that the villa is quite secluded since it is located in the middle of the desert. Kento is worried about Mei who is probably crying for him while Irufan is doing some of those stuff to her. “Wait for me! I’m going to save you right now! Mei..!”

It is night, Mei sneezes out loud. Author’s note says that Ojou-samas don’t sneeze out loud like that. Mei says that it is so cold when it is very hot during the day. Under a blanket to warm himself, Irufan calls out to her to come and sleep together with him. Mei asks why ‘together’. He says that it is because there is only one blanket. Mei says that he can use it for himself. Irufan says that the temperature of the desert night can drop to 0 degrees. Mei sweatdrops because she isn’t wearing enough clothes. Irufan happily tells her that he can help warm her up but Mei doesn’t trust him. Irufan notices this so he offers the blanket to her but since Mei doesn’t want that either, they ended up sharing it. Mei tells him not to dare do something else she’ll make him unable to talk for the rest of his life. Irufan wonders if that is a threat. He asks her what she is planning since they went towards the desert and not the city. Mei says that it shouldn’t be all sand for she hopes that there will be some sort of oasis somewhere. Irufan asks if she isn’t afraid of death because in this world, no one knows that they are in the desert and for them, they are just ‘playing hide and seek’. “So..why are you so calm..we don’t even have enough ration for the water is just enough for one person.” Mei says, “It’s alright. Rihito-san will definitely come and rescue me.” Irufan says that she will only suffer if she keeps on believing on a butler who doesn’t have any relation to her. Mei smiles and says that she doesn’t have any relation with Irufan either. [I guess he is talking about blood relation] Mei is firm for she still believes Rihito even if the situation is like that. Irufan tries to protest but Mei tells him that she believes that Rihito will come and she is just concerned about how to survive there for a longer time with a one person ration with a useless prince. Irufan exclaims that she is being rude for he is still royalty. Mei then remembers that they are halfway around the globe. She looks up the stars and points up. She exclaims that is the Big Dipper. Irufan says that they are in the north and he remembers that there is a mountain at the north. Mei happily says that now he has been promoted to be a useful prince. This made Irufan angry but he’ll forgive her for that. Mei decides that they shouldn’t sleep but travel during the night so that they’ll know which direction they would go and that way, they won’t be too cold. She rushes to wake up the camel. Irufan remembers Sister Rose telling her about St. Lucia from Italy whose name means ‘brilliance’ and training the girls there to be like Lucia. “No matter what her situation is, when it is, where it is, although dirtied [clothes] and scarred, she still won’t lose her brilliance. She will be forever shining in brilliance. Because, don’t you think that only that kind of person can be considered as a true ojou-sama?” Irufan blushes while looking at Mei and calls her name.

While riding on the camel, Mei asks what it is. Irufan says that it is nothing. He begins to worry that he is totally falling for Mei. Mei then asks his opinion if a guy already has a girlfriend, can he still calmly get married with someone else. After a pause, Irufan says okay, he’ll thoroughly break up with other girls when he returns. Mei exclaims what he is saying. Surprised, Irufan asks whom she is talking about. Slightly blushing, Mei says does it matter who it is. She is thinking of Kento who wanted to answer the phone outside. Irufan asks if it is Kento. This made Mei blush really red that she exclaims that she really doesn’t care if Kento has a girlfriend and she is just asking his opinion about that kind of situation. Mei thinks that her feelings are all a mess because of that, so when she was invited for tea, she is so anxious regarding Kento that she didn’t notice that something is in the tea. Mei thinks that it is all because of Kento that this had happened. The author’s note says, of course, it’s an alibi. She plans to ‘punish/scold’ him when she returns. Irufan wonders, “Could it be that this girl..the truth is..the one she likes isn’t the older brother..but the younger brother..?” Irufan thinks that no matter which is it, it doesn’t matter. Irufan tells Mei that he has found his reason to continue to live. Mei asks what it is. Irufan hugs her and says that only 50 hours left and he doesn’t think that her butlers will find them in time so she will be his. Mei shouts that at this situation, he is still talking about that. Irufan tells her that for everyone, one’s reason to live is different. Mei sweatdrops yet she agrees with him. At Irufan’s harem, his butlers still can’t find Irufan and Mei. Zin realizes that some equipment is missing so Irufan has probably still gone out the desert. Zaki tells him to quit saying foolish things for there’s no way for Irufan who grew up in the palace be escaping into the desert. He asks if maybe there is something wrong with the method how Zin searched the place. Zin angrily asks what he is implying for Zaki is only good in ordering around. This made Zaki shout back, what he just said. Zin is surprised when he heard someone laugh and asks if there is an internal dispute. Zin turns around while Zaki is still saying that it is because Zin is stupid so he should just listen to what he says. Zaki then asks why Zin isn’t replying and if he hears him. Zin looks surprised then nervously says that he heard him and right now, he is going to tell him about a method on how to punish this hiding devil. Pulling away the curtains, Dark Rihito is smiling at Zaki.

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